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SAVAGE TEACHERS WHO TOOK IT TOO FAR! Has your teacher ever said or done something to you or another student like this? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! FUNNIEST COUPLES TEXTS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09kSr-s7exU Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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SSSniperWolf (7 months ago)
you're all awesome :D
ISS means in school suspension
Emilea Hubbard (2 months ago)
SSSniperWolf I-S-S (In school suspension) 😂💞
Jazzy McFrye (3 months ago)
I’m taking summer vacation class
Forgotten_{}_ Person (4 months ago)
In school suspension
gressy Jonathan (4 months ago)
SSSniperWolf thanks 🙂🙂🙂😃☺🙃😌👀
Vanna Art*edits*more (1 hour ago)
No, it wasn’t isis, it’s I-S-S which is in school suspension 😂❤️
I’m in history at the moment and it is a terrible elective
Socially Awkward (4 hours ago)
Iss is in school suspension
DjDeac Is Cool (4 hours ago)
ISS is in school suspension
x XLuckUglyX x (7 hours ago)
ISS is in school suspension
JACOB ANIMATIONS (8 hours ago)
Iss in school suspension
Lil Toe (9 hours ago)
Raina Via (9 hours ago)
Makenzie Edwards (9 hours ago)
It's ISS which means in school suspension
becky mckinney (10 hours ago)
ISS means in school sicpetion
Thomas E (10 hours ago)
Colorado_Animals (11 hours ago)
Or when they stand over your shoulder so you pretend to work
Colorado_Animals (11 hours ago)
ISS is in school suspension lol. sit in a class room all day staring at a wall
Shelby Hodge (11 hours ago)
It is I s s in school sepention
Natalia Ware (11 hours ago)
It's like detention
Natalia Ware (11 hours ago)
It's iss
alma alma vides (11 hours ago)
Iss ln School Suspending
Lps Collieberry (12 hours ago)
ISS is detention or school suspension
The king of Raccoons (12 hours ago)
I won the roll your eyes up and my friend said I looked like a demon and i saw my brain.
Evan Wallace (12 hours ago)
My teacher showed me that teacher in the ceiling picture and said it was her looking at me cause I got a 100 on the bench mark
Meredith Kinstler (12 hours ago)
ISS is: in school suspension
Мне скучно (12 hours ago)
Anyone doing AP human geography as a freshman? It's Soo hard! I have to do homework for it now, bye
I love me some cheese (12 hours ago)
You just say I s s
ZSFL MotleyVYT (12 hours ago)
Iss in school suspension
♥CoraTheCat ♥ (12 hours ago)
Wolf, ISS means in school suspension btw :)
MADISON FEINE (12 hours ago)
9:54 My choir teacher said that to us XD
Taylor Cirell (13 hours ago)
haha when she don’t know what in school suspension in😂😂 she’s too good
Alyssa S (13 hours ago)
It's I-S-S it stands for in school suspension
Rossie Freund (13 hours ago)
I would do 3 or 6
anonymous ??? (13 hours ago)
I'm taking programming class
Shani Wilkins (13 hours ago)
GIRL. ISS means" in school suspension", and it's pronounced [eye - es - es] XD
outside gamingdude (13 hours ago)
With the one with the teacher poking her head through the roof, that's not a teacher, that's Carol spying on the saviors in a walking dead episode
Princess Squirtle (14 hours ago)
Im excited for college now... Is that bad?
Papa jay jay Lofy bread (14 hours ago)
I’ve been sick all day you made me fell better
Lynsey Young (15 hours ago)
Im in 8th grade health class yall know what goes on during the "special unit" I know u know what it is
Roro_ Xoxo (15 hours ago)
Actually that hall past is not that weird 😂 I have to carry a bagpipe as a hall pass in music 😂😂
Turo Reyes (15 hours ago)
ISS mean in school suspension
the girl in black (15 hours ago)
Mackenzie Farnsworth (15 hours ago)
Iss means in school suspension
Charmaine Chee (15 hours ago)
I almost said orgasm too..my partner almost said it too haha
Mandi Beston (15 hours ago)
Iss means in school supention
Abbythemagicfish (15 hours ago)
Im scared because my friend knows my passcode, at least she hardly ever gets ahold of my phone
Optic Grim (16 hours ago)
I did the same thing at 2:38 XDDDDD in 5th grade Edit also we did the same thing if we forgot it at 5:29
Kat Walker (16 hours ago)
ISS: in school suspension
_potatocat_ 836 (18 hours ago)
my friend: Teachers cant take it too far. *shows her this* my friend: I guess I was wrong...
Gabby Ramos (18 hours ago)
Gabby Ramos (18 hours ago)
It’s is in school suspension
unicorn vlogs (18 hours ago)
iSS means in school suspension
fonsie 32 (18 hours ago)
In 6th grade in 1rst hour my substitute teacher for science said orgasm on accident
Dazzling Destany (19 hours ago)
Iss means in scool suspension
Arina 3015 (19 hours ago)
when my teachers walk around while taking a test, I test them and look around the room for about 5 minutes while they're staring at me I DIDN'T CHOOSE THE THUG LIFE THE THUG LIFE CHOSE ME
Jazmyn Marsee (20 hours ago)
It is I S S
Katherine Bidot (20 hours ago)
Has anyone looked around the classroom and you see the teacher staring at you watching what you are doing and get scared and start sweating?
BangtanIsMyBae (21 hours ago)
0:10 I bet Patrice gonna come take that brick
Forever Better21 (21 hours ago)
Forever Better21 (21 hours ago)
I'm in 7th grade we have talked about that yet lmaooo wish me luck
Forever Better21 (21 hours ago)
ISS is in school suspension
Johnny's Life (21 hours ago)
It is iss panishmint in school
Natalie Morcom (21 hours ago)
ISS stands for “in school suspension”
Anatasii Y (22 hours ago)
ISS is in school suspension lmao
Moviestarplanet Cat25 (22 hours ago)
When I do a test my teacher is on her laptop not paying attention 😂
John Wilcox (22 hours ago)
It's I.S.S
Angelina Fuentes (23 hours ago)
corina guajardo (23 hours ago)
ISS stands for In school suspension I know this because I had a lot of ISS
May Hazell (23 hours ago)
I am taking Biology
Orlando Rodriguez (23 hours ago)
history soooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring
Jazleen Cepeda (1 day ago)
ISS means In school suspension
Plano Girls (1 day ago)
ISS means in school suspention
Sid The Queen (1 day ago)
iss I have at my school it is "in school suspension"
Stella Star (1 day ago)
ISS= is “ In School suspension”
Dannia Barragan (1 day ago)
Has this happened to you? I was on my desk and we had to do a test. The teacher was walking around and I saw her looking around my table. I thought she passed so I look around and she’s right next me and we stared at each other for like 20 seconds...it was super awkward...
alissa harrison (1 day ago)
ISS stands for I.S.S
Amy O'Callaghan (1 day ago)
This calmed me down Last night I watched a horror movie called malevolent Like jeez it had people's mouths being stitched and murder and blood and blood coming out people's mouth Jeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Isabella Rutkowski (1 day ago)
Health class
Ionlyplay Games (1 day ago)
ISS In School Suspension
Zenya's Corner (1 day ago)
I'm guessing ISS means I:n S:school S: suspension
Aeidan Burns (1 day ago)
ISS is in school suspension
Danica Wagner (1 day ago)
I’m in 7th grade and they let us have our phones out and internet and social media.
Aleah Lilmomma70 (1 day ago)
Band I play the clarinet
KittyKat Gamer (1 day ago)
2:59 I saw one but it said “Lin-Manuel Miranda enters the classroom” I would be this kind of teacher
Darth Sidious (1 day ago)
In Shool Suspension
Ariel Martinez (1 day ago)
Are teacher in our home room class pranks us Edit: And Also he da best teacher ever no joke
Gacha Girl (1 day ago)
In school detention
Gacha Girl (1 day ago)
RC 2liter (1 day ago)
ISS means ( in school supention
Olivia Johnson (1 day ago)
i was taking a math test and when i was done i flipped it over and went on a computer ad the dude next to me was like "turn that over please" i turned it over cause like damn he was *lowkey* fine and the teacher never saw.
Jose Playing (1 day ago)
I'm in 8 class cause I'm in high school but I got kicked out
Flamefox Fuzz (1 day ago)
ISS is in school suspension.
camfamm famm (1 day ago)
4:16 gosh
Keyari Dandy (1 day ago)
if it is I.S.S and it said for in school suspension
The Derpy channel (1 day ago)
No 6 is the easyest
Courtney Smith (1 day ago)
Iss ( in school suspension)
Maria Johanson (1 day ago)
I would do 6
BøogieMaN (1 day ago)
4:00 Man the teacher be lookin like a snake 😂😂😂
Eve Marianna (1 day ago)
In school suspension
bubbly_ asmr (1 day ago)
I luv how she thinks ISS is Isis and not in school suspension lolllll
Cindy Stillwell (1 day ago)
ISS means In School Suspension it is new and at my school it is awesome you don't have to sit around and stare at a wall and do work most of the time you have to go around and clean up the school and like go into teachers classrooms and help them do stuff
Naomi Davis (1 day ago)
These days ISS is :In School Suspension

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