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SPOILED GIRL thinks she deserves everything! MAKE SURE YOU WATCH UNTIL THE END! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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SSSniperWolf (1 month ago)
Make sure you watch until the end!!! HAVE AN AWESOME WEEKEND :D
Gabriel Reynolds (18 days ago)
SSSniperWolf can I get send this girl to Mexico
Silly Puppy (1 month ago)
SSSniperWolf 9
Ally The purple crayon (1 month ago)
I’m late ); Hope u still had a good weekend 😝
Harder harder harder
Desired XD (1 month ago)
Ava Baumannav (4 minutes ago)
That girl gets $1,000 a month bru I don't get no allowance and I don't feel like a dang peasant
Bree Mertens (15 minutes ago)
hers is 1 thousand!
Bree Mertens (15 minutes ago)
My monthly allowance is $2
jimin found his jams (17 minutes ago)
Any ARMYs here ?
Kenya Lu (22 minutes ago)
I don't have an allowance
audrey Heston (23 minutes ago)
I get 5 to 10 dollars a week
Karlinche (24 minutes ago)
I get 25 Euros a moth. That' s maybe 27 to 22 Dollars.
Kiera McElwee (29 minutes ago)
I’m nearly a teenager and I get £15 and even I think that is a good amount
Karlinche (26 minutes ago)
If I had 10.000 Dollars, I' d buy myself a hella GOOD GAMING-PC and an E-GUITAR
Austin's plush videos (26 minutes ago)
I have 6 siblings full blood and we don't get allowances ever we get food water in the roof over our heads
Austin's plush videos (37 minutes ago)
Tasos Balton (37 minutes ago)
Riley Collinsworth (38 minutes ago)
I only get 20 dollars a month
LEILANI KING (50 minutes ago)
Some things just needed to be swallowed
Daniela Espinoza Serna (52 minutes ago)
I only get $20 a monthly
Lucy Cervantes (52 minutes ago)
Monthly allowance 0
Evan Geades (58 minutes ago)
You to sssniperWoooooooolf
Savage Bro293 (58 minutes ago)
$8 a month, that's what I make a month
WolfSister Games (1 hour ago)
Where I Live i get R150 but in dollars thats like $10
The vlogger Jay (1 hour ago)
My mom makes 900+ a week and she can’t even give me 10 dollars ... shiiii🙄
Ea are mean (1 hour ago)
£30.00 a month
Marisa Alvarez (1 hour ago)
She will only get 25 dolers a year
My sister had to get a job at 15 for £30 a shift she doesn’t know what to do with that money this girl is a brat
CHURRO UNICORN (1 hour ago)
crossbow kidgaming (2 hours ago)
I dont get any a month
kitty girl (2 hours ago)
That girl is spoiled because I will get one pair shoes for the whole school year and I only get a couple pairs of pants and a couple pairs of shirts
Ava Kilgore (2 hours ago)
I’m great full that I have a home food education bed to sleep in . I mean what a spoiled child.
Haily Bawcum (2 hours ago)
I barely have food..:(
Haily Bawcum (2 hours ago)
God I earn 10 a month and I work my but off for it I help a 78 yr old women with the outside a lot and I get a 20 dollar bill once a year for best grades and then I get a dollar sometimes when my uncle asks me to get him a beer lol...;)
Haily Bawcum (2 hours ago)
Right now we get 500 a month and were going poor because they won't pay my grandpa...
Ilham Chughtai (2 hours ago)
I get £10 a month and I don't even use that and she uses $1000 so easily 🙈
Addison Tapley (2 hours ago)
I watch you so much and I subscribed you are amazing 😀
Jankey Camara (2 hours ago)
Monthly allowance 00000000
Gloria Gil (2 hours ago)
My monthly allowance is literally $0.00 :)
Sabrina Chang (2 hours ago)
My monthly alowence is 10$
Rtdf Jkj (2 hours ago)
i dont have an alpwense
Dude I can clean the entire house and I still Won't get a dollar not even a penny!😂 And this girl over here is getting more then me For just WASTING GOD DAME MONEY!!😡
Chaos Wolf (3 hours ago)
i dont get allowance
Marvin a cordero (3 hours ago)
Aryanna Jimenez (3 hours ago)
Duuudeeee like I wear Wal-Mart shoes and you HAVE to buy shoes!!!!
Valentina Gioia (3 hours ago)
I only get $10.00 ---- $100.00 a month!
Sonar Rainbow (4 hours ago)
$0 a month
Maryam Khalid (4 hours ago)
500 AED
æsthetic Śquirrel (5 hours ago)
"I DEsERVE EvERyTHING" *gives a bunch of trash and dead bodies* Me: "That's Some Of The Everything!"
FNAF 4 life (5 hours ago)
I get three digits every month $1.00
FNAF 4 life (5 hours ago)
My brother is 13 and he is so rude because he had Gucci belt and he brags to me how I don’t have anything and he listens to lil pump and plz dont listen to lil pump because it will infect u plz save ur self
Nalanti Dube (6 hours ago)
I have to be to get money
Nalanti Dube (6 hours ago)
I don't even get a penny a week
It'z_Rosa Katzzz833 (6 hours ago)
My allowance is $20 a week
Gum Drop (6 hours ago)
If i had 10,000 a month I would get an apartment and a job to pay off all the stuff I owe my mom
Aracely Bird (7 hours ago)
My mom doesnt even give me money
Charming Herr (7 hours ago)
I feel like she's going to use all of her money then 💥 she's poor as f*ck
Athena 11 (8 hours ago)
She was to stupid to be in school
Athena 11 (8 hours ago)
If she can buy anything she should buy a soul or a fucking heart
Marina Minty (8 hours ago)
I think at first she'll get 500 dollars a month, then 100$ a month, then 10$ a month, and then she'll have to get a job
Marina Minty (8 hours ago)
I get no allowance ._.
Shelley l (9 hours ago)
in order to buy something from a store, I need to do chores... I bet she has people clean her room
Creede Berg (9 hours ago)
I don't get a allowance
Samantha G. (9 hours ago)
I don't even get an allowance!!!💵💸💰
Alexandra Pacheco (9 hours ago)
My monthly allowance is the pennies I find under my old couch 😭😭
Valeria Aviles (9 hours ago)
I bearly get 5-10 dollars a month
Honey Khan (10 hours ago)
I don't get allowance but I get cool parents 😎
Graciecakes Zaiger (10 hours ago)
The money I have for myself $49 now
Eduardo Fernandez (10 hours ago)
I get 2 dollars a month
King Miggy vs King G (10 hours ago)
daizha ladson (10 hours ago)
Bro I only get $50
Matt Litterst (10 hours ago)
ryan rogalsky (10 hours ago)
I don't even get an allowance
Sunny Siemens (10 hours ago)
I don't get allowance but my friend gets $20 EVERY WEEK I don't get it how her and her sister get so much stuff like honestly they are the "popular girls"
Evelyn Reynolds (10 hours ago)
$10 a moth
Jose Garcia (10 hours ago)
If i was rich ill just want to play fortnite without anybody bothering me
christiepalmer034 (11 hours ago)
She has money and some people do not some are homeless
Ellie Phillips (11 hours ago)
I can easily live off of NO allowance and I’m still kinda spoiled. Someone should show that girl all the poverty in this world and maybe she won’t be such a beach
little duckling (11 hours ago)
I don’t get an allowance
K. O. DIY'S (11 hours ago)
Damn my mom won't even give me $5
Jenna Marie (11 hours ago)
Bro I don’t get any money a month like bruh beych settle ur shiz
Just another boy (11 hours ago)
Man id be lucky to get 5 dollars a month
It'sMarina 10 (12 hours ago)
I don’t get monthly allowance
caroline burrito (12 hours ago)
ok so like im only 13 but i have a 20 year plan basically and one of those is i want to adopt a kid and i will spoil them but not like oh here is some credit cards more like you want that toy and you have been good lately ill buy you the toy like dont go getting your kids fucking trainers jesus
Chance Burford (12 hours ago)
Peasant=1000$ a month me=10$ a year
livys life (12 hours ago)
BrazenPeagus1 5 (12 hours ago)
i get $10 a week
livys life (12 hours ago)
livys life (12 hours ago)
Shirld Farris (12 hours ago)
I only get $20 a month
Rocky Zecera (12 hours ago)
My monthly allowance is 1
Jacksonian King (12 hours ago)
I only get 15 bucks a month, I need Dr Phil!!!!
spklovers (12 hours ago)
I’m lucky to get any money, at the most $20
VlogsbyMaddy Farmer (13 hours ago)
I get 0$ a month...like 😶
Perticular Panda (13 hours ago)
If i was her mom i would list her on Craigslist lol 😆😆😆😆
Presley Broach (13 hours ago)
i don't get $1000 a month
saucy slimes (13 hours ago)
My allowance is $10 a month but hey it's better than nothing
Sophia Marquez (13 hours ago)
Also my family lives of of 3000 a month We are family of 6 and a dog
Noah Slaunwhite (13 hours ago)
She should get $0 per month
Fnaf_baby (13 hours ago)
And I make 10💲 a day
Fnaf_baby (13 hours ago)
I am 9 years old and I work in subway
Sophia Marquez (13 hours ago)
Hey Nikkalyn, ever heard of savings
Julio Gutierrez (13 hours ago)
Ten dollars for ckeaning my room twenty for the whole house see girl I have to work my a**

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