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Battlefield 1 Pigeon Gameplay - Most Speechless Scene Ever

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PIGEON Gameplay! This scene in BF1 left me speechless. DICE really did their best to show what The Great War (World War 1) looked like in Battlefield 1's single player & multiplayer. This is one of the many great scenes in the game. Captured by my friend B3st0ner on PC. NEW CHEAP GAMES ► https://www.g2a.com/?reflink=mathchief# SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14hihfM Gaming News: http://bit.ly/1dpZsqd Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief?fref=ts My twitter: https://twitter.com/MathChief11
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Text Comments (8456)
ramusxxgm (4 hours ago)
Looking at BFV then looking at this. What happened?
De Jure Claims (7 hours ago)
Simo Häyhä (8 hours ago)
Hahaha i put the A_-team to this when the pigeon was released!
szredix (9 hours ago)
Top ten saddest anime deaths
[[[ DRAGONIER ]]] (11 hours ago)
You know what ruined it for me? I crashed the pigeon. Completely killed the mood XD
Name not found (16 hours ago)
It is the most speechless scene because pigeons are incapable of speech.
Aviv Gannon (18 hours ago)
So nobody here played the hawk mission in assassin's creed 3?
marcio britto (18 hours ago)
Man I remember this part. It was truly epic.
Tmoddrummer 35 (19 hours ago)
I mean it was a cool scene. It wasn’t really “speechless” tho. Like it wasn’t revolutionary
CreateYourMelody (20 hours ago)
What's the song played while the pidgeon is flying?
Vlad the Inhaler (21 hours ago)
The stories were good in the game. Shame the actual gameplay sucked ass. The ai was awful.
Primarch Icarus (1 day ago)
My great grandfather was a pigeoneer for the US Army during World War 1. He received Cher Ami, and delivered her message that saved an entire battalion of US troops who were surrounded and being hit by friendly artillary. His brother Russel was a field medic killed by German shelling during Belleau Wood. After the war my great grandfather was given the stuffed bird, which was donated to the Smithsonian after his death. I still have the medal New York State gave to all of its WW1 Veterans, as well as another metal that was awarded to Russell posthumously.
Ethan truth (1 day ago)
WW1 was the bloodiest war, even if WW2 was the deadliest.
South Lime (1 day ago)
Plot twist or what actually happens if you haven’t played they survived
RedBaron 71 (1 day ago)
I was jacking off to porn then I accidently clicked on this. Gotta admit. This was better
RedBaron 71 (15 hours ago)
DreBurnZ I accidently hit the other tab
DreBurnZ (16 hours ago)
RedBaron 71 you watch porn on YouTube? Because how did you click on this video if you were on a different website?
Rodrigo Santos (1 day ago)
They should've made Liam Neeson voice the officer. *RELEASE! THE! PIGEON!*
TheJoePro (1 day ago)
This shit makes me sad
datfloppynoodle (1 day ago)
How did we go from this, to that horrendous battlefield V trailer?
The GERMAN is truly the GREATEST warrior.. Even my grandpa told me that and he fought and killed in WW2.. Say what you want but I have information from someone who lived WW2 my other grandpa fought for Germany... Our HISTORY is full of lies...
Vincent Cantin (1 day ago)
I work in the Canadian War Museum and we have the actual pigeon. :)
DreBurnZ (16 hours ago)
Vincent Cantin no one cares
Jeffrey Chen (2 days ago)
Too bad the campaign is so damn short. I was hoping the expansions would give more war stories but it's just stupid multiplayer stuff EA style.
cccspwn (2 days ago)
Most epic tweet in history
Gewber (2 days ago)
This has to be satire.
An Audi RS6 (2 days ago)
“Most Speechless Scene Ever”? Idk there’s quite a lot of talking Wtf does that even mean
fabien porche (2 days ago)
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Chris Kemp (2 days ago)
Theres a story of a carrier pigeon that is a real tale to tell... Middle of a battle, soldiers pinned with only one pigeon. The pigeon gets released, and gets shot three times. First shot takes out a leg. Second shot takes out an eye. Third shot cripples a wing. Bird falls to the ground outside of HQ. Bird drags itself inside and coos one last time before dying, and the note signals reinforcements that win the battle. This boy got a fuckin statue.
Nuclear Is Happy (2 days ago)
If you think this game was bad, you can fucking die. Most of you think that the only good that comes is from this era. When not only does this game tell you the true stories of those who fought, most of you just dont think its worth 50 bucks.
Bryan Max (2 days ago)
how did the pigeons know where to go, seriously?🤔
DreBurnZ (16 hours ago)
Bryan Max they are trained to do that
Sultan Abdulaziz (4 days ago)
How can scenes be speechless?
Banta CT (4 days ago)
Games can sometimes bring you moments of utter genius and moments of pure cinematic brilliance. Emotional and poignant all at once
DeenanTheKemon I (4 days ago)
This was brilliantly done. I just had major interest sparked into this series.. Ima give battlefield a try.
Mr. White (1 day ago)
DeenanTheKemon I too bad they fuck BF V up with those sjw bullshit
Jonathan De guzman (5 days ago)
Message: *did u turn off friendly fire?*
APerson NamedPerson (5 days ago)
My life in WT. Litterally TKed by friendly arty... feels bad man :(
Ken Peerapairoj (8 hours ago)
And somehow, they survived.
DreBurnZ (16 hours ago)
Ken Peerapairoj because they aimed the bombs not directly on them
Recon (6 days ago)
Sometimes later
Joystikz_ (6 days ago)
The aesthetics in this game 👌
Smullet90 (6 days ago)
Pigeon needs his own game
TheCard- -Tosser (6 days ago)
This was literally the one and only sentimental scene in the game.
grubbylyra (6 days ago)
I got lost as the pigeon and got so mad
Average Alien (6 days ago)
From gold to trash in less than two years
Eric Myhrer (6 days ago)
This was so good... Shame that in BFV this will be spoiled by transgender zombie robots
Joshua Saldaña (7 days ago)
My controller was broken during this segment so I was actually raging
Joe Joe (7 days ago)
The music in BF1 was amazing...I hope they bring that kind of emotion to BFV.
TheCoomer (7 days ago)
Men were Men then.
the random kabanos (7 days ago)
Guess battlefield is now a gta v ripoff
DreBurnZ (16 hours ago)
the random kabanos um what?
Saint Plays (7 days ago)
This is absolutely speechles
ELEMENTAL DELTA (8 days ago)
There’s a reason this was one of the last storylines I played.
Prabha Karan (8 days ago)
Ethan Roode (8 days ago)
imagine the feeling being the germans in that situation looking up and just seeing that. Pretty much knowing your death
Briseur De Lance (8 days ago)
I wonder if the German soldiers could have had any chance by using the tank as a shelter.
Daniel Borysyuk (9 days ago)
i want to serve the army as a piegon
A N G E R Y (9 days ago)
Is that a butterfly?
Dalvìk (10 days ago)
This is to be used to show a message but actually playing as the bird is really fucking annoying.
Lorenzo Garza (10 days ago)
Only pigeons will matter in battlefield 5
Jdacunto1 (10 days ago)
I tried crashing the pigeon but it went like through the wall
Alexi Trinune (10 days ago)
My favorite is still the airplane end.
Drexel (10 days ago)
fuckin bullshit, they allow us to fly pigeons but you can't play as a woman on the frontline!
Jaffaborn (10 days ago)
I sexually identify as a pigeon
Luna McLean (10 days ago)
"Nice serving with you, lads.." That was touching.True men lost in a godforsaken war. Rare to find these days.
John Quintanilla (11 days ago)
Amazing. I don’t about you, but playing this part did make me a little sad.
jojo_exploits (11 days ago)
Biggus Dickus (13 days ago)
My grandfather used to own pigeons
Jędrzej Z (14 days ago)
MinionStudios (14 days ago)
Why did the guy not want to? I mean god what a dumbass either way they are going to get killed/tortured
Son Geki (15 days ago)
R E L E A S E T H E P I G E O N ! ! !
Ninja Space Cowboy (15 days ago)
yeah it's speechless because pigeons can't talk
BLEACH LORD (16 days ago)
I cri
#europaarmy (16 days ago)
So basically you are a pigeon that is trying to be shot down by an AA gun
UrbanArtifact (18 days ago)
I remember when I first played this. It caught me so off guard I fell off my chair and had some tears in my eyes.
Elemxnt (18 days ago)
The single player campaign was phenomenal.
Gian Santiago (19 days ago)
got replaced for a brothel message " Send noods bobs and vagene"
Flashback (11 days ago)
Gian Santiago lmaooooooo
Angery Angery (20 days ago)
Why are this Comments destroying everything.
l0e0u0n0g (20 days ago)
STALKER , (20 days ago)
Imersive gameplay
Oh bummer (20 days ago)
the depressing music in BF1 is such a mood killer. makes me sleepy and less interested to continue playing after a a game
Al Dusty (21 days ago)
The in game music on the menu screen are always so good i get goosebumps
Al Dusty (21 days ago)
These campaigns endings were depressingly sad
Aussie Titan (26 days ago)
This is really a broken arrow tactic.
강아지컹컹컹 (27 days ago)
"Is this a pigeon?"
MrScottyMillz (28 days ago)
WWWHHHYYYYYYY Couldn't BF5 do something similar to this for their trailer??? This was so intense we all had tears. After BF5 i cant decide which bathroom to use
piotrus pan (28 days ago)
ARYAN DEY (30 days ago)
It’s sad that cod Morden warefare was the only cod that like to play, advance warfare, infinite warfare blacks ops 3,4 are just focus on multiplayer fun. But there are lot of player who just want a good story.
Zii Kou (30 days ago)
nice serving with u lads :'(
Could not stop laughing when this happened. This game is STOOOOPID.
wspólnota eu (1 month ago)
Joey JoJo Joestar Junior Shabadoo Hahaha
Matias Avalos (1 month ago)
Battlefield 1 is a masterpiece
Daniel Martin (1 month ago)
I remember this scene
-Scou1- (1 month ago)
We Need This On Multiplayer
Jake Harvey (1 month ago)
This cutscene will forever send chills down my spine, and make my hairs stand on end. Amazing that such a small animal could change the course of a war, the brilliant white Pigeon flying over the dark, flaming carnage like a guardian angel, absolutely breathtaking.
Mr.Krabs (1 month ago)
What did the German say at the end?
Funicoman Gaming (1 month ago)
Guys, this... This right here is why we study history. Look up an image of the French countryside and it is gorgeous. But here... Here we destroyed it and we kill each other all for what? For power? Recognition? Revenge?... But was it worth it? Was any of those reasons a reason to destroy the natural beauty of what nature gave us? Was it a good reason to kill families and widow women? No. This is why we study history: so that we don't repeat our mistakes and we don't destroy the beauty of our wonderful planet.
A M (1 month ago)
Ciack70 (1 month ago)
Buck Artist (2 months ago)
Lol no one knew who pritchfard is
Manu Traas (2 months ago)
The God dayum pigeon
RUSH B (2 months ago)
if this was CoD.. "Press F to grab the pigeon"
DankFuhrer463 (2 months ago)
Big Nibba
cibriosis (2 months ago)
I think i said this once..but i have never been more suprised in an action war game..than this scene...i wish other games did this
Ala Marzougui (2 months ago)
there is no heroes in war,both sides are enemies to each,both sides destroy each others countries,people and cultures,i guess the one thing i picked up from this scene(putting aside that it got me right in my heart)that the only good side is the pigeon's side.
Young Rios (3 months ago)
I can go to sleep with the bf1 music . Cod ww2? No

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