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How To Speed Up Slow Sony Android TV & Disable Samba Interactive

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We show you how to disable the Samba Interactive TV notification on Sony TVs with Android Nougat 7.0 update, & also how to speed up Android TV by disabling apps & limiting the number of background processes. ======================== **Click Below to SUBSCRIBE for More Reviews, Sneak Peeks & Tips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcCYOO2uYPnG-21WDOWdwew?sub_confirmation=1 ======================== VISIT HDTV Test http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/ FOLLOW US! https://www.facebook.com/HDTVTest https://twitter.com/hdtvtest
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Text Comments (230)
Dave Lb (9 days ago)
when is android 8 oreo going to be available to put on the tv's with 7?
dreamy mankini (13 days ago)
I've just set up a new sony bravia and i absolutely hate it, none of the apps work as the they should, constant buffering or not loading at all
Kristian Stagg (24 days ago)
Is that the 65"? Great info though; thanks! I'll be buying next month for sure. I was asking to see just how big the 65" is.
Timo Fielker (26 days ago)
Thank you so unbelievably much! I nearly threw it out the window!
Uncle Ruckus (1 month ago)
Kingブランドン (1 month ago)
The funny thing is... You have to have a fucking iPad to use it~ FUCK YOU, APPLE!!!
Cruise talk (1 month ago)
you never showed us Android TV running the apps after you do all that I want to see how fast they actually Work loading after all that stuff you did and will that work for the new Sony 900f I'm getting that I heard that's laggy to
heytreacle (2 months ago)
As of August, on a new UK xe9005, disabling the Samba stuff sees the TV repeatedly pester you about it not running. A pop-up message every couple of seconds. Extremely annoying, thanks Sony.
Tul Zer (2 months ago)
you're awesome, Thanks!
NamesoomGaming (2 months ago)
Just tried this on my xf87 and it makes a big difference. Thanks.
wannod ranni-Hearn (3 months ago)
Hi i just got my first Sony XBR43X800E 43-in., I haven't turned it on yet, but ID LIKE to know this step if u could tell me how to do to make tv commercial audio equal to the program im watching. I hate when the show goes to commercial and tv gets really loud. I've never worked on any setting on any tv before. Ít was hubbies job and he not here anymore.
vamsi krishna (3 months ago)
This guy must be from Singapore or Malaysia
amritmoni (3 months ago)
I have a sony tv model 7500E and it has Bluetooth also. The problem is that when i try to connect it with my xiaomi Bluetooth earphones it does not detects it when i scan in the Bluetooth option in the tv. Even it not detects my small F&D soundbar. I tried every option in the tv bluetooth menu but no result. May be it detects only sony product. Kindly help
Vivalafred (3 months ago)
Now I feel like just getting a Q6FN from Samsung and getting chromecast 😢....
ALL IN ONE (3 months ago)
Thank you so much ! Huge difference 😁
GeForce (3 months ago)
Apple OS never disappoints! I hocked up an Apple TV 4k to my Sony a1e to avoid all this headache.. I knew a1e is merely good for its OLED screen, not the bloody OS. Android OS sucks period!
Avender Singh (3 months ago)
I have Sony kdl 850d
Avender Singh (3 months ago)
Hello Sir
Thijs van Abs (3 months ago)
I did all this just now and before long Sony Select and Sony shelf are enabled again and you have to clear the cache too. So basically you need to do this on daily basis?
Blue Bull Studios (3 months ago)
Great, followed your tips and my tv so far is running much smoother x
ThatOneGuy (3 months ago)
Night and day difference, thank you!
aron2015 (3 months ago)
It runs on windows 95
DieRunning1 (4 months ago)
Weird... if I do these steps it won't list Netflix or spotify under apps on the home screen. Only, google play, YouTube, program guide, video, music etc.
Dominic Rincker (5 months ago)
.5x animations will slow down the animations, not speed them up...
nyjay (1 month ago)
no you're cutting the animation frames in half.
Ben Jennejohn (2 months ago)
It will slow down the animations but speed up the overall UI. Your missing the point here.
shakengandulf (2 months ago)
Was thinking the same thing lol
Boe Dillard (5 months ago)
Does this TV support streaming from your PC or NAS using SMB?
Dale Huhtala (2 months ago)
Yes, I use ES File explorer to browse files or videos on my server. I also use Plex on my server and the TV client works well with that.
Read Tank (5 months ago)
I really do not understand. Why people still buy Sony. Even after paying so much on this TV , the App and remote are crap when compared to Samsung. You pay so much and you expect also to tweak the app so that the apps work faster. !!! Not all segment of the people can do this or have patience for this. This is not a cheap product from Chinese market. !!! Please any one explain
dennis ralph (5 months ago)
Total bull shit what ever happened to turn it on watch it?
Daniel Osborne (5 months ago)
What a complete clusterfuck of an OS. Utterly ridiculous. All that scrolling through all those stupid things to fix something that shouldn't be an issue. Sony are losing sales because of their turdy os
jason jone (6 months ago)
how to speed up. Its simple. Return to retailer and buy different brand. Boom that easy
Raios Rogue (6 months ago)
I tried everything and my remote is still freezing
HDTVTest (6 months ago)
Change your batteries.
Lucian Oniscu (6 months ago)
Hi Vincent. Is this applicable for the new 9005xf series also?
Monkey Man (6 months ago)
whenever i changed date and time its automatically changed after i turned off and on
Zuzana Necedova (6 months ago)
I have Sony KD-49XE9005 TV. After a few months it started to run really slowly, which was frustrating. I followed the steps in the video and my TV is now super fast. Thank you for the video and the tips. Very helpful.
DNA Tru Lyricist (6 months ago)
Great video.. Ur amazing.
slimoun3 (2 months ago)
DNA Tru Lyricist virginité
Good you Guide. (6 months ago)
any one know how to do it?
Good you Guide. (6 months ago)
not power on???
EX0stasis (6 months ago)
This might be a stupid question, but wouldn't it have been much simpler to disabled it via the menu immediately after selecting "Set Up Now?" It would clearly say "Disable" on screen. It clearly shows that you didn't even give it a chance to find out what it is before wanting to disable it. That loses my respect in my book.
P Bielski (6 months ago)
Thanks mam its really work!!!
Villiam Hansen (6 months ago)
Hold the scroll down button to move faster ;-) you also forgot to disable notifications on samba service.
Nenad Savovic (6 months ago)
I have sony from 2014 good picuture, but expensive laging device. buy lg web os. My sony tv need 20s to bootup digital tv. This is like windows app for tv is not hw volume control.
ciao miao (6 months ago)
Hi, Im in serious need of help with my Sony 4K tv Model XE83, When I plug my IPTV reciever (with 1080p maximum resolution) to it, the screen FLICKERS. i have bought a video Converter device (HDMI to HDMI 1080p to 4k UP-DOWN Scaler).... but it's rubbish. Could you please show me how i can downgrade in the setting one HDMI input to 1080p or 720p.... so maybe it can work. Thank you in advance- Sarah
Glenn Smith (7 months ago)
Now a disclaimer!
Steve Jordan (7 months ago)
wow, what a difference it made to my sony bravia android tv..thanks alot!!
MichaelSPN (7 months ago)
Thanks for the advice, this seems to have really helped.
Marcelo Honda (7 months ago)
I do not believe it! I replaced the remote control batteries, and completely solved my problems from the slowness with the interface menu! lol
DragonRoLo (7 months ago)
I cant even scroll down to settings! The menu is so laggy its freezing up started from the most recent patch. Sony xbr55x900e
micdoses1 (7 months ago)
Sony needs to dump android
gpet 72 (7 months ago)
Finding samba process manager has turned me off Sony!!!! 1000 clicks!!!
roblex63 (7 months ago)
6:03 so you wait till the video is six minutes in before you tell people the risks of doing this.. do it at the beginning, oh but then people would not watch would they... tosspot..
All Things GnD (7 months ago)
Sony needs to implement an App search function.
Classicalbanksy (7 months ago)
I have to agree with those commenting about the horridness of the Android experience, especially in this conext. If this is the shape of things to come - ubiquitous surveillance and crap Operating Systems - I want my money back from God! :-)
Classicalbanksy (7 months ago)
Btw - I should add, I have a Sony KD-55XD7005, running software version PKG6.2671.0070EUA. It might as well be in Sanscrit as far as I understand it, but thought it migt be of interest to you. Both TV and "computer" side running SO MUCH BETTER!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Classicalbanksy (7 months ago)
Sir, you are a God! Thank you SO MUCH!! This has saved me throwing the TV out of the window! Could you do a follow-up on how to install apps from Google Play without spending a day pressing the install button and rebooting the page - that has been driving me insane! Plus why are so many apps on Google Play "not compatible with this device"?? What is the incompatibility issue? Can anything be done about it?? And finally, as I'm using the TV as a computer while my Mac is being fixed, can you demonstrate how to select using a mouse, not the remote? At the moment, I've got an old Windows mouse which works fine, but it seems that if I actually want to select something, I have to move the cursor with the mouse, but select using the OK button on the remote. Although this isn't always so 'cut and dried' sometimes the mouse wins and activates my selection, sometimes the remote! Finally can anyone suggest an email app compatible with these TVs, I've yet to find anything in Google Play that is compatible. So - thank you for a brilliant tutorial, and thanks in advance for any help with the above!
Victor Alvarez (7 months ago)
Don't do this it's going to fuck your TV up.
Victor Alvarez (7 months ago)
I dont know. It probably would. I deactivated the program this guy said and my tv started bugging out. Like a message wouldn't stop popping up and I had to reactivate the programs after disabling them and the TV is working fine now.
taradead (7 months ago)
wouldn't a system refresh bring it back to the way it was from the factory?
Shubham Mohanty (8 months ago)
Eyii nice work man! You're detailed super clear! Keep up the good work
Jaylen Tutt (8 months ago)
Honestly just disable Internet the tv is so much faster
roblex63 (8 months ago)
i suggest saying your disclaimer at the start of the video you dimwit... it's no good saying you have no responsibility for damage done at the end...
Onur Güzel (8 months ago)
I couldn't find a way to disable Developer Options once after it's been enabled. How?
Mikkel Vitus Nielsen (8 months ago)
Don't diasable the samba service on android 3. The TV prompt you for the samba service all the time.
Raghu Sai (8 months ago)
can u pls help me out I need to connect mi Bluetooth receiver tomy TV which has a 4.2 Bluetooth version. I have paired it but I am unable to connect help me plz
TopxXChamp (8 months ago)
Nice vid 👍thanks!
abuhanifah83 (8 months ago)
XE90 or LG B7... Laggy OS is likely to get on my nerves. Is the picture quality much better in XE90 (I know it’s diff tech)
PINOY NGA (9 months ago)
This is precisely my reason for still loving my old but reliable non-smart full HD 1080p tv. All I need actually is the tv screen and a few interface ports. I've updated my home theater to an Onkyo TX-NR676E 7.2 system. I have practically never used my tv speakers or tuner. All my tv channel choices come from my cable box. Having a non-smart tv made me simply buy a cheaper streaming box/device like the Fire TV stick. All my source devices, including my laptop, are connected to my home theater AVR. I understand I can/t enjoy 4K and i'm not a video gamer. I love watching movies and musical videos and listening to the stereo. I'm tremendously enjoying my videos and music, and don't need 10,000 nits either. My almost 5-year old tv is just fine! Just a plain ol' vanilla guy.
Sir Howard II (10 months ago)
Thank you!! I was having a problem with 4K YouTube videos freezing when using the YouTube app on my Sony TV. I deleted the data from the Sony Shelf and Sony Select apps as you suggested. Problem solved!!!! No more problems with the videos freezing or skipping. Thank you very much!!!!
falucius (10 months ago)
How do you stop a external storage hard drive from running when sony 49xe9005 Tv is turned off?
Dale Huhtala (2 months ago)
Same problem here!
paul jones (10 months ago)
I had a prompt to install samba on setup sequence. I pressed 'do not accept' and then it asked again and I pressed the back button on remote to clear the pop-up and then pressed skip... Not had any samba issues so far.
Marx Domah (10 months ago)
Why would I buy a smart tv and not connect it to the internet? How will I use it. It’s just counterintuitive. Sony should dump google’s sluggish Android Tv Os for something faster. We all know no tv producer is willing to put a better processor in right now. But android tv os suck and gets slower.
Marx Domah (10 months ago)
In all fairness, Sony’s TVs are great. The only thing making them sluggish is the Android Tv OS. I feel Sony is stuck with this sluggish OS that can’t even be compared in terms of speed to Samsung’s little known Tizen Os. It kill the user experience of these great hardwares.
F BM (7 months ago)
Jonathan Domah I completely agree with you. I’m afraid I can’t return the tv now.
Marx Domah (7 months ago)
F BM the hardware is top notch. But the software destroys user experience. Don’t buy any android tv product.
F BM (7 months ago)
Jonathan Domah I never had a smart tv. Then I test Tizen and it is amazing: fast, nice to watch, easy to use and even the controller was nice. Then I tried Sony Android Tv and it is terrible. It is slow, so slow.
Kef103 (10 months ago)
Bloat is an understatement on this tv . I'm very disappointed with it
Bryan Samuel (10 months ago)
This is why android sucks on tvs. People want a device that works without having to worry about tinkering low level settings.
EX0stasis (6 months ago)
No, this reviewer, with his "advanced" knowledge about some Android features, decided to make this much harder than it really had to be. All you have to do to disable Samba is to select "Set Up Now" and then "Disable" on the next screen. Simple, right?
CALVlNXD (11 months ago)
honestly you do a shitty job of presenting any ideas. write a list of the steps instead because you are not good at explaining.
pressefr (11 months ago)
Sony needs to bring settings similar to what they do for their cellphones. Stamina Mode: whitelist applications to run (Netflix and YouTube), and Ultra Stamina Mode: a basic bare bones TV.
Eric Hunt-Schroeder (11 months ago)
I disabled samba interactive and rebooted... now every 3-5 seconds I see a message about samba has crashed. Only way to resolve is to enable samba interactive. Any ideas and how to fix?
BPClub (11 months ago)
Hello someone can advise me urgently my sony x900e is switching it on automatically and its a new tv just bought 3 days ago. its annoying i can't switch it off! please i wanted to know what i have to do with this tv
BPClub (11 months ago)
Ocean Eleven I turned off the setting. Sony tv was synced with my sound system. Now I am all set
Ocean Eleven (11 months ago)
what is the issue? any change of hardware or just software resolved?
BPClub (11 months ago)
Ocean Eleven this issue is fixed now
Ocean Eleven (11 months ago)
Dan The Man Call Sony support service.for.help.
Roger Lacroix (11 months ago)
ok i have done all your process and now my tv come up with a message Samba tv manager has stop and cannot get rid of that message in the middle of my tv i can click on the x but it keeps coming back now
Brian Hakey (8 months ago)
Did you ever fix this? Same thing happened to me.
MadFinnTech (10 months ago)
Well, he put up the disclaimer. It should have been at the beginning of the video, though.
falconax1 (11 months ago)
Thanks for this video, the TV gets a whole lot more responsive.
Nitin Sethi (11 months ago)
Hi.. Please tell me how to transfer files from PC to.... TV's .. Usb and HDD connected to my sony android tv.... Using wifi
Dale Huhtala (2 months ago)
Install a file manager like ES File Explorer or File Commander and add your PC as a network device
Mitella Blue (1 year ago)
You have to re-enable Samba in both settings (Within Samba and App Menu) for the TV to accept new software update without pop-up errors!!
Adrian Mcglynn (1 year ago)
Thanks.volume was lagging. This really helped. Legend👍
Mucahit Simsek (1 year ago)
Danke dir dass du uns geholfen hast 👍
slimoun3 (2 months ago)
Mucahit Simsek verginiter virginité
R W (1 year ago)
Warning: after I disabled Samba Services Manager and update to new firmware a few months later, I got a nonstop pop-up saying the service is not running. Unless you absolutely need to, dont mess with background services.
Asif Kader (4 months ago)
just go in to samba services and disable notifications.
mcrtrumps (11 months ago)
I've had this problem too! I've also discovered my Sony XE9005 frequently (and randomly since I haven't figured out a pattern to it yet!) takes around 23W of power in standby mode - NOT the 0.3W Sony claim on their website. That about £30 per year extra on the electric bill!
R W (1 year ago)
Forgot to mention the fix was to enable Samba Services Manager.
Al Luke (1 year ago)
Thanks - simply cleaning up cache and data from sony shelf and sony settings sped up my Bravia X8000E considerably. No samba listed on the new system.
YUKI JINJUJI (1 year ago)
How do you get root on that thing
Ciarans Travels (1 year ago)
Simply disabling it will not stop the pop up. You need to go into it as if you are going to set it up then when you see terms and conditions you click decline and save. This will then stop the pop up permanently.
Alfie Connor (1 year ago)
Great video thanks for the help !!
Daniel Bechter (1 year ago)
AFAIK, process limit gets reverted back to default after a full reboot...
Daniel Bechter (1 year ago)
Force stopping and disabling the service actually does not fix the pop-up. You have to do it like that: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1osX2Br0HnKh2b3hlwxUnrX61qukbHWNbm9Xr4QPEKio/pub Funny thing is that even after doing so, the TV is still constantly contacting flingo.tv servers. Totally unacceptable!!
Delores McEachern (1 year ago)
So basically the tv is just like a cellphone
ChrisAC15 (3 days ago)
A very low spec'd cell phone
Daniel Osborne (5 months ago)
No, it's far worse
BroadcastYOzZelf (6 months ago)
My humble opinion on this one: WebOS is based on linux. It runs blazing fast and can serve you even more options. Options like "Stay awake while charging" would personaly annoy me to see on my TV screen. Android on TVs is a marketing trick because of it's success on phones. It is like "Windows Phone" on eary smartphones where people would buy it because they thought they will get a fully fledged Windows PC in their pocket (which is just not desirable if you think about it).
EX0stasis (6 months ago)
This is actually one of the selling points for this TV for me, actually. More menu options are always better, as long as the advanced, less used options are hidden in deeper menus.
tedyesca (10 months ago)
Delores McEachern a huge 4k tablet
Jerry H (1 year ago)
Worked like a pro with my 900e. Thank you for your help
3vino1 (1 year ago)
The problem with forcing Sony Shelf and Sony Select off, is that they come right back on their own. They take up RAM which causes judder. It happens when I use the smart tv feature to play something on Amazon. So I have to keep going in to shut them down again. The tv has a great picture, but android is a lousy operating system. After two weeks of operation, my X900E became unstable, so I had to re-boot it. I turned it off and disconnected power for 15 seconds. Then I went back in to disable those two apps. and it began to work the way it is supposed to. I hope Sony sends an update which will prevent apps from slowly grabbing RAM and not releasing it. At least that what it seems to be doing. They also need to let us disable those two apps and let them stay disabled.
Jerry Roberts (1 year ago)
i put a thumb drive in the usb port on my tv and a lot of my programs load to that and helps to keep the response of the remote faster
Figo_rulz11 (5 months ago)
Jerry Roberts how can I load all apps onto there?
micdoses1 (1 year ago)
WOW I tried the settings for my xbr65x850c an it's night an day thanks
Jerry Roberts (1 year ago)
what is Samba Interactive and why do i need it?  thanks
jarvisis akito (1 year ago)
Jerry Roberts a company that get data from your smart  TV like  commercials and shows   and sell it to  there customer that made the commercials and  not pay you lol Sony would pay there customer
pbdye (1 year ago)
This isn't disabling the Samba pop-up on my 930E...*help*. I've disabled the app and then even double-checked and long-pressed the power button to restart the TV. It's STILL coming up. -_- EDIT: I just fixed it - the only thing that shut it up was actually going into Samba setup and disabling it *there*. The Samba Services app must be enabled and started to do this. You then have to doubly-confirm you want to disable it. What a hassle. =/ Fingers crossed that it finally gets the hint.
Feyd Rautha (1 year ago)
Search is the only thing good from google. Maps were bought from an Australian company, youtube was bought as was Android. Android is garbage and I am forever sorry for my Android phone friends !
Feyd Rautha (1 year ago)
YUKI JINJUJI you have my pity. I feel so sorry for you.
YUKI JINJUJI (1 year ago)
backinthegame34 android is wonderful fuck you. you rat
I'm sorry but I am afraid that all Android settings get reset after a TV restart. Just Samba will be gone for good since it has been disabled. BTW if you disable the notifications in Sonyshelf the "featured  apps" (bloatware) in the Leanback launcher (Home) disappear for good,  but moving the installed apps in the App section. That also helps.
Hhemenistan (1 year ago)
Who wanted Vincent leathery couch?!
Kev Williams (1 year ago)
what have they done with that new update! just look at how bad the dark corners are now at 1:50 into the video,they have ruined the zd9 that is bad,thats just put me right off buying one £3000 no chance
3vino1 (1 year ago)
what about the music, google play, apps. Can they be disabled
JR (2 months ago)
If you don't use them, YES.
3vino1 (1 year ago)
Amazon streaming was stuttering. I already had Samba disabled, so I closed Sony Shelf and Sony Select and the stuttering stopped. Those useless apps which clog up the home stream, appear to take memory that is needed for streaming., Netflix did much better too, after that. Having said that, I am still trying to find the right settings for motion for each input. Direct tv seems to be best with custom judder at 4 or 5, and possibly for blueray player. Still need to verify that for blue ray player. Today Netflix and Amazon worked really will with everything turned off. I'll keep on checking that out. My 1080P Samsung worked great with setting of clear on everything. Clear on Sony is not the same thing. In spite of what I've heard about Sony being great with motion handling, I'm sure having problems finding the sweet spot.
Raitzi (1 year ago)
I have seen the fat guy in Top Gear some years a go :D (news footage)

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