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I Got A Secret Package From Treyarch... (Black Ops 4 Zombies)

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HOLY. CRAP. THIS. IS. AWESOME. THANK. YOU. TREYARCH. Clear Picture Tweet: https://twitter.com/NoahJ456/status/1017075003014213632 ► HELP NOAHJ456 REACH 4,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS: http://goo.gl/D6prJm ► HELP NOAHJAFK REACH 500,000 SUBSCRIBERS: https://goo.gl/iEByTz ► LINKS Second Channel: http://www.youtube.com/NoahJAFK Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/NoahJ456 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NoahJ456 Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/NoahJ456 Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/noahj456 Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Wht6XXy Sponsor Here: https://gaming.youtube.com/noahj456#action=sponsor ► MERCH http://www.NoahJ456Shop.com ► Stream Highlights/Compilations: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGvRnNKjDUDoqC8u1C4aNpDJwTvrHkKb0 ► Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Videos https://goo.gl/QYHozb ► Custom Zombies Mods (BO3/BO2/BO/WAW) https://goo.gl/fakqSA ► Infinite Warfare Zombies Gameplay https://goo.gl/VNIGWR ► "Black Ops 3 Zombies" Gameplay, Challenges, & Livestreams! http://goo.gl/BJSVlH ► GTA 5 PC Mods Modding & Mod Gameplay! http://goo.gl/jfJUCa Business Inquiries: noahjbusiness@gmail.com Thanks for watching, and have an awesome day! -NoahJ456
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Text Comments (1354)
Rashid khan (28 minutes ago)
i have the same headphones
Brock gaming8 (1 hour ago)
The other statue may be zues
xDickerson 21 (1 hour ago)
i miss your destiny videos 😞
BO Gamer (1 hour ago)
Odin is quick revive he’s the god of death and healing
LIGHTNING (1 hour ago)
I think the four images for the other statue is zuezs
Nissay ANGRY (1 hour ago)
Seam Stewart (2 hours ago)
Can’t wait to watch your ee hunts
ScottMariKirito (2 hours ago)
Goddamit Noah
MetalBane (2 hours ago)
Saw the title and i was surprised it wasn't sernandoe
ThePervertedWolf (3 hours ago)
DLC 17?!?!
TUKMAK (4 hours ago)
So jealous you get sent that kind of stuff
Angle Angel (5 hours ago)
They might be doing gods for whatever they are doing and that teaser from treyarch might be zeus because of the lightning and the eagles
Soggy Chips (5 hours ago)
He got more from the infinite Warfare package than this
Wolverxne (6 hours ago)
Man, Every game this year is going for the Mythology and history-vibes to it. God of War, Fortnite Season 5 and Black Ops 4 Zombies. Cant wait for this years zombies👌🏻 HYPE
Joseph Higham (7 hours ago)
Those images show a statue of Zeus he’s holding a lightning bolt all the way on the left so it can only be Zeus
Chromeangel234 (7 hours ago)
Ooh they sent you a piece of paper? That’s the best thing since the iPhone cases being accidentally delivered
BearKiller 2100 (7 hours ago)
Please don’t play zombies anymore. We want fortnite content.
Cole Stover (7 hours ago)
Man dat beard
Ryan F (8 hours ago)
Zechariah ScottJackson (8 hours ago)
What if it’s packapuch maybe I game you have to do something like turn on power or do a Easter egg and make it glow
Damn_nicker (9 hours ago)
When treyarch are trying to win you over
MrBillyJilly (9 hours ago)
I’ve already pre order see deluxe edition. So hyped.
Enfield (11 hours ago)
Since when did Noah blow up more than TSP??
Yeah ain’t no one really care about zombies or call of duty anymore move on
Rulas Gaming (12 hours ago)
Lmao he's probably gonna stick with fortnite
brownBeast (13 hours ago)
Anyone else still waiting for a Black Ops 4 Collectors edition?
It ItztheGantos (14 hours ago)
iets origind
It ItztheGantos (14 hours ago)
iets origind
Master Joseph Tresselt (14 hours ago)
Can u shave ur beard u look like Ali a
GINO MAZZA (15 hours ago)
The names of the origins robot
Mr.reaper_14 (16 hours ago)
The teased statue is zues from Greek mythology
Jessica Jones (16 hours ago)
That looks nothing like call of duty
Emilio Velarde (17 hours ago)
Yeah you can see the name on the statue in game
mohammed jawad (18 hours ago)
Why do you got this hedphones for 2or 3 yers
Kiiwi (19 hours ago)
"It looks to be kinda small" Noah: "Welcome to Opening Packages... Thing Reeview!"
SuperSaiyan Slime (20 hours ago)
The symbol at the bottom represents Norse mythology as a whole
Its Crayon (20 hours ago)
So I hope this was a nice thing from trey arch just to be cough* BRIBE*cough nice.
Dragon Slayer (20 hours ago)
It says send nudes wtf treyarc
Big boi Jones (22 hours ago)
This better not be like sernando
K dowg (23 hours ago)
You know what's crazy in ten years we are gonna look back and think damn the chaos story (Unless they just tie it into the main one)
Just Phil Gaming (23 hours ago)
what if its like the bows???? oden=lightning eagal = wind spears
Lazy_Studio 666 (1 day ago)
Oh thank god i thought you turned into sernandoe
Logan Zim (1 day ago)
Not a secret anymore
Ik it's a different dimension but it reminds me of the king from derisendrach with his wolves
TacoBell_Service (1 day ago)
Noah: Here's the front. Here's the side. Here's the back. And here's the OTHER side. Me: _/(.-.)\_
TUMPOV (1 day ago)
Where did you get them mini perk machines from that are behind you ?
silent whisper (1 day ago)
what if odin is electric cherry because its lightning
silent whisper (1 day ago)
oh... sorry i didn't know but... can i ask what he is then
Anthony22SGA (1 day ago)
silent whisper Odin in Norse Mythology is not the god of Lightning
silent whisper (1 day ago)
we know there are gonna be two story im guessing the chaos story and the other one with Dempsey and the crew
White C (1 day ago)
It's nose runes
White C (1 day ago)
I ment Norse runes
Allan Mustard (1 day ago)
That statue is oden, the one in the teaser holding the lighting bolt could be zeus?
ErikTheRandom (1 day ago)
So I looked at the trailer closely and it seems like the hole in the trailer was actually not full the “whole” 😉 time and when played back very slowly you see something retract as it is formed.
Soarthestar Z (1 day ago)
This is a Christian minecraft server😡
Darbell 115 (1 day ago)
I’m sooooooooooo hype
MAKA MOORZ (1 day ago)
FaZe Jevs brother?😂😂
Shane Hull (1 day ago)
2 questions the robot thing on soe what’s it called again. Will this be similar you find that tablet thing maybe some other part put it on the statue and it comes alive
Monkey Yaes (1 day ago)
Mate that’s not bo4 stop clickbaiting
TheBlackGoblin (1 day ago)
I haven’t watched Noah in about 6 months and he looks really different I didn’t even realise this was Noah until I liked the video
Hayden Hume (1 day ago)
Did anyone notice his m9 bayonet
Cali Plays (1 day ago)
shine a blacklight on the paper and maybe give you a decoder, but i doubt they would make it that simple
ItzBlazey (1 day ago)
Noah you deserve more subscribers
NuclearGenocide (1 day ago)
The flying dutchman from fortnite
WitePeopleGames (1 day ago)
Sam P (1 day ago)
Are you still a diehard fan of cod zombies or have you turned moreover to fortnite
javier martinez (1 day ago)
I have a theory.... hear me out with this what if other you tubers got other statues which when somehow activated by that code in the bottom unlocked a part of the EE TO GO IN A DIFFERENT DIRECTION sorry had caps lock on to type EE... also what if the symbol where the hole is is because of an EE step and once you do it that symbol will be on it.. that is the first time I posted a theory
Mathias Page (1 day ago)
This makes me feel the way a person would while talking to his or her ex who is attempting to hook back up just one more time: Cute and distressing at the same time.
MADHEROGAMER 123 (1 day ago)
I guess its not so secret then.Lol
Brooks (1 day ago)
Noahs beard tho
nick m (1 day ago)
Hecc the thing bubble wrap is the bomb
FinalSmashLink (1 day ago)
They sent you that because they want you to hype black ops zombies for them. You & other youtubers have the potential to ruin Or redeem call of duty Zombies
Djmgaming Xxxx (1 day ago)
I saw wingdings
LunA TiCC (1 day ago)
can u sign that little poster and send it to me <3
George Cannon (1 day ago)
That code is from word i think when you change language
I'm Pro (1 day ago)
Where's mine?!
The shitty G.O.A.T (1 day ago)
DLC 17 CONFIRMED?? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
ASF Knifes (1 day ago)
It's a sign to go back to cod vids
DankFlab • (1 day ago)
Why was the biggest zombies traitor the one who got the package?
xXGAMERHOTXx (1 day ago)
It would be super dope if treyarch had all top notch God’s from all different beliefs like Odin, Zeus, Ra from Egypt and ect.
N Diaz (1 day ago)
Is it the campaign?
Jonathan Mcneil (2 days ago)
Lipstick lips are still there lolololol love ur vids watching them again
x ZerO x (2 days ago)
The symbols on the bottom of the Norse God, Oden, are alchemy numbers.They were used to identify the elements, exc.Things that have been recently updated. like Ag-Gold.H-Helium.Ar-Argos. And so on.I hope this helps with anyone’s research and deeper dwells
Gamingboy 18 (2 days ago)
Dont like what your channel has become its all about fortnite bring back custom zombies your losing subscribers
The Generic Gaimer (2 days ago)
That's not a staff that's Gungnir Odin's spear
WookieBeefs (2 days ago)
I guess jc didn’t work out for them
Anderson Smith (2 days ago)
Now we can slowly see the transition from Fortnite to what Noah was born to do. Helping me with a reasonable strategy to high rounds on Call Of Duty Black Ops zombies
Staticz ‘ (2 days ago)
Bus route B
landen thompson (2 days ago)
Yo that’s Thor for the second statue
CRZY (2 days ago)
Hi I like Noah
Family friendly (2 days ago)
The symbols are probably wingdings
Christian Kernells (2 days ago)
I think the one with a lightning thing is not thor but Zeus god of thunder because a hammer would be more stubby one the bottom and zeus has a bolt of lightning as a weapon other statues could be Ra the god of sun in Egyptian mythology (also another hint it is Zeus is the eagle, the eagle is zeus spirit animal or whatever)
NecroDrake (2 days ago)
Open the triangle part theres something inside
NecroDrake (2 days ago)
Fortnite made noah thiccer
subzero_NS1 (2 days ago)
Noah out here gonna become kratos with that beard
PuNK_ AxCeL527 (2 days ago)
"DLC 17" 😂
iRockstar0406 (2 days ago)
Better get Dadfire he knows how to read Greek.
Mason Otene (2 days ago)
the zeus statue will probably get sent to a different youtube in the next few weeks
Hayesn 511 (2 days ago)
Noah looks like the newest version of kratos
Shadow Devils (2 days ago)
I bough bo4
Adrian Huerta (2 days ago)
Who cares about bo4 anyway? 😂
AirSoos (1 day ago)
Quite a lot of people lol
Aaro Raitasuo (2 days ago)
It's not SECRET if you make a VIDEO ABOUT IT!
Rebellion Project (2 days ago)
Screw black ops 4

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