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Thomas & Friends: The Adventure Begins Full Ending

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All of u saw the ending credit, but not the whole ending. The Ending starts at The Really Useful Engine. Let just say it the best & glorious ending credit I've ever seen.
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Jordi Studios (9 days ago)
This movie restored a lot of childhoods!
Jordi Studios (9 days ago)
This is the best ttte movie ever!
Zero Horizon862 (9 days ago)
You've gone a long way little tank engine.
Dee Doss (22 days ago)
Ma'am Topham Hatt
The Venomoth (24 days ago)
I almost cried. Don’t judge me. You know you almost did too.
KaijuKid 14 (1 month ago)
This movie is amazing,and this ending proves it.This is my second favorite Thomas film.If your saddened by the show losing its touch over the years(aka the miller era),just watch this movie to remind yourself why you love Thomas.
bendy the gamer (1 month ago)
I fill of Happy's form this:D
Brontar (1 month ago)
I cried when Thomas turned to the illustrations!
Bradley Cotton (1 month ago)
Brontar 64 😭
Windows XP Mapping (2 months ago)
I like the *Railway Series Image Nostalgia*
Phantom Gaming PG (2 months ago)
1:38 best anime ever
4Corry (2 months ago)
Nice to see Farquhar for the first time in cgi.
PlushyDom 2004 (3 months ago)
This made me tear up when I first saw it! Happy 70th Thomas, keep chugging across your branch line with Annie and Clarabell ! 🚂🚋🚋
Jordi Studios (1 day ago)
And with Percy, Toby, Henrietta, Daisy and Mavis.
look at thomas overshooting a bit
Calvin_is_Awesome (4 months ago)
jack harris (4 months ago)
I love this song
vince081175 (4 months ago)
I copy’d it with my toys I have Thomas Edward and Percy at home I have original thomas
KaijuKid 14 (5 months ago)
They used images of the Railway series for the end credits?Cool!
Anton Berglund (6 months ago)
Wait wait wait... At 2:22, 'Voice Director Sharon Miller'? Is/was (this was made in 2014) still working on the show?
Geno Girl (8 months ago)
Love how the ending credits had scenes from the Railway series Book
Goosebumps ;-;
PlushyDom 2004 (3 months ago)
Same here!
Let's get to the point. (9 months ago)
Man how Thomas has progressed
LobsterEater (11 months ago)
D'you know what, I'm 21 and don't watch Thomas, haven't for obviously years, but I heard about this and sat down with my much younger cousin, all throughout I was semi-smiling at the classic stories I'd read and still own in the attic being adapted into the new format, and then this ending made me feel all fuzzy and happy - I've never felt genuine nostalgia before, atleast not on a scale anywhere near what I did when I watched this.
LocomotiveArtist1020 (1 year ago)
Such a tear-jerker :')
JMTeen13 (1 year ago)
The books are the real storys and not the tv shows
Elizabeth Perry (1 year ago)
😭😭😭😭so beautifully
ロクエモン (1 year ago)
I cryed when I watched this full ending.
Melicor Surprises (1 year ago)
If they put Edward's Day Out in The Adventure Begins, we could have seen the two unnamed blue engines(who were mean to Edward) on screen
Melicor Surprises (1 year ago)
Though Percy didn't appear in the special, he's mentioned which means this special is taken before Tenders and Turntables and Trouble In The Sheds
Stephanie Hamilton (1 year ago)
Thomas and friends !!!!!!!!!!
Wargamer Dude (1 year ago)
These end credits were so awesome. I admit I was incredibly hard on anything post Season 11, but seeing them do a tribute and honor of the original classics and the books. I owe them an apology, this ending was truly beautiful
The first time I saw the end credits I almost cried
Zylo Productions (1 year ago)
The pictures in the end credits are actually from the original book series.
somebody hear the credits theme of thomas and the magic railroad?
Prussian Mapping (1 year ago)
It is not good quality 😐
Nate E (1 year ago)
They respected the railway series? *_A TELEVISION FIRST!!!!!_*
papershadow69 (1 year ago)
I grew up on the early Model series, and as you'd expect fell off it around grade school. A combination of nostalgia and happenstance brought me back to rewatch some old episodes during some college stress. I evidently missed a lot more than I thought (they're now up to 20 seasons when I left during the 5th as a kid), so I thought I'd watch this special to see how the writing was holding up on stories I remembered, and this ending affirmed for me my thoughts on the overall production: Maybe it's not the classic series outright, but the heart is on the screen and I can't help smiling watching this. In a way, this special did exactly what I feel it should, stir up some fond memories and remind me what I loved about this show as a kid.
Davide Lucarelli (1 year ago)
2:42 HIT
- GDStorm3 (1 year ago)
this thomas and friends film is a 2007 version?
Jordi Studios (1 day ago)
2015, to celebrate 70 years since "The Three Railway Engines" was published.
Coolguy216 (1 year ago)
ShyColdChris (1 year ago)
I feel like they should've remade the Season 1 ending theme like the ones on VHS
Harry Haimes (2 years ago)
I arrived after this video
Bespoke Weddingmusic (1 year ago)
Toby The Tram Engine
Dee Doss (4 days ago)
Train Frontier Express Is My Favorite Video Game Room And You Can Get Your Own Game Room Now Winx Club Season 4
Tyler Matus (2 years ago)
I will upload this video within 1000 weeks but you might need to pay $11111100099356 dollars for me to upload this music video
Gordon TAK (2 years ago)
wow so cool bro so cool not ganna lie
Dee Doss (2 years ago)
He's One My Favorite Gumball Characters Besides Gumball Darwin And Richard And Nicole Watterson
Joneszilla Jr (2 years ago)
Best remix of if he is the one ever better than the original and the magic railroad one
Player 999 000 (2 years ago)
Dee Doss (2 years ago)
Winx Club
Dee Doss (2 years ago)
Mario Kart Wii Games
ADarkBlueOreo (2 years ago)
Someone play this in my Graduation Party
Anand R. Misir (3 months ago)
PlushyDom 2004 What the hell is going on?!
PlushyDom 2004 (3 months ago)
My little cousin sang Accidents Happen during Christmas Eve last year!
Anand R. Misir (3 months ago)
김재현 (2 years ago)
Dejis Dad (2 years ago)
Best ending
1:36 does anyone notice a bit of the classic theme?
100 Star Gaming (2 months ago)
Yeah 0-0
Bradley Cotton (7 months ago)
Wilder Wonka That’s where I cried inside. 😢
little_blue_engine 27 (9 months ago)
Wilder Wonka yep
Freddie Clapton (1 year ago)
Wilder Wonka I did
Destroyer awx (2 years ago)
Jack Freddy
i dont think this is the ending of the movie, i think its a celebration, THAT SHARON MILLER IS GONE HORRAY
brycehalford49 (2 years ago)
nope she still is the voice director and thats how it should have been, she can't write but she can direct can we give her that
Jose Agustin Gaming (2 years ago)
The 3d really fucked it up but it's still awsome
Jasmine Johnston (2 years ago)
In the PBS version of the ending, they show the lyrics to Really Useful Engine instead of the actual staff credits. They still show the illustrations from the storybooks though!
GussyT17 (2 years ago)
They should just have the UK version instead of doing US and UK.
Anton Berglund (6 months ago)
Killian Keane Can you share a link? I would Love! To see that he was right.
Killian Keane (2 years ago)
i completely agree even the reverend said that the whole series would be ruined as soon as the Americans got their hands on it- and he was dead right!
ironmatic 1 (2 years ago)
I think they [Arc] should stretch out Thomas to make him more like a real E2 class and like he was in the Railway Series.
Runaway Train (2 years ago)
+SONIC:VJ the creator off the new show thomas and friends wuld agrea with you
VJ Vilms (2 years ago)
Nah, I personally think he would look weird. But that's my opinion.
Jasmine Johnston (2 years ago)
I love the funny voice acting in this movie. Ringo Starr said it like "wake up lazy bones, why don't you work hard like me", whereas Joseph May says it like "Wake up, lazy bones! Why don't YOU work hard like ME!"
Althea Zelyn (2 years ago)
having a comment?
Mason Allen Buskirk (2 years ago)
Happy 70th Birthday to the Reverend Awdry's Railway Series and our beloved tank engine of the North Western Railway.
Jennifer Manning (3 years ago)
Happy 70th anniversary to my favorite number one train Thomas the tank engine
Glorious King Gabe (3 years ago)
My favorite cgi Thomas and Friends movie ever. Ah the memories.
PlushyDom 2004 (3 months ago)
Same here!
TRAYAURUS ' (3 years ago)
in my mind i replaced thomas for emily and henry for belle emily was black then dark green and james was black with red stripes then polished black with golden bandings
JROG1989 (3 years ago)
I'll bet that one day Glynn will be back
Jasmine Johnston (1 year ago)
JROG1989 season 20 episode "The Christmas Coffeepot"
JROG1989 (2 years ago)
+Happy Doggy when will that be?
biscuit (3 years ago)
Nobody questioned this in the movie? Ok i will, if this takes place when thomas first arrived...Why does henry have his new shape? this is along time ago, shouldn't henry have is old shape here?
Die grüne E2 Lokomotive (6 months ago)
papershadow69 and Edward came to Sodor about a month after Thomas
papershadow69 (1 year ago)
I think there might have been liberties taken with the overall event sequence, because according to the wiki timeline, Henry arrived in 1922 and was rebuilt in 1935, but Thomas was built and arrived on Sodor in 1915, sold to NWR in 1920. So if this movie was covering Thomas's origin story to a "T", Henry shouldn't have actually been around, at least when Thomas arrived. Even Gordon was built and brought in 1922-23, so he wouldn't be here either before Thomas. The cementing fact is that the latest the major event(s) of this film can happen is 1923, the year listed as wehn Thomas was put in charge of his branch line for tending to James's accident. The simpler explanation is that they didn't want to make another model given Henry's overall minor role in the stories they based the film around. Did the show at this point have any episodes that featured Henry's old shape in flashbacks or such? I'm not the most observant, nor was I as a kid, so I never noticed (visually) the exact differences between Henry's old and new shapes.
VJ Vilms (2 years ago)
+Paul Gonzalez plus if they said they rebuilt him...the kids would be a little freaked out.
UltraOrb66 (3 years ago)
+Steven Garcia118 plus I suspect the recent authors aren't lazy, hence the reason for his redesign in the first place. However Henry's arc is my personal favorite and that's why you get an up vote
Steven Garcia118 (3 years ago)
+MoparCarFan In my theory. Kids would offend wonder what's with Henry since the movie didn't have time to go with the Flying kipper.
ThomasFan3751 (3 years ago)
The Adventure Begins is definitely Andrew Brenner's strongest special by far.
Avery Hunt (2 years ago)
let alone the Strongest one in the Series
cattrainboy05 (3 years ago)
I hope we see Glynn, Jerome, and Judy again.
PlushyDom 2004 (3 months ago)
The Missing Breakdown Train!
Coolguy216 (1 year ago)
Enrique Junior Gomez (1 year ago)
These three characters came back in Season 20
White Fang (2 years ago)
Childhood restored!
PlushyDom 2004 (3 months ago)
Same here!
KeeferJ 1995 (1 year ago)
Glorious King Gabe Couldn't agree more! Thomas and Friends has been one of my favorite childhood TV shows growing up, and I still watch it to this day.
White Fang (3 years ago)
+Glorious King Gabe yes 2nd best movie of all time
Glorious King Gabe (3 years ago)
Yes it has. Best Thomas and Friends CGI movie ever.
White Fang (3 years ago)
+RaritanRiverRailroadFan4 yes
Alexander Hill (3 years ago)
I do hope they merchandise Glynn as Wooden Railway, Take-n-Play.
White Fang (3 years ago)
+Alexander Hill well then there is the possiblty because we saw him for less then 30 seconds that they probally wont make him well lets see if we can have a complant LETS START A RIOT
Alexander Hill (3 years ago)
So all they have to do is to wait, right?
White Fang (3 years ago)
+Alexander Hill well its been a while they have already made stuff for lost treasure so................
Alexander Hill (3 years ago)
I really I hope they will made Glynn as Wooden Railway and Take-n-Play.
White Fang (3 years ago)
+Alexander Hill they never did just Track Master weird
Royce Petite (3 years ago)
I must ask... Why not use the original intro?... It would just be a Breif animation period and BOOM, The fans would be more pleased with the producers of the show... Did hit Just feel like it had to change the intro music and such as SOON as it took over..?
Royce Petite (3 years ago)
*Quick animation*
Trainz 4days (3 years ago)
Glynn sounds like skarloey. Is he voiced by Keith?
Steven Garcia118 (3 years ago)
+Axel Jörnulf Yes
Jurgen Yong (3 years ago)
Best Memories of The Railway Series book Pictures ever! 1:38
PlushyDom 2004 (3 months ago)
That's the part when I stared to tear up! 🚂🚋🚋
TWR Tales (3 years ago)
The first time I saw the adventure begins I cried and couldn't believe it
PlushyDom 2004 (3 months ago)
I'm always stuck at my little Cousin's house and I have no other choice bout to watch Thomas, so I know every part of this movie!
ThomasFan3751 (3 years ago)
I watched it the first time on YouTube, and I'm pretty sure that I revisited the classic Thomas the Tank Engine episodes from my childhood (but with an extra twist because I haven't read much of the original Railway Series).
Ross Taylor Media (3 years ago)
I loved the original version of this song in I think it was Thomas and the magical railroad(I could be wrong) and when I saw this film for the first time I cried when they played the useful engine song as I have so many Thomas the tank engine memory's
papershadow69 (8 months ago)
The original version of the song was in the 4th season of the show, then had a modified/orchestrated version for Magic Railroad.
MATTY GUPSTA (1 year ago)
Ross Taylor Media yes your right, it was from magic railroad
Alex-Zander Browne (3 years ago)
You know what I wanna see? An episode from the perspective of the drivers.
Mazel Wibawa (4 months ago)
Alex-Zander Browne probably just them staring at a blue wall and looking out of a window sometimes.
EpicPlayerMan 9 (3 years ago)
The old version of this was better.
JMTeen13 (1 year ago)
This was copied to the first book series, not the tv series
White Fang (3 years ago)
+Canaan Perez true better
Xandardorf (3 years ago)
I agree. In fact I've read these stories in the RWS, and the season 1 versions were more faithful.
Michael S. (3 years ago)
I can never hate Andrew Brenner and His Team after the brilliance they have shown since 2013! and no way Allcroft is better, second best (with Mitton and Cardona, yes)
Anand R. Misir (3 months ago)
Joseph Marrison He had hiccups?
White Fang (3 years ago)
+Brandon Parson yes
White Fang (3 years ago)
+Brandon Parson well maybe later on like 2 or 3 years from now but I like the Toby idea better
White Fang (3 years ago)
+Brandon Parson true
Joseph Marrison (3 years ago)
+Brandon Parson No I meant it could be about the stories of after James arrived, when he got hiccups, needed a bootlace, lost his trucks on the hill and puled the express for the first time ever.
You know how so many people say "childhood ruined" when a children's show they loved has been altered in a way that is hated? Well this is kind of the opposite and a lot of older Thomas fans might be saying "childhood restored."
Donkeykong Brawlsmash (3 years ago)
0:11 That does it! I've had enough of The Adventure Begins.  Thank you for your efforts Brenner, but those episodes were great the way they were, you didn't need to remake them.  I loved King of the Railway and Tale of the Brave. Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure will surely restore my faith in you.
Nikki M (4 months ago)
Donkeykong Brawlsmash, I wish would've been wiped out by Thanos.
UltraOrb66 (3 years ago)
+Xandardorf reborn though for a new generation so the next generations can appreciate it, go for it
Xandardorf (3 years ago)
I agree. I was watching this special, not out of excitement, but out of curiosity. This will never beat the classic show. Season 7 was the end of the classics, and even Brenner can never recreate it. Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends can never be recreated.
Russell pointer (3 years ago)
They should have referenced the first shot of Thomas and Gordon in the end credits from the classic tv series in The Adventure Begins . Then i would have to nothing  complain about.
Donkeykong Brawlsmash (3 years ago)
+Russell pointer Some guys might tell you that the only thing that matters is if they follow the RWS. But they are wrong. The RWS is not the only thing that matters, besides the show isn't supposed to be exactly like the Railway Series. Otherwise the show would have been titled "The Railway Series". Thankfully that's not the case. IMO the Railway Series had good ideas and characters, but it was too serious and lacked the spirit that the TV show has. Britt was doing that to keep the series alive, she loved Awdry's stories, and sought to keep them alive. The problem might have been that Rev. Awdry was too used to having it his way, (since he had it for 40 years) that any kind of change made, he saw as an attack. This is not uncommon among people. My dad is a Reverend himself, and he has had to deal with people like that every day (who see any change as a threat.) I respect Awdry in what his intentions were, but that doesn't mean his series was perfect, Britt had more respect for him than he gave her credit for, and a lot of guys are still like that today. Britt may not have been perfect either, but they both made the franchise a success, and Mr. Brenner is trying to tribute both of them, so that this ongoing comment war between their supporters may end soon.
Russell pointer (3 years ago)
+Xandardorf Good. i'm not going mad
Xandardorf (3 years ago)
I actually agree with you. In that the original episodes were just as influential as the RWS was. It was meant to unite them, not to glorify one over the other.
Russell pointer (3 years ago)
+Russell pointer i suppose so
NWR1991 (3 years ago)
+Russell pointer Be at least grateful that they at least made something and that the writers have the upmost respect towards Thomas the Tank Engine. Who cares if they didn't reference the first shot of 'Thomas and Gordon' this is about the Railway Series the books that STARTED the character not the TV series. In the end be grateful.
OneTrueThomasFan (3 years ago)
If y'all like this ending of the movie, check this out!--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQwMgMQePPs
Steven Garcia118 (3 years ago)
+OneTrueThomasFan I love it!
Duke k Dave (3 years ago)
One dislike from timothy the ghost train
Adi Wadi /Digstreme (3 years ago)
who cryed at the credits out of nostalgia
Jordi Studios (1 day ago)
It was thanks to this ilustrations that apeared I knew about the RWS.
Bradley Cotton (7 months ago)
Trident Nine Five 😭
Alcofoamer (2 years ago)
If you didn't you're dead inside.
Trident Nine Five (3 years ago)
I loved the entire special! But the scene where the cgi transitioned to the book illustrations was the cherry on top! I teared up. After the disaster that was Shannon Miller it's finally gotten amazing again! Here's hoping lost treasure continues this!
Hit Entertainment's executives probably had a heart attack after seeing this. At least Andrew Brenner knows how to deliver. Now if only they can bring back the original opening theme...
JMTeen13 (1 year ago)
RaritanRiverRailroadFan4 How hit would hate this
Max Medaglia (3 years ago)
Must. Resist. Urge. To. Sing. Along.
White Fang (3 years ago)
+The Ravaloxian Whovian yea i try not to but sometimes cant help my self
The Ravaloxian Whovian (3 years ago)
Let go. Sing along. :P Most of us are ;)
Shortround551 (3 years ago)
GUYS, AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICED THAT THIS SECTION OF THE FILM REFERENCES THE ORIGINAL INTRO!!!! You have the landscape shot at : 0:29 . You have the Under the Bridge Shot at: 0:36 and the shot of him coming in at Ffarquhar at 0:46 !!!
Jtmissile_AKA_SS870 (2 months ago)
Never noticed it before
Calvin_is_Awesome (4 months ago)
Shortround551 Oh shit! I never noticed that! Clever!
Glitchy (7 months ago)
Shortround551 p
Glorious King Gabe (3 years ago)
I just notice that. Didn't see that before.
Seven Santos (3 years ago)
XXRAVENS35XX (3 years ago)
I miss the old thomas cartoon, this one is not as legendary as the ones they had before.
Die grüne E2 Lokomotive (5 months ago)
XXRAVENS35XX the old Thomas wasn't a cartoon technically , since it was done with models
White Fang (3 years ago)
+Canaan Perez yes
EpicPlayerMan 9 (3 years ago)
I agree
Panda Bear97 (3 years ago)
The 1st production scince the 4th season to directly adapt railway series stories.
The Terrier Of Bluebells (5 months ago)
Gabriel Lopez Useful Railway.
IanthePikachu (9 months ago)
Gabriel Lopez Useful Railway. Also this came out a year before Season 20
Gabriel Lopez (11 months ago)
Koala Bear1997 in season 20 the did Mike's whistle ,tit for tat, and something else
TankEngine97 (3 years ago)
Favourite moment from this special
Jonathan Lafferty (1 year ago)
In The U.S Percy sound's like Filburt on Rocko's Modern Life in the U.K he sound's like Raj on Camp Lazlo Diesel sound's like Stewie in both U.S/U.K
Michael Tabrizi (1 year ago)
Jonathan Lafferty what about Percy and/or Diesel?
Jonathan Lafferty (1 year ago)
My Voice Comparison with the new Thomas Voices in the U.S Thomas=Sponge-Bob James=Benson Sir Top-Ham Hat=Peter Griffin But The New voices that stayed the same: Henry =Chris Griffin Gordon=Either Garfield or Principal Skinner U decide I think Gordon Sound's like Garfield Edward=either Scooter or Fozzie on Muppet Babies I think Edward sounds Like Fozzie
Joss Cohen (3 years ago)
Thomas Thomas
Steven Garcia118 (3 years ago)
+TankEngine97 agree
VJ Vilms (3 years ago)
So is this the WWII movie final product? It is based on the Railway Series after all.
VJ Vilms (2 years ago)
+Dalejrfan8883 it was a joke. I meant just getting bombed in general. The blitz.
+SONIC:VJ only Japan was nuked in WW2, to my knowledge
VJ Vilms (2 years ago)
+Bronic Hedgehog I guess, but I'm kind of glad that we don't see Thomas getting nuked. That would ruin my childhood more than Shed 17 did. I really hate that. Don't watch it. 3spooky5me! XD
+Jacob Meagher ah
Trident Nine Five (3 years ago)
The WW2 movie is kind of in limbo right now

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