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The Walking Dead: The Game - Episode 1 "A New Day" (Full episode)

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This is the entire episode of The Walking Dead: The Game - Episode 1 "A New Day". History teacher Lee Everett is on his way to prison, having been convicted for killing a state senator that had an affair with his wife. While leaving Atlanta for prison with a police officer, the police cruiser he is in runs over a walker, (as they are referred to in the series) and crashes off the highway. After fighting off the police man (who turned into a walker after the crash), Lee meets Clementine, a young girl who was hiding out in her tree-house, as well as Shawn Greene. Shawn takes Lee and Clementine home to Shawn's family farm of his father, Hershel Greene. Lee meets a family, consisting of husband and wife, Kenny and Katjaa, and their young son, Duck. After failing to save Shawn from walkers, Lee, Clementine and Kenny's family are banished from the farm. The group heads to Macon, Georgia where they meet a group of survivors, led by a woman named Lilly, who saves them from a herd of walkers and are situated in a drugstore which Lee's parents owned. The group goes into a scuffle with Lilly's father who quickly encounters a heart attack afterwards, and requires medication from a nearby pharmacy. Another member of the group, Glenn, decides to salvage for supplies in a motel, however he is stranded in the motel, leading Lee and a news reporter, Carley to rescue Glenn. Glenn decides to help a stranded survivor named Irene, however Irene is revealed to be bitten and commits suicide upon taking Carley's gun. Upon returning to the drugstore, Lee comes to the conclusion that his parents were killed by walkers. Carley tells Lee that she knows Lee's past, but keeps his secret. Lee and an IT technician, Doug head out to find the keys of the pharmacy. Lee is forced to kill his reanimated brother in order to retrieve the keys. Upon entering the pharmacy, the alarm sounds, forcing the group to leave the drugstore after giving Larry his medicine. Upon leaving, Lee saves either Carley or Doug from walkers, and he is knocked out by a vengeful Larry. Lee is rescued by Kenny, and the group heads to the motel for shelter. Upon hearing Atlanta is overrun by walkers, Glenn leaves the group and heads for the city in order to rescue his friends left behind. Despite finding comfortable shelter and water, the group's glimpse of hope is short-lived when electricity is suddenly shut off. Dave Fennoy as Lee Everett Melissa Hutchison as Clementine Gavin Hammon as Kenny Cissy Jones as Katjaa Max Kaufman as Kenny "Duck" Jr. Nikki Rapp as Lilly Caul Terence McGovern as Larry Caul Nick Herman as Glenn Sam Joan as Doug Nicole Vigil as Carley Rebecca Schweitzer as Diana Mark Barbolak as Officer Jacob Battersby as Andre Mitchell Brian David as Chet Chuck Kourouklis as Hershel Greene Peter Edward Mussad as Shawn Greene Brett Pels as Irene Designer: Ake Rodkin, Sean Vanaman Writers: Sean Vanaman, Mark Darin, Gary Whitta Composer: Jared Emerson-Johnson Editor: Eagle6355 Developed by Telltale Games
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Text Comments (23)
Alexander NAVEJAR (9 months ago)
foxyfan 543 (1 year ago)
Andy Chin (3 years ago)
1:10:58 Oh, we meet again, Mr. "Wilhelm".
Brunii! (4 years ago)
7:53 Clementine's first appeareance.
Koy koy (4 years ago)
Wow, it must have been alot of work cutting out the dialogue choices?
MooniGaming (4 years ago)
"She's lucky to have you" Meanwhile in Episode 5...
Jerry (4 years ago)
wtf description? Lee Everett history teacher? Just because he said "i teach history, stuff like that." Doesn't mean he means it.
Marcos2803 zim (4 years ago)
Este jogo eu recomendo para todos que gosta de the walking dead
Naijabryi 15 (4 years ago)
clem doesn't African American
Jetgaming16 (2 years ago)
+Naijabryi 15 she is half from her dad's side
Leeco Azael-Gutierrez (4 years ago)
I like how u removed dialoug
Leeco Azael-Gutierrez (4 years ago)
I like how u removed dialoug
Leeco Azael-Gutierrez (4 years ago)
I like how u removed dialoug
Paige Peters (4 years ago)
I played this game but I hate it because it is story mode
Juneur (3 years ago)
Your tiny mind can't understand good games
sunsine plays (3 years ago)
Paige Peters (4 years ago)
+Dawnbreaker I know your stupid :-)
Jerry (4 years ago)
Your stupid.
mrbrightkills (5 years ago)
not to sound like an idiot but how did you remove the dialogue options?
XxAbusexX (5 years ago)
It's a game movie!
Archers Netz Betz (5 years ago)
Thanks, This Good Like a Movie.
Imsojohnny (5 years ago)
peteykicksurass ss (5 years ago)

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