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FALLOUT 76 Reveal Teaser Trailer

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Text Comments (155)
Lemmino 0409 (18 days ago)
Vault 76? What experiment did the vault run?
XxNingen (22 days ago)
NINELINERCND 1462 (22 days ago)
there should be a soldier 76 eaaster egg in this game
radmcm22 (22 days ago)
I hope this a new fallout game and not shelter 2, VR or a MMO
Tar-Mairon (22 days ago)
im guessing a vault builder game?
RufescentEAGLE (22 days ago)
Fallout: farcry 5 edition
Gem Trove5 (22 days ago)
bUT iS thErE A BAttLe RoYale MOde?
EpicRob (22 days ago)
I came.
Waifusmith (22 days ago)
Alright so Bethesda probably forgot how to count properly. I know 76 isn't before 4, but after, but uh you kind of need to make it from 5 to 75 before you get to seventy fucking six.
Jeremiah Vink (22 days ago)
Durty Dan's Meme Stash (22 days ago)
I'm sorry was that John fucking Denver? Okay, you have my attention.
The Night King (22 days ago)
Looks like shit.
Emo Messiah (22 days ago)
You think we can get a new Elder Scrolls game that doesn’t require online anytime soon?
Aryn Ashryver (22 days ago)
but where's the other 71 fallout games?
Shaian jacobs-young (22 days ago)
I’m so HYPE!!!
JTanic21 (22 days ago)
This looks really good. I just hope its a actual story game and not a build ur own vault or defend it type game.
Zak Hallman (22 days ago)
Who else thought it was going to be a Soldier 76/Overwatch themed Fallout?
Prince Among Kings (22 days ago)
Rest in peace Merlin
Joe Nowell (22 days ago)
My exact thoughts lol
sephoy aznargen (22 days ago)
Same engine again?
Jakob Bittinger (22 days ago)
Looks cool!!!! But is it fake news?!
Buraku (22 days ago)
Will it have trash graphics and a crap ton of bugs again?
I'm Tyfyh (22 days ago)
I'm sorry, where's the reveal part?
I'm just wandering what model of pip-boy that is? cause It kind of looks like a older model.
Mcderple Berry (22 days ago)
Isn’t 2076 the year before the bombs dropped?
Mcderple Berry (22 days ago)
Max 948246 (22 days ago)
Is this going to be another game where I create the fun for myself instead of paying $60 to be entertained?
Legendary Ben (22 days ago)
Fuck release this NOW
kush boi (22 days ago)
This is the story of Jack Morrison (soldier 76) before overwatch
james ritter (22 days ago)
We all know what happen in 77 fear the puppet man
Insert Channel name (22 days ago)
In 3 years ,that’s much quicker than last time
Talha Bhatti (22 days ago)
What happened to the other 72 fallout games
Talha Bhatti (22 days ago)
Fuck and I just got Fallout 4.
garret dawson (22 days ago)
Wow this mod looks fantastic ;)
Jamal Gary (22 days ago)
Please no settlement building
Disobedienc 3 (22 days ago)
When is it coming out
Disobedienc 3 (22 days ago)
Fucking hell yeah
Elijahplayz gamez (22 days ago)
I can't wait omg
Colonist7 (22 days ago)
Fuck yes
Dallas Nanes (22 days ago)
I like this channel better because unlike MKIceandFire he puts on a stupid filter for the thumbnail which I somewhat despise for some reason and you don’t, it’s just a normal thumbnail so keep up the good work
Warge Geson (22 days ago)
I kind of want a fallout game where we are once lived in vault 001
Viktor Kross (22 days ago)
The thumbnail reminds me of soldier: 76 from overwatch
rRecoveryProd (22 days ago)
So this isn't some crossover Overwatch skin for Jack Morrison?
Jinisinsane (22 days ago)
Awwww I was expecting a card game...
fez blue (22 days ago)
No game no hype
Edmar Fecler (22 days ago)
hope its more of a proper *_FALLOUT_* game than 4 was
Saint Boot (22 days ago)
Was West Virgina a hint as to the location this time? Hope the story was better than F4's was.
Albatross Nightcore360 (22 days ago)
I don't feel good Mr fallout
Trey Morrison (22 days ago)
It's gotta be a test vault.
Kar4ever3 (22 days ago)
So..... on what engine. No more of that old outdated piece of shit.
R134eS2o (22 days ago)
holy fuck my eyes almost popped out of my head...
powerful thanos (22 days ago)
Like new Vegas except newer I guess =)
illite (22 days ago)
I honestly wanted to see obsidian doing the next one ;-;
ArcAngelofWar1 (22 days ago)
How do we get a new fallout before elder scrolls 6
ArcAngelofWar1 (22 days ago)
Isaac Jimenez yea i know but come when did skyrim come out 2011 i think and falliut 4 2 years ago i believe but either way im hype for fallout i love elder scrolls and fallout
Isaac Jimenez (22 days ago)
ArcAngelofWar1 we got NV before Skyrim
Patricia Nyepa (22 days ago)
I Unsubscribed 👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Sauro7482 (22 days ago)
TheRealMclovin (22 days ago)
Fallout Battle Royale. FBR
Modernwarhero (22 days ago)
Yo wtf a new fallout b4 a new elder scrolls 😞
Carlos Salanguit (22 days ago)
No New Elder Scrolls?
Sif Greyfang (22 days ago)
Is it gonna be in just the vault?
Dashnyam Bayan (22 days ago)
we want new elder scrolls
Jonathan Glenn (22 days ago)
How long was I asleep for
Immersive Gamer (22 days ago)
The Real Josh Ford (22 days ago)
Ayyyyyy best hype everrrrer I swear I came but in my head if that's even possible
BlitsplatsGaming (22 days ago)
Ghost Rider (21 days ago)
BlitsplatsGaming I recall Todd Howard saying they don't have the technology to make TES6 with the ideas that they have. So it will take a long while until we get that game.
Masterxl MVs (22 days ago)
Why would they make Elder Scrolls 6 when there's still so many consoles left to release Skyrim on? I personally won't be satisfied until I've got it on my PS2 and my Virtual Boy at the VERY least!
Bronze Felix (22 days ago)
Shit, we just skipped fallout 5-75 Times flies but I don't feel older yet for some reason
Mr Mac Tonight (22 days ago)
This looks like it may be a story driven experience
gandalf white (22 days ago)
Well fallout 76 ig it's time to shoot everyone in the head with a nuke and run around stealing from their bodies
J Doe (22 days ago)
Insert Overwatch joke here.
JMC #1 (22 days ago)
Doe soldier 76
Mr Muffin (22 days ago)
So the next fallout game is in West Virginia... interesting
Savoir Faire (22 days ago)
West Virginia? Yawn. How about a more novel setting like Australia or China or Russia.
Stefen Lopez (22 days ago)
Tbh I'd rather continue the Sole Survivors story
Jose Aguillon (22 days ago)
Not impressed yet.
Franco Yauri (22 days ago)
Fuck yeah
NITROxWolf (22 days ago)
I am definitely going to pre-order Fallout 76 this is gonna be a good game
- XZD - (22 days ago)
NITROxWolf i think that the side fallout games are better imo. I liked new vegas better than 3 or 4
Sam Lucas (22 days ago)
I think we're going back to the Capital Wasteland ladies and gentlemen.
Meme Lord (22 days ago)
Sam Lucas yep in the year 76💓💓
armed spirit (22 days ago)
Ah fallout a game where nukeing each other in the face is a classic move
Anthony Oliva (22 days ago)
So a new Fallout game comes out before a new Elder Scrolls, huh? Who knew?
Aesthetic Virtuoso (13 days ago)
Anthony Oliva exactly
Fia Brand (22 days ago)
fallout 4 came after :/
Isaac Jimenez (22 days ago)
NV came before Skyrim
Megan Kanitz (22 days ago)
Awesome video GLP 😁
I'm winner (22 days ago)
kingsman theme
incomplete !!!! (22 days ago)
Badass as all ways
Jack The Rabbit (22 days ago)
straight outta gaming (22 days ago)
Edmunds Sutens (22 days ago)
At least it's not an MMO like most people predicted. That would ruin the whole Fallout concept of being a lone survivor that has to make his own story. Looking forward to it
TheGrenstone4 (22 days ago)
It seems like it is going to be multiplayer of some sort just because of the whole "reclamation day" and it seems like the whole vault is suiting up instead of a single person surviving or leaving. I for one am intrigued I hope they go more the route of FP PvE and players do missions to rebuild areas or build up a settlement and slowly fight off the chaos bringing civilization back.
- XZD - (22 days ago)
Legendary Ben i agree. I tried their elder scrolls online and it sucked. Mmos are too cliche IMO
Edmunds Sutens (22 days ago)
Isaac Jimenez yeah, I get that, plus I just read what you were talking about. Sorry for doubting you
Legendary Ben (22 days ago)
Isaac Jimenez I don’t see anything wrong with a online co-op type of deal going on i just don’t want a mmo
Isaac Jimenez (22 days ago)
Edmunds Sutens I'm not saying It's an mmo , but we gotta chill thinking it's a mainstream RPG. There's very many clues showing it's anything but the other titles
Nickstar (22 days ago)
No i dont think its a new fallout
The.Inferno (22 days ago)
What about 5 through 75 ?
Allowingsoup 015 (15 days ago)
They all dead
Jeth Martin (22 days ago)
maybe vault 5 to 75 got invaded by deathclaws
James Durland (22 days ago)
Suhiro52 (22 days ago)
You, Sir, just made my day
Hudson Llanas (22 days ago)
This is*
Hudson Llanas (22 days ago)
Damn this so pretty early. I’m hyped
Fox Gamer (22 days ago)
Hell yeah!!!
Halohunter553 (22 days ago)
So basically Fallout 5?
Edmunds Sutens (22 days ago)
Halohunter553 more like Fallout New Vegas. This is a spin-off probably
Mihir Nederd (22 days ago)
I thought the new fallout was Miami
Matt Cap (22 days ago)
Mihir Nederd I thought it would’ve been in San Francisco
Edmunds Sutens (22 days ago)
Mihir Nederd that was a fan made Fallout 4 mod
MadBill 1 (22 days ago)
notmybattlef.. oops wrong video
Good Gaming 7690 (22 days ago)
So much hype
THE GAMING CHANNEL (22 days ago)
Nice video.
Basketball Gaming (22 days ago)
This better be a actual fallout game.
Nick Strong (22 days ago)
Basketball Gaming if this shit didn't happen to me a lot then i would be ALL up to date with new consoles and games but it won't go away so I'm stuck with stuff that made games great before and I'm not complaining because there were actually very enjoyable games back in the mid-2000's.
Basketball Gaming (22 days ago)
Nick Strong Yeah I waited a while to get my Xbox one and my brother got a pretty good deal on his Xbox one S
Nick Strong (22 days ago)
Basketball Gaming I have an Xbox 360, a Nintendo GameCube, a Nintendo 3DS the old version from 2011, an Atari plug n' play, a Sega Master System, a few Namco plug n' plays etc. Y'know, old shit that doesn't suffer my new console or handheld curse. And seeing as ps4 is getting old I'm safe to get that (the standard ps4 mind you not the whole vr crap) is what i plan on buying soon late this summer and get a few games for that and a PSVita is old too. Basically any new console that came out a year ago or an updated version that all ends up getting lost or broken somehow and ps4 came out 3 years ago so i MIGHT be all set on that and the Vita not sure but nothing to waste money on because consoles are expensive as hell now a days.
Basketball Gaming (22 days ago)
Nick Strong So what do you have now?
VocalicCrayfish (22 days ago)
I love bethesda
MadKillBig73 (22 days ago)
Captain Jason Narville (22 days ago)
Anonymouse The 2nd (22 days ago)
Finally a new fallout
conner white (22 days ago)
wow butterbean

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