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The Next B-52 Upgrade May Be a Tough Alert Message for China.

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U.S. Air Force officials are looking to upgrade the B-52 Stratofortress' bomb-load at a time when the service, and the Defense Department as a whole, is preparing for near-peer rivals. The service last month posted a request for information survey to identify potential contractors that could offer insights on how to best integrate newer and much heavier bombs-under the aircraft's wings. Boeing B-52 Upgrade May Be a Tough Alert Message for China.
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Farmer Bold (3 months ago)
China is NOT going to stop what its doing. That means that The People's Republic of China meaning the CCP's leadership and Xi Jingping if he is not already dead from a heart-attack, is going to get it in the END (TRANSLATION: ASS). It will be extremely HUMILIATING OR LOSS OF FACE for the criminal leadership of the CCP.

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