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Minecraft Daily! Part 122; ft. Sly, Aleks, and Steven! - Ooo, Prismatic!

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Text Comments (162)
Chicken Wang (3 years ago)
I don't see how lag can affect a pokemon battle
YouOnlyLiveTwice (3 years ago)
I like Sly and all, but his impulse to comment on literally everything gets old after a while. I don't think he stopped saying something for more than a 10 second period.
travis kerns (4 years ago)
Wow they traded #TFU
chantohg (5 years ago)
Worst enchant
danny125867 (5 years ago)
Porygon is a manmade pokemon, and Kevin is the man.
awsomewdude (5 years ago)
that's what you should expect from a member of TFU
Lawrence Monzon (5 years ago)
Kevin doesn't know a lot about Pokemon, so why would he spawn a Porygon in if he doesn't know what it is?
Ronnie Barnes (5 years ago)
So what
Vaughan Steves (5 years ago)
Why'd you do it kevin? Why? WHYYY?!
Khaotic Vengeance (5 years ago)
You cant spawn bosses in the version of pixelmon
zandbdog (5 years ago)
He used /pokespawn polygon boss 3
epicwintrue (5 years ago)
what did he use to spawn it in
kimberly bui (5 years ago)
It doesnt matter if he spawned in polygon :)
Dr.Chipotle (5 years ago)
porygon does not spawn
Derptator (5 years ago)
Kutlik (5 years ago)
You spawned it with command line.
Henry Robinson (5 years ago)
Who gives a shit.
Anime Viewer (5 years ago)
pezahat (5 years ago)
It's like Prism Six. Almost.
akif safi (5 years ago)
@gdcloks yeah yeah we all know that! and dude! ive been wasting my time with this game all day have a look its tight -> bit.ly/1eQXBMD?=jrjbz
Jacob Marischen (5 years ago)
Um, he's not craftable, this is not the same
Jacob Marischen (5 years ago)
No he spawned it in, it doesn't spawn in regularly , but I don't mind it's his favorite
PurpleMustachioMan (5 years ago)
Kevin has another Computer he typed the spawn in if anybody was wondering
mrbeatlesboy1023 (5 years ago)
please just dont spawn in mewtwo, porygon cant spawn, i understand. but, mewtwo is mewtwo.
Illuminati Cat (5 years ago)
Did a porygon just spawn cuz I didn't see him type /pokespawn Porygon so I'm very genuinely confuzzled.
SsbbX1000 (5 years ago)
Spawn a Moltres in front of Steven and then kill it.
SsbbX1000 (5 years ago)
Spawn a Moltres in front of Steven and then kill it.
Alpha Lightskin (5 years ago)
He isn't showing his commands and stuff he disabled them and spawned it in but it's okay because it's not that strong and he likes
Frogger Z (5 years ago)
He spawned it, because it doesn't even spawn in the game yet... but its his favorite pokemon so thoughs complaining should giv him a break!
maniac pie (5 years ago)
He obviously spawned it in
Miniel (5 years ago)
Lol Kevin, he didn't realize how much he was gonna regret teasing the fangirls XD
Raym Qui (5 years ago)
Im alright because you cant get it otherwise if it was zapdos i would be mad but porygon vant spawn regular
OreoGalx3 (5 years ago)
I'm not hating on him for spawning it in.. But, you can see that Porygon wasn't there 1 second, then when he did.. something.. It randomly spawned in
walid naso (5 years ago)
Kevin did not spawn it in if you all watched the whole recoding you would see Kevin found it
Franklyn Cerda (5 years ago)
Kevin is allowed to do what ever he wants so stop hating
Antonloading (5 years ago)
He tried 2 times to catch mew soo it's not rly glitches
Jeffrey Arias (5 years ago)
Yeah but theres a bug with the nest balls were u can catch any pokemon in one shot without it breaking out, thats how sly got the mew in one shot
Jeffrey Arias (5 years ago)
Yeah but theres a bug with the nest ball were u can catch any pokemon in one shot, thatshow sly vot his mew
Nerfmatrix (5 years ago)
He did spawn it in but he did catch it somewhat legit but he did get it to low health and he only had a nest ball so I let him pass
He shouldn't have spawned in porygon. If it can't spawn regularly, then don't spawn it in yourself.
BoomerTheKidLP (5 years ago)
You assholes calling Kevin a cheater, porygon is craftable just like in the anime where team rocket built it
Jeffrey Arias (5 years ago)
JLIsAButt (5 years ago)
Porygon is the only pokemon in pixelmon that doesn't spawn naturally so it's just getting a pokemon that has to be spawned in.
xXDrPepXx (5 years ago)
Peanut Jams (5 years ago)
lol kevin
Some Body (5 years ago)
"/pokespawn porygon"
Some Body (5 years ago)
Eevee does not evolve into Umbreon with a Dusk Stone (which isn't even in the mod). Umbreon is obtained by having a high level of happiness on Eevee and leveling it up at night,
Some Body (5 years ago)
Porygon happens to have a spawning level range of around level 20. Every Pokémon has a certain level range that they would spawn at, even if they don't normally spawn in the wild, like Porygon and the Eeveelutions. Fearow usually spawns with levels around the high 30s, and with /pokespawn it would still be spawned around the high 30s. Kevin still spawned in Porygon, though, as it is currently unobtainable otherwise.
Eduardo HxM (5 years ago)
@GoldenblackHawk do u ever think how it would be if you ship didn't get burned down?
Jaroolz (5 years ago)
Jared Estrada (5 years ago)
How did you spawn it
Steeler1107 (5 years ago)
Hes the bad guy he can do what he wants to
Tarek Glaze (5 years ago)
the dogs won me over #TFU haha
DMNDWAR hdbitacan (5 years ago)
lilsnowdrop (5 years ago)
porygon what?????????????///
M G (5 years ago)
u should evolve ur evee to umbreon
Glorky (5 years ago)
hey likeabau you suck because sly and alex dont suck kevin and steven suck because they turned bad in minecraftdaily
cm (5 years ago)
I don't think sly Steven or aleks care cause its about having fun not people bitching about spawning it in. Kevin doesn't even care about Pokemon since be never played it so I think it's fair if the four people in the series wouldn't care
TheNopyu (5 years ago)
ffs Kevin how many adorable dog pictures do you have lol
Caleb Semu (5 years ago)
99supermario64fan (5 years ago)
By the way Kevin, cute dawgs yah got there.
99supermario64fan (5 years ago)
Clam down people, so what if he did or didn't spawn it. It's a fucking game for their entertainment. Calm the hell down. Jeez
xXp00nslayer_69Xx (5 years ago)
Porygon can only be spawned in because it is man made idiot you're supposed to spawn it in. Even so who the fuck cares they're having fun
Shadowthiefdark (5 years ago)
I have those problems too! We must be connected somehow.
legendaryinfo5 (5 years ago)
It would be funny if Kevin betrays Steven and only joined him to get free pokemon
Kanker Hond (5 years ago)
Steven will win. >:-(
Flawless Madness (5 years ago)
Yeah he cheated, cutting the text at montage it's easy to do. And we don't give a fuck cause sly gonna win.
AndreasDA (5 years ago)
Kevin you fucked up..... shame...
The Avian (5 years ago)
No make Umbreon, or Glaceon, Jolteon is poop.
The Avian (5 years ago)
You don't spawn in your first pixelmon, you are given the option to get a pokemon from the start of the pixelmon mod. Get your facts right.
Mike Savelkoul (5 years ago)
kevin, make freaking JOLTEON
user_12345678 (5 years ago)
I don't think it matters if Kevin spawned it in. Porygon is pretty fucking weak.
CooperXpert (5 years ago)
he enchanted level 30, and got silk touch 1?
Tony Leyva (5 years ago)
Even tho it seems like he cheated and im kinda sure he did to me its ok cuz he should be allowed to have it since he's the weakest not the rest tho since there pokemon masters and remember kevin dosent play pokemon
Adrian-Michael Rivas (5 years ago)
Kevin is my fav out of the 4 dude I hope u get 1million subs by the end of the year
Levi (5 years ago)
Kevin youre hilarious you should become a creature
Radioactive Snake (5 years ago)
you dont get it.The only way to get porygon is to spawn it in.Porygon DOES NOT spawn in the wild it has to be spawned in.period. pixelmon . wikia . com/wiki/Porygon
Toxic Termite (5 years ago)
No, he spawned it in. All pokemon besides legendaries that are spawned in are level 20.
Tusk (5 years ago)
Boobs are the answer for everything great
SourMilkD (5 years ago)
How did Kevin cheat to get the PORYGON?
Kilobits (5 years ago)
I would commend you on your honesty, and resort to never saying anything remotely funny again. Happy now. You Monster
MrPoPiPoGooby (5 years ago)
122 pictures of dog haha
Einphoenixstein (5 years ago)
Kevin I can't say I've been here from the beginning but I love your videos, they are great and you are a great youtuber all around keep it up
Alex Mazur (5 years ago)
Or Super Team Fuck You.
MCPredateur (5 years ago)
Well explain why they still talking about the same thing and it didnt appear on the other one channel?
GoldenBlackHawk (5 years ago)
We're allowed to do whatever we want lol. Calm.
GoldenBlackHawk (5 years ago)
because I fucked up my editing lol I forgot to boost my volume. I'll fix it in the next session, no worries.
please (5 years ago)
His mic had messed up, he said that in a couple videos back, it is better in the next recording session.
Bleszid (5 years ago)
Infertiles (5 years ago)
boobs man boobs
Aquarabbit01 (5 years ago)
Everyone should get a porygon! It should be fair since kevin spawn it 1 in.
hernymertal (5 years ago)
i think he did spawn it in, why else would he remove a pokemon from his party.
Fox Games (5 years ago)
He didn't spawn it the audio wouldn't match
patrick carson (5 years ago)
If he spawned it you'd see a chat message on any of the other guys channels. Also by the looks of it he was also lagging.
Zaeks (5 years ago)
he just skipped the part in the video where he spawns it in
Zaeks (5 years ago)
guys you can clearly see that the clouds moved too fast before he saw the porygon, that prooves that he spawned it in. plz like so every one can see
plaincola (5 years ago)
i dont think theyre modled yet
plaincola (5 years ago)
and what were those rules.. when were they declared
Rain Hippie (5 years ago)
he totaly spawnd it in he stopped for a minute and then boom porgyon appeard
Brandon low (5 years ago)
that is impossible cause a polygon can only be spawned in pixelmon. So either he cheated or it glitched

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