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Combine Elite Soldiers vs “Metro Cops” | Hammer: HL2: Ep 2

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Testing Combine Elite Soldiers vs 100 Metro Cops (Metropolitan Police): http://half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Civil_Protection 4 vs 100 12 vs 100 20 vs 100 40 vs 100 80 vs 100 100 vs 100 There is a lot of lag towards the end; the number of NPCs reach 200. Source overload. This is another map I made in Hammer; these battles were recorded in HL2: Episode Two. These battles were not recorded in Garry’s Mod. Credits: Machinima Network | http://www.machinima.com Valve Corporation | http://www.valvesoftware.com
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Gato Advogado (1 month ago)
What if... Civil Protection (All units) joins The Resistance Resistance would have more training, since, CPs could easily teach them and train them. | Resistance would have more weapons, like Stunsticks, USPs and MP7s . | Resistance and Civil Protection could easily blast C17 and even others together, taking off any Combine Loyalist and CP that didn't betray the U.U. , Maybe even winning.
BulletKingIsHere (11 days ago)
and then they formed independent sovereign states at white forest and other regions
BulletKingIsHere (11 days ago)
That would be Genius
Tanika Moeun (3 months ago)
CharlesFBronson (7 months ago)
Can someone please tell me where I could find this mod/editor for HL2 or at least the name? This is exactly what I would love to have !
Krystof01 (6 months ago)
CharlesFBronson No problem ;)
CharlesFBronson (6 months ago)
Thanks !
Krystof01 (6 months ago)
CharlesFBronson Hammer editor program files x86\steam\steamapps\common\half life 2\bin\Hammer
Devil Raptor (8 months ago)
But the elite is better and they try to be best
Overwatch Unit (10 months ago)
Man, combine elites are sooo cute, they are like marshmallows on legs ^////^
BulletKingIsHere (11 days ago)
Tanika Moeun (3 months ago)
Overwatch Unit I can tell
Dudi Koko (1 year ago)
every combine with a gun needs cover to shoot with a strategy but the metrocops have weapns and open space .
specialunit 042 (1 year ago)
the combine elites would have one if there were some types of obstacles like rocks or walls etc
IDemandInsanity (1 year ago)
The reason why the elites lost is because the stun sticks are one or two hit kill
Classic Macro (1 year ago)
Chickenshit metrocops are no match for the superior and magnificent transhuman overwatch forces.
Ciber Yoshi (1 year ago)
map name ???
RubixNoobix The Doge (2 years ago)
0:59 the MP's are going on a strike
General Squarepants (1 year ago)
dead squid on keyboard (2 years ago)
The reason the Elites fail is because Supacomputer set them all as part of the same squad; any given squad, no matter the size, only ever has two soldiers attacking at once. If there had been multiple squads operating at once, the Elites would have done significantly better. Mostly you see non-attacking soldiers throwing grenades, launching energyballs, or taking cover, but since there's no cover on this map that they can take, the soldiers are hard-coded to charge the enemy and fire at close range.
specialunit 042 (4 months ago)
the other problem is that the stun baton, when used by npc's, is incredibly lethal to other npc's due to it being coded to have a one hit damage ratio
klaidas zaksauskas (5 months ago)
dude the elite soliders dont need cover
SUKA BLAYT (11 months ago)
And the stun sticks are VERY overpowered for NPC's.
Fabulous Metrocop (1 year ago)
Yes, he should have put all the elites in squads of 4 each. That would have half of the elites firing at one time, and also squads big enough for the elites to effectively use squad strategies.
Advisingg (1 year ago)
Theres also a problem, the elites charge without any other strategy.
GamingAndroid (2 years ago)
metro cops,hunters,striders, dropships and tank are the most powerful combines
Biohazard Personal (2 years ago)
man this was like combine vs zombie hmm what about zombine? hey what about zombine vs combine what would happend?
lonely weeaboo (2 years ago)
Eric Scoggins (3 years ago)
How the you get them to fight the cp how they aren't spost to fight the cp
I know this is two years late, but they adjusted the A.I. relationship in the codes to make the two forces enemies.
Combine Overwatch (2 years ago)
Because of AI
Macin toshiba (3 years ago)
These soldiers Were stupid. Why Charge a metrocop if You have A GUN THAT FUCKING DISSOLVES EVERYTHING
U WOT M8? (3 years ago)
Wait how do they attack each other if they are the same?
Shamest (3 years ago)
This reminds me of Gotham City PD retaking the city in The Dark Knight Rises!
massamay uzumaki (3 years ago)
Lol killed him
Aaron Schellhammer (3 years ago)
Ya know, this proves that if they tried really hard and didn't betray the human race, Civil Protection along with the Rebels could stage a revolt against the combine and win, as long as they bring less than 100 men, of course. But with the combined numbers of the rebel forces and the CP forces. They could win.
BulletKingIsHere (11 days ago)
Two Rebellions, the humans rebels and the Metrocops
shamrockSardonic (5 months ago)
HL2 registers them all as a single squad, and in the coding, in a individual squad, only two may fire at any given time.
Gentel Noober (2 years ago)
+Aaron “Boomi34” Schellhammer Original forces left, and were replaced by CP and OTA
Soviet Onion (2 years ago)
+madness3200 No, stunsticks are overpowered.
Dark Ambition (3 years ago)
kabell (11 months ago)
Combine Overwatch (3 years ago)
Combine police
Elitecake (3 years ago)
Map name?
Daniel Windsor-Jones (3 years ago)
I guess at the end, they turn on you for making them lose to wimpy metro cop
TheEpicHALODUDE (3 years ago)
this is like a combine civil war
Igmar Hernandez (3 years ago)
how were you able to manipulate the Combine to fight against each other, or are they friendly npcs
Igmar Hernandez (3 years ago)
ai_relationship point entities https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Ai_relationship I made them hate each other by changing the AI relationship between them.
OregonCT (3 years ago)
MP to OP!!!
Lucas Rojas (3 years ago)

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