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HAN SOLO RAP by JT Music (feat. NerdOut) - "Never Tell Me the Odds"

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Subscribe for More Music ▶ http://jtmch.co/SubJT JT Merch ▶ http://jtmerch.com **Song Download Links Below** In between smuggling runs, Han Solo and his cohorts take a break at a cantina and things take a sour turn. Oh and it's all rapped. Song Download Links! iTunes ▶ https://jtmch.co/2HkJRyQ Spotify ▶ https://jtmch.co/2JA5dxa Google Play ▶ https://jtmch.co/2sdLw4C Lando Calrissian played by NemRaps of Nerdout ▶ http://jtmch.co/2rs20aw Video Production ▶ https://wallabymedia.com/ Additional thanks to Blue Post Billiards, the 501st Legion, our awesome extras and our crew! *********************************************** HAN SOLO RAP by JT Music (feat. NerdOut) - "Never Tell Me the Odds" LYRICS Captain of the Millenium Falcon Galactically unmatched with talent My track records have been gettin’ around I even, had a plaque up at Jabba’s Palace A scoundrel you don’t wanna throw down with I’ll navigate an asteroid field for the challenge Even if I got a really bad feeling about it She don’t look like much, she got it where it counts kid It’ll cost if you want a ride Half now and the rest on the other side Point five past lightspeed on this flight But no refunds if Alderaan is fried Wonder why all my bars are tight? Cuz I write raps while trapped in carbonite Got the rhymes so hot like a tauntaun hide The kind that’ll keep you warm on Hoth at night Get on my side in a Chewbacca fight If you wanna keep your arm sockets tight Han, what’s wrong with the hyperdrive? I promise, this doesn’t happen often guys But I’ll improvise, I do not rehearse Like when I smuggle all the money outta Jabba’s purse Never hesitant to put my quickdraw to work Greedo would agree with me - cuz I shot him first Barkeep, sorry about the mess Lost count of the bounties upon my head Boba Fett said I owe a debt? Too bad that the sarlaac got Boba-fed Just heard that the Hutts are placing large bets That I’ll make the kessel run in less than 12 parsecs I don’t need the Force, just simple tricks and nonsense So you can forget whatever rubbish Obi-Wan says CHORUS Got an asteroid field to get through? Never tell me the odds And a pretentious princess to rescue? Never tell me the odds If the job don’t pay, no can do Better step up the cost No clue what I’m doing but I’ll pretend to Just never tell me the odds LANDO Straight outta Cloud City. Crazy young playa named Lando Palpatine's little scheme's getting canceled Anakin need to stop it, a softy a Jedi in denial - an Obi-Wan Cannot Be We're the aces. Run the galaxy try to race, get spun back to Tatooine I like my ship fast, like my milk blue everything that you heard about me is true Dont blame me, blame the lord of the Sith loosen up Han, you're lookin a little stiff Lando make the track go boom Have you seen Jabba's behind? That's no moon. Going undercover I'm playin a game of guess who now that's Calrissian to the rescue the Rebel Alliance, do this on the daily bout to go down, better buckle up baby Hey, I love alien girls of any size when the clothes come off, it's always a surprise one way or another I can always find the cookie some smooth, some hairier than a wookiee picture me rollin' in the Millennium Falcon everything'll be fine, even given the outcome let me take control, I know you like that The entire empire get side-smacked if they try to strike back CHORUS 2 When you get sent down the trash shoot Never tell me the odds After all the carbonite that I’ve slept through Never tell me the odds The cantina is our regular venue Let me get you a shot When I gamble with the men I’m in debt to Just never tell me the odds VERSE 3 Neck-deep in unsettled debt but I get by Always on the run - you could say I let the debt flyyy When you got a blaster, who needs a Jedi? Even when I’m sick from hibernation I’m a deadeye Hipfire, no scoping at all Rebels got a problem, they know who to call Me and Vader almost went toe-to-toe in a brawl I knocked him into the stars like an opening crawl Darth, me and you daughter are a pair She got tight buns - and I’m not talking hair Your son could use a hand, got one to spare? He can bullseye womprats - but no one cares I won the Falcon fair and square from Lando In sabacc, cuz I got a good hand, bro Sorry old buddy, want her back? I’ll let ya borrow her, but not a scratch Cuz this hunk of junk’s quick as a ship gets So don’t diss her, your worshipfulness I just flew us right out of a space slug tummy So forgive a nerf-herder if he looks a bit scruffy I was a smuggler - made a lotta money Till a princess made rebel scum of me Still pretty fly for a nice guy tho Everybody loves you Han...I know CHORUS 3 In every system I’m a criminal Never tell me the odds Still got promoted to a general Never tell me the odds Spying on the Empire, fly casual And team up with Ewoks When it comes to smoothtalkin’ I’m a natural I don’t get cocky, but never tell me the odds
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Text Comments (1151)
Han Solo (14 hours ago)
SabreXio (1 day ago)
There are simply no words powerful enough to express how awesome this is. JT, Nerdout. You guys knocked it straight to a galaxy far, far away
with how bad the movie was and how good the song is
Fritz O’brien (2 days ago)
The force is just an illusion. ~Han Solo
Pony Luvr (3 days ago)
3:12 best part of the entire video!!
I love this so much and I wish I can meet u
Aden Garcia (5 days ago)
Aw yeah a Han Solo song
PKMN37 (5 days ago)
To think, Solo was the first Star Wars movie to bomb.
“I spit straight fire, he scared”
musikchayser1 (6 days ago)
I love NerdOut and Jt Music SOO MUCH! Make more overwatch song except you guys collab! Please!
That Memey Boi (6 days ago)
Director Taffy (7 days ago)
Chewbacca gave me nightmares
Colonel Frontline (7 days ago)
Reminds me so much of Wild Wild West Rap.
What... what is wrong with Chewie's face??!?
The Grand Crusader (8 days ago)
Most excellent video, should've fully painted those girls beside lando though the blue faces and pink arms distracted me from the rest of the video, I'm probably the only person it bothered though me and my stupid ocd lol
Bart Kerkhof (9 days ago)
definitly didnt watch the whole thing
Henry Pfister (10 days ago)
I saw this movie, and I recommend it.
waxseymour (10 days ago)
I just watched Star Wars 4 yesterday and solo 3 weeks ago
Meelose (10 days ago)
jt music vs nerdout pls
president edien (11 days ago)
Man this is really catchy and a great song ps never tell me the odds
Jessica Jayes (11 days ago)
Scruffy looking nerf herder!
Smashley Mcbashley (11 days ago)
This is constantly stuck in my head, i love it!!!
Darck Hermit (12 days ago)
Lando rap next
It isn't the same without Harrison Ford
Bulls n bronks 09 (13 days ago)
jeremy oosterkamp (13 days ago)
When a song is better then the movie. The solo story i mean.
The Waffling Raichu (14 days ago)
This rap makes star wars look like a futuristic gangster story
Michael D Mac (14 days ago)
This video is a helluva lot better than the Solo movie!
Tilen Sket (15 days ago)
Oh yea boi star wars
Ptitmaman84 (16 days ago)
Pat is dead in chewe
0M3G4 R34P3R (16 days ago)
"i spit straight fire, he scarded" lmao.
MagicGreedy (16 days ago)
The singing starts at 0:29
Never tell me the odds
Ian Bailey (17 days ago)
I honestly think it'd be awesome if they made another one with battlefront 2 gameplay as the background.
Sir CameaLot (17 days ago)
1:00 did Han just fire first? Awesome work guys!!!!
Yan Shchegolev (18 days ago)
OrangeExplosion (18 days ago)
Perfection it's one of your best
Mickey Lynch (18 days ago)
😡 I only heard Chewy Oh nvm just saw him 😇
Samurai Warrior (19 days ago)
This was lit and funny. The homie Chewbacca called out solo lol.
SirWolfTheII (19 days ago)
JT should've played Han Solo instead
Donna Harrall (21 days ago)
Booo those haters
Edwin (22 days ago)
Really looks like Mr Meola there, in the start of the video with the man walking.
Synth-Sayin (22 days ago)
Lando, more like, this is america
Xeno Heroes (22 days ago)
or was Han the plaque in Jaba's palace? XD
KATO 505 (23 days ago)
muy bueno se me quedo pegado never told me the ons
Devin Duesler (23 days ago)
Best song I know
Tacoman4k (23 days ago)
I have the same Porg wall stick
DarkBlueDalek (24 days ago)
👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 nerdout
Yoda I am (24 days ago)
i dont think Harrison Ford Likes you....
"An Obi-Wan Kannotbe" It's Mustafar all over again.
Violet Lynn Scraton (24 days ago)
Cyber gaming (24 days ago)
Чё за левый чел полный клип играет Лэндо?
Damian Creed (25 days ago)
No Jedi or Sith were harmed during the production of this video. Mostly because they use the force to dodge everything except lightsabers. Ok, I'm done.
Damian Creed (25 days ago)
Chewy did get a few lines. All the time he was roaring, those are his lines, as well as when nem/lando was doing his line about rolling in the millennium falcon, that part gets just a tiny bit deeper on the 'was'. So, yeah.
Damian Creed (25 days ago)
2:54 is the part chewy has in lando's line about rolling in the millennium falcon.
Kael White (25 days ago)
As usual love it
hau miłosz (25 days ago)
maybe talos principle rap?
Casa Tesiorna (25 days ago)
nobody loves you,you pimp
Casa Tesiorna (25 days ago)
hahahaahahhaaha danmit han.XD
HardShot (25 days ago)
I know you mainly do Raps for games but i think it'd be cool if you did something for us weebs and did an AMV (Anime Music Video) for instance, i'd like to see a seven deadly sins video! in the mean time, good work! keep it lit bro!
Mr.shark Boss (26 days ago)
1:28 is the BEST
nicolas beamud (26 days ago)
Jt +nerdout + han solo = best star wars rap
william maccabee (27 days ago)
at 3:12 JT just looks dead inside...
Delila Colakhodzic (27 days ago)
Dr. Dingus (28 days ago)
Better than Deathsticks.
crogameri (28 days ago)
Best Music video of the decade!!
pilotcooper (29 days ago)
This song is saddly not cannon by Disney.
Smart Terrance (29 days ago)
Mister T (29 days ago)
God damn, why did I never notice this one!? Such amazing quality and music! Keep up the work JT!
Mateaus Sanchez (29 days ago)
I can't actually do this but I wish I could dislike the dislikes. You guys work really hard and it really shows on both channels. Keep up the amazing work!
Plz make the lyric video
Meme Jesus (29 days ago)
3:50 I laughed for a solid minute
Larry Ellis (1 month ago)
Starts at 0:29
Jose Tamez (1 month ago)
I like  starwars
Raps and Randoms (1 month ago)
Better than the actual movie
peyton Fowler (1 month ago)
I don't won't to be a hater but there is nothing from the movie the only thing that is in the movie is lambo
blue wizardio (1 month ago)
this song pretty sexy
Spartan 116 (1 month ago)
NothingNopeNada (1 month ago)
I really need an instrumental of this. Would go straight to my ringtone list
? ? (1 month ago)
This song is perfect
? ? (1 month ago)
I leaved a like
dpot Potter (1 month ago)
Nerd out was in it
Nikita Shestakov (1 month ago)
4:56 i belive ya chewie btw love the set <3
Meme Playz (1 month ago)
Are You from USA?
Airbørnesicknes (1 month ago)
Loved it, reminds me of the old days of Star Wars. :D :D :D
Jimmy Townsend (1 month ago)
This is the catchiest damned music video i've seen in a LONG time. Very well done! Keep the beats and rhythm as fresh and smooth as this, and you'll attract all sorts of audiophiles!
Phantom Kid (1 month ago)
#fortnite music
Samir Alghazi (1 month ago)
5:00 What happened to chewy?!?
Frost (1 month ago)
This was an amazing collaboration! Good work guys... and gals!
De2GamingOreos (1 month ago)
Damn this sh*t is awesome! The person who desided to mix NerdOut and JT Music is a genius!
Adan Gameplay (1 month ago)
My dad like this song
THE LOST ART LEGACY (1 month ago)
good song bro
Shane M (1 month ago)
i love how they used screwdrivers as the levers xD
Jv Neo Metal Sonic (1 month ago)
pigminer123 Doyle (1 month ago)
best rap ever i agree with ninja how does this have dislikes lots of hard work for sure
Lauren Worthington (1 month ago)
Yvette Nelson (1 month ago)
This is an awesome video. You guys did a wonderful job. Great job guys!👍🏻👏🏻
Cake on the Nose (1 month ago)
I diliked this....wait why is there the nerd patrol in my door ?
Daniel Landvad (1 month ago)
Wery god song
Shanice Hakim (1 month ago)
C'mon give Chewie a verse!!!
Best rap ever

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