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Beverly hills spoiled brat goes on Dr Phil because $2500 per month is not enough for a 15 year old. SUBMIT MEMES: https://www.reddit.com/r/PewdiepieSubmissions/ CHECK OUT: Check out A$$: http://store.steampowered.com/app/703840/Animal_Super_Squad/ (A game I helped make): MERCH: https://represent.com/pewdiepie3 TSUKI: https://tsuki-co-uk.myshopify.com :::::::My Setup:::::::: Chair:: ONLY 399 ! USA & Asia: https://usa.clutchchairz.com/product/pewdiepie-edition-throttle-series/ Europe: https://europe.clutchchairz.com/en/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ Canada: https://canada.clutchchairz.com/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ (Amazon affiliate links) Headphones:: http://rzr.to/edgar Camera:: http://amzn.to/2FaJFGa Microphone::: http://amzn.to/2F8gUKa Display:: http://amzn.to/2H2PhyM Light:: http://amzn.to/2CWDLTa Keyboard:: http://amzn.to/2FaJNWa Mouse:: http://amzn.to/2oOqJlG Mousepad:: http://amzn.to/2oH0tu7 __ Outro: Animation: https://www.youtube.com/user/jae55555 Song: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3e8EMTOn4g6ZSKggHTnNng
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Text Comments (57462)
Fraylid oof (7 minutes ago)
I got a job at 14
Live Free (30 minutes ago)
This is why western women are turning into total shitcunts.
Schwanz Kacka (31 minutes ago)
Why are rich Kids so disgustingly raised...
[GD] Cobalrus (25 minutes ago)
Aerith Quinn (41 minutes ago)
Haziq Rahmat (44 minutes ago)
19 year old?
Emma Steer (59 minutes ago)
honestly you are the most hilarious person. these edits are so funny - i sat here for a good 20 mins laughing at your logan paul sister video. so good!
Emma K (1 hour ago)
When she says "I want it because i can" you can clearly see where the mothers fault is. Tbh
Emma K (1 hour ago)
I am 20 and i *dont* even dream of a possibility of having a car. #colledgelife I just wanna survive my life mate 😂 Jeez
LPS Kitty Cats (1 hour ago)
i get 40 euros per month and even i think thats a lot of money and im 16 like boi! some people dont even get a penny, how spoiled do u gotta be???
BEN POWELL (1 hour ago)
Man I get fukin £20 a month and I’m barely a couple months younger than her AND I have to work for it wow the world is so cruel
BEN POWELL (1 hour ago)
Man I get fukin £20 a month and I’m barely a couple months younger than her
Computer Virus (1 hour ago)
I’m twelve years old and I lived for a month at 600 dollars for food and tickets to baseball games and buying baseball stuff
jenkem0 (2 hours ago)
Nigga i dont even have a monthly allowance
imransaadi (2 hours ago)
My allowance per month is only 15£ or 25£ (mostly 15£)
fisk andersen (2 hours ago)
This mother equally retarded
theresa jane ho (2 hours ago)
there are people dying - kourtney k
Uthman Dahlan (2 hours ago)
My monthly allowance is mf 20 dollars ... including lunch money
james westerveld (3 hours ago)
Felix if we send all the children to an island you would lose all of your views
Mr. CrazzyyskillZZZ (3 hours ago)
AligátorHrajeCZ (3 hours ago)
Like hey,there was true in what she said (The "you raised me,should have done better) Because,you know,parents take a big part in raising a child (suprisingly),and what will become of the child. So,yeah That isn't completely her fault,but like me (I'm kinda spoiled too) She should have just realised,that she was spoiled across the line,and at least try to do something and not being a lazy bitch Sorry for any grammar issues
Randomly Playzzz (3 hours ago)
I get 10 bucks 😸😎 feel rich She get 1000bucks 😱😲I'm a peasant
David valov (3 hours ago)
Pidor Ti
I Luv Kookies (4 hours ago)
Wtf teens these days
Great Dukes (4 hours ago)
A 2017 Dodge Challenger V6 is 21k.... and its way better lmao
Tobias Reite Kolltveit (4 hours ago)
I have this girl in my class.
Andro guy (4 hours ago)
7:22 that's the point she's doing that for fame!
Lightning Pancake (4 hours ago)
she thinks she’s emotionally manipulating people like regina in mean girls but in reality she just looks like a lazy brat
Lightning Pancake (4 hours ago)
this is the doctor phill equivalent of stabbing someone then they slap you and you go to court and try to make case for abuse
Tobias Trottmann (4 hours ago)
I had 4 ADS wtf its monitised
[GD] Cobalrus (21 minutes ago)
I Had 0 kappa
Antmaster64 YT (5 hours ago)
people need to understand that they can't get everything they want you feel like a peasant with 1k every month IM DAMN NEAR YOUR AGE AT 14 I BARELEY GET 20 BUCKS A YEAR O SWEAR THESE BRATS MUST BE TAKEN CARE OF...
RoughSun (5 hours ago)
Edward Kenway (5 hours ago)
"What's up guys, it's dr. Felix here! "
First Name Surname (5 hours ago)
So wait is she 19 or 15
YZ Yang (5 hours ago)
pew:isn't​ it lovely to laugh at people, especially when they're crying hahahahha
Pingu 1337 (5 hours ago)
0:09 wtf
killer trees (5 hours ago)
3:03 that's a real movie
The Aerosol Assassin (5 hours ago)
I get a tenner a month
Gaming KA (5 hours ago)
4 ads
kun Mia (6 hours ago)
7:46 *OKAY*
Nichole Vaughn (6 hours ago)
I'll gladly clean animal poo for a solid year. Just to smack that bratty girl with a bat... covered in nails... dipped in acid.
GoldenGod (6 hours ago)
My yearly allowance is $20
WankersCramp69 (6 hours ago)
To be honest... I think I would cry if I didn't get $231,000.
Typical Tuber (6 hours ago)
I am just eatin a pretzel and all I hear is “NOOOOO ahhhhhh” I turn to my phone to see Pewdiepie going HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE
Kolten Eaton (6 hours ago)
Bruh I'm 13 and I can't wait to be old enough to get a job and she's crying over not getting a $231,000 car WTF
Kurusu Akira (6 hours ago)
*"BITCH"* Nice savage there, dr. Phil
Wayward Blizzard (7 hours ago)
That girl is so nasty and spoiled I hate people like this she is just so nasty
Monkey D. Luffy (7 hours ago)
0:36 Aww Haha Thats what I Heard 😂😂
Freja Nissen (7 hours ago)
She just wanna be as famous like bhad bhabi
Germany won the fifa cup Sweden sucks
Jaibu-kun (7 hours ago)
What the hell... My allowance is P100 ($2) but she complains about $2500? Many people are living in poverty and she only just spends it like that?
non applicable (7 hours ago)
"You need to get a job" **C R I E S**
Binuwara Bandara (7 hours ago)
The sum of my father and my mother adds upto 650$ total for a month. And we live a happy life in a Sri Lanka.
Jacob Davis (7 hours ago)
Oceanlover (8 hours ago)
Chef (8 hours ago)
Guys out there. Do not get her pregnant. That mum is creating a nightmare. This is what happens when there is no dad to beat her.
Elite Destroyer Gaming (9 hours ago)
im 12 and 2,500 is my life saving from doing multiple jobs a 12 year old can do like mowing lawns shoveling etc.
Amir Allahverde (9 hours ago)
Bruh sometimes I eat breakfast for dinner
Spoder Man (9 hours ago)
You got a new subcriber
Hannah Halcom (9 hours ago)
x3 Wow.
Bucs fan 4 life (9 hours ago)
25000 per month!?!? WTF. My spending allowance is what ever I find in my couch cushions
The7thTurtle (9 hours ago)
*S P O I L E D C H I L D*
Darby Warren (10 hours ago)
I’m 15 and I get 20$ a month and that’s more than enough wtf
yaboiprophett (10 hours ago)
yo give me 1 month of her allowance and I would be straight fam
Meshmeyloo (10 hours ago)
You want 5? YOU GOT 3
Azibo Varanus (11 hours ago)
I only get paid $50 bucks, and even then, it's sporadic- meaning sometimes a week or sometimes every half a year. (Not old enough for an official job yet) But I don't complain.
Azibo Varanus (11 hours ago)
Still hilarious.
Ivan Ventura (11 hours ago)
Unbuiltmoney 32 (12 hours ago)
... did you know it could also MOVE
DE_FAULT _EXE (12 hours ago)
2:55 made me want to shoot myself with a 20 gauge
Ouss ama (12 hours ago)
put kid's in island then no one will survive xD
2Quick 4Myself (12 hours ago)
At least she is not taking tilted towers
Robo Botic (12 hours ago)
No! No! Noowuhhuhuhuhuh..
Petty (13 hours ago)
I want to murder this chic
Azure Dominus (13 hours ago)
"Where does that money gooo" Lmfaoo😭😭😭
TheGreenTaco999 (13 hours ago)
Not saying she's not a bitch, just saying that it's the parents fault, what else would you expect from a child who grew up with a parent like that? Yo all just mad cuz u aint rich or spoiled like her, lil
Jenna G (13 hours ago)
0:08 laughs like Seth Rogen
tileisnotonfire (13 hours ago)
bro even my house is cheaper than that car
rvng (13 hours ago)
You helped me cure my heartbreak
DarkAncker (13 hours ago)
Since when are there too many ads on a pewds vid😂...its cool tho
James smith (13 hours ago)
This mom is completely dumb, when I was fifteen I got a $350,000 car and look at me! I go outside almost every month!
Cristiano Viana (13 hours ago)
Maybe it is real, but she's spoiled AF, then she tries to cry but she just drops some crocodile tears.
hilslwlw wkekke (14 hours ago)
idk when Felix is actually being serious or sarcastic lol
Iana Crow (14 hours ago)
8:31 i feel you bro.
Jub Jub (14 hours ago)
the pain is real
Bago I (14 hours ago)
Phelix did yu make that "headspace" ad totally made me forget this girl is a rich whinny brat from the hills ,
Kidvette2004 (14 hours ago)
I get money for doing good grades. And if I learned how to weedeat and do the lawn but that’s it.
Iana Crow (14 hours ago)
I would slap her. Hard. ‘Cuz she’s a TOTAL BICI.
Rah Rah Rasputin (14 hours ago)
Jesus i used to have to work 20 hours a week for 20 bucks in the family business. Wheres.this lady live? Shes getting robbed
Lpskawaii Vlogs (14 hours ago)
This vid has 4 block ads <3
brXza (14 hours ago)
To send kids to an island to fight and only the strongest can survive, that already exists it's called fortnite
amine mk (14 hours ago)
I work 8 hours a day and i get 3 dollars
Arslan Khan (15 hours ago)
5:17 hahahahahhahahhaa
Spacepasta (15 hours ago)
i have around 110 usd per month to cover all my expenses and she burns almost that amount in an hour??? omg, and I thought I was spoiled
Arslan Khan (15 hours ago)
Funniest reaction Pewdiepie we love you
Aaron Geise (15 hours ago)
Pewdiepie: says allinity Allinity: CAN WE COPYSTRIKE PEWDIEPIE
error h/404 (15 hours ago)
when i see things like this, it makes me really happy and proud of my parents
Low Standards (15 hours ago)
People like this make me understand the Russian Revolution better. How much you wanna bet she lives in California?
GardeD0g (15 hours ago)
I just turned 16 but when I was 15 I spent like 30 bucks.....in the whole year.

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