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BLOODBORNE RAP by JT Music – “Never Wake Again”

30753 ratings | 4560831 views
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Text Comments (2128)
Michael Chavez (13 hours ago)
Better than the raps that suck your's are better
Gabriel French (1 day ago)
Fav song for my fav game
Logan Zerby (4 days ago)
The song is so stupid why did it have to be like this I hate this song
L4ntt1 (4 days ago)
Logan Zerby Reason ?
Sin The Demon (4 days ago)
Listening to this while fighting Kos. He's literally kicking my ass to the beat..EVEN HE CAN HEAR THIS FIRE! PS: 0:07 FREE REPLAY BUTTON
JustJelle (5 days ago)
By far my favoutite gaming song, it came kind of close to run boy run paired with dying light, but nothing beats this
some guy named Merick (7 days ago)
This may be a bit late, but this is one of the best raps ever
Elliott lichtenwalter (8 days ago)
Love your music
Taylor Henderson (8 days ago)
Just cause 4
The first rap song I like!
Solarflare Mico (11 days ago)
I keep commenting on this video because it's so good and awesome plus the first boss that you will meet is cleric beast it's the giant hairy beast and it's easier than you think it is no second phases Molotovs destroys him there's no need to summon anyone to help on the second boss that's the one that they was ganking his father gascoinge and his hard you will need a summon
HardCoreGaming 2 (11 days ago)
you could use half these lines in a rap battle
briana hawkins (11 days ago)
Epic Awesome rap song
Dead Tree (13 days ago)
Before what is this no shields guns retarded After watching game play and rap where's my wallet
Jinx Demon (14 days ago)
What’s everyone fav lyric? Mine is “tell me what do see when you look in my eyes,cuz all I have left is the demon deep inside
L4ntt1 (14 days ago)
Jinx Demon Me to
Jinx Demon (14 days ago)
D.I.Y. Man (14 days ago)
Song is good
NKW (17 days ago)
whoever vocals these raps sound like a complete fucking faggot god this is awful
Poppin (18 days ago)
Im still listening...
Nuka Stick (18 days ago)
I was suprised on how good and catchy this song is!:D
FNAF GAMER124 (19 days ago)
Anybody in 2018
Multikill LP (18 days ago)
RedN.L.O 8 (19 days ago)
Cool song
Crypto Psyrin (20 days ago)
Bloodborne 2 leaked!
Max Pachica (21 days ago)
Very coooool
hadi baqer (21 days ago)
Ho... he... ho ...he... ho... he
Uros Opacic (21 days ago)
Please make demon souls rap
TheLastCheezCurd (24 days ago)
Fuck me
Gavin Hutton (24 days ago)
thats best song everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Frexi2005 , (28 days ago)
if everybode Rap like he
Gamer Sans (1 month ago)
These bars are 🔥
Ma na So (1 month ago)
Holy shit this is something
Luminescent Light (1 month ago)
This makes me want to get Bloodborne, but it's only on Playstations, which I find kind of bs-y
Michael Jensen (30 days ago)
Yeah, I'm kind of annoyed about Halo 5 for the same reason (JT's video makes me want to play it!) -- but like... I bought an Xbox for Halo 2, back in the day... and they eventually released it on PC... kind of ticks me off that they're doing the same thing again with the Xbone One -- seriously, fuck that shit.
Wyatt Smet (1 month ago)
InkDemon Bendy (1 month ago)
Saw Cleaver anyone?
Edgar Hovhannisyan (1 month ago)
лайк если российский
Vincent Minjauw (1 month ago)
Peakung Gamer (1 month ago)
Devil may cry?!!
FcGlitching76 (1 month ago)
I think you mean dark souls 4 not blood born
ZenoRaptor (14 days ago)
FcGlitching76 Well this came out in 2015 and dark souls 3 came out 2016 so that would make this 3 not 4
SpinZo (1 month ago)
Can u tell me wut name of this instrumental plz?
SlyViper12 Gaming (1 month ago)
Awesome chorus
baxtralek ́ (1 month ago)
0:11 song
Somerandomwizard (1 month ago)
Tell me what do you *see* when you look into my *eyes?*
Crystal Lee (1 month ago)
M8 that song is the greatest i have ever herd
Nadia G. (1 month ago)
This song is sooo good that made me want to buy a PS4 to play bloodborne
Sultan Azathoth (1 month ago)
"Tell me what do you see When you look into my eyes" Looks into eyes. Hey, Vsauce! Michael here
der spieler (1 month ago)
This song je fucking epic ! Big up machinima !
Solarflare Mico (1 month ago)
2018 any body
Solarflare Mico (30 days ago)
James Swain (1 month ago)
Miguel Serrano hell yes
Brian Maturen (1 month ago)
I love at 2:33ish when the dude with the kirk hammer sets his buddy up to get messed up by acting like it was totally safe and luring him into an ambush
Aiden Roberson (1 month ago)
My dad got this game and it's hard but this song makes me want to play more
Wyatt Smet (1 month ago)
Do 1.25 speed
Ex Bon (2 months ago)
Dont know whats worst dieing to the cleric beast using all your supplys and losing all your blood echos or dieing to the townsman of mid yarnham after already getting past that part more than 10 times
Isaac Ikes (2 months ago)
I've beaten Bloodborne but in this video I've seen more bosses I've never seen before... Guess that means I suck at Bloodborne?
Adnan Sadiq (1 month ago)
U mightve missed them because of the dungeons
Chillarix (1 month ago)
Nope, cause some of them are well hidden. You can miss them easily ^^
dat one gamer (2 months ago)
HEY can you make a DmC devil may cry rap
thomas walter (2 months ago)
I hate the blood starved beast but I love this song and many of his others
Dennis Pena (2 months ago)
I know
Ethan Sanders (2 months ago)
Know what?
Trent Bradley (2 months ago)
has anyone noticed that there is 666 dislikes? just wondering
Erubanhron Gaming (2 months ago)
I know right.
gunZerker434 ss (2 months ago)
kotaro amon (2 months ago)
Kin Rin (2 months ago)
Joni (2 months ago)
this one had better chours but dan bulls version had better verses
Eli Petterson (2 months ago)
It has been all most three years and it’s still fier
Szymon Kowalski (2 months ago)
that chorus
hippo guy joshua (2 months ago)
i want a game like dis on ps3
Giovani Gonzalez (2 months ago)
I'm level 540... I assure you that I'm not at the bottom of the food chain
PUBLIX MN (2 months ago)
Is there any insturmental version of this?
DemonKingTeemo [LoL] (2 months ago)
Nokul Debanath (2 months ago)
I love IT music it's the best
Jean-Luc Martel (2 months ago)
CAN YOU GUYS DO titanfall?
Leonardo Centeno (2 months ago)
the best rap of ever
Jordan Rabbetts (2 months ago)
I love all his songs, but All JT machinima songs are better on 1.25 playback speed
kotaro amon (2 months ago)
kotaro amon (2 months ago)
Hmm lemme see
that opener "I did not come to drop bars I will be setting them high" I thought DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
likemice (2 months ago)
Who’s still listening in 2022?
DEATHBRINGER 4263 (3 months ago)
dark souls 3 is better
Aiden Roberson (3 months ago)
Dude love the song I mean holy crap this is way better than dan bulls rap
Darkstander (3 months ago)
Still the best bloodborne song.
Lovefoxy108 Demon (3 months ago)
1:08 is the best
OnyxDemonic (3 months ago)
The legend of drunklestiltsken
Death2581 (3 months ago)
Honestly this is my favorite song from JT
FUZYHED DUDEGUY (3 months ago)
This is amazing. Permission to make a metal cover it? 😁 please
X Amdaut (3 months ago)
Tell me why I can make a destiny montage with this song
Preston Shiba (3 months ago)
why does this game remind me of dark souls
Preston Shiba (3 months ago)
ZenoRaptor oh
ZenoRaptor (3 months ago)
Preston Walker Same creator, From software
GhostBlade _15 (3 months ago)
Whoever disliked this video must be fucking high
HorrorlightYoutube (3 months ago)
>Fighting Cleric Beast post Amelia
Ghostmummy13 (3 months ago)
Your almost at two mill congrats
Howling Nightmares (3 months ago)
3 years later
VD30 (3 months ago)
Still cant get past the first boss XD
HorrorlightYoutube (3 months ago)
Gasgoigne or Cleric Beast? No matter which go to any fextra wiki and join the discord; we will help.
PheonixFighter91 (3 months ago)
PheonixFighter91 (3 months ago)
-L- *O* _L_
Proudcobra 359 (3 months ago)
this is the best game ever
Proudcobra 359 (3 months ago)
and awesome song
Peremious Flameheart (3 months ago)
Damn... Makes me want to go play new game+
Mirror Man (3 months ago)
Nice vid
Seld- Sum (3 months ago)
Free replay button ! - 00:07
That Guy (3 months ago)
1:10 to 1:13 a cult of personality
Alex Langrock (3 months ago)
Almost at 4 million!!
Moon K. (3 months ago)
Marina The Octoling (4 months ago)
As much as i love bloodborne so much i just dont know what to say about this song..
Gabriela Sands (4 months ago)
Are we rolling? (3 months ago)
Oh wait till you fight Rom
Guko-Archiwum (4 months ago)
Fucking Awesome
Yeet Meet peet (4 months ago)
“I will feed you to the dogs, WOFF” he’s a furry confirmed
Riccardo Defalco (4 months ago)
"tell me what do you see when you look into my eyes ......" Someone continue the song
Seld- Sum (3 months ago)
Because all I have left is the demon deep inside ...
John Pollanen (4 months ago)
I only discovered this on 2018 - where have i been?
Sqidgie Mc Tentacles (4 months ago)
But why no Dark Souls 1 rap?

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