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After Effects Tutorial: Particles Logo & Text Animation

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After Effects Tutorial in this tutorial I'll show you how to make simple particle logo and text effects for beginners using Adobe After Effects and i'm using trapcode particular plugin. in this Tutorial i'm using Text to speech the idea came from Avnish Parker. he doing a great job ! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original Author ( buy This Template ) - https://goo.gl/g4Beqp ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE NOTE : in This Tutorial i'm not using any Copyright Content, This Tutorial is inspired by Original author, original author link above. i'm shearing my Knowledge just For learning purpose ! Thank you. ★ SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL - https://goo.gl/YQ1sAB ★ My System Specification - follow me on ---- instagram --- https://www.instagram.com/wasiful007/ facebook ---- https://www.facebook.com/flimlionvisualfx if you enjoy this video then please hit the SUBSCRIBE button and also LIKE this video it's FREE -------------------------------------------------- Create intro for you channel / blog/web site just one click please check my profile ! Link - https://goo.gl/GaU8Sp ------------------------------------------------------ check my other Awesome After Effects tutorials - • Audio Spectrum Effect in After Effects - https://youtu.be/esP3HWXwKm4 • How to Make Cinematic Film Intro - https://youtu.be/6z0YlebhTyw • Spark Particles Logo & Text Animation in After Effects - https://youtu.be/lMBTwp7TkzQ • Writing Text Effects - Text Animation in After Effects - https://youtu.be/LSmDzScPsTY • Text to Sand Particles Logo & Text Animation - https://youtu.be/yKoHkCJUSnc • (Farcry 4 logo effects) Particles Logo & Text Animation - https://youtu.be/58Z3sYBFrXc • Cinematic Titles Raees trailer effect - https://youtu.be/TeXQS2RbPPU • Google logo with Particles Logo & Text Animation - https://youtu.be/vOzwCbLl89Q • Gold Text and Gold Particles Text Effects - https://youtu.be/wuP0-PQduwc • Cool Element 3D V2 Tutorial in After Effects - https://youtu.be/x2NgwaUlXek • Cinematic Text Animation in After Effects - https://youtu.be/emdV3v0vOIc • Shiny Gold Text and Particles Effects - https://youtu.be/fqGMGBrdUcU • Real Fire Text effect in After Effects - https://youtu.be/XPRB1dZFOCw • Simple fold Logo Animation in After Effects - https://youtu.be/3YYFOjbTrPE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- background Sound - youtube audio library - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCht8qITGkBvXKsR1Byln-wA ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for watching ! :)
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Text Comments (648)
FLIMLION VisualFX (8 months ago)
Thank you So much For 6k+ Likes ! Can i Get 10K like ?? i know You'll Do This ! :) Love you all !
Ashley Glover (1 month ago)
Trapcode is a third party plug-in on which you would need to purchase.
Dhyan DAVID (2 months ago)
can anyone send me the plug-in file....i couldnt make it in my pc......
PYC Team Official (4 months ago)
FLIMLION VisualFX very nice 💞💞 Help tv credit a name for me please SophaT-Music
sandeep kumaar (6 months ago)
There is no trapcode effects in my after effects I am using after effects cc 2018
Ifteeker Mahmud (8 months ago)
FLIMLION VisualFX plzzz can you make this intro for me??? Ifteeker@gmail.com its my gmail
Rasel ict (1 hour ago)
thanks sir for tutorial...
Anup Shekhar Sharma (2 days ago)
Nice tutorial. Can I make my logo using these instructions and use on my youtube channel without copyright issues?
Javier Flowers (9 days ago)
I already bought the template, how can I add it to my effects?
Alchemy (10 days ago)
My particles colors are darker for some reason I cant figure out why... The logo doesn't have black just a transparent background.
Kit Kohler (11 days ago)
My dude I like your voice just fine. It's better than the robot. :)
Thank you, please pay attention to the background music. annoying
Nur Islam Titu (1 month ago)
Can you give me the project file of this video?
Lil Man Christopher (1 month ago)
Thank you So much For 6k+ Likes ! Can I Get 10k like ?? I know You'll Do This ! :) Love you all !
Peter Lustig (1 month ago)
sayacı ıcayas (1 month ago)
thank you so much I made use of your video
Warta Loka (1 month ago)
what TTS voice is that?
Osamakamil Kamil (1 month ago)
very beauty full video bro making continues
deniz çağlı (2 months ago)
Its amazing and easy to follow
deniz çağlı (2 months ago)
you should mention about the plugin
Dhyan DAVID (2 months ago)
where can i get TRAPCODE plugin..its not installing in my pc
Apple Ape (2 months ago)
I'm impressed your video editing and visual effects and tutoring
Pearce.B (2 months ago)
cc vector blur is such a great effect for liquid texturing
Dev (2 months ago)
COOLEST particle effect I've ever seen! AWESOME tutorial!
i_am_Frisky (2 months ago)
I don't have trap code effect , why? (i am working on Mac )
Giusseppi Gallardo (2 months ago)
dude, I am on MAC and when I press "Aux System" - "Emit" - "Continuously"... the whole thing darkened, Can somebody tell me why?
Jack Seeds (6 days ago)
Probably u r using v14 of trapcode suite. In Shading open Shadowlet Settings and change Placement to "Always Behind". In Aux Systems change Set Color to "Over Life".
Technical Stroke (2 months ago)
i hasn't understand you only on this tutorial
Helio (3 months ago)
love the grammar fails, cute :)
Saidul Hasan999 (3 months ago)
how can i got trapcode particular plugin?
Axel BorgDuca3 (3 months ago)
i don't have trapcode!
Duarte Pires (3 months ago)
You should stop everytime you add something and show what that does, other wise its not very educational, people are just copying and not understanding.
Study for Share (3 months ago)
great tutorials :)
SPOR ZAMANI (3 months ago)
very good man
Live Life (3 months ago)
Sahel Jahani (3 months ago)
Tack så mycket
Vaibhav Hans (3 months ago)
hey I don't have any trapcode particular option
Paltor Playz (3 months ago)
I am stuck with a stupid red X across my composition... other than that... cool but, I can't use it.
Aaron Podesta (3 months ago)
Unbelevable mate, very fun to work through this, fresh too!!
lakshmi bandaru (3 months ago)
Nice background music 🎶
Vishal Karthikeyan (3 months ago)
Raxly. (3 months ago)
no trapcode in ae 18
Dellapalooza (3 months ago)
Great tutorial! Well done and super easy to follow!
T INVENTOR (4 months ago)
Armando Andrade (4 months ago)
I need that for my logo price?
ntd (4 months ago)
Sean Porter (4 months ago)
Amazing tutorial! Thank you
Endra Sukses (4 months ago)
how to make the logo spin like a wheel in adobe after effect. I ask for the tutorial. please as soon as possible heheh
Sonja D (4 months ago)
I like your tutorials better with your voice!
FLIMLION VisualFX (4 months ago)
Thank you ❤️
Motion Graphics (4 months ago)
Brother, I couldn't download the trapcode particular effect.Please help.
Nadia Qayyum (4 months ago)
Thank you so much...I have learned a lot
John Borba (4 months ago)
Is there anyway to get this to animate from left to right, rather than from the center out?
Rejira Thembavan (5 months ago)
stroke is not displaying sir when i am create the mask
Harsha Javalkar (5 months ago)
cant i download the files of this tutorial for free?
mr强 (5 months ago)
good video
MD Moniruzzaman (5 months ago)
which apppp
Roshan dance Flavour (5 months ago)
hello sir I need urgent help from u, please what's app me +917677771955
Duy Nguyễn (5 months ago)
6:07 not trapcode :(
Aparicio Tortilla (5 months ago)
i did Great! how could i share my results?
James Dixon (5 months ago)
Amazing tutorial! Thank you very much
Zer0w5 (5 months ago)
Very helpful tutorial, keep the tutorials coming.
Robert Lange (5 months ago)
Great tutorial man, learned a lot! Big thanks and keep up the great work!
Narak KH (5 months ago)
Can you give this project for me bro?
Sudheer Suvarna (5 months ago)
Thank u for the best tutorial...
Jack Brollins (5 months ago)
Sweet Melody (6 months ago)
Wooow , niceeee !!
Dikshita Mehta (6 months ago)
please provide a link for trapcode downloadf
Ivana Yael Currá (6 months ago)
Thank you so much for this tutorial! I am going to use it as my intro fro a school video
Jos Mim (6 months ago)
Thank you ! It was just the best tutorial ever !!!
النينجا عبدو (6 months ago)
svp I did not show stroke svp svp
ISKCON TIRUPATI (6 months ago)
can u teach me this https://youtu.be/xnEx9IHdabE
Just For Fun (6 months ago)
Give us a tutorial for looping charecter please❤️
How to download trap code ? Thank you
Nidhin Pg (6 months ago)
Your tutorial is very helpful. I made this watching your tutorial. https://youtu.be/Y4nKdPozmx8
Спасибо за задание! Все вышло. Только плагин Trapcode Particular необходимо было ввести. Ждем немало новых нужных уроков ))
Ria Riu (6 months ago)
leon Kumer (6 months ago)
Why is narrator joey?
NewComputer Build (6 months ago)
Ich habe euch diese Particular nicht
NewComputer Build (6 months ago)
Ich habe dieses simple Choker nicht
S. M. Shishir (6 months ago)
It is a great tutorial, thank you so much
MOTION BEATS (6 months ago)
brother please make a valentines video In after effects
T&SS Productions (6 months ago)
hi man can you tell how you did your youtube channel name effect video staring video name
what if you don't have effect trap code?
Aditya's (6 months ago)
i've tried and its just awesome 😊👌
Telugu Tech Branch (6 months ago)
please Give Me a project File Or Make Me One
Hello. Great Tutorials. ;) Why not in this tutorial with cc particle world?
Indie clip (home made) (6 months ago)
i cant find trapcode help?
Design Up (6 months ago)
Great tutorial dear
boba mom (6 months ago)
you are the best man continues the good work
BasicDesigner (6 months ago)
6:22 sound name ,can you tell me?owner.thanks
Andrés Molina Cano (6 months ago)
I dont have blur sharpen
Christoffer Lundahl (7 months ago)
Thanks for a great tutorial! I just have one problem with it. I'm getting a lot of black particles with the color of the logo. I can't find what's the issue and why the black is coming with it. Can someone help me with that? Thanks..
Will N Josh (7 months ago)
What if you don't have a trap code selection?
전Sg (7 months ago)
kindly tutor. nice vid, thanks.
AkhmeD AzmYl (7 months ago)
how do i get trapcode effects??
The Bad Editer (7 months ago)
"Wow its Looks Awesome" Great Grammer wowo
Optimus Prime (7 months ago)
Awesome bro.....
Sparsh Design (7 months ago)
Awasome Bro
Tin creative #crazy Dk (7 months ago)
Useful for me to design my logo .
The Official (7 months ago)
Is particular free mate
The Official (7 months ago)
Is particular free mate
The Official (7 months ago)
Can u make a more cool intro without any plugins.plz
FLIMLION VisualFX (7 months ago)
next tutorial Tomorrow, Stay Tuned
The Official (7 months ago)
Nice video. Thanks a lot
Sam Redact (7 months ago)
One thing u missed u dint teach me to save 😢😢😢
Rodrigo Castro (7 months ago)
Eldion Nevruzi (7 months ago)
The particle effect doesn't exist on CC, actually the whole trapcode subcategory is missing (or probably changed name). So you have to update this so people are not left halfway through the process
MrEpicness7689 (7 days ago)
Trapcode is a plugin. https://www.redgiant.com/products/trapcode-particular/

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