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Text Comments (40904)
Sergant Pig (2 hours ago)
I watch this video over and over again
Sergant Pig (2 hours ago)
wow that was awesome!!
Crystal Heaven (3 hours ago)
marivicacorda (7 hours ago)
*Drink It up But Dont Choke* *Yes Cause Milk Is now Powder -.-*
Brenda Scharpp (7 hours ago)
His head is filled with whiskey
LQ Wafer (8 hours ago)
João Gabriel YT 2 (12 hours ago)
Aaaaah cagney carnation, cala maria Vs Cuphead and Mugman
ggsr 228337 (12 hours ago)
I like 2:57
Colton Darron (18 hours ago)
Rudxe (1 day ago)
This guy really hates mickey mouse
No hay comentarios para este fin
Dylan Payne (1 day ago)
my fav parts are 1:34 and 2:41 XD papyrus and dic
Ana Paula Perazolo (1 day ago)
Kevin GB (1 day ago)
you never catch me crying over milk i spilled
FREDY BONNIE (1 day ago)
me gusto porque es el juego hay personajes que no e visto
1:50 I am here because my cousin kept playing over and over again so I like it
Супер круть
Doglover 1760 (1 day ago)
soreya Chea (1 day ago)
Oh how i miss this song.
anas abadi jumat (1 day ago)
Cool rap😎😎
AB Burnett (2 days ago)
pause than go to 0:00
knuckles 2004 (3 days ago)
OMG!! ☕️
marcela basalo (3 days ago)
the best song!!!!!
RealestReggie (3 days ago)
Was that a nyeh! I heard?
Angela Ziegler (2 days ago)
RealestReggie I know! I heard that too!
Alexa Jimenez (3 days ago)
I love this song so much 😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗
BananaRama (3 days ago)
2:25 - 2:41 best part in my opinion
Filip Bojanowicz (3 days ago)
Love miusic
Nahuel Lobos (3 days ago)
Nahuel Lobos (3 days ago)
Lyrics boom Take a sip of this, I'm an itty bitty Cuphead One sentence in, I've already made a pun - yep Picking up steam, wonder why they call me hothead Struck a deal with the devil, now I'm rackin' up debt Yes, I made a dumb bet, no need to get upset I'm a cup of trouble, have you seen my mugshot yet? Step in front of my finger gun, and you drop dead Wallop all your bosses, leave 'em all jobless They'll never stop me from runnin' like a faucet I'm a full cup, don't you ever try to top it You can never touch this, but you can kick the bucket I'm meant to be drunk from, but not to be trusted Heads up, hit the deck, Mugman You don't really wanna get your head busted I'm a dirty dish, who needs a rough scrubbin' After doing these devilish deeds - GOD DAMN! I'll stop this train even if it's haunted "Where's my ship?" Sorry, just sunk it Hopping like a frog, duck and dodge your punches Won't shed a single tear when I'm choppin' onions Spent all your breath huffin' and puffin' Just to get dumped on by a cup for nothin' Unless all you wanna end up dead You do not mess with a Cuphead, 'nuff said Do not mess with a Cuphead, 'nuff said (4x) [Hook] You'll never catch me cryin' over milk I spilled My head ain't empty, but who knows with what it's filled? I took that devilish gamble Nothing that a Cuphead couldn't handle And now it's time to foot the bibbadibibitty-bill [Verse 2] Any line that you happen to draw Is a line I'll be stepping across Trapped in a world lacking any natural laws Have you had your coffee yet? Cuz I'm off of the walls My demons need some exorcise A little caffeine oughtta get 'em energized Will we ever get to heaven when we die? Can't get any worse, we already bet our lives Forget fairy tales, they're fizzin out I'd like to pick a fight with that prick, Mickey Mouse I'll kick his ass then I'll knock Walt Disney out I'll leave 'em with a taste of toxic in their mouth (No!) My hand's been dealt, it's a bad draw though I'll go all in when the rest all fold Look's like I'm on the last straw so Better tell the devil th-that th-that's all folks! Come see what we been brewin' Something to keep ya movin' Must be the beat I'm boomin' Hit me with that funky music How do we keep on groovin'? Once could say we been juicin' Beepin' boopin', looney toonin' Time for you to face the music [Hook] [Bridge] I feel like the Holy Grail Just hope I don't go to Hell If so that won't go so well I've been bad, but no one tell I'm much more than just a cup Raise a toast and pick me up Pour one more and drink it up, but don't choke [Verse 3] Cuz I'm not the kinda cup you should be chugging from I'll get the jump on ya when I run and gun Working for Lucifer is a ton of fun "You two, do my bidding" done and done I'm a jazzy chap who'll leave you razzle-dazzled After I whoop and wallop your ass in battle When I'm stuck up shit's creek without a paddle And just imagine, the glass is half full
Cherissa Lapid (3 days ago)
princepal OfTheThing (3 days ago)
1:34 he need some *M I L K*
Lubuzz Deawesome (4 days ago)
Guys, we can all learn something from this, DON'T MESS WITH A CUPHEAD, NUFF SAID!
Tehnno Gaming (4 days ago)
If you liked this one you got to check out da games version
Max Bridge (4 days ago)
This game was so fun. And this song really leads a good description on it.
Que cool
Remington Guitron (4 days ago)
I like it,👍👍
master gamer (4 days ago)
MrGoldDoggy (4 days ago)
I wanna die, this is cancer
amanda deardeuff (4 days ago)
2:22 lolitsalex
TarkusCameBack (4 days ago)
honestly this is more funny than actually good.
Darrin Gensel (5 days ago)
At 1:34, was that papyrus singing!?
Jayvon Redden (5 days ago)
Came here cuz the DLC is coming soon so I came back
Melon Woolfy (5 days ago)
Thebulletcraft2 (5 days ago)
Lucy Hands (5 days ago)
1:32 one last time Then... I CANT STOP
Beckett Myers (5 days ago)
dank man
Shock Wave (5 days ago)
pedro tolama (5 days ago)
Best song I ever herd
Jinx Demon (5 days ago)
1:33 me as a mega undertale fan with countless oc’s and gear:HOLY FUCK SANS I FOUND PAPY!!
☕️ 👕 👖
Mashiad Swindle (5 days ago)
I love the intro
Aang Dknight (6 days ago)
2:10 OOOOOOOHHHHHHH !!! somebody get some ice !!
music Studio (6 days ago)
I don't get the pun
Cailie Isidro (6 days ago)
Catchy tone I love it
Yasmin Yuna (6 days ago)
Please do a FORTNITE RAP! Plz?
Hazk Mazter (6 days ago)
donut man 7980 (6 days ago)
I hate ads
donut man 7980 me too
Cødy [StarChild] (6 days ago)
I didn’t know Skeletor was featured in this song.
Little Studio (6 days ago)
Btw anyone who thought this was linked to Undertale the ‘nyeh’ And ‘dunked on’ situation isn’t really...true. It was not confirmed by Jt Music. Plus, the lyrics were ‘dumped on’ not ‘dunked on’.
wolviestryder (6 days ago)
Can you make a song/rap for Cuphead DLC (Cuphead in the delicious last course) and a animation too please?
Kamori Shawl 10 (6 days ago)
It's easy to sing
TG13 Bros (6 days ago)
Hallo mein Name ist Valentin Höltke und das Lied ist so nicht
KittyHoliday (6 days ago)
Accidentally listened to this at 1.25 speed.
Juju Demon (7 days ago)
Pupires: 1:32
Minecraft Mob Lover (7 days ago)
Ok....Mickey mouse is ok,BUT WHY DISNEY!
Blake Jensen (7 days ago)
I almost broke The play button because I love it so much
Blake Jensen (7 days ago)
I'm a different user and I can rap it I swear
Kevin GB (7 days ago)
Agnes Agyiri (7 days ago)
working for Lucifer is a ton of fun WTF!!!!!!! 3:19
Jayce Hatley (7 days ago)
How do you do it
Junior Garcia-Diaz (7 days ago)
Heads up hit the deck mug man
Love cuphead
Jfks Homes (7 days ago)
You’ll never catch me crying over milk i spilled
English StannyTerrier (7 days ago)
1 of your greatest hits
peter boy_0401 (8 days ago)
i dont like mickey mouse either XD
faiszie8464 (8 days ago)
what is that song
Put the speed at 1.25 it sounds cool
Atomic Shark (8 days ago)
Daniel Combs (8 days ago)
Daniel Combs (8 days ago)
Amyah Brown (8 days ago)
The Rhythm Maker (8 days ago)
I learned this song in a day good job yall keep it up
Blaze the winged fox (8 days ago)
0:05 did that apple guy fall in the lake 0.0 where is he
The_Hive_Tyrant (8 days ago)
the recommended folder might give me some weird crap every now and then and then it gives me some good things. Still waiting for it though.
Blocky Shapes (8 days ago)
This video: (exists) Undertale fans: all about that one time the guy says NEYH
Blocky Shapes (8 days ago)
2:18 what’s that in the top right corner? Is it part of the game?
It’s very ez to sing
king Dice (8 days ago)
That's cool and that music from the beginning is lit
Felix Crystal (8 days ago)
I can sing it of by heart so get wrekt
Kev932 (8 days ago)
y'all need to try 1.25!!!
pinky_chan (8 days ago)
3:45 bibbadibitty-bill !!!!
Rania Rayyan (8 days ago)
0:04 music name ?
すこたまご (8 days ago)
I love his singing!
Orange Slice (9 days ago)
Did is rlly good

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