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Hybrid Minds - Drumstation [DnBPortal.com]

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✖ Become a DnB Portal patron http://patreon.com/BassPortal ✖ Prague / Cze / 20.09.2014 / Live / Cross Club / dnb / drum and bass / Liquid ➔Free DL: http://bit.ly/HMsouncloud ✖ DnB Portal ✖ ➔Visit http://dnbportal.com ➔Like http://fb.com/DnBPortal ➔Follow http://twitter.com/DnBportalHQ ➔Follow http://instagram.com/dnbportal ✖Cross Club✖ FB: http://fb.com/crossclubprague Web: http://crossclub.cz
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Text Comments (190)
DnB Portal (1 year ago)
➔ Don't forget subscribe for more video set ;) http://bit.ly/DnB_PortalYT ✖ More video sets by Hybrid Minds✖ Soon :) #DnBPortal #DnB #DrumandBass #HybridMinds #Liquid
diablo8204 (1 year ago)
NXZW (1 month ago)
Hybrids Minds is awesome.😃👍
MoneyMakingMike (3 months ago)
1:00:05 lool munch down
Adrian B (8 months ago)
WOW😲🔥🔥🔥🔥#set #HybridMinds
Arkadius Foitzik (9 months ago)
18 People Who dosn't know what liquid Drum&Bass is!!!
paul tress (1 year ago)
the crowd are so static, in the day we knwe how to dance to D&B,,,,,, i still do, i put you youths to shame...and im in my 40's....have a collection of drum and bass so big..........shame
1Venger (3 months ago)
u know ;-)
Steve F (1 year ago)
Raving in the 90s in the UK was wicked...weekends at free illegal raves,good memories.
TysinO (1 year ago)
44:11 ???
VTKZ (1 year ago)
20:57 Track ?
Burnie (1 year ago)
Baile drum and bass con harmonia :D
WaterOne (1 year ago)
44:12 need track ID please!!
Diksy Struhárová (1 year ago)
Setík jak vínko
amanda brown (1 year ago)
delicious set from Hybrid Minds, will be checking out more of their stuff for sure, thanks DnB Portal !
drgryz (1 year ago)
that Birdy Wingy thing moved me
andy Russell (1 year ago)
They were surprise guests at my son and daughter inlaw's wedding. im 52 and into heavy metal and they were awsome
Aaron Williams (2 years ago)
to all the Hybrid Minds!
Petr Černý (2 years ago)
Amazing :) Big up hybrid minds ! ! !
Kelly Woodward (2 years ago)
Can anybody help me, 17.05 Metrik - Want my love...where can i find this version of this tune?
Garrett Nelson (1 year ago)
Kelly Woodward it's the original version mate
Ashley Sayle (2 years ago)
by far the best set I've ever listened too :)
GaborBartal (2 years ago)
*Tracklist with timestamps, updated* 00:18 Anile - That Night (ft. Jess Brinham) 03:10 Hybrid Minds – Our Turn (feat. Charlie P) 05:00 Eveson - Time Flows By (ft. Jo-S) 07:09 LSB – Leave 10:00 Calibre - Even If 12:45 Daughter - Youth (Hybrid Minds Bootleg) 15:19 Keeno feat. Pat Fulgoni - As One ‪17:05 Metrik - Want My Love‬ 19:34 Break - All That's Left 22:02 Cursa – Down 23:59 London Grammar - Sights (Monrroe. Remix) 27:55 Hybrid Minds – Lost 30:24 Lenzman - Ever So Slightly 32:32 Tokyo Prose (feat. Lenzman & Fox) - Won’t Let Me Go 36:26 Galimatias - Noelles Eloquence (S.I.N. Remix) 37:50 T.E.E.D. – Garden (Calibre Remixes) 39:25 Hybrid Minds - Music Talks 41:22 Hybrid Minds - Drama (Neonlight Remix) 44:11 ??? - ??? 47:22 LSB - If You're Here (feat. Sophia Wardman) 49:29 Hybrid Minds - Kismet (feat. Riya) 53:01 Dabs - Objection VIP 54:42 Jakwob - Blinding (Hybrid Minds Remix) 56:54 Marcus Intalex & S.P.Y - Celestial Navigation 60:04 Indiana - Mess Around (Etherwood Remix) 63:31 Alix Perez – Contradictions 67:11 Etherwood – Spoken 69:36 S.P.Y - Stardust (Ft. BCee) 71:05 Bachelors Of Science - Song For Lovers 73:13 High Contrast-Global Love (Calibre remix) 74:49 Ghostface Killah - Back Like That (ft. Ne-Yo) (DJ Marky & Bungle Remix) ‪79:03 Birdy - Wings (Nu:Logic Remix)‬
Jonathan (7 months ago)
You're a lifesaver
some dreamer (1 year ago)
Jesus christ, what is that 44:11!?
k1 Susu (1 year ago)
WaterOne (1 year ago)
44:11 ?? :( :( plss
Kelly Woodward (2 years ago)
Thanks, any idea what version of Metrik - want my love? or what tunes dropped with it?
Alexandre Scala (2 years ago)
I love this guy!!! The best sound the world!!! Alex!!! Brazil!!!
John Mccabe (2 years ago)
been following hybrid minds n slime from the beginning, awesome as usual
H-Man (2 years ago)
saw these in amsterdam, wicked dj's, great vibes
Martina (2 years ago)
24:00 I´m in heaven ♥
TURBEX (1 year ago)
Jojo taky z toho strikam, a to ani liquidy moc nejedu
100full (2 years ago)
12:51 TUNE?
DnB Portal (2 years ago)
+kay100full https://youtube.com/watch?v=6315OwzN7zM
100full (2 years ago)
+JAHurley41 Love ya
H-Man (2 years ago)
+kay100full Daughter - Youth (Hybrid Minds Remix) respect!
Samuel (2 years ago)
42:05 id?
Tomáš Skyba (8 months ago)
Hybrid Minds - Drama ft. Tempza & Laurence Baker (Neonlight Remix) [Spearhead]
Samuel (2 years ago)
20:30 track ID?
Pan Jára (2 years ago)
nejsou ty deti nejaky zpoceny??
Marek Hirs (2 years ago)
+Pan Jára xD .. troska maj horecku :D
Lucas Soares (2 years ago)
PLZ Song Name at 54:40 ? Thanks From Brasil!!!!!!!!!!!!
AvailableHealer (2 years ago)
+Lucas Soares Jakwob - Blinding (hybrid minds remix)
Szczych11 (2 years ago)
That guy in dark the v-neck at the front of the audience is so annoying. He doesn't look like he is enjoying it...just moving his head around in circles.
100full (2 years ago)
where can I download dnb portal sesions? i need many of them
DnB Portal (2 years ago)
+kay100full Check description.
Filip Šinik (2 years ago)
Song at 1:15:40 ?
Jan Cie (2 years ago)
+bass mann (bassmann) Ghostface feat. NeYo - Back Like That (DJ Marky & Bungle Remix)
László Veisz (2 years ago)
veryvery nice mix... few days ago I'm hearing it all day in the office... and what about the colleagues? I don't mind :) Anyway... somebody knows what is the title of the second song?
J MTHSN (2 years ago)
10:10 le peuple de l'herbe :)) bless /LX7HCBci4qM
frankyrsgt (2 years ago)
& 49 sick tune !
frankyrsgt (2 years ago)
what take called 47 minutes
Lukáš Bednařík (2 years ago)
Tracks are well selected, mix is weak, but it is still Hybrid Minds!
Last part is amazing)
mushfique.m (2 years ago)
tune at 22:30 please? ive heard it somewhere before!
AvailableHealer (2 years ago)
+mushfique.m cursa - down
hypercatjohn (2 years ago)
Nice 'n that, but it's just that incredibly middle of the road DnB throughout isn't it.
hypercatjohn (2 years ago)
+kweezish My DnB credentials are strong, I still say this is incredibly middle of the road stuff.  Not bad, not great, just a bit bleh
kweezish (2 years ago)
+hypercatjohn it's not real music unless IT'S FUKIN LOUD BRO!!!!!!!!!
Jay Wilson (2 years ago)
Track Name @ 5:00
Jay Wilson (2 years ago)
No Probs
Slavisa Petrovic (2 years ago)
thanks a lot :D
Jay Wilson (2 years ago)
+Slavisa Petrovic Its - Eveson - Time Flows By
Slavisa Petrovic (2 years ago)
+snakes57 name it song? :D
Slavisa Petrovic (2 years ago)
+snakes57 name it song? :D
Fuldas Plays (2 years ago)
DnB zombie :D
J Baker (2 years ago)
Alexandru Radu (9 months ago)
manderdander (2 years ago)
Tears on that one.
Sake Ieneka (2 years ago)
Respect  for Hybrid Minds from Spain. Of the best there is right now in the scene, based on Liquid, great musical and production team. !!
kiryl (2 years ago)
Lol espero que haya más gente que le escuche
Vox dei Vox Populi (2 years ago)
\\\\yes its drum n bass////
Dark Ness (3 years ago)
the best 1 sick party <3
Rado Zajac (3 years ago)
123wooo456 (3 years ago)
Decent set 😝
parxet1 (3 years ago)
tema del 26:30?! Gracias!
Freddie Petch (3 years ago)
This is so so so sick! See if you can get an Andy C set on your channel :D
smirkymanc (3 years ago)
track at 39.00?
MsThroneofgames (3 years ago)
48:20 oi mate mate mate can u please play this song i know its your set but mate mate mate please 
thibault Vanrome (3 years ago)
Song At 27:20 PLizzzzzzz
AvailableHealer (2 years ago)
+thibault Vanrome London grammar - sights (monrroe remix)
DocSensee (3 years ago)
the ladys love the liquid sounds
Jonathan (3 years ago)
Hybrid didnt include full version of this track.  he did however add the little melody there which, in my opinion, is very beautiful. The song name is T.E.E.D. – Garden (Calibre Remixes)@42:05
evcx (3 years ago)
damn, solid set
Leopard (3 years ago)
I like his T-Shirt @_@
smirkymanc (3 years ago)
manchester is the place to be on nye!! seeing these guys for the first time... going to be epic :D
sambuca johnson (3 years ago)
absolutely love this set. cant count how many times i have played this!! <3
Bas Vink (3 years ago)
How can I download the whole mp3 file? With youtube-mp3 I can only convert a 20 min. video, but this one is 1,5 hours :$ Nice performance btw! 
Meť Jú (2 years ago)
+Bas Vink http://offliberty.com/
Bas Vink (3 years ago)
I used a Firefox plugin but the video is too long. I just wanted one song but I have already found it so :) thanks anyway
Stefan Groenewald (3 years ago)
+Bas Vink use keepvid.com
McShifty033 (3 years ago)
use a firefox plugin, not a website.
diablix (3 years ago)
56:00 ANY1 PLZ?
R-Flyer (2 years ago)
+diablix Jakwob - Blinding (Hybrid Minds Remix)
123wooo456 (3 years ago)
at 1:06:43 the guy talking to him looks off his nut 
please song name at 26:05 min? 
AvailableHealer (2 years ago)
+Ricardo Bruno da Silva Carvalho London Grammar - sights (monrroe remix)
jovds (3 years ago)
this is one of the best drum n bass sets ever
sambuca johnson (3 years ago)
perfectttttttt <3 feel like im in heaven with this set!! anywhere i can get tracklist id for it? <3 hybrid minds <3
sambuca johnson (3 years ago)
there is no words for this <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Zoltán Molnár (3 years ago)
it's amazing :)
Ian McIntosh (3 years ago)
packed in like sardines..no room to move!
Camilo ancapichun (3 years ago)
22:48 ¿?
Haich Official (3 years ago)
Anybody know track 20? Double dropped with Hybrid Minds - Drama (Neonlight Remix) at 48:28? Love that track!
Eliot Cohen (2 years ago)
finally!!! is pain by dlr (dispatch dubplate) you can buy it digital in beatport buuut also is in vinyl format <3  
AvailableHealer (2 years ago)
maybe this: LSB - If You're Here (feat. Sophia Wardman)
Eliot Cohen (3 years ago)
+Harry McIver no bro and its killing me jajajajajaja i only listeng this part like 5 times and them i put sometijng else :P
Harry McIver (3 years ago)
+Eliot Cohen No I still haven't! Have you had any luck?
Eliot Cohen (3 years ago)
did you find it?
Damian P (3 years ago)
track @12:30??? :D
romi123man (3 years ago)
Second track ID?
orzelforever (3 years ago)
B R U T A L !!
Weekend watching material. Keep em coming!
julia endresz (3 years ago)
FreeBeUnique (3 years ago)
How name song 53:44 ??? Please!
Real Human Being (2 years ago)
McShifty033 (2 years ago)
+Miki Němec Fuck yeah,and still love it
Miki Němec (2 years ago)
+McShifty033 It is now. :)
McShifty033 (3 years ago)
Awesome, just a shame it's not released yet :(
Real Human Being (3 years ago)
Found it! It's "Hybrid Minds - Kismet Feat Riya" (Source: 2nd song on https://soundcloud.com/ninjaninja/ninja-ninja-podcast-episode-5-mixed-by-hybrid-minds >>> see "track info")
vitoDnb (3 years ago)
please download !!!!!
Perryfear (3 years ago)
track 46:20 ???
AvailableHealer (2 years ago)
+Perryfear LSB - If you're here
milan danis (3 years ago)
pls song 1:19:30 prosim moc nadherna songa
AvailableHealer (2 years ago)
+milan danis Birdy - WIngs (Nu:Logic remix)
Martin Hanuš (3 years ago)
sakra posloucham porad dokola a sere me, ze kdyz jsem tam byl - na stage jsem se dostal jen na par vterin, protoze tam bylo tak napraskano, ze kdybych tam byl o chvilku dyl tak asi vysublimuju nebo me dav uslape, ale prej na tom v crossu pracujou tak uvidime... aspon ze tu je ten zaznam
Lukáš Rabovský (3 years ago)
+DnB PORTAL taky oceňuji! :-)
Martin Hanuš (3 years ago)
+DnB PORTAL to teda
DnB Portal (3 years ago)
Jsme rádi, že to někdo ocení! :)
I am Fnetik (3 years ago)
@ 28: 16 - London Grammar- Sights (Monrroe Remix) :)
Miky Šiml (3 years ago)
ježiš.. z toho bych usl.. :X
Russell Cook (3 years ago)
song name that is played second at around 4:10?
Sucios-Official (3 years ago)
QuantumRogue (3 years ago)
min 54. what's the name of the music? thank you
Azhureus (3 years ago)
I must say, this is one of the best Set I've ever heard !!!
Azhureus (3 years ago)
46:42 Sick like Hell, I like IT
axwtw (3 years ago)
17:51 ID please!
Jakub Spanilý (3 years ago)
Daughter - Youth (Hybrid Minds Bootleg)
Mosaix (3 years ago)
01. Anile - That Night (ft. Jess Brinham) 02. Hybrid Minds - ??? 03. Anushka - Never Can Decide (Ivy Lab Remix) 04. Eveson - Time Flows By (ft. Jo-S) 05. LSB - Leave 06. Calibre - Even If 07. Daughter - Youth (Hybrid Minds Bootleg) 08. Keeno feat. Pat Fulgoni - As One 09. ‪Metrik - Want My Love 10. Break - All That's Left 11. ??? - ??? 12. London Grammar - Sights (Monrroe. Remix) 13. Hybrid Minds - Lost 14. Lenzman - Ever So Slightly 15. Tokyo Prose (ff. Lenzman & Fox) - Won’t Let Me Go 16. Galimatias - Noelles Eloquence (S.I.N Remix) 17. T.E.E.D. – Garden (Calibre Remixes) 18. Hybrid Minds - Music Talks 19. Hybrid Minds - Drama (Neonlight Remix) (forthcoming on Spearhead Records / Hybrid Minds - Mountains Remixed) 20. ??? - ??? 21. LSB - If You're Here (feat. Sophia Wardman) 22. Hybrid Minds - ??? (feat. Riya) 23. Dabs - Objection VIP 24. Jakwob - Blinding (Hybrid Minds Remix) 25. Marcus Intalex & S.P.Y - Celestial Navigation 26. Indiana - Mess Around (Etherwood Remix) 27. Alix Perez - Contradictions 28. Etherwood - Spoken 29. S.P.Y - Stardust (Ft. BCee) 30. Bachelors Of Science - Song For Lovers 31. High Contrast-Global Love (Calibre remix) 32. Ghostface Killah - Back Like That (ft. Ne-Yo) (DJ Marky & Bungle Remix) 33. ‪Birdy - Wings (Nu:Logic Remix) ... out of love for DNB MUSIC!
Otilia Turcu (2 years ago)
+ScapiElephant thaaaank you!!! thank you kind sir!
Simon Maly (3 years ago)
it is not released yet.
L. M. p (3 years ago)
+Simon Maly could it be that "Kismet" can't be found on youtube? do you know where to find/download it?
Pedro Sa (3 years ago)
02 - Hybrid Minds - Our Turn feat Charlie P Not released yet, still a big tune.
Ryan King (3 years ago)
+Jakub Hadrava 11 - Cursa - Down
Peter Kovalcik (3 years ago)
bracho dnb party neni maskarny ples a zaujimavejsi s tou maskou tiez nebudes :D set moc fajny inak :)
Ben Graham (3 years ago)
someone be so kind and put up a tracklist
sambuca johnson (3 years ago)
Really really need full tracklist, couple of times i need to know the name of!! Proppa heavy set
mushfique.m (3 years ago)
it's all about the lights, vibes and bass! 
mushfique.m (3 years ago)
wow, #DnBPortal, you guys are massive. thank you for uploading quality shows. #HybridMinds  is definitely one of my favourite dnb producers. big up from Dhaka, Bangladesh. cheers!
mushfique.m (3 years ago)
say no more my good mates :) i'll definitely spread the good word! cheers.
DnB Portal (3 years ago)
You are welcome :) We doing this for fans like u :) Share our channel everywhere :) Thanks for support mate!!
Tania Fernandes (3 years ago)
i love HM!!! I hope to have the same lucky as these people
David Blahovec (3 years ago)
Song  22:30?           1:00:15?          1:08:17?          1:24:25?
romi123man (3 years ago)
22:30 Metrik-want my love
Jakub Spanilý (3 years ago)
1:08:17 Alix Perez - Contradictions
ZakRoM (3 years ago)
1:24:25 Birdy-Wings (Nu:Logic Remix)
David Blahovec (3 years ago)
+ZakRoM thanks :-)
ZakRoM (3 years ago)
1:00:15 is Jakwob - Blinding (Hybrid Minds Remix)
JungIizt (3 years ago)
Guy at the front is too wired! Sick set!
Dima Ivanova (3 years ago)
so nice and chilledddddddddddddddd 
Romain Vincent (3 years ago)

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