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Far Cry Instincts Feral Powers

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Here's what Far Cry Instincts abilities for Jack Carver are. But remember: in the wild, there's always something more dangerous than him being around. Enjoy ^^ All rights go to Ubisoft.
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ZEDONYUS GRAVES (1 month ago)
We want far cry instincts again ✊
James Stanley (2 months ago)
I miss this game. If Xbox One would get this as one of the next classic back-compat games I would definitely buy it again! This, GUN, Halo 1 and 2, and Timesplitters 2 were a huge part of my childhood.
KevSan (4 months ago)
I think i have never been more stoked for a game as for this one back in the day. All time favorite <3
David Gread (7 months ago)
Everyone telling me how great the rest of the series is and how the original is better then this version, but I'm here for feral powers. This feature was incredible when I first played. I'd never experienced anything like it. Far cry is not drastically different from many other series and when I played 2 and had Malaria instead of boss ass feral abilities I easily got bored and said "Whats this shit". Not sure what happened with these companies to squeeze out this drug of a game I'm craving to play, but I damn well hope it eventually makes it's way to PC, because other then me not trying the original which is apparently better despite 0 feral abilities, this to me is the definitive far cry series, and everything else is pure mediocre in comparison.
boznizzle (6 months ago)
Far cry 2 is dope
David Gread (7 months ago)
I need this game so fucking bad, please, someone out there, make this for PC.
tigerheart6 (10 months ago)
This is farcry!! Farcry 3 etc etc are just open shooter games, its s shame they do. Not make this one again
7heEndOmenGlaive9 (1 year ago)
if FC Predator + FC Blood Dragon would fuse into 1 Far Cry it would be THE BEST FPS EVER
Braindoner101 (1 year ago)
Personally my most favorite farcry.
MR.AMAZING (1 year ago)
This game sucks it's my apypun
Joe Stalnaker Jr (1 year ago)
This was the true Far Cry.
Vidya Kino (2 years ago)
This was my jam back in high school, it's been a while and it still looks like a thrill
Al Network (2 years ago)
2:39 The game just turned from Farcry to Resident Evil.
Rambo Attucks (2 years ago)
If we could only have feral powers in far cry 2 3 and 4
Jorge Medina (3 years ago)
I got it! Far cry BATTLE ROYALE !!!! Or for other people HUNGER GAMES!!!
Freeasabird (4 years ago)
FFFUCK I LOVE THIS GAME!! if you enter the "Puchmehard" Cheat, that gives you infinite adrenalin. I beat this game using Mainly my claws. i'd only pick up a gun just to kill a guy that was out of reach. Then i would empty the gun into the ground and continue Slaughtering everyone with my bare fucking hands! Hehehehe >:) it was FUCKING AWESOME!! BEST GAME IN THE SERIES!!
mattfabz (1 year ago)
they are not set in a different universe
Spicy Puffin (1 year ago)
+Joe Stalnaker Jr yea but hey atleast we got blood dragon so it isn't all bad.
Joe Stalnaker Jr (1 year ago)
It still sucks they took the powers away. :P
Spicy Puffin (1 year ago)
Joe Stalnaker Jr Actually crytek made this and then later sold the ip to ubisoft. Thats why the latter games are much more difrent than this one since its set in a difrent universe.
Joe Stalnaker Jr (2 years ago)
+SporeFreak2010 The powers made the game more like call of duty : feral warfare! XD
randomguy712 (5 years ago)
give us back our far cry we want it back
Troll (5 years ago)
Dethmasque (5 years ago)
Makes ya almost want to be a science experiment. Lol
BreezeOverTheMountains (5 years ago)
This far cry was incredible, playing with the feral powers just made it all the more sweeter. Now only if they could remake this game with Far Cry 3's stealth, weapons and (maybe a new) upgrade system, it would make it much more sweeter.
The best far cry ever
thebenchwarmer (5 years ago)
I wonder why they scrapped the powers in successors.. :/
STALKER (5 years ago)
2:07 music?
gsharpshooter80 (6 years ago)
Locked door ? Smash it !
brock m (7 years ago)
i have this game somewere its awesome :D
Ethan (7 years ago)
@HapitokP i miss predator so much dude i got xbox live u have far cry and we can play predator mode
Ethan (7 years ago)
why isnt there a video of multiplayer predator mode!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! im so pissed i cant find any!!!!
Ramona Andersen (7 years ago)
i can focus my feral skills and use them only once cause they are not fully developd if you hunchback you can run faster without becoming exausted
Ramona Andersen (7 years ago)
Unbentsuperpyro (9 years ago)
Well it's a good thing i got it for xbox360
matalvis (9 years ago)
ya but i still mis the powers in the second game though
pyrosplodeyflames (9 years ago)
Do you get all the powers at the same time, or do you get them throughout the game?
pyrosplodeyflames (9 years ago)
I mean, can it be played on an Xbox 360.
pyrosplodeyflames (9 years ago)
Is this game backwards compatible with the Xbox 360?

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