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Everything Wrong with Guns in Movies

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Text Comments (3351)
James Collier (2 days ago)
Justin Mascorro (2 days ago)
The actual patent of the "silencer" "suppressor" states that it is called a silencer but you do not call a weapon with a silencer a silenced weapon, you call it a surpressed weapon. The name changes only with the way you pronounce or use the word. Both are correct but silencer is the actual name
Patrick Collins (2 days ago)
Jason Richer (3 days ago)
jeeyon im (3 days ago)
Talk about tasers, Hollywood gets them really wrong I mean instead of magically getting your hand stuck on a taser and getting electrocuted and jumping up and down like a Maniac you just get shocked and pull your hand back or if the voltage is big enough you die instantly.
L0stWolf (4 days ago)
Its kinda funny. my friends have been blinded by hollywood. in the recient king kong movie. the guy holds multyple granades in his hands to sacrifice himself and the monster hits him and he flies into a rock with a gigantic explostion. My friends LITTERALY think thats what would happen if you had 6 hand granades pulled at once. They wouldnt listen to me.
Lucifer Amenuel (5 days ago)
have a look at Walking dead they are using airsoft guns
grand6master (5 days ago)
yeah play tarkov
donovan stagg (5 days ago)
Lone survivor got suppressors right
Bennett Fedorowicz (6 days ago)
7:33 Loundess? Laziness, more like.
BowToWard86 (8 days ago)
The Accountant got the delayed sound correct. You saw the impact then heard the report of the rifle.
Deadpool Lee (8 days ago)
The biggest problem is these hollywood assholes make a living using them then tell me I shouldn't have one! Fuck them I served my country while they made millions. FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!!!
Camper PRO (9 days ago)
Ear PRO ftw.
iiBurnzys adasda (11 days ago)
Ayyy tarkov
STARFEW (12 days ago)
I fight with colloquial language
Wolfgang (13 days ago)
KoeSeer (13 days ago)
8:08 Battlefield 2 did that. Instead of 30/180, you'll see 30/6
GRIM REAPERS CREED (14 days ago)
Because it's a movie!!
Ayden Wright (15 days ago)
I love spotting typos in these episodes. Starting with the upcoming season I'm gonna start cataloging them. "loundess" from this vid is a personal favourite of mine. Keep doing your thing Carmichael, I love it.
Jimmy Tan (16 days ago)
7:32 "Loundess"
Deniz Semiz (16 days ago)
Yep supresser are loud. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHgTC1ZPyc8
N7 ODST (16 days ago)
I prefer a realistic gun fight In action movies than fake ones
slayyy yy (16 days ago)
The scene from saving Private Ryan where he shoots the sniper through the scope is impossible due to physics at such a far shot the sniper would have had to compensate for bullet drop Wich would mean that the bullet would be traveling at a downward trajectory so when it hits the scope it would've busted through the bottom of the scope and hit his cheek
John Brophy (16 days ago)
Snipers at long range why the phrase "if you hear the shot it wasnt meant for you" was created
Cole Walton (16 days ago)
A small film crew ranting on a what a multi-billion dollar industry is doing wrong.
Bluebrick04 (17 days ago)
andymac4883 (17 days ago)
4:05 There's a lovely moment demonstrating this in Master and Commander, during the first attack on HMS Surprise; as Captain Aubrey looks out into the fog he sees silent muzzle flashes from the hidden enemy ship, and only as he's turning and yelling for the crew to drop do we hear the sound of the cannons firing.
Gamers_Airsoft (17 days ago)
If games are going to do that thing where you keep leftover bullets you should have a dump pouch and have to take time to top off mags like in ARMA
JDM Cesar (17 days ago)
I play call of duty, I not only know guns better than all you, I can shoot them better, I can 360 ladder stall, no scope better. these are facts!!
JDM Cesar (17 days ago)
get to the choppa!
Kai (18 days ago)
True2022 (18 days ago)
Water DOES have a tremendous stopping effect on even high powered sniper rounds ,Check mythbusters
Snow 2-5 (18 days ago)
Crack of bullet flying by and thunder of the gunshot. It’s called ‘crack thump’ by snipers.
SWIGGITY SWOOTY (18 days ago)
The NUMBER ONE THING that is wrong with guns in movies: Recoil... non existent
sticky frog (18 days ago)
wish ppl would stop correcting "silencer" into "suppressor". if you want to call it correctly, ok. but every fuckin person alive (including you) speaks in colloquialisms constantly. getting hung up on an alternative word thats actually not so different from the correct word is stupid as hell. you're not a physicist and we're probably not talking about the mechanics AND ALSO if you knew what they meant when they said silencer then the word they used did it's job. I don't call people out for calling magazines "clips" and neither should you. (unless they are trying to put a clip in their magazine fed gun and you'd like to explain that they need to put a magazine in that gun, not a clip. but thats never the case when people make these corrections.)
MegaNerevar (18 days ago)
Shout out to Tarkov !
Ayush Chaudhary (18 days ago)
7:32 what does loundess means?
The Glitter Yeeter (19 days ago)
Altered carbon was so good
HD Keemii (20 days ago)
do all that and you loose money coz boring
Guage12187 x (21 days ago)
No one's going to mention the sound bite fuck ups...Like when a M9 hammer pull sounds like a 38 snub nose revolver....Or a 1911 racks and shoots with the same 12 gauge Buckshot.
ForeignBorn Patriot (21 days ago)
Also shooting machine guns is fun for the first 200-300 rds, after that its painful and causes headaches. I fired a little over 1 thousand from a M240L during a live exercise in the infantry and my head was pounding afterwards. I wasn't the only one too with a headache in my gun team.
Moderatable (22 days ago)
did i hear tarkov???
Toaster King (22 days ago)
1# guns dont have unlimted ammo
Flykope (22 days ago)
2:59 sweet.
a meme duck (22 days ago)
ever heard of bullets that travel slower than the speed of sound? if you use those in a gun with a suppressor, you'll hear nothing but the clacking of the gun
Ronald McFondled (23 days ago)
If youre shooting very long range, the sonic boom will catch up with the slowing bullet and deviate it somewhat....Fun fact.
Big Boy212 (23 days ago)
Thats why theres a netflix show called hollywood weapons, a guy tests scenes from movies in real life, like old westerns, and from newer movies too
USS Arizona (24 days ago)
I see you havent played Insurgency..They got realistic guns, for the most part.
Nuke Lmf (24 days ago)
To make a silencer it would be 10-20 feat long
Huntergirl727 (25 days ago)
What I like is when movies show flying bullets and they're showing the entire bullet including the cartridge. Just for reference, the only thing that flies is the lead.
Red-Velvet Cake (25 days ago)
Suppressors *can* be used for stealth. Just not James bond shit, but for being able to get behind enemy lines in a battle field, because the sound doesn't travel far. People in nearby areas arent able to hear the distant gunshots, so it would take much longer to figure out that something is wrong.
DeadlyPeeta (25 days ago)
a "suppressor" is actually called a silencer but it doesnt silence it.
krypt0_0v3rrid3 (26 days ago)
7:32 Loudness. Not Loundess
Jeremy Biggs (26 days ago)
they are actually silencers. that's what the original inventor called them and that's how they are referenced in law.
zigmundslv (26 days ago)
And then everyone dies with Wilhelm scream.
IceKnight366 (26 days ago)
What you said about suppressors is really only partially true. It full depends on whether you're shooting supersonic or subsonic rounds. If you're shooting subsonics it will actually sound very similar to what you see in John Wick.
big bad Jones (27 days ago)
Guys that don't know anything about guns showing their expertise.... please don't make videos about things you don't understand.
anTt0 (27 days ago)
they have recoil hacks
Eyeshield (27 days ago)
"loundness" @7:33
Zachary Reed (28 days ago)
What I want to know is, where did Clint get his shirt?
Jon (28 days ago)
Pretty sure suppressors have allot to do with hiding muzzle flash at night too.
MikSIK. (28 days ago)
From gear analysis from past covert assassins, many typically use 22lr, .22 custom small calibers because they dont need to rely on heavy firepower. If you’ve ever shot 22lr suppressed, it’s quiet af.
kramler (28 days ago)
about the thing with reloading in games. In some games when you're reloading, you just quickly ad new bullets to the mag. But in others, you throw the whole mag away
Fiks Anzo™ (28 days ago)
Many of those points are fair, if you consider movies require realism. That, however, is not true. Movies require clarity. Realism is supplemental, but is not required in all situations. In fact, there's quite a few where it would actually hurt, aside of showing the hero as a badass. Here's one: the "shot" shot / impact shot method of filming actually makes it impossible to properly utilize the gun thunder. Overwhelming most of people are used to hear shooting in that very order: shot, then impact. Reversing it would please very few who know and care how sound works, and just confuse the others. That means that, rather than thinking that the shooter is simply very far, they would think there's two shooters: one quiet, one loud, and that two shots had been made. It gets worse if you utilize the shot shot / impact shot. If you hear the gun fire once, then you jump to the victim, see the impact, then hear the shot being fired _again_ you're not gonna think sound mechanics, you're gonna think second shot. It would technically be correct, but it would feel like a continuity error. Also, I have never ever met with a person that actually believes that bullets from discarded magazines just magically appear in a new one. This is to simplify gameplay, taking away an element of it that doesn't matter. It sure matters in some contexts - there are games that reload magazines, not bullets - but in most cases that's an unnecessary overcomplication. Also, since you're nitpicking reloading mechanics, mention how, when reloading, most videogames also majik the bullet already in the chamber into your inventory, too, so that you have one less bullet ready to fire and the main character can cock the gun like a badass.
Prodyout Protim Timur (29 days ago)
Hope you'll make another action video were guns functionality's are realistic (I guess)
justAguyDs (29 days ago)
It's fun sometimes to keep taping rewind for 5 secs at the beginning of vids and see what it sounds and looks like and this one was pretty good
Raymo_2_u (1 month ago)
Hollywood only demonizes guns, they dont care to make them look realistic, that would go against their efforts
MrShadowpanther3 (1 month ago)
In The Bodyguard, Costner fires a number of rounds and then dives through a window into the snow... then pauses to listen for footsteps. Sure... He is not hearing anything but high pitched whine. There is also a scene with Costner in Open Range where he fires his 6 shooter about 14 times in an unbroken scene.
cazy (1 month ago)
Maxim called it a silencer, coining the term. Yeah technically its "wrong" but who cares. Most people that get bent out of shape over it aren't even in the tax stamp club.
eagle bunny (1 month ago)
I got so confused in games were I reloaded when I only shot once but still having the rest of the ammo so that's why I like never look at my ammo unless it's like 2 or 1
RELOADINGandSHOOTING (1 month ago)
Keanu Reeves will beat most of us shooting a pistol or a rifle. He does 3 gun shooting competition and is pretty decent!
Mitch Lee (1 month ago)
Not to be mean but what is “loundness”
Mecroneith (1 month ago)
yeah! thats why you sould play tarkov! great quote!
Steel 1 (1 month ago)
Actually the inventor of the "suppressor" called it a silencer
Toxic Moon Fox (1 month ago)
Suppressors are meant for stealth, they just have to be used with subsonic rounds. Still, it doesn't matter how much you suppress a gun, if you shoot it inside a building, everyone in the building will hear it.
chris hayes (1 month ago)
Actually your talking about is cansalment not cover big difference. Doors tables are just to make hard to hit you because there line of sight broken. It has nothing to do with stoping. But they still get it wrong
Xtrue Xplaya (1 month ago)
clip reloading is realistic in a navy seal game I played. it actually confused me at first but then i realized it was realistic. in stead of showing ammo it shows how many clips you have and if you reload like in a normal game you actually screw yourself cause you might reload a clip later with only a couple bullets left.
stoner27th (1 month ago)
5:16 it's really a SILENCER.. because the guy who invented and patented it, calls it a SILENCER, it functions as a sound suppressor, but if I were the inventor, I would call it a HUSHTHINGIES...
Mikhail Morev (1 month ago)
johnathan bryan (1 month ago)
In the intro scene of "true crime:new york" the guy actually put ear plugs in before the shoot out
S31Syntax (1 month ago)
The Accountant handled long range rifle audio really well, and it was actually jarring when I first watched it because I wasn't expecting them to nail it that well.
Grren (1 month ago)
Wrong about john wick 2. Subsonic handguns with suppressors are really close to silent
Jacob Revier (1 month ago)
Is the song in the beginning from your vid vape god?
Razors (1 month ago)
I agree with a lot that he had to say, but.... recoil, on a rifle mainly, is not caused by force from the bullet traveling forward solely. Propellent gases have a lot to do with the reason a rifle kicks up/recoils, that is why they make muzzle brakes to guide the gases in favor of not having so much recoil.
David Snead (1 month ago)
Actually, "silencer" is the original, patented name by Hiram Maxim. "Suppressor" was coined later.
John (1 month ago)
Actually d suppressors were originally sold as Maxim silencers so you are rong about the name but you were right about the affects and the reson for there use
krazy_brother_10 (1 month ago)
But honestly I call it a suppressor as well. And idc what you call it off the two but don't correct someone because both terms are correct
krazy_brother_10 (1 month ago)
Actually in the original patent for the so called "suppressor" it's actually called a silencer so if you took something about suppressors and say they are safe or better then silencers you would say something similar to calling yourself stupid but also calling yourself smart
Ben Davis (1 month ago)
screwing a suppressor into a barrel instead of on to the barrel
Chris Adams (1 month ago)
Why do I think none of you have actually fired any guns in real life.
Chris Adams (1 month ago)
Actually a .22lr subsonic suppressed is almost completely silenced. There are options that it could potentially work.
Mr. Wade Gaming (1 month ago)
Why Nobody was Talking about Steven Ogg the voice actor and apperance of Trevor Philips from GTA V at 2:57
GlobstersMessenger (1 month ago)
I mean there are extremely specific weapons that are genuinely somewhat quiet with suppressors, usually if it's subsonic ammunition and often the entire firearm designed with that in mind then again i've never handled a gun like that so i'm kinda going on the "marketing info" behind the design of those guns
Just Another Human (1 month ago)
Crack bang isn’t a super nerdy thing. Almost anyone trained in long range shooting from a military is taught how to use crack bang to estimate how far away a combatant is shooting from based on the assumed caliber and time between the crack and the bang.
Riley Eymann (1 month ago)
2:50 did you hire trevor from gta5 vr
Muhammad Zulhilmi (1 month ago)
1:34 macree vs genji
Tyler (1 month ago)
Wait, do blank guns not cycle the action? He keeps saying the only recoil is from the gas... What about the reciprocating mass of the slide or bolt? If I take my USP aim of at a target and drop the slide, it throws the gun around. I don't know about SFX or blanks but, I know a bit about guns and I feel I'm correct here. Meaning, is not just the gas from the blank it's also the reciprocating mass of the slide or bolt. Unless I'm missing something.
Sentinelricce (1 month ago)
Tyler Might depend on the production, then - looked around for a bit and found that some use specially-made blank guns with a lighter bolt (because why not, I guess), while others do use the BFA. Guess it’s just not as strong when the projectile is wooden/paper wad?
Tyler (1 month ago)
Right, but don't movies use the BFA? I was watching something with Larry Vickers and he showed the end of the muzzle which was threaded internally for a blank adaptor to thread into. Which would then lead me to believe you would have cyclic mass at that point. I still realize it's not even close to an actual round being fired.
Sentinelricce (1 month ago)
Blanks can’t cycle the action unless you have an adaptor to keep chamber pressure high enough - they don’t produce enough gas to push the bolt.
mmartinisgreat (1 month ago)
Some of these where also incorrect. Lolz.
Ooga Booga (1 month ago)
They’re actually called silencers. That’s the name they were patented with.
P Nguyen (1 month ago)
There's two things, what the shooting world calls them and what the law/ATF calls them. Most people in the shooting world use more accurate and correct terms like suppressor. The terms that the general public use are usually from laws which are generally used to sensationalize something to be banned or regulated (ASSAULT WEAPONS, SILENCERS!).
Rōnin (1 month ago)
Ooga Booga People use them interchangeably.... They can be called whatever you like be it suppresser or silencer.
Manuel Camelo (1 month ago)
You're here to "TEACH" son? Because you're a piece of shit. It's called suppressor you imbecil. Not "silencer". Fuck off, I'm outta from this video of shit.

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