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12 Principles of Animation (Official Full Series)

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Further Animation Learning: http://bit.ly/2dleXfH Full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-bOh8btec4CXd2ya1NmSKpi92U_l6ZJd (0:10) 1. Squash and Stretch (2:07) 2. Anticipation (4:14) 3. Staging (6:33) 4. Straight Ahead/Pose to Pose (9:14) 5. Follow Through & Overlapping Action (11:17) 6. Slow In & Slow Out (12:57) 7. Arcs (14:38) 8. Secondary Action (16:11) 9. Timing (18:22) 10. Exaggeration (19:55) 11. Solid Drawing (21:38) 12. Appeal PATREON: http://www.patreon.com/alanbecker TWITTER: http://twitter.com/alanthebecker FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/alanthebecker WEBSITE: http://alanbecker.net MY MAIN CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/noogai89 MY MINECRAFT CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/AlanBeckerMinecraft
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Text Comments (3642)
HOUDINI ARTS (14 hours ago)
great content !! <3 love it !
Curious (14 hours ago)
I don't even do animation but seriously this inspired me so much and will help me apply these things in film-making and post-production. I think this is the best tutorial I have ever seen yet period! Thank you so much for making these videos.
Jason Voorhees (18 hours ago)
One Tyger (23 hours ago)
12:12 who else wanted to see the alligator get shot?
Vibhor kumar (1 day ago)
Wish me luck tomorrow is my paper on these principles 😂😂🤞
Katara Farr-Wharton (1 day ago)
i didn't know any principles to animating before i watch this now i gonna go animate and try and make something good with it.............................................thank you
Budong Jiuwen (1 day ago)
This helped me with animation so much! :) You also made me improve my drawing skills Tysm
Fantastic stuff. Just goes to show you how important physics is in learning how things move. Thanks for taking time to make this. Cheers. (PS You've just earned another subscriber and bell listener!)
DustyCowdog (1 day ago)
Curious about the software used to create this animation... anyone know? Thanks much! Great video!
Preetam Mukherjee (1 day ago)
probably the best animation tutorial video I have ever seen in my life.
Narwhaliciou s (2 days ago)
The Jone (2 days ago)
Can someone make timestamps on this video pls
Billie Hernandez (2 days ago)
What an amazing video! Thank you for your insight it definitely motivated me to start getting into animation!
X Spirit (2 days ago)
Friend, I don't even know the software u use
kholoud ashraf (3 days ago)
How much work went into this?I don't know but just imagining amazes me.
JosephJJ Cookie (4 days ago)
Beautifully described. Every aspiring animator needs to see this.
Pink Panther (4 days ago)
I felt like I just learned a year worth of lessons lol But seriously, thank you. I don't know anything about animation and i've just started. I'm planning to put up a yt channel but I don't wanna bore people with my face :D So I've decided to stick with animation. Anyway. Thank you again. I'm gonna explore your playlist and i will surely link your videos / channel as a reference during my progress.
loki bogs (5 days ago)
so my animation site (aka FlipAClip ) dose not slow down or speed up an animation when there are more or less empty frames between the poses and it dose not skip the empty frames so how would i do pose to pose animation? not to be rude but I'm unsure how i would do that, so if you or any of you people who see this comment could help me i would be grateful. Also great video and thanks for the animation advice (: also i forgot, when i tried animating on twos with 24fps and it looked choppy sooooo
zune animation (5 days ago)
Wow i like your animation :****
Doongoz (5 days ago)
Ayush Bakshi (5 days ago)
Ma man!.... I've my animation intro class tomorrow and I'm already feeling like an expert. 😜😄
Heysoder12 (5 days ago)
22:01 Marceline ;(
Vijesh Log (6 days ago)
Awesome Tutorial Bro...
olicat (6 days ago)
ooh man im trying to get into animation and this is so helpful. thank you for this
JakeYouOut (6 days ago)
I learned so much from this video. I'm really wanting to do animation and this really has taught me a lot about it. I will definitely be coming back to this once I get a drawing tablet. Great and very informative video!
Tarek Medhat (6 days ago)
Perfect!Thank u :)
Popasaurusrex Rex (6 days ago)
It's funny how you can make even your examples of mistakes look good!
Ashyha Kadame (6 days ago)
Dude, this work is amazing! :O Literally one of the best piece of Art education on the internet.
sharanaithal (7 days ago)
awwwwwwwwwww the bunny so cute
Michelle w. (7 days ago)
We are thanking you for making it! Great insight and personal explanations bringing it to a point!
lock heart (8 days ago)
This was more useful than that year long class of digital tech that I had. The teacher never would teach and wasn't really good at getting the students engaged in what we were doing. I wanted to do animation and have the tiniest bit of hope that I could do something with it in the future.
Esteban Lara (9 days ago)
What a great video bro
deershitone (9 days ago)
best tutorial i ever seen, very entertaining to watch too!!
Robert DeNiro (9 days ago)
so walt disney didnt know what words meant
El sujeto gamer (9 days ago)
xd Jbz (9 days ago)
This is very helpful for me
Shaythorix (9 days ago)
thank you! im starting out for animating and this really helped me out
Lucian Andries (9 days ago)
Wow! Very amazing video!!
Sparckman (9 days ago)
Cool Stuff, watch out for next animation! all 12 will be used
Peter Green (9 days ago)
what software to use for 2d animation?
Canberk SEZER (10 days ago)
This is really awesome.
Zer0 (10 days ago)
This is valuable for comic book and manga artists as well, where the passage of time is shown in still frames.
i A (10 days ago)
Awesome !
GamerPixelation 05 (10 days ago)
You are amazing! This video is great for those who wants to learn about the concepts of animations. Best via I've seen all day. Spam like button.
Recel Donaire (11 days ago)
good job
Jeff G (11 days ago)
I hate squash and stretch
Aleksey Voznesenski (11 days ago)
such a great video! love it! thanks for your work!
CC (11 days ago)
What program do you use ?
Bloodsong13T (11 days ago)
fantastic! i picked up (at least some) of these over the years, and i've been trying to tell people who can't animation that they need to learn these principles... but until now did not have a specific resource to give them. also curious about #12: appeal. and is there a backlash against this in modern animation? or has it just been taking to extremes of 'interesting'? because i find all modern cartoons (well, specifically ren & stimpy, spongebob squarepants, cow & chicken, and the like) to be hideously ugly and UNappealing. i can't even watch them.
seriously, how can somebody dislike this masterpiece?! it's simple, extremely well explained and must it must had been through a lot of work and effort for you get the video ready. well done and thank you! :D
RB8X (13 days ago)
thx this was really helpful
Yatukih001 (13 days ago)
Thanks for the upload Dear Alan! Greetings from Iceland!!!!
Ivan Patiño Diaz (13 days ago)
what program do u use?
Brent Alleyne (13 days ago)
Aarush Mithal (13 days ago)
You are such a great animator
The Hardcore Casual (13 days ago)
great video
Kish10 Ashie (13 days ago)
Do you _need_ to know anatomy to animate? or you kinda need to know a _bit_ of anatomy to animate? Orrr you just need common sense?
Cinabutts (13 days ago)
Literally the best... Well, Eddie Givens, Jr beat me to it. ❤
Jahil Vazquez (14 days ago)
Thx realy helpfully but i did not expect there to be math in animating
Jim Mueller (14 days ago)
Great video, clear and understandable with good examples. Sorry I clicked on "dislike". I wanted to see what idiocy would express dislike for this great video.
BRAWLYO (14 days ago)
wow thank you for this man!
Erica Paige (14 days ago)
I’m a kid and I want to be an animator and this made it very easy to understand.In my opinion this is a great way to present the principles.
Joe M (14 days ago)
The achievements of mankind remain beyond comprehension.
Asad Ghafoor (14 days ago)
Thanks buddy for making this
LegendsUrl (14 days ago)
How do you do your tutorials and show your animations???
ultimate idiocy (14 days ago)
The anticipation principal reminds me of cuphead and looney toons
Gwen O'Neill (14 days ago)
This is helping me a lot!
Tek24 (14 days ago)
How much frames do you put in a second
Top 5 (15 days ago)
You r god bro😱😱
MatrixMushroom (15 days ago)
I'm starting to animate my own characters and this is really gonna help. I don't think you know what "series" means tho. 😆
abraham mavarez (15 days ago)
amazing tutorial alan thanks :)
Yakko Warner (15 days ago)
This. Video. Single. Handedly. Improved. My. Animation. Tenfold.
Love Bandit (15 days ago)
Amazing thank you I love Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston
yellowpaw animation (15 days ago)
19:01 this is meh
I loved this video just one thing, why do people shake their head when they like something shouldn't it be nodding??
Pickle Mike (15 days ago)
Your my new fav animation teacher dude *I liked, subbed and,hit bell*
Osmar Koxne (15 days ago)
Fantastic. I Really apreciate your tutorial.
eiiysha * (15 days ago)
Thank you for the video
Yogita Chawdhary (16 days ago)
This is one of the best tutorials I have seen! Thank you very much! :)
syupdengi (16 days ago)
I have a decent animation program, i have a decent pentab, i have a proper knowledge about animating but _there's one problem left_ *i can't fucking draw*
Super Cheetah (16 days ago)
I actually reference this a lot! Thank you for creating this as it has helped me a lot as I have been trying to learn to animate!
João César de Lima (16 days ago)
Siddharth Jindal (17 days ago)
Master, teach me!
PhatDookie 420 (17 days ago)
*Awesomeness!* This will definitely help me animate better in the future.
Michele Delli Paoli (17 days ago)
You #master !
Mangekyo (17 days ago)
wow this amazing and I thought I know animation!
Jamick (17 days ago)
Why it`s look so easy to animate....
The Black Animations (17 days ago)
Help A Lot And I Tested It,It Works Well :)
David Peterson (17 days ago)
Great video ! Learned a lot and will have to watch it again with a notepad. Looking to make a flip book so this was very helpful. Thanks for sharing. Liked the use of math. Would be a good video in a math class to show kids the 'why' they need to learn it.
Tybek 1 (17 days ago)
I dont have computer and i animet on telephone on stick nodes not pro
Ikamaru Enauki (17 days ago)
Best video, very well explained, thank you so much God bless
Thank you so much Thank you, God bless #radhaviraniandkrutika. #krutikakidsworld
Sinigang na Itlog (17 days ago)
You really need to Draw part by part?WTH
V Mix (18 days ago)
16:00 time to go late night snacking
FiLM STATiON (18 days ago)
It was a lot learning, you are awesome...
Linda Venne (18 days ago)
Monli (18 days ago)
Кто от сыендука?
Fiftypence (19 days ago)
Really excellent work! Thanks for doing this. One of the best tutorials I've ever seen.

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