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BATMAN Arkham City Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 - Gaming Awesome

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BATMAN Arkham City Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 on PC with commentary by Igor of Gaming Awesome. Thank you so much for watching my BATMAN Arkham City Gameplay Walkthrough. This is part 4 of my full game walkthrough of Batman Arkham City. This gameplay walkthrough will include the game ending, my first time reactions, and a review of the Batman Arkham City. Thank you so much for joining me as I experience this game for the first time. Subscribe for more videos. It's free and Alfred approved: https://www.youtube.com/GamingAwesomeYT Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/GamingAwesomeYT Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GamingAwesome
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Text Comments (25)
Thebloopyboopy (2 years ago)
32:59 he wont have babys anymore XD
Captain Momo (3 years ago)
Why is everyone so intent on destroying Gotham/Arkham City? If they want to be worshipped, they're gonna be surprised when everyone is too dead to worship them...
Kechi PlaysTheWorld (3 years ago)
Like how the series is going I could never finish the game XD
Jenny Whitman (3 years ago)
Is it just me or does the cryptographic sequencer look like a game controller (this comment is approved by ChickenzRus trademarker of bullet time thighs and d🐔ck punch instant replay
SexyVox (3 years ago)
Don't forget to go UP, when in a combat like with the penguin's men.  They lose track of you if you;re overhead!!! 
SexyVox (3 years ago)
I mean "tactically vertically retreat" of course!
ToneTone126 (3 years ago)
It kinda bothers me when he misses/or doesn't do stuff that can really help him
xForDaLOLzx (3 years ago)
The Titan containers are what bane uses to become big and strong and they are part of a side mission you do that has bane in it
Diamond B (3 years ago)
This is like the batman version of inFamous...I LIKE IT!!!
TigrisRex14 (3 years ago)
I think that everyone that gets in a fight with Batman dies from internal bleeding.
Oncorhynchus nerka (3 years ago)
More pls
Donnie howard (3 years ago)
If u use the bat claw on an enemy when they are near and edge the enemy with fall and get knocked the fuck out
Marco G. Verbruggen (3 years ago)
WHAT?!! pull L away from the attacker and hold Y to dodge the blade?! that is so much easier than the keyboard/mouse controls scheme, where you have to press the counter key at the exact time he attacks in order to dodge it! WTF, if I had known that I would've used a controller instead...
Rita Devicora (3 years ago)
33:00 WOW... that even hurt me >o<
Hitori Samishiku (3 years ago)
If you are attacked multiple times, you can hit counter that many times to counter it.  Ex. If 3 guys attacked you at once, you can press counter 3 or more times to counter all of them. 
vorath 3 (3 years ago)
good video and the titan canisters are a side mission and you might want to upgrade the armour as much as possible as you will die especially the way you run into gun fights, but its good video hopefully you see this comment
Presian_BG Kodgaev (3 years ago)
lokote Kriminales13 (3 years ago)
Play naruto😊
Fadi Ragab (3 years ago)
Batman is a BATASS.
Billy Waghorn (3 years ago)
I saw what u did there
Sickmind33 (3 years ago)
combat challenges and predator maps. it's how i practiced and it helped a LOT
Fadi Ragab (3 years ago)
Nop, she (Poisin Ivy) propably has underplants. See what i did there ? No, you don't ?
MailDude (2 years ago)
+ Fadi Ragab she had to plant them in her vagina.
Magical Horse (3 years ago)
i saw what you did there
Hazama Terimi (3 years ago)
Great video you never disappoint

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