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SAVAGE TEACHERS WHO TOOK IT TOO FAR! Has your teacher ever said or done something to you or another student like this? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! FUNNIEST COUPLES TEXTS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09kSr-s7exU Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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Text Comments (12994)
SSSniperWolf (5 months ago)
you're all awesome :D
Emilea Hubbard (1 day ago)
SSSniperWolf I-S-S (In school suspension) 😂💞
Jazzy McFrye (13 days ago)
I’m taking summer vacation class
Forgotten_{}_ Person (1 month ago)
In school suspension
gressy Jonathan (1 month ago)
SSSniperWolf thanks 🙂🙂🙂😃☺🙃😌👀
Anna Streitz (1 month ago)
Ya not issis it’s I.S.S it means in school suspension
slime unicorn (1 hour ago)
ISS= in school suspension
Elisah Mills (2 hours ago)
In school suspension I S S
Lillian Chauvette (2 hours ago)
Harry potter quill
AbbieDLuffy pikachu (5 hours ago)
I would make an nemisis get his trust then kill he with magic😈
Kerryanne Masters (5 hours ago)
I would probably choose 6
Kenzie ONeill (5 hours ago)
ISS=In school suspensions
LorenCray Awesome (6 hours ago)
ok, so my music teacher last year would tell the people who forget their recorders to use a ruler and practise lol
Irishbeauty13 ;3 (10 hours ago)
ISS means in school suspension
Julia Nguyen (10 hours ago)
I S S ~ In School Suspension (its letter by letter in word form)
Hailee kroner (10 hours ago)
All of my mf teachers made question number 10 c because we live in Tennessee 😂😂
kitty _15 (11 hours ago)
6. cuz I've done it half of my life so far without knowing. xD Nothing bad happens. Same effect as shampoo first.
3PineApple Potatos (11 hours ago)
I would do number 3 or 6
Finley Lutz (12 hours ago)
do you have merch?
Allie boi666 (12 hours ago)
Lol ISS is in school suspension. Basically detention. There's also OSS, out of school suspension
Jaydin Lewis (13 hours ago)
I would do 3 because it would be funny
Miriam Velez (13 hours ago)
ISS means in school suspension
king kings (14 hours ago)
its i.s.s
Huntertess Lauren (15 hours ago)
SneakyNinja 12333 (15 hours ago)
I actually had a teacher called ms b
TheFriendMaker3000 (15 hours ago)
Our teacher used a paper plate for a hall pass
Jacob Parramore (15 hours ago)
It's I.S.S and it in school suspension
Aidan Brooks (16 hours ago)
fire fox11458 (17 hours ago)
fire fox11458 (17 hours ago)
I s s DEVOTION (in school SPUPETION)
Khaled Al-Mashraqi (17 hours ago)
I had to carry the top of a cello as a hall pass in orchestra
SssniperArcticFox (17 hours ago)
I would do 3 or 6 :D
SssniperArcticFox (17 hours ago)
ISS means " In School Suspension "
ImLazy DotCom (18 hours ago)
ISS - In School Suspension or In School Hell
musikchayser1 (18 hours ago)
Aww Lia you are more awesome!!
Danica Barnett (18 hours ago)
oh and btw I.S.S means In School Suspension
Maddie XoX (19 hours ago)
using conditioner before shampoo does nothing i've tried it. (you're welcome)
Vlogs by C&D NATION (19 hours ago)
in school suspension -iss
Vlogs by C&D NATION (19 hours ago)
It I s s in school supspencin
Michael Hanna (19 hours ago)
I S S. In school suspension
Keilana Esperancilla (19 hours ago)
I would do 6
Daniel Ashby (20 hours ago)
ISS is in school suspension just FYI
Chinitta Green (20 hours ago)
I mean Iss stupid Auto correct
Chinitta Green (20 hours ago)
I so
Brooklyn Latham (20 hours ago)
ISS means in school suspension
Crazy Cool Kid (20 hours ago)
Comment Content: 80% = ISS = In School Suspension 10% = School Stories 9% = Comments with 1k likes 1% = me hiding in the wave of other comments
Light Flash Here (20 hours ago)
Toby Rogers (21 hours ago)
So, I sat in the back of my fifth grade classroom, my reading teacher hated me. My teacher knew that I had my phone in my pocket, so she came to the back of the room during a test and stared at me and I could not even move.
newkid plays (21 hours ago)
I.s.s in school suspension got it 1time day suspended me 6 time
Zoë Sweet (21 hours ago)
My friend said orgasm too while reading in front of the class the he just looked at me and tried to keep from laughing and almost cried lol
The Gaming Panther (22 hours ago)
It is I s s
William Scott (22 hours ago)
I remember once in my class my teacher took up my classmates phone and legit let me take a shit ton of pictures on it. Now he doesn't talk to me.
GachaGirl Crafty (1 day ago)
(Iss) is in school suspension. But at my school we have a ppc....i have no idea wat it means
Corey Miller (1 day ago)
Gust Van Hecke (1 day ago)
number 5
Riely Lobb-Bridges (1 day ago)
I.s.s. in school suspension
Cyborg Si (1 day ago)
ISS is In school suspension
Jocelyn Ratty (1 day ago)
ISS is In School Suspention
Heyboo 21 (1 day ago)
I used to have this 4th teacher and he is a reading teacher and I was doing my test and I was the 3rd one to turn it in and he gave me a death glare but turns out I got a 💯 YASSS
WindMaker KC (1 day ago)
ISS= International Space Station... To be legit... 😂😂
Seens LPS (1 day ago)
Thiccer then a snicker
LemonIsSooSour (1 day ago)
In my school ISS means Inter School Sport. But in america it means In School Suspension
Erza Scarlet (1 day ago)
5 because I study voodoo magic
Erza Scarlet (1 day ago)
And have over ten million enemy's
Cristine Moron (1 day ago)
Ridiculous Ads (1 day ago)
Dear people going into 6th grade... It sucks
Gracie Games (1 day ago)
It’s I s s (in school suspension)
love2create (1 day ago)
Iss means in school suspension
My mom is my Spanish teacher and she stands next to my desk during tests after she paces the room. My mom hovers over me and makes me super uncomfortable.
Glitter girl Sophia (1 day ago)
ISS means in school suspension
ItzSapphire Gold (1 day ago)
For the homework one, I would do 3 and 6...
Imperfect_star 81 (1 day ago)
I’ve already done the conditioner before shampoo on accident Literally nothing happens
Aleck (1 day ago)
ISS as in In School Suspension?
5x family (1 day ago)
I seen my brain it's pink and bloody and weird
One of teachers comes up to you shakes his head just to mess with you 😫😫😫
gbianco565 (1 day ago)
Lia... ISS stands for in school suspension
shamire watson (1 day ago)
in school suspensioniss
Golden Gamer Star (1 day ago)
If you forget to put your name on a test the teacher makes you write your name 25 times. Each marking period, the number of names you have to write go up 25 more. MP 1: 25 MP 2: 50 MP 3: 75 MP 4: 100 You get the picture.
Debra Gates (1 day ago)
Though if your a T-SHIRT. Thats what she said instead of Teacher
Joven Caragay (1 day ago)
Omg lol
Zeba Khatun (1 day ago)
*Why is there a pile of Pusheen on your floor?...*
ew (1 day ago)
ISS in School Suspension
Axel Leon (1 day ago)
for the Homework one,I would do 5.With a katana.
Brb B (1 day ago)
mercy tickey (1 day ago)
iss is in school supension
Sniper: I-Sss? Me: ISS its a way for teachers to say in school suspension Or a one way trip to the international space station
Alice Pineapalice (2 days ago)
It's In school supenchin
xxxtentacion (2 days ago)
Lol it’s “In School Suspension” “ISS” 😂
Cloverleap (2 days ago)
I once had a pet lamb called Finesse, but he was named after the beer. Parents named it.
rodney hanna (2 days ago)
im taking home ec. and tech or ict
And he stak us home and when me and my brother turned around we like the flip you doing and he like. UM UM I NEED TO UM CHEAK YOUR MOM WAS UM I THOUGHT YoU WeRE LoOkInG FOR HER and in my head i was like boi you lying dumb crap
Izzy Gregson (2 days ago)
I.s.s is in school suspension
Jerry Bayardo (2 days ago)
Its I.S.S
If we fight, then the walls we built so high up, have fallen sooo low. Oh oh.
Lauren James (2 days ago)
I’m taking none. But in fall I’ll be taking mathematical functions aka Math 108. Dumbest shit I’ve ever heard of. I’m gonna feel super smart and hate my life there. But oh well. I guess all of the AP tests I took didn’t count.
First Last (2 days ago)
iss in school suspension I know because I have had it but it was called ocs on campus suspension
Jacob (2 days ago)
My teacher made us carry a cardboard cutout of a clown as a hall pass.
Angelita Canales (2 days ago)
ISS=in school suspension
OoF : (2 days ago)
Iss=in schools suspensión
Jaimie Lopez (2 days ago)
ISS means in school suspension
Amanda Powell (2 days ago)
I’m taking summer
Deven Reyes (2 days ago)
It’s in school suspension I.s.s
Mystic Balistic (2 days ago)
from the the when the it is ok to inturupt pic was from my art teacher ms.gramh my art teacher for 3 years at king middle school
Shayla The Cat (2 days ago)
Mines a or d
Donna Lawrence (2 days ago)
I hated it when my teacher walked around and 6

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