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Marwencol | OFFICIAL trailer US (2010) ComicCon SXSW Silverdocs IFF Boston

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winner: Comic-Con - IFF Boston - SXSW - SilverDocs - Hot Docs - Seattle - Cleveland - Fantasia Genre: documentary Regie / directed by: Jeff Malmberg ( Broadcast 23 , Shafted ) Kinostart Deutschland: TBA Kinostart USA: October 8th, 2010 offizielle Filmsite: http://www.marwencol.com/ Verwendung mit freundlicher Genehmigung von used with authorization
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Text Comments (81)
Titanic Truths (1 month ago)
Kathy Ramos (2 months ago)
Wow just saw a trailer of the moviw coming out in 2018... But thia documentary it amazed me..well deserve to know who you truthly are.
MissyLillie (2 months ago)
Just saw the movie trailer and now I wanna see this so bad!!!
Rachel DeRosier (2 months ago)
Why watch a dramatization when you can see the real thing?
finn bell (2 months ago)
sham dich unreine jude!
justin hyland (2 months ago)
0:46 He pays such incredible attention to detail, getting every aspect of it as realistic as possible (even the .45 1911 slide can be racked!)... then he undermines it all when he calls the magazine a "clip".
Noble_Dragon (2 months ago)
Wow. Now it’s Steve Carell’s turn at this subject.
XDEADheadEDX (2 months ago)
just curious... why would anyone dislike this?
Genaro Siles (2 months ago)
After watching the trailer
Jojo 1961 (3 months ago)
Movie is coming, surprise i never saw this
Jens (3 months ago)
Incoming comments about being here after the recently released trailer for the Robert Zemeckis film, Welcome to Marwen......including mine ;)
warmecanic (3 months ago)
I´m in for this movie, damn
pompom45 (3 months ago)
So watched the movie trailer ....And I found myself here. Another amazing story
Jory Stultz (8 months ago)
Beat to near death by U.S. Marines no less just because he wore women's clothes. The intolerance in this country is incredibly out of control.
Nicholas Fernandez (1 month ago)
TheDarkCheese it did tbh but it wasnt really the comment so much as i was going through a rough patch so i needed to vent. Also tf do you care about my name?
TheDarkCheese (1 month ago)
Nicholas Fernandez never thought a dude with the last name fernandez would advise someone else to leave the us lol. that comment really touched a nerve didnt it, buddy.
Nicholas Fernandez (1 month ago)
MarquisDeSang neither is true. It happened because at the time this was taboo. Marines yes but that never had to do with it. I've never met a gay marine in my life and even the younger guys when they show up at boot, they're married alot of the time. Not to mention I dont mind that being gay isnt tolerated if you dont like it, you can move. I personally dont think it should be normal, but then again I'm not going to nearly kill someone over it. Also, this certainly didnt happen in the 21st century and I believe it happened in the 70s so you saying that this applies to the modern world is complete and utter bull shit yes it does happen but that's inevitable not to mention that this is one incident the chances of something like this happening are ludicrous. Trust me that was back in the time when people shot other people just for having curved fucking magazines. Also just because you see a gay person get bullied by a man doesnt mean the man is gay that theory has already been debunked multiple times over the decades. The fact that people are so blindfolded and one sided based purely off of emotion is something that concerns me
MarquisDeSang (2 months ago)
Only closet Homos would do that because they are raging about their own attraction to men. U.S Marines is the perfect place to be surrounded buy other closet homos.
Gina Whoever (1 year ago)
the capacity for the human mind to carry on despite the trauma one encounters shines bright in this film. such an endearing man, such a heinous hate crime that near took his life. this film was done so well i felt like Marwencol was a town i may have visited once... and his talent as a photographer was affecting... some of those photos seemed just as real as any war photo i have seen. absolutely inspiring.
Thirtiesguy (1 year ago)
M1911 takes magazines, not clips...
xmobster5 (1 month ago)
Thirtiesguy he said the colt 45.
1x _1331 (2 months ago)
Thirtiesguy did you miss the several parts of the documentary where his Brain and head injuries and general trama were mentioned....
candyapu3 (3 months ago)
The homie referred to his skull as his head pieces...
Thirtiesguy (1 year ago)
+James What? You trolling?
James Smith (1 year ago)
lighten up Francis
sclogse1 (1 year ago)
A great story, and it has a twist. See this film.
ksol1460tv (2 years ago)
I love that the women barge in to rescue the men. Henry Darger would love this!
DeadBunny69 (1 year ago)
Only Henry's heroes would be much younger.
MrDrawingboard1 (3 years ago)
Now Robert Zemeckis is going to make a feature film adaptation of this documentary, and it's for sure this time. Steve Carrell will be playing this guy. Thats pretty awesome!
Duke Togo (25 days ago)
Mother fucker is gonna make it like Forrest Gump. Trailer looks like shit.
1c1pal (1 month ago)
Hanniffy Dinn Lies.
Hanniffy Dinn (2 months ago)
Seen Trailer...looks good.
Erroneous Botch (2 months ago)
Hopefully, it's just a bad trailer, but it does look really candy coated
crazedmartinez (3 months ago)
Damn it took 3 years ?
Michael Choki (3 years ago)
Is insanity transmittable by visual forced experience? When do you start becoming a bit more insane because you follow a story of someone who is? Needed more research on these.
ksol1460tv (2 years ago)
+Michael Choki Read Joanne Greenberg's "I Never Promised You A Rose Garden". She talks about how in insane asylums the nurses and staff have to be careful and the best ones are the most personally steady. Everyone has a bit of "insanity" inside. When the staff witnesses the patients' behavior, it can lead them to, not necessarily go completely psychotic or anything, but whatever instability they have might be brought out more and they have to deal with it. The woman in that book has created her own world too, with its own language and everything, so you might be interested. John
Man Child (4 years ago)
LOL he totally would....~ smileyswelove/420/ ~
Justin Wood (4 years ago)
One of the top ten films I've ever seen. Amazing.
Mr. Hotdog Shirt Guy (5 years ago)
Starring Nicolas Cage
Book Snake (3 months ago)
Oh my God, Mr. Hotdog shirt guy! Haha...I would if I could...
fucken spoiler alert!
Anton Shigaev (5 years ago)
Да он же ёбнутый!
mayrana2 (5 years ago)
He was a crossdresser
sfighter991 (6 years ago)
marvelicons12 (6 years ago)
wow ! awesome
Jacob James (6 years ago)
Too many people try to make art. Mark created some.
Domonkoss (6 years ago)
inspiring film..
millert1 (6 years ago)
Anyone know the music that kicks in @ 1:45
gijose95 (6 years ago)
this movie made me dive into the world of the 1/6 scale. i am autistic and yes i still play with them, but i never knew the artistic side until now.
Katherine Donovan (2 months ago)
When my older brother was little, he never talked much so my mom got him toys to play with and that helped him speak. Toys really do help open up for people with autism.
jcsbrugg (6 years ago)
Mark, good for you! You have taken a shattered brain and life and made something wonderful and interesting. You deserve everything great that happens to you in this life. Stay genuine, stay positive, stay apart from the pack with your amazing bend on life. And, for God's sake, keep your alter alive and kicking in Marwencol! jan b
MARCOS-MCMXCI (6 years ago)
Mark would be an insane dungeon master.
Lumen Lumeno (7 years ago)
This was great!! Mark is such a sweet guy!
Deb Mustard (7 years ago)
@CaravelClerihew with nazi's hanging upside down!
colorform69 (7 years ago)
this is one of the best documentaries i have ever seen.
plasius (7 years ago)
"fucking man shoes!"
Marixpress (7 years ago)
I highly recommend this documentary!
Danielle Walker (7 years ago)
It wasn't the best idea send him to New York City.
Doug Poswencyk (7 years ago)
@bunz87 English isn't tuticmen's first language. Who knows? Maybe it's his 4th or 5th.
bunz87 (7 years ago)
@tuticmen COMED OUT??? REALLY
Wyn Kelly (7 years ago)
WOW! His own version of SecondLife.
Book Snake (3 months ago)
SecondLife offline.
godwhyisthistaken (7 years ago)
i wonder if he does other things by himself...
Russell Hong (7 years ago)
This story is painful & joyful. It;s a sad fact what human beings do to one another. It's a true miricle what this man does in recreating his world after such a horrific beating. His journey brings him to create a world of creativity, healing, building, playing of sorts, staging, all with the help of Barbie Dolls & G. I. Dolls (i presume). It's sortof like child psycology but for adults. I'm lookin forward to this one, thanks
toddytights (7 years ago)
@Njcworld comes out tomorrow.
ToxinMortalis (7 years ago)
Looks so cool.
Happy Fuzzy (7 years ago)
zeejustin6 (7 years ago)
Just finished watching this 15 mins ago. This movie was truly incredible from an emotional, philosophical, human, and artistic perspective...also very funny!
Kevin Hinh (7 years ago)
Does anybody know the song used in the beginning of the trailer?
lauren thomas (7 years ago)
I'm seeing this tonight!
Diamond Dust (7 years ago)
this looks incredible.
TheSpoonyBard (7 years ago)
I want my wedding picture to look more or less like 1:17
Santiago Vasquez (7 years ago)
SneakyThew (7 years ago)
rck as (7 years ago)
a great inspiration
dibs64 (7 years ago)
Surreal (7 years ago)
didnt see anything like that?!

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