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16 Tattoos You Probably Shouldn't Get

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Have you thought about getting inked up but can’t really decide which tattoo to go with? Well you probably don’t want to get any of these... from getting some permanent ray ban tattoos, to the shark pit, here Tattoos you probably shouldn’t get! 16. Roof of the Mouth Have you ever bitten into a hot pocket before and burned the crap out of the roof of your mouth? It took days to heal, and you could feel the parts where your mouth was burnt with your tongue. OK well now go ahead and imagine getting this tattoo on the roof of the mouth. It would take a serious kind of bravery to have this done, considering how sensitive that area is. No one will even see it besides the dentist or when he’s yawning. Safe to say, he could probably live without it. 15. Teeth Tats While some people might try to keep their teeth as white and shiney as possible, there are others will choose to get them inked up a little. A man named Steve Heward has dedicated probably too much of his time painting masterpieces onto teeth. He’s apparently a dentist during the day and tattoo artist by night. It’s unclear if he does the tattoo with the teeth still in their mouth but their likely on all different sets of teeth as you can see from this photo. It’s unclear if the tooth fairy would even accept one of these if you put it under the pillow. The artistic pieces of art can go on sale from as much as 200 dollars apiece. What better way to show your team pride than getting their logo tattooed on your grill. The photo displays abraham lincoln, elvis, tiger woods, george washington, some members of the royal family and others. Let us know in the comment section which one you’d choose! 14. Eyeball Ink Our eyes are considered to be the window to the soul. So in what way can we completely alter these windows in order to make us look more BA? Would you be willing to go through a body modification that has the possibility of making you blind? If the possibility of going blind isn’t enough to scare you off from having this dangerou procedure done, how about a hypodermic needle inserted into the eye? This is what people have to contemplate about before getting an eyeball tattoo have to. A syringe is basically inserted into the white part of the eye and injected with ink. One wrong move by the body modifications expert or the one getting the tattoo, can result in permanent blindness. 13. Tattoo Hair Replacement ARe you tired of being bald? Can’t quite figure out how to cover up your shiney head? It’s a struggle that many middle age men must go through at some point during their life, but that can all change with tattoo hair replacement! This is considered to be a midle form of medical tattooing and while it can’t bring back your hair, it’ll at least look like you might have just gotten a fresh new military cut. No one will even know until they decide to touch the top of your head. Although it’s not perfect, it’s a lot less expensive than hair implants or scalp transplants, so if you're cool with your friends making fun of it for a while, then whatever, go for it.
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Text Comments (21)
Karla Kirkpatrick (3 days ago)
yep yep yep do a vid on names you name your kids my 2nd nephew named his newborn son atlas marvel you can start with that one so awkward
Kitty Babi (9 days ago)
Cats arse tattoos on your belly button
Aditya Mhaske (10 days ago)
Sir Zombie video please
gh0st (10 days ago)
could you maybe do top 10 heavy weapons for the zombie apocolypse?
Alex Eller (9 days ago)
I guess
Cherry Shrimp (10 days ago)
I'm just wandering if they had to put the poor cat to sleep (just temporarily) to do the tattoo because I certainly don't think a cat would sit still enough for that long to get it done.
Kory 149 (10 days ago)
I would choose the panda
ladyfire44 (10 days ago)
Eye tats to change the whites of it is plain wrong.
Anais Nin (10 days ago)
Stopped at #3. This is so gross! Bleck.
ut ck (10 days ago)
Fools that want attention, tattoos are personal, not to be displayed in the face of people.
ayan ghosh tv (10 days ago)
I am quick On the video
kunkka5 (10 days ago)
4:33 a man who is cruel to animals is so cruel to other people
Reed Campbell (10 days ago)
Cat tat is in humane. Eye tattoo looks wrong in many ways.
Vladimir Taylor (10 days ago)
My bro knew a guy who got drunk and told a tattoo artist to go nuts on him. Needless to say, he never goes swimming without a shirt. Which is partially because of the large “ son of God” inked along with a crucifix pic on his back. The rest is history.
king SHIT (10 days ago)
That McDonalds dude do you know what city he lives in, i wanna meet him! Btw from Norway
Aidan Fitzgerald (10 days ago)
Can you please clear your throat
king SHIT (10 days ago)
Why do idiots always have to explain their white trash tattoo like it has some deep meaning?
slicerjohn 189 (10 days ago)
Anyone who tattoos animals should be branded on their forehead with the word DICK.
David Prodigy (10 days ago)
That armpit tat had too hurt alot.
Edvard swed (10 days ago)

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