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Far Cry 5 - 13 cool locations you may have missed

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Far Cry 5’s Hope County is a huge open world, full of crazy things to see and do. There’s so much stuff in here that, to be honest with you, there might be some cool locations you may have missed. In this video, Ian Higton brings you 13 of his favourite locations in the game. Be warned though, there are some spoilers for side missions in here so tread carefully if you want to discover everything Hope County has to offer for yourself. Subscribe to Eurogamer - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eurogamer For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out http://www.eurogamer.net and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eurogamer
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Text Comments (525)
Mason Jervis (8 hours ago)
The glitch does not work
Random Dude (15 hours ago)
The female created characters actors always looks off to me
cacofany1 (1 day ago)
If you use the grenade launcher in there, you can actually put the shadow things into needing a revive state. Just be sure to, bring health packs.
Nicholas Craig (1 day ago)
6 I went there after I killed faith and her shadow was there to real spooky
dayLightGames 09 (1 day ago)
....I like a history lesson 😪
ThousandairesClub (2 days ago)
Best Current Gen Game until Cyberpunk 2077 comes out.
Jason V (2 days ago)
I keep trying 13, it keeps flashing white but respawns me every time all the way back across the river.
Joe H (3 days ago)
Great video !!! This is no secret but I really liked blowing up Joseph's statue by using a helicopter's missiles and guns. That was a real blast leaving it nothing but iron work....lol
Dayton Langley (3 days ago)
On number 12 there's a reference to far cry 4
ThrustmasterD (5 days ago)
Enemy respawn is terrible. I bombed the outpost in an airplane and they went on high alert with reinforcements . I flew 200 meters past it and turned around, New enemies spawned instead of the old ones who were not aware of my presence . I jumped out of the airplane, fought some enemies and retreated into the forest (about 200 meters ), turned around (after music stopped playing ) and all enemies respawned as if nothing happened . Unrealistic and immersion breaking spawn system was not the case with Assassins Creed Origins. Because of this Far Cry 5 is not fun to play
Sandro Chkhartishvili (6 days ago)
On 1 st one the grave is not sad becose its cults dog
Austin Dennis (6 days ago)
Did anyone else kill all the dogs when they couldn't find the key in poop?
Optix (6 days ago)
Boi I don’t think it’s mythical, I believe in the Sasquatch.
• ωílѕon • (6 days ago)
If you read all of the note in the hotel you'll see an easter egg.The note says"Who am I gonna call?" at the end which has the answer"Ghostbusters!".You can see this dialog in the lyrics of the Ghostbusters main theme.
Chris Cade (6 days ago)
Wait... glitches in Far Cry 5????? NO WAY!!!
KILL OR DIE (7 days ago)
I missed 1, 3, 9 and 10 .
anon (7 days ago)
that second haunted house has a 'It' easter egg in it and really reminded me of fallout 4 in terms of design
John Mitchell (8 days ago)
#12 they fixed the glitch. You just die on some kind of cross. Cant go in
Lego Universe Returns (9 days ago)
6:54 I think that’s the room where when Jacob kidnaps you the first time you undergo the first trial, and you also go back there in a quest.
Ng Ray (9 days ago)
Is it a good game? Or just Ghost Recon + Farcry ?
Sweet Cookie (10 days ago)
Okay guys, I found something really cool. If you look around the dog's grave you can see the path or line made of flowers. I've followed it but I didn't found anything around because the path ended somewhere close to the house. There was only a guy with dog.
Sweet Cookie (10 days ago)
Please, help me solve that. There must be something but it's hard to find for me.
Dodge This333 (10 days ago)
Spot on video. Spent last week in Hope county but knew that you would be the best guide. Cheers mates, from Montana, of course!
Sweet Cookie (10 days ago)
7:00 in this hotel is a room that you can walk in. Pretty sure that somebody got killed there because you can see a lot of blood on the bed. Creepy.
Antonia Gomez (10 days ago)
16:50 its other in farcry. Primal
JB (10 days ago)
OREGANO? I thought you were British, you traitor
Xaibriana Rivera (11 days ago)
I know how this game fits in the fc theory
Albert Buruato (11 days ago)
Keep drowning, I see the white flash but I keep re-spawning to another part of the map...UGH!
PUBG Mobile (11 days ago)
8:23 he actually got scared
Forrest Helmer (12 days ago)
I have been to num.4 and it just irks me I would like a game that actually measures up to their paranormal claims, give us more than pre recorded sounds and suspenseful music.
Sofia Melin (12 days ago)
this video saved my day
Leo Wickert (13 days ago)
Eurogamer look at haunted house ( not the hotel ) check the preper stash you will find a it reference . A balloon and a creepy voice recording
WA (13 days ago)
Anyone else think he sounds like Richard Hammond
David McNair (14 days ago)
Ian you should so have got this game to Review. I thought it was best Far cry in ages. Completely finished everything it was such fun. They really nailed the open world & fun aspect in general.
communist kyle (14 days ago)
Does anyone else hear some weird jazz music near the end of a cliff over a railway by Jacobs word
Distortion9000 (14 days ago)
You should have said something about the sunken burnt down house in the lake on the left of josephs island
Joel Devlin (14 days ago)
in part 9, the path is lined with flower petals from the bliss plant rather than seashells
Morgan Roose (15 days ago)
the haunted house never been their gonna go their and check it out been to most of the locations but not that one
Devin Beutler (15 days ago)
I like pretending I'm a citizen in falls end
coda 0908 (16 days ago)
The only thing that scared me in the haunted house is the car
coda 0908 (16 days ago)
The only thing that scared me in the haunted house is the car
R1CH_BO1 (16 days ago)
I didnt have to drown or anything no music either it just seemed to let me in
Murphy Celio (16 days ago)
What is king's hot springs hotel is the location of dead living zombies dlc
Magnasaurus 28 (16 days ago)
Lost a dog recently, her name is may, she is the breed boxer
Assassin Ninja (16 days ago)
I can't get in useing your thing to get inside veteran place does it not work for Xbox 1?
ThebigC C (16 days ago)
I thought the dog bone was a dildo😂
Toxicdeath 101 (16 days ago)
I think they patched the only you glitch
King Man (16 days ago)
Farcry worst series is farcry 5 I give it 0.000001/10
Joe Tan (16 days ago)
omg , the 13 i was wondering so so so long time how to get inside until i watch this video
Brannon Pardue (17 days ago)
Awesome thanks
The Steamhammer (18 days ago)
Didn't work for me I'm afraid...just die and fall through the lakebed lol
GamingZombie 811 (18 days ago)
One thing you forgot about the mine is that you will head faith talking to you
Clara Zukker (18 days ago)
It seems like they fixed that glitch in Nr. 13... I can’t get to the Veteran Centre (and I followed your instructions) :-/
Paul Goldsmith (19 days ago)
Re #7..there's another ringing telephone (and some weapons\ammo) in the Administrators Cabin south east of Scared Skies Lake
I remember when I saw the yeti in the arcade mode. I almost shit myself because I realized “IT WAS REAL!”
blindbarrel (19 days ago)
Most amazing video ever seen about farcry 5 thanks dude.!!
Cody Vaughn (20 days ago)
Hey guys! So, I have a little addition to this video. I found a flash of what I think is Ectoplasm in the hotel from entry #4. I posted two separate instances of this happening on my channel. You find a note in the hotel claiming that Ectoplasm is manifesting and I can't find any evidence of that accept the weird flashes I saw on my screen. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
cool bloke (20 days ago)
Cullen Manser (21 days ago)
Or instead of searching through all the poop you could just use the blow torch to open the door
XxdopegamingxX (21 days ago)
Did they patch the way to get in vertrains center
DOSsector (22 days ago)
How can you miss those places if they are MARKED ON THE MAP?
Basha Syed (22 days ago)
Number 9 reminds me of the pilgrimage to High Hrothgar in Skyrim. The steps have similar Etched Tablets along the trail telling of the founding of High Hrothgar.
Murderzz (22 days ago)
You missed my favorite spot, I call it "Hunter's Valley" as the name suggests, it's a nice hunting valley, now this isn't you're run of the mill hunting area with 2 deer and a bear, no my friend this has everything from pronghorns to alpha black bears, way down at the bottom of faith's region you can find this area, or just accept the doctor's orders mission and head to the very bottom, good hunting and enjoy getting rich in a matter of 30 minutes to an hour
Sloughyzero 15 (22 days ago)
I love history 😑 and you said no one likes history
Symon Alex (23 days ago)
loved your narration and this game is great.
Pitfallfox (23 days ago)
Sadly the glitch to enter the veteran's centre was patched in one of the previous updates! The drowning trick no longer works, but you do get a split second screen of /something/ after you die between seeing the loading screen of Jacob as you wait to refresh. It's really hard to see what it's showing, a barrel with an Eden's Gate staff and some other objects but it's too fast to get a screenshot of
Chris Bekefi (24 days ago)
I honestly got lucky with the dog poop stash I got it on the first try.
Paradox (24 days ago)
11:41 Boomer is the background is so cute
Dominic Chiroldes (24 days ago)
Neutral51 (25 days ago)
At the second one i mauled every dog down with my aluminium because i thought the keys might be inside one of the dogs. Then i found the poop...
Joe H (3 days ago)
That's friggin' hilarious !!!!!
Joey Prang (26 days ago)
Is silver lake summer camp a easter egg to friday the13ths crystal lake?????
Matthew Scherer (27 days ago)
The Elliot residence is my favorite prepper stash. Its a house with a walkie talkie asking where the peggies are they sent to kill a guy. He killed them but died too. When you find the key to his bunker you hear them calling in backup and you have a fire fight
Timothy Korner (27 days ago)
The veterans centre seems to be fixed now so you can’t get in. Tried 3 times on ps4 and just kept dying and respawning elsewhere
Christian Ordonez (27 days ago)
xz.cdenz zx (26 days ago)
If you kill faith be for going to the spa place you can see her ghost and you can shoot it and she will fall with the help her sigh on it
Julian Rogan (29 days ago)
I loved the game and hated the ending. Felt like the whole game was a waste of time
Luke Savage (29 days ago)
Go to the fathers region in the widow maker and explore it
per sona (29 days ago)
Did nobody notice the dead chick in the attic at O'Hara's haunted house, along with the really unsettling scriblings he left? Don't remember excactly what it says but something about when you take a young person and take everything from them then something something.. Serial killer type of shit ^^
TomboTheTornado (30 days ago)
Number 4 if you go over the roof you can get in the room of blood
Don Ninjarino (30 days ago)
They have patched the glitch that gets you into St Francis', you die and it respawns you. You can sneak in there but that gives you no access to the 3rd floor, to get to the safe.
JohnPlaysGames (30 days ago)
Thank you for the spoiler alert, it already seems like a great video but i think i'll hold off on watching it until i'm a little further in the game :)
Greg D (30 days ago)
#13 not working for me on PC. Tried it about seven times before I gave up. Flash of light and then respawn. The last two attempts I followed the path that was taken exactly as per the video.
The Pilgrimage felt like a reference to the 7000 Steps of High Hrothgar in Skyrim for me :))
CRAZY joe (1 month ago)
God I'm so happy to have found a video without 200 adds
Cyber (1 month ago)
Far cry 5 to me seems like the most unique open world survival game.
daddyscummys dieasle (1 month ago)
All in henbane
Aeredhael Redfalen (1 month ago)
Room 203 is accessible from the roof by going through a window.
MetaHater (1 month ago)
I see all these people shooting down helicopters with RPG's, yet every time I try, they dodge it by raising up or lowering down.
The last glitch not working
Lewis Bradley (1 month ago)
Drug health conference wsmnnr too obtain our intention pillow balance point view evident better.
Sydney Cat (1 month ago)
The 203 room is a reference to <<The Shining>>, a movie from Stanley Kubrick.(#4)
Steve2 Me (1 month ago)
Steve2 Me (1 month ago)
We need to know who was thinking about this while the game was made, :)
Slimey Annihilation (1 month ago)
Nice gun skin
Ian McDonald (1 month ago)
My name's Ian too
adhitia prathama (1 month ago)
“see through bastard” lmao tf
Dark Star (1 month ago)
Came across the Serpent cave by chance yesterday. Was doing the mission to recruit Adelaide, when I passed by the cave as a pair of cultists were dumping bodies, had to go and take a closer look.
Liam Sullivan (1 month ago)
"13 cool locations you may have missed" 8:11 "this is one of the most well known locations in far cry 5" Why is it in the video then?
Tommy Rich (1 month ago)
I can’t get into the Veterans Center. I’m on PS4. It take me back to the last place I fast traveled to.
Julian Honoré (1 month ago)
The David Attenbourough of... whatever.

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