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Zemnian Nights | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 11

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The Mighty Nein finally make it into the Tri-Spire, exploring the upper echelon of Zadash and investigating the Knights of Requital’s claims of corruption within the government... Thanks to Pacific Rim Uprising and D&D Beyond for sponsoring this episode of Critical Role! Pacific Rim Uprising is in theaters, RealD 3D and IMAX right now! Go to http://bit.ly/pacrimcr to pick up your tickets. D&D Beyond is offering a 25% discount on any item purchased within their store! Go to https://www.dndbeyond.com/ and use code “INVISIBLEWAND” at checkout to apply the discount. Watch Critical Role Live Thursdays at 7pm PT on Alpha https://projectalpha.com, YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/geekandsundry, or Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/geekandsundry You can pick up Critical Role merch at http://shop.geekandsundry.com For more RPGs we love, go to http://bit.ly/GS_RPG Follow the cast of Critical Role on Twitter! Ashley: https://twitter.com/TheVulcanSalute Laura: https://twitter.com/LauraBaileyVO Liam: https://twitter.com/VoiceOfOBrien Matthew: https://twitter.com/matthewmercer Marisha: https://twitter.com/Marisha_Ray Taliesin: https://twitter.com/executivegoth Travis: https://twitter.com/WillingBlam Sam: https://twitter.com/samriegel Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry/
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Text Comments (1484)
Justin Pal-Freeman (9 hours ago)
Just going to say, Green Lanterns are clerics in my opinion.
Explodingfish (1 day ago)
i reckon nott was true poly morphed into a goblin
Melting_Pot (1 day ago)
is there anybody in this.. or any other campaign run by Mercer that wasn't hard to read? :P
Melting_Pot (1 day ago)
I chose to believe that Caleb is confused about porn/pawn shops Also, I'm somewhat disappointed that there was no fanfiction on Jester's mother in the store.
SkyIsTheLimit (2 days ago)
I love the little bit of bromance that Molly and Fjord have going on.
Thomas Dahlberg (3 days ago)
TheArmyofHades (4 days ago)
The edubation pun was pure gold, plenty of funny momments in the last episodes
Nionivek (6 days ago)
Why the world was that book banned? It was very Jingoistic, it was very positive to the empire, and depicted its enemies as barbarians. Though maybe the death scene left a cord with readers, as while it was intended to be a happy ending... it ironically (or intentionally ironically) left them feeling empty.
Nionivek (6 days ago)
No Ford, no you really don't understand in that sense (beyond basic empathy). You are like a Black man in 1920s America at worst, Nott is like a Jew in 1920s Germany. It is a league of difference.
Nionivek (6 days ago)
I wouldn't trust Dolan, I would have went the extra mile to put the other person in change. Certainly it would have been difficult restoring his name, but certainly worth it.
Dirt Noodle (6 days ago)
They should have posed as lobbyists for less fortunate people
Wicked Nemesis (6 days ago)
Nott.... wow.
Eddy Haines (6 days ago)
Does anyone have a record of all the things the group told Nott to have when she disguises herself?
halim lorette (6 days ago)
Tale of Two Titties.
Tyler H (7 days ago)
I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally wanted the banned book to be The King in Yellow.
julz and henz stff (7 days ago)
pg 15 warning
DragonaxFilms (7 days ago)
There was a storm while I was watching this episode, it really enhanced the mood :D
Mugthraka (9 days ago)
1:16:00 was gonna ask since when Anne Rice's books where smutty, since i've only ever read her vampires novels, but then i remembered that she did made an erotic book about Alice in Wonderland iirc
Hannah Rich (9 days ago)
1:32:51 Beau is a Socialist.
Richard Weatherfield (9 days ago)
I cannot get over the fact that Pumat Sol sounds like he's from Minnesota.
David Ernst (10 days ago)
1:37:00 confirmation bias
Richard Russom (11 days ago)
Weird hearing Matt mispronounce 'periapt'. :)
SnoHoBeau (11 days ago)
Real talk, i'd read that history book, sounds like some good smut to me
Gargula Vermelho (11 days ago)
pumat sool is reference The Ninth Gate??
Starapture (11 days ago)
Classy C*nt (12 days ago)
I wish my party would rp more, they only really like the combat/stat aspect of dnd
Noah Linnik (12 days ago)
Pumat has Sol
Alex (13 days ago)
Sam Riegel is a gift to mankind. That inquisition scene was so well played.
Paledomain (13 days ago)
Lance Jacobs (14 days ago)
That flask tho
SaltyHorsePie Finn (14 days ago)
OMG The revenge Charm! Talison charming Sam felt like Percy getting back at Scanlan for his gun (The list I think?)
marcos blaky (7 days ago)
DangerDan (14 days ago)
1:02:56 I had the exact thought that Liam did right here lol.
vader6972 (14 days ago)
why would anybody ever put up with bo? shes so smartass and in your face and confrontational if you act ridiculous most of the time people just exclude you, whatever reason or excuse they may make for it is she on a quest to see how quickly she can burn every bridge and ruin every relationship?
vader6972 (14 days ago)
and now we are basing decisions on whether or not an old bitter woman likes puppies and doesn't the majority of population not really care for tieflings? so sure we'll attempt to overthrow the government based on this encounter wow we have left ver·i·si·mil·i·tude far behind at least caleb voiced some concern but then no not really, just wants to make sure there is adequate pay
vader6972 (15 days ago)
cuz having matt mercer as a dm theres NOTHING i would rather him do than give me plot summaries of some book dream session ugghhh
P Lac (15 days ago)
pawakin (16 days ago)
3:03:25 The music! Perfect timing!
SteelD34KC (16 days ago)
Why do people not like Molly? I think thats one of the best characters in the game.
Mob Destroyer (17 days ago)
DeltanStudios (17 days ago)
Gilan (17 days ago)
Marisha's delayed laugh at 19:22 gets me everytime lol
Gilan (17 days ago)
its actually at 19:31, but the context is relevent, seeing everyone not even responding, and then there's marisha lol
Phil Arcuni (17 days ago)
Don't think Matt knows what "droll" means lol.
Word Man (18 days ago)
BarneyMiller (19 days ago)
"Do you want mitts?" "No, i cant eat those." Cant argue that logic.
Anextlomara (19 days ago)
3:19:50 kick his ass baby, I got yo flower
NoFilter (20 days ago)
I feel like a bit more was revealed by Nott than what someone would reveal to a "friendly acquaintance", as per charm person
PandoraWolf (20 days ago)
Anyone knows by any chance what soundtrack is being played at 1:08:00 ?
Cassie Barns (20 days ago)
Who here thinks that Fjord actually has the "Actor" background and is just really good as acting as a "Sailor"? He was also using a different accent when he was speaking to his patron. I mean, he's also being sold as a really good looking guy that used to be ugly so...
alec christiaen (21 days ago)
scanlan brainwashing Jarett for drugs? nah crater nipples (see the fight in 'cloak and dagger)? not quite molly buying drugs? getting close forcing Matt to include a porn shop in Zedash? ding ding, bottom floor!
alec christiaen (15 days ago)
i so totally hope that the guard who got crowned with madness is the one who kicked Frumpkin.
alec christiaen (21 days ago)
quick question: is Beau a communist?
Fisho D (21 days ago)
3:30:10 - Oh I love Sam, the voice of reason. It's just a fucking name, just pick any Marisha. Or let's discuss for 5 minutes what kind of random name will you throw out and never use again. Yayyyy...
MonarchsFactory (21 days ago)
Watching Laura grimace at people spending money is giving me life
Lord Phantosler (22 days ago)
Hey does anybody know the song that plays when they show the Critical Role Art?
Colin Jackson (22 days ago)
Haha when 4/6 party members can cast disguise self lol
Jiří Pecha (23 days ago)
Did they forget that High-Richter is a lower rank than a Lawmaster?
They're really starting to feel like a party. Love how this develops.
Doez Roo2 (24 days ago)
This guys role playing everything its all that i could ask!!! And well maybe 2 episodes per week will be to mich to ask!? Just kidding mathew i know how hard this is ~
Doez Roo2 (24 days ago)
Fujuyoshi librerian!!!!
Cody Rima (24 days ago)
Not gonna lie the disadvantage on skills because of darkness when they have dark vision bugs me a little but I guess I get it
Skarab's Sin (25 days ago)
I need Travis's shirt....
Ana I Coronel (26 days ago)
Since someone pointed out how Taliesin looks like he's losing years of life during every Sam's commercial a can't stop looking at him. His reactions are priceless.
V a p o r Vince . (27 days ago)
Bacon Support (27 days ago)
"You can reply to this message!" "We've updated our Privacy Policy..."
Aeirou Orlay (27 days ago)
Beau should’ve said to Dolin, “when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.” But sure, Asshole gladiators works too!
Alan O'Brien (27 days ago)
I may have watched Fjord at 2:13:27 more times that I would like to admit
Those Few Bros (27 days ago)
A Tale of Two Titties! I'm done! I broke my lungs!
Arash Hajbabaee (28 days ago)
Well I need to read the Silmarillion for the fifth time now... damn...
Zanthosus (29 days ago)
I was hoping that when the trio walked into the Chastity's Nook, there was just a fifth Pumat Sol there.
[-SW-] Mad_Dog_Seabee (30 days ago)
Trying to figure out why Pumat Sol sounded so familiar and I know it now! ROBIN WILLIAMS! He sounds like Robin Williams xD
Song Says (23 days ago)
It sounds like a very mild Wisconsin/northern/Great Lakes accent to me. Think toned down Fargo, you betchya.
elgostine (30 days ago)
historical fiction with smut?? so... Song of ice and fire then....
dorkspawn (1 month ago)
Pumat Sol gives me life
Silver Ackerman (1 month ago)
3:03:32 the music with the Nott thing...that was creeeeepy
Fab4Sunrises (1 month ago)
Love how everybody in town pretends to be affronted when you bring up Chastity's Nook, but they all know exactly where it is
Mikko Rintasaari (1 month ago)
"Edubation" ROFL! :D
Bob Bobby (1 month ago)
Miles Matheson (1 month ago)
@1:16:08 We've all been there, Matt. Be me. Be in highschool. Be at Walmart with mom. See "50 Shades of Gray" on shelf, the cover being a pair of handcuffs Me: "Oh, is this a detective novel?" Mom: "No."
Harry Otsuka (1 month ago)
What does Sam's flask say? :O
The Magic Alakazam (1 month ago)
“What time of day is it” Mathew “mid morning” Liam “what exact time is it” Mathew visibly frustrated “10:13 am”
Brandon Johnson (1 month ago)
God I love Jester so much more then Vex as a character.
UncleSam420_ (1 month ago)
Good god. I was looking away and suddenly Pumat Sol was talking about a high thread count. I did not expect to jump to something so innocent.
Rich_boye (1 month ago)
I adore Pumat Sol so much.
Sam Personguy (1 month ago)
I wish they found a book that was entirely innuendos
Josue Munoz (1 month ago)
are they using world of Warcraft music now? i could swear it sounds like teh elwyn forest music at around 3:27:00 or maybe redridge mountains or westfall some human area
M. Doromal (29 days ago)
Yeah, they use WoW's music occasionally. In the first episode, they used WoW's Inn music when the characters met in the tavern.
JandaTwin1 (1 month ago)
Jester getting mad when Molly is instulted and then staying mad was cool. Maybe I was looking into it too much
JandaTwin1 (1 month ago)
Laura/Jester getting everyone else out of their grimm characters was so good, bless laura
Shawn Boudreau (1 month ago)
Matt's response to Beau when she remarked about the machinery, that it was a "family background" is a great example of why he's such a great DM, just a perfect case of improv and a example of the "yes...and" strategy DMs should strive for. A small thing but, stood out too me.
OpDDay2001 (1 month ago)
Zemnian Nights, like Zemnian days More often than not Are colder than hot In a lot of bad ways
Attira Kell (1 month ago)
I feel like the entirety of this campaign will be the players trying to pull saucy details from Matt fore a full collection of porn novels.
caramel coffee (1 month ago)
it's so cute that jester buys the book for caleb but that also beau was planning on buying it as well!! beau and caleb's difficult friendship building is my fav
Psithyristes (1 month ago)
Liam is being weirdly touchy recently, I saw in 1 episode he punched Sam, and now he's gripping Marisha's arm, just seems a little weird, is he usually like that, also it seems a little douchey.
Matt D (1 month ago)
Fucking love how the music turns aggressive when they confront nott
Matt D (1 month ago)
I fucking love how Matt has to check his notes for the smut
Doge The 2nd (1 month ago)
Doge The 2nd (1 month ago)
Doge The 2nd (1 month ago)
Fritz Darchinger (1 month ago)
Nott needs a simulacrum of herself, so the two notts can be in a trenchcoat together and play human
Kieran Owens (1 month ago)
Spoiler alert; Sam won his emmy.
Daniel Keogh (1 month ago)
My hearing is playing up at the moment, so I put subtitles on. When the intro/theme music came on the subtitles just said "groovy Critical Role theme" the entire time. Well played Youtube XD
AgentPedestrian (1 month ago)
actually liking "die zauberflöte" since i was a kid (despite me not being german) was actually helpful for once! so the zauber spire has to do with magic... maybe it's the thing that generates the magical cloak around the district...hmmm gah! it's such an immersive world!
Dastrothy (1 month ago)

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