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Joel and Tommy Private talk cutscene The Last of Us

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Text Comments (145)
Brandon M (11 days ago)
1:58 That part always gives me chills
Mister Sarajevo (22 days ago)
Is this game violent?
30dynamo (2 months ago)
"Tommy, I need this..." Man the desperation of Joel is off the charts, he would do whatever it took so that he wouldn't be embedded in the burden of losing another beloved person, even more so when that person closely resembled his daughter, such an epic scene fueled of driven emotion
Cat's Schrödinger (3 months ago)
Did Joel physically abuse Tommy?
Naylikeh (3 months ago)
Yeah of course, he got some part of dat booty.
Steven Barry (3 months ago)
Me and my big bro about the last 🍕
Jordan O (3 months ago)
“You put your hands on me it wont end well for you” 🙄 joel has taken out fuckin armies of hunters with nothin but a revolver and a plank with nails.
Denga Tenga (3 months ago)
We need chapters of predator joel back in the days
Bloop (3 months ago)
I want also Tommy to appear in the Last of us 2
Peter Pan (3 months ago)
Nice game so huh... RAAASENNGANN
Naylikeh (3 months ago)
Without including of course, the beautiful auditory masterpiece that was "HHHSSSTOOKNNNN"
ElijahProto (4 months ago)
"You SURVIVED because of me!" "It wasn't worth it." Wait so your whole family wasn't worth it? Ok then.
Jeffrey S (3 months ago)
ElijaProto probably because they killed many people who had families. Maybe even took out several families just trying to make it, women and children specifically.
Carmen (4 months ago)
typical siblings they haven't seen each other in years and instead of a happy reunion, they fight. my sister and I do this too when we reunite after a long while. Joel has such a temper.
A Pimp Named Slickback (4 months ago)
Pissy little brothers amiright
Michael Tardi (4 months ago)
Would love to see a gameplay of what Joel and Tommy did in Boston. They must of been brutal people to deal with.
Josh Sam (4 months ago)
After Sarah’s death Joel didn’t give a fuck for many years he killed many innocents to survive off them like the hunters do that’s why Tommy has nightmares from them times as the younger brother he went along with it, sure there’s an optional conversation about it been a while since I played it, still the best game of all time not really a game tbh just a story and world you get to take part in much much love
SimmerGirl ForLife (4 months ago)
"Jesus boy" sounds like what Hank Hill would say to Bobby.
Luqman Hakim (4 months ago)
tommy have to stop being savage
D e e D e e KReeP (4 months ago)
Shoug Arifi (5 months ago)
Oh my god the way he says tommy I need this! Is very well acted actually everything in this game is well acted
BlakeFerret (5 months ago)
I wonder who would have won that fight?
awesomegirl5 (1 month ago)
Jacob Stone (4 months ago)
BlakeFerret Joel
Zahir (6 months ago)
I feel like the scene was ruined by the intrusion of the bandits, like it was a cheap way of avoiding the confrontation between the two brothers. Great scene but I wish we could have seen more.
Z T (2 months ago)
I agree completely and sadly this is a recurring theme whenever some emotional topic comes up that needs to end on a dramatic note. See Ellie & Joels conversation when she runs off, not long after this scene.
Cheesy Child (6 months ago)
*J E S U S B O Y*
Cheesy Child LOL 😂
Yasin Eyup Usta - (6 months ago)
I think Joel beat the crap out of Tommy before.
Abram Little (5 months ago)
Yasin Eyup Usta - of course
SFM Man (7 months ago)
20 year and tommy look the same
Kry Kry Stott (3 months ago)
Alicultivated 😂😂 lol
Alicultivated (3 months ago)
Some grey hairs are noticeable.
Deagon gamu (7 months ago)
SFM Man he was a young man when it happend
Javi Bentué (8 months ago)
The way he said that last "Yeah...", as if remembered every single person he ever killed in the last 20+ years... Troy Baker is amazing.
Christian Morales (8 months ago)
We need a prequel of how they survived right after the outbreak!
Gamma Ray (8 months ago)
Christian Morales would be nice if the tlou part 2 have a dlc about those days
rafael502 (9 months ago)
I just love that detail of Joel pushing Tommy back after Tommy said "Wasn't worth it" Joel, in anger, was not about to let his brother take away the excuse of his past, regretful, and terrible actions. Joel's thinking, "I didn't do that traumatizing shit for fun nor for nothing, I did it to protect my little brother in what I thought was best back then"
David Spooner (9 months ago)
Jesus boy
Proud Saiyan Prince (10 months ago)
"Jesus, boy!" My God he sounds exactly like my Dad.
The Question (10 months ago)
"We ain't back in Boston. You lay your hands on me again it won't end well for you." Do you know who you just threateand, Tommy?
Easy Sims freeplay (9 months ago)
The Question the first time I played this i was like FOOL YOU BETTER RUN
The Question (10 months ago)
These two are the brothers that love eachother. But they might be able to kill one another if it comes down to it.
Wrench (11 months ago)
"I bring you the cure for mankind and you still want to play the pissy little brother"
Jesus, boy!
helghan21 (1 year ago)
jesus boy! lmao
Lewis (1 year ago)
The writing in this is so good but it's so subtle at the same time. When Joel says I need this and Tommy stays quiet because he understands why, it's so good
Lewis Damn, I didn't catch that. Nice
SimmerGirl ForLife (1 year ago)
Tommy was rude in this scene
SimmerGirl ForLife (4 months ago)
Wraithic Artistry no cuz he refused to.help joel
Wraithic Artistry (1 year ago)
Why? Because he's found something more than the bloodshed and survivor mentality?
Virgil (1 year ago)
Tommy sounds like the guy who voices harkness and some others in fallout 3
Saany TV (1 year ago)
This cutscene was intense!
Nazri Buang (1 year ago)
I want Joel to be the adopted father of Superboy before Superboy got lost in space.
Ikenna Wosu (1 year ago)
I aint like the way he said boy
Darki Plier (1 year ago)
Joel-Tommy we need to talk Tommy-what Joel-were my chicken nuggets...were the hell did u keep them? Tommy-i ain't got no chicken nuggets Tommy-I ONLY GOT A BIG MACK!!
Roxas (1 year ago)
The acting is so surreal.
ehrenbruder (1 year ago)
very nice video my friend! keep it up :)
D e e D e e KReeP (1 year ago)
so did Tommy join the fireflies and leave joel or what?
meglaud (7 months ago)
Tommy joined the fireflies while Joel joined the Hunters. This pretty much explains what Joel said "we saw the world in completely different ways"
SirJohn (1 year ago)
Joel saw the world the other way. Tommy saw the world the other way. Thus, they separated from each other. Tommy joining the Fireflies, working for Marlene. The Fireflies are a militia, their cause is to find a cure for the infection and wants back the old government. Tommy later felt this cause was a big waste of time. Nevertheless, Tommy left the Fireflies and his new cause, is his family.
D e e D e e KReeP (1 year ago)
damn for Tommy to just stright up say "you remember how to kill right?!" Joel must of done some savage hunter shit when he was protecting Tommy. "I have nothing but nightmares from those years!" - "You SURVIVED Cause Of Me!!"
Omossa Ochoa (3 months ago)
D e e D e e KReeP bad news bro
Yasin Eyup Usta - (3 months ago)
He did some shit. And he was thinking it was necessary back then. But that shit will haunt him for the rest of his life.
Mahibul Roni (3 months ago)
"It wasn't worth it"- Tommy
Charles Jiles (7 months ago)
Y'all saying what he did was worth it, but Y'all probably hate the hunters for killing innocents and eating them. Maybe later on one of em will defect and take care of a little girl too.
Leandro Pamplona (8 months ago)
That's one of the reasons I believe Joel is either dead or is going to die throughout TLOU part 2.
Brandon Jackson (1 year ago)
That's how all siblings get when they are older. I know because me and my brothers are like that.
Evil Snail (3 months ago)
I think they'll bring light to the early years in the next game. Why else would Ellie and Joel's relationship be fueled on hatred? I bet he has something to do with that cult that attempted to kill Anna.
Le due S (1 year ago)
Maddie but joel is a piece of shit in that period of time. But if you'd like to play it anyway than ok
FWMalice (1 year ago)
Brandon Jackson I would love to see a prequel Last of Us game with Tommy and his brother back in Boston after Joel lost his daughter.
Malachi Coleman (1 year ago)
You're lucky to have siblings.
gerard maurice (2 years ago)
en el 1:55
gerard maurice (2 years ago)
perdon en ese no
gerard maurice (2 years ago)
coloquenlo en el segundo 2:55
marco jimenez (2 years ago)
Rick And Joel Badass Motherfuckers
Googoorewon (2 years ago)
+marco jimenez (unmatched prodigy) Rick lol
AdmiralFlynn895 (3 years ago)
1:33-2:10 they're like Sam and Dean Winchester.
٧ (2 years ago)
Not at all
AdmiralFlynn895 (2 years ago)
+VOETBAL FREESTYLERS Look up the show called Supernatural.
ilianvv (2 years ago)
Who the hew are that
Assad Khalif (3 years ago)
"I have nothing but nightmares from the years" "You survived because of me!" "It wasn't worth it" Pushes him to the wall. "I bring you the cure for mankind, and you want to play the pissy little brother?" "We ain't back Boston, you puts your hands on me again, and it won't end well for you".
iBFP (3 months ago)
The fuck man?
Hey Momma (4 months ago)
Assad Khalif Interrogation scene is the best one.
Charles Jiles (7 months ago)
We definitely watched the video too.
Malachi Coleman (1 year ago)
+Assad Khalif You serious? Out of all the great scenes in the game, you think this is the best?
Assad Khalif (2 years ago)
+Rabbi Andy best scene In the game
jairo tovah (3 years ago)
this probably would be a pretty good fight
ElijahProto (4 months ago)
Keyword "younger". Big brother strength my friend.
Deagon gamu (7 months ago)
Brock idk man. tommy probably has a couple tricks up his sleeve and is younger. itd be a tough fight. either one could win joel is way more agressive but whos to say tommy isnt
gibsonFERCHO 14 (8 months ago)
fuck it, man. watching family beating the crap out of each other is very painful and shitty. i have siblings with whom i've had a bad relationship in the past and i do nothing but long to be able to bond with them again.sometimes i feel alone as shit and i daydream about what could've been if we were in good terms. usually when i play the game, i skip this cutscene the most because i don't like seeing brothers, especially if they are grown men, having a bad relationship or coming to blows.
Brock (9 months ago)
Not really. Tommy is cool and all, but just from the fact that Joel practically raised and provably tought his little brother most of what he knows.... he'd easily put the whoopin on him. Hell, even in this video Joel effortlessly shoves him against the locker.
Gage Gillard (3 years ago)
Actor I mean
Gage Gillard (3 years ago)
Troy baker is a great brother
This reminds me how me and my brother used to have a quarrel at simple stuff... now we're cool after growing up
Flynn Lives (3 years ago)
Their backstory after the outbreak needs to be the sequel
Kry Kry Stott (3 months ago)
Flynn Lives *Cough* Last of Us part 2 is here *Cough* *Cough*
Ol Saint Lit (5 months ago)
I was kinda wishing there would have been 2 DLC's the one we got already and one with Tommy + Joel.
Cunning Stunt (6 months ago)
If you're interested, there's a fanfiction about just that called 'Dirt' - by someone named 'Astern'. Already been completed with 30+ chapters and rave reviews.
Lucille loves Negan (1 year ago)
thony H (2 years ago)
great idea
xDinox (4 years ago)
Timothy g (1 year ago)
DanielSparten J£SUS 🅱️OI
D e e D e e KReeP (1 year ago)
J € S U $ B 0 i
Matt Lister (4 years ago)
wow joel pushes tommy cause he didn't get his own way joel was selfish until near the end of the game and i like how tommy warned joel after he pushed him that showed joel
Charles Jiles (7 months ago)
TheGamingGorilla Joel was not being selfish for a good reason lol.
Roberto Lopez (8 months ago)
They were killing innocent people that's why he has nightmares.
Easy Sims freeplay (9 months ago)
Matt Lister lets admit it Joel's 49 and would still beable to kill his brother because his brothers a wimp who hinds behind fence walls when for the last year Joel was with a girl running around staying away from the infected and killing off bandits so let's face it Joel would kick his ass :|)
Misael Meraz (11 months ago)
Matt Lister that don’t mean shit. Joel was the one doing the heavy lifting when the apocalypse was happening, he would kick his brother’s ass no doubt.
Matt Lister (2 years ago)
+TheGamingGorilla you don't know that I got a older brother and I'm almost tougher then him
Aidan Reigler (4 years ago)
It's scary how close joel and tommy are like me and my brother, my brother is stocky with thick black hair and I'm leaner with dirty blonde hair. I'm the younger brother too so I guess I'm tommy and he's joel.
Ol Saint Lit (5 months ago)
Are you the pissy little brother?
Elioth Massato (10 months ago)
Me to
Tysontom1 (3 years ago)
Me and my brother are very similar, I'm the stocky one but I got brown hair and so does he
Brando Milana (4 years ago)
I love the voice of Joel.
Carmen (4 months ago)
me too
Byron Ashura Grant (4 months ago)
Pamela De Nicolo he sounds like a redneck which is cool
Pamela De Nicolo (4 years ago)
Troy Baker is an amazing voice actor :)
MissSugarPink (4 years ago)
One of the best scenes <3 :3
Konráð Ragnarson (4 years ago)
this scene is so well acted that it blew my mind
I am FlᎥght (7 months ago)
Konráð Ragnarson Hello how's 2014, I'm texting you from the future
Top Hattington (4 years ago)
I've always thought that a story DLC about these two on their journey straight after the outbreak and how Joel and Tess met would be awesome.
holamoco17 (1 month ago)
Top Hattington That is a wonderful idea!
Kry Kry Stott (3 months ago)
ermitanyo hermit Are we square?
Armando Loaeza (3 months ago)
It would be interesting to see how Joel embraced his savage side over the years since the outbreak occurred.
Evil Gopher (3 months ago)
I would've liked a DLC that has you play as Tommy going back home and finding Joel's picture of his daughter
Hai Tran (4 months ago)
Hell yeah that be amazing
Jesse Chavez (4 years ago)
Watching these two... it's like watching older versions of my brother and me. LOL I love naughty dog for their realistic character interactions. My bro and I are the same way sometimes we fight but we get over it pretty quick.
ElijahProto (4 months ago)
I'm late but if i piss my little brother off he'll mess up my bed or some shit lol.
Cassandra Brooks (5 years ago)
Me too. Brotherly love.:)
SinisterSamirai (5 years ago)
Love this scene

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