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SPOILED GIRL thinks she deserves everything! MAKE SURE YOU WATCH UNTIL THE END! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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SSSniperWolf (6 months ago)
Make sure you watch until the end!!! HAVE AN AWESOME WEEKEND :D
Lord Radical (6 days ago)
SSSniperwolf I get $1,000 a mouth I spend it on V-bucks,food, and to buy some food for the family night every Sunday. -_- we got a problem here?
Madison _gamer (14 days ago)
SSSniperWolf ok
Jubilee Leong (19 days ago)
Me too
big fan bts (30 days ago)
Chazz Ochoa (2 months ago)
Willow PFV (1 hour ago)
I get $80 dollars a month
Micaela Van Der Grijp (1 hour ago)
I get 2 dollars a month
Michael King (3 hours ago)
thank goodness i have $101 dollars XD (i actually do)
callmehshelly (3 hours ago)
XxArcticPandaxX (4 hours ago)
20$ is my monthly pay... um.. erm... hi
CircusBaby Afton0323 (5 hours ago)
I don't get allowance
typical King tb (5 hours ago)
She needs to buy a brain
Serious Latte (5 hours ago)
My month allowance is a lecture and a few “go clean your room!”s. Maybe a slap if I’m lucky. Lmao we don’t really do allowances. My parents buy me what I need (food, water, school supplies, clothes, a roof over my head, etc) and have me work for what I want and have me do chores or teach my little siblings stuff or walk dogs, for things like a new computer or headphones or some books-BOOKWORMS UNITE). Simple as that.
Awesome PinkieABC (6 hours ago)
This person is such a spoiled person Like if you agree and I'm talking about the girl shes watching not the angel sniperwolf
Brandon Hollis (7 hours ago)
Kato Chutaro (7 hours ago)
No dog
Kato Chutaro (7 hours ago)
Sarah Cordes (8 hours ago)
I just saw this my monthly allowance is 20
Naomi Scott (8 hours ago)
Her mom should give her $0, at least that's what I get when I do absolutely nothing.
Jaida Blasco (8 hours ago)
kids throwing $100 bills at me I'd wear last seasons Gucci's shoes every day
Rachel McBee (8 hours ago)
No i get 10 a week
Christina Gamez (8 hours ago)
The mom should run away ;-;
Patra Nacherlilla (9 hours ago)
0 dollers a month :(
Mother Madness (9 hours ago)
I am 13 I am in a family of 3 We live off of 700$ a month? I think something around that
Shannon O'Hara (9 hours ago)
1000 dollars a month!! Girl I don't get any money a month and aren't old enough to get a job!!!!! Ugh
Ann Kelly (10 hours ago)
Wow! This girl does not deserve ANYTHING.
Jose Orbe (10 hours ago)
She should give her 100
Mohammed ElBeialy (10 hours ago)
potatoperson 234 (11 hours ago)
I wish I had 1000 I dont even have a dollar
Calypso Valdez (11 hours ago)
Ramen Noodles are good! They are my favorite food!
Gracie the Unicorn (11 hours ago)
I think it would do that girl some good to be kicked out with only minimum wage for a few months
Calypso Valdez (11 hours ago)
I get 40 dollars from babysitting. I don't get an allowance.
The Procrastination Show (11 hours ago)
boi a mercedes c class is a $41,000 car.
Gracie the Unicorn (11 hours ago)
My parents buy me stuff instead of giving me money and it usually amounts to 40 or 50 dollars
Gracie the Unicorn (11 hours ago)
When I’m lucky
Dimond gaming (11 hours ago)
yo i'll be happy with $100 a month.
Sophie's Channel (11 hours ago)
I month = $0bucks
TheGaming_Dinosor (12 hours ago)
I get no allowance 🤣
Renee Drew (12 hours ago)
My months allowance is $0
RadEsme lol (12 hours ago)
I only get $100 each year on my b-day and she want $2,500 a month?!
Kamrin Micolichek (13 hours ago)
I get nothing for doing everthing in the house
Nikki May (13 hours ago)
All you need to do to block out this bull crap is 🎤put a banana in your ear🎤
Cooper Cox (13 hours ago)
My monthly allowance is 0. DOLLARS
Isabella Zannelli (13 hours ago)
OMG I just noticed that I had a 2 dollar bag from some shitty store and I was happy with that 😂
Jackie Delgado (14 hours ago)
She’s jot that bad at least you doesn’t have 17 maxed out credit cards
Bryn Elisabeth (14 hours ago)
Bryn Elisabeth (14 hours ago)
Riley Sheppard (14 hours ago)
She probably has a maid who cleans her room
Sophie J (14 hours ago)
i get 0 dallahs
alyx boehm (14 hours ago)
none i get no money
Emily Park (14 hours ago)
me watching dr.Phill: 😁 me watching sssniperwolf reacting to Dr. Phill:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alise Carden (14 hours ago)
I don’t even get an allowance😂😂 That girl needs help.
Caitlin Marie (15 hours ago)
my mouthy alawince is 10 to 20 dollars
Peter Huybrechts (15 hours ago)
5 euro PUR moth thats just me not that much 😉🙂
Olivia Cass (15 hours ago)
I get £3 a week so £12 a month more than enough
Moustache Cat (16 hours ago)
I get diner
Caitlin Meredith (16 hours ago)
My monthly payment is $20
Pola Lee (16 hours ago)
My monthly allowances £0
Nice boor
Nerdy Musician (16 hours ago)
My parents dont really give me money, but they dont have to because I have a job. I make About 50 Euro’s a month, but I’m 15!!! So I don’t need more than that! I think that spoiled brat would learn a lot if she had a job and respected her mom!
Skye Grimes (16 hours ago)
I get $0 and she should get $0
Leslie Sperski (16 hours ago)
My monthly allowance Is 50 if im good if not its 0 XD
Mahak Khan (17 hours ago)
i get no money
EnderKitten 48 (17 hours ago)
my monthly allowance is around $28 or less, I don't really buy a lot of things.
Elizabeth Fullman (17 hours ago)
I don't get a monthly allowance
Sara Becker (17 hours ago)
im 13 I got my debit / credit card last year and I have only had like 30 bucks on it IN A YEAR yes I get cash but no I don't have a weekly or monthly amount I only get money on x mas or my b day and I get like 100 witch is really a lot but I also work for it ( but only for my mom I judt do things for people I will don't take other people money ) and I don't have to buy my cloths but im only 13 so it makes sense I gusses but im getting a hedgehog and I AM PAYING FOR HIM yes my mom payed for the hedgehog him self but I bought the cage the bedding the toys the food the wheel the hideout the bed the food dish the water thingy the run around ball the rolls for im to play in or put it on his head lol
Dogee Idk (17 hours ago)
I don't even get a monthly allowance and I don't care I don't even like shopping Her mom doesn't do anything for her. Gurlll who gives you money every monthhhhhhh
hi Williams (17 hours ago)
My monthly allowance is £100 her allowance is £1000 if she is a pesent what am I???
Itsdereck (17 hours ago)
Online school is more like Instagram or Facebook or tweeter and even tinder and Snapchat Dereck has left the chat
ms Q Channel (17 hours ago)
Here i am, with no allowance from my parents... So i earn mine.
Millie Regan (18 hours ago)
My monthly allowance is my dinner money 😔😀
Perfect Ie (18 hours ago)
1. I woke up 2. I got a great job 3. I got a beautiful house 4. I found the love of my life. 5. I had a beautiful smart talented daughter 6. I had four adorable dogs By the way the order is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 1.
KATIEJOE VANCE (18 hours ago)
I don’t get any money 💵 like brahhh y’all lucky but at least I have disaplin and my parents are nice and kind enough what I want they can tell me no and I say yes mam and shut up like brahhh this girl can’t even take care of herself I would like to see her in alone and afraid see what she like then be like get me the hell out of here!!!🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😅😆😄
KATIEJOE VANCE (18 hours ago)
Love u ssniperwolf im litterly ur biggest fan no JOKe!!! ❤️❤️🤣💚
Janet Savy (19 hours ago)
I only get 10 dollars an hour
Diane Cherian (19 hours ago)
anyone else think she look like rlc beuaty
Kat Is Typing (19 hours ago)
I live on my birthday money which is usually $30 :D
Taylor Moneymaker (19 hours ago)
my allowance is NOTHING, the most i get is 5 dollars
Joseph Bates (19 hours ago)
I’ll buy vbucks
ALEX DA UNICORN (19 hours ago)
i hate it that this reminds me of myself cause my parents own a busness and they 255k a month
Fliss Dawson (19 hours ago)
£0 a year😂 i get
Fliss Dawson (19 hours ago)
£0 a year😂 i get
PanbeDaFluff (20 hours ago)
I get $5 a month and I’m SO grateful of it!!!!!!!!!
Alannah Mooney (20 hours ago)
She is my cosine so level her along
Gãlaxy Pupz (20 hours ago)
Get a regular @$$ bag.
Heaven Bajoka (20 hours ago)
I don’t even have a phone! I HAVE A FREAKIN IPAD!
Bella Rose (21 hours ago)
I don't get allowance my mom said my allowance is am allowed to live in my house
KitCat 6 (21 hours ago)
I get like $20 a month! Bruhh
Charl Van nie kerk (21 hours ago)
Ek kry R14000 hahahahahah nee ek grap ek kry fokkol 😂😂😂😂😂
BB slimes Adderly (21 hours ago)
They should give her zero dollars because she is a big brat and I thought I was a brat but now I think I’m an angel compared to her
Jordan’s world (21 hours ago)
Susan Amelia Klaassen (22 hours ago)
I would actually DIE if my parents gave me 10 bucks as an alowence😂
Zachary Braun (22 hours ago)
I get 0.00 dollars every decade
Grace Tomlinson (23 hours ago)
My monthly alowence is $10
Striker PlayS (23 hours ago)
I get $50
Kaylee Jennings (23 hours ago)
I get a dollar for each thing I do right
Aubrey Budde (23 hours ago)
Abdul Muhusin Abdulla (23 hours ago)
Yo my mom drive s do work cook and I help boi and I get 10$ a month and I sved for a PS4
I like oatmeal (1 day ago)
my monthly allowance is getting to live on the house
ViviArts&Crafts (1 day ago)
Until last years of high school I never got a monthly allowance and I was completely fine.
Love your laugh
I get £5 a month! Isn’t that $6 or $7? I dunno!
Ariana Gomez (1 day ago)
Dang I only get 10$ every 2 weeks (20$ a month)
Ezra Fix (1 day ago)
i get to pick something for my birthday or christmas cause we don’t celebrate anything but birthdays so my limit is 40 dollars so every year i get two new things and am happy i even get anything. my mum gets 50 dollars for cleaning for two hours (i help her) she does that once every two weeks and i baby sit to get money she still gets me and my siblings drinks and snacks but i’ve been waiting 3 years to get a phone and i might be able to get one but it’s a lot. we have a big house and lots of roommates and that’s 1400(that’s half are rent) so be grateful! (we have a bit more then minimum wage)
After 2 months than I get 20$ and then 6 months later I get 10 lol I'm lucky though still grateful
Typical Jose (1 day ago)
My parents dont let me work but I wished I could work to get money
Snarl Dinobot (1 day ago)

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