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Bioshock 2: Ep.26

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Playing Minecraft, Battlefield 4, Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas Thank You for watching, look around my channel for a good variety of games. Enjoy! Scuf Controller: http://scufgaming.com Coupon Code "MEATY" (caps) 5% off Ratings and comments are greatly appreciated meatwagon22 Meatius Meaty Chris x https://twitter.com/#!/meatwagon22 http://www.facebook.com/meatwagon22 Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/meatwagon22 Crazy fun Co-Op Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/YouAlwaysWin
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Text Comments (13)
JaxAttcks berkey (1 year ago)
you need to get winter blast
lone wander (1 year ago)
meaty get winter blast and cyclone
FJ3900 (2 years ago)
Meaty"because I'm a beast" nice
Unbound Titan (4 years ago)
Love the series meaty I wish more people watched and enjoyed as I do
gearjamminJOE (4 years ago)
lol heat seeking missiles go for the closest heat and the splicer was closer haha. I wish you would have grabbed that teleport plasmid....
gearjamminJOE (4 years ago)
is it me or every time I turn into HD the video will play 15 seconds then pause and the audio repeats that 15 seconds then plays normal lol. and my watched videos don't turn into watched anymore! c'mon youtube!
Kiba The Wolf God (4 years ago)
Happens to me too.  What I do to make sure that doesn't happen, I let it play 2 seconds then click the beginning of the video slider and it doesn't happen
Jesse Vasquez (4 years ago)
Another Awesome Episode!
cyrax2747 (4 years ago)
meaty, you should max out hypnotize ,   when its fully maxed you can make anyone to be friendly to you and follow you around, including big daddies
nwiegers98 (4 years ago)
You are still missing one more girl she should be found in the beginning some were
CamaroCrazy777 (4 years ago)
would you consider playing the last of us after bioshock?
Fnoffen (4 years ago)
Noooo! Shoulda gone back up and dropped into that room! Now the suspense is gonna kill me...
Yutao Qiu (4 years ago)

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