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The Engine That Powers the World - Diesel Engine Documentary

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The surprising story of the hidden powerhouse behind the globalised world - the diesel engine, a 19th-century invention that has become indispensable to the 21st century. It's a turtle versus hare tale in which the diesel engine races the petrol engine in a competition to replace ageing steam technology - a race eventually won hands down by diesel. Splendidly, car enthusiast presenter Mark Evans gets excitedly hands on with some of the many applications of Mr Diesel's - yes, there was one - original creation, from vintage submarines and tractors to locomotive trains and container ships. You'll never feel the same about that humble old diesel family car again.
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MZL (1 year ago)
The world's most difficult drinking game: Watch this documentary, and every time the word "diesel" is mentioned, everybody has a sip. You'll be drunk as a dwarf about halfway through the documentary, guaranteed.
bertjesklotepino (1 day ago)
Damn, i read this before watching the video completely, but i was already wasted before starting the video. Still, sip sip away................
yamahonkawazuki (29 days ago)
never mind being a dwarf, midget or small person. a drinking game, use bacardi 151 or hi test moonshine no nvm that would be fatal.
Dan Cooper (1 month ago)
MZL thanks, great video, one of the few times British people didn't annoy me. Diesels are like a miracle, that 1933 RosaLee was the best , never knew she existed. fantastic I'm still trying to build a Harley with a reefer unit engine .and make my own fuel you know , same old excuse no money
Aaron Slaven (1 month ago)
kin kane (2 months ago)
@MZL I love your style.
فتحي المكباتي (37 minutes ago)
Here in EGYPT we still have this irrigation machine in service since my grand grand father bought it in 1926 . ITS Reston Blackstone made in England 26 HP . still working till today with the same power and endurance . Thanks to everyone worked for producing this amazing machine . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBjeNffeKCQ&t=3s
Graeme Roberts (19 hours ago)
This is superb. I could understand why the presenter, Mark Evans, became so excited and enthusiastic.
Mark Lynskey (1 day ago)
24.51...anyone else notice the can of 'Easi start'?....pmsl
Lee Stewart (1 day ago)
the title of this video is 100% right!!!
goropeza101 (2 days ago)
What is he talking about? American car makers had diesel powered cars in production back in 1929 with Packard/Cummins!
RDNCKRAMNOSD1 (2 days ago)
song at 32:14 is called Black powder
Mike Macey (3 days ago)
Served my apprenticeship on the GWR when diesels were taking over from steam, my favorite was Maybach with a Mekrydro transmission , I rebuilt a Maybach at OOC workshops London and when I finished, my foreman asked me if I wanted to ride it to Reading, (footplate) the sound and whistle of the turbo blower coming out of Paddington station was so rewarding knowing that you have put this engine together a few hours ago.
Kalyan Raghu (4 days ago)
So Germans invented submarines, rockets, diesel engines ... maybe Germans are superior!
eatmusic 1 (4 days ago)
How is it possible that you´ve omited one of the biggest leap in diesel engines.......the Magneti Marelli high pressure pump and turbo!!!If it wasn´t for that tech, diesel engines were much less efficent....
Zebrails (4 days ago)
There's one in Chicago, the Great Bean lives. 54:03 Watch for it. And now, my two bits... Electric power, if not by solar, must originate from fuels (plant based oils, green or carbon.)
yakyakyak69 (4 days ago)
Brilliant Engineer but an Economic Child. Socialism (Fascist-Corporatism, Communist-Collectivism or Democratic Mob Rule) ALWAYS fails once the political class with their extortion at police gun point have devastated the productive & investment "middle" classes while bribing the rich & poor with public cheese (benefits & investment) in exchange for "campaign support", every penny taken via threat, duress & coercion aka Political Organized Crime which is now in collusion with the central planning, globalist lunatic leftist "man-made climate-change" scamming environmentalists.
classiclarry88 (5 days ago)
All we need to keep it going is algae and plant based fuel which is cleaner to burn and we can grow it in our backyards forever. Open pond algae farms absorb exactly the same amount of CO2 that they produce when burned making it neutral. That is until nuclear fusion power is miniaturized and put into locomotives, freight ships, construction equipment, etc.
E. Africanus (5 days ago)
13:50 he needed to give her a snort of the cosby in a can
Negron Family (5 days ago)
Anyone gullible enough to believe Diesel killed himself ???? smfh puhlease
zOiNhUh (6 days ago)
Believe it or not, the internal combustion engine in general and specificly the Diesel will remain relevant because of their impact on biological stability, since they can use biofuels made out of organic residues that would otherwise turn into an environmental hassle due to the methane released while it's simply left to rot away. Post-combustion carbon dioxide has a shorter half-life than methane, so it could even decrease some of the effects of the so-called "global warming". Nitrogen oxides emission can be addressed with supplemental water + alcohol injection.
Do Dong (7 days ago)
Unfortunately, the filipino who invented the heat producing tube by compression do not know the word "patent". It is a lighter used to light up their cigar.
Do Dong (7 days ago)
The compression of piston inside a tube was used by filipinos living in the mountains of benguet before the Spanish speaking europeans came to the Philippines to fire their tobacco and discovered by foreigners who came to Philippines.
Nicollo Malik Lavelle (7 days ago)
Ineffieciency might be a huge problem on steam engine but they do have plenty of tourqe
Ropafadzo Masuku (8 days ago)
Oh Rudolf Diesel 😢
TheBros2theend (9 days ago)
thanks and praise to God in Jesus glorious holy name amen, Jesus loves you.
SuperV8mark (9 days ago)
Subtitulo en español Please!
Cynthia Ayers (14 days ago)
First you throw a match in the diesel, then you use a rag to like the gasoline why not the same a match?
Alex Sturm (15 days ago)
Today in Germany the Green party would like too ban the Diesel engine in passenger cars. They are trying to implement Diesel free city zones. Rudolf Diesel would be rolling in his grave. That's what happens when you have clueless people in charge, who do not know what they are talking about.
sw ag (16 days ago)
Simeon Stoyanov (16 days ago)
I am here for the dick walker
crunchy2k (17 days ago)
Never try to commit suicide in a garage with a running diesel engine. The carbon monoxide levels will never get to the level of killing you like in the movies. ;D
Raymond Holt (17 days ago)
keep this guy away from my diesel... freak
Raymond Holt (17 days ago)
shannon dove (18 days ago)
The question i been asking for years, and still have not got an answer,...why cannot a diesel run on gasoline? I understand that gasoline does not compress ignite as easily as diesel, but surely if the compression ratio is made high enough it would ignite. My understanding is that the diesles that run on CNG , it is fed into the intake airstream , so that clearly is NOT a dieslel, i dont care what they call it. The diesles that use propane, its the same as the CNG, it is not injected directly into the cylinder near top dead center. I am not sure about the diesles that use ethanol.
Simon Maier (19 days ago)
Before Dieselgate : the engine that powers the world after Dieselgate: the engine that poisons the world (thanks to the German car industry this is a common opinion now)
eric heine (19 days ago)
Iron American Dream on YouTube without iron America would have never happened. There would be no diesel. No steam locomotive no Wild West. No Colt. No M16. No Enola Gay. Take a ride across the Promised Land. On an Iron American Dream on YouTube
Aaron Armstrong (20 days ago)
What an awesome documentary!
Leifur Thor (21 days ago)
I recently purchased a 2013 VW Passat TDI (turbo diesel). And wow, this car is a work of art. From Seattle to Portland averaging 44mpg, and being able to startle my passengers with off the gate torque by virtue of turbo diesel engines, married with Volkswagen’s elegant German engineering, I thoroughly look forward to driving this car every day because it is like driving a work of art the perfect marriage of form and function.
Ryan L (24 days ago)
This was very good.
BR5491Z1Z (25 days ago)
com down dude what the fock ...awesome vid loved it ...peace out
Abdulai Bah (26 days ago)
British documentaries are the best.
Softail77us (28 days ago)
If I'm not mistaken, diesel's are 2 stroke yes? I like gasoline 2 strokes the most. Hardly any moving parts and miniaturization. Very cool video. Hats off Mr Diesel.
Mario Siemroth (29 days ago)
a spray can of EASY START in the drivers door at 24:53 :-)
granskare (30 days ago)
we had 2-3 VW Rabbit & Audi diesels...but now Diesel costs more than gasoline (petrol) - I suppose it is money that drives companies to make such charges. In America, farm vehicles do not have number plates - the people would rise up and politicians would fear them :) We did move to diesel trains in the 1930's, Unfortunately the railroads were privately owned. The airports & highways were subsidized so except fir AMTRAK, we have no passenger traffic except on each coast ---bah!
FalconXE302 (30 days ago)
Change the name to the Engine that murders millions... It's worse than any other Cancer causing "thing" man ever made or created, worse than Cigarettes and Alcohol... worse than Monsanto's Round-Up.... It should be banned and driven into the History books.
Bob Jackson (1 month ago)
Very interesting and informative.
Elvin Mandujano (1 month ago)
"Because he was losing control of the Destiny of his invention"
Marco Grothe (1 month ago)
Boards of Canada as Background music Yeah i love it!
Tony Lam (1 month ago)
One of the final statement diesel did not touch aviation is incorrect. The German had diesel bombers in the 30s. Turbine engines use kerosene based fuel partly for economy reasons,they can switch to diesel which is a close relative with almost no modification.That huge container ship actually do not run on diesel fuel, for economy reasons. They use a coarse form of lower grade fuel oil commonly called bunker C. A step or so below diesel on the refinery scale, just as diesel is below gasoline. The last decade, diesel are starting to become popular in light planes, as the future of leaded aviation gasoline are numbered.
Sankaran Raman (1 month ago)
Thanks, this video brings goosebumps in the end, thanks again for the extraordinary video
William Makupa (1 month ago)
I am a diesel person.
chriss4365 (1 month ago)
yes and is the reason for pollution concerns. They put out a very nasty smell.
Leif Johnson (1 month ago)
The Diesel engine is DOOMED....thank goodness.
Bartkante (1 month ago)
5:35 "1998" xD
Ale Esp (1 month ago)
I own a diesel SUV and I have never looked back!! I can tow as much as a truck does and people look at me like Im crazy until they find out its a diesel vehicle.
Tirah5 (1 month ago)
British this and that and yadda yadda. You guys stole every available technology and patented as your own. On top of that you (brits) are biggest liars in the world's face as you tell tales of your so called achievements so proudly. The most sad part in all of this is, you have stolen most of the technology from Germany you hate so passionately and even that from Nazis after and during the WWII. Shame on you. If ever you (Brits) were so good, not every Brit car manufacturer these days werent sold or made by Germany nowadays. Not a single Brit car manufacturer had a history of reliability when it came to cars for instance. Shame on you thieves, once again.
MadScientist512 (1 month ago)
I've heard of washed up inventors but Diesel took it to a meta-level.
Branon Fontaine (1 month ago)
Steering wheel on the wrong side of the rigs....a "Laurie" is a woman's name and a "truck" is a truck...you don't "Laurie" freight you "truck" freight....this docu is all screwed up....lol
diesel gas sucks my ass - adam sandler "piece of shit car"
willy mueller (1 month ago)
What the video does not say, is that the oldest diesel in the museum was built by Sulzer in Switzerland. Shame, now they want to ban diesels from the road, because, aparently they are polluting the environement ! Crazy.
Michael Kenis (1 month ago)
lol, they were building diesel engined tractors way before that in the US and Italy, both around the same time in the late forties, another Britania propaganda documentary...I'm surprised they didn't say Diesel was a brit, lol
yingde re (1 month ago)
Proud to see that the last ship is from my homeland
Bobby Paluga (1 month ago)
Interesting documentary, I bought first diesel powered car this summer, and now I know why I like it so much. Was burning tank of gas in my Infiniti 330 hp car so far I haven send half a tank of fuel in the diesel car. That competes out t 17 gallons of gasoline s 7 gallons of diesel per week.
listerone (1 month ago)
It's my understand that the jet fuel used today in 777s and A380s is almost identical to ordinary diesel.
Mohammad Al ward (1 month ago)
The m1 abrams runs on a variety of fuel types it is not just limited to diesel , but diesel inclded in the variety...small note
jonathan greedy (1 month ago)
It’s a sin that this documentary on diesel does not mention Perkins once.
Tony Nameless (1 month ago)
What did women invent other then weird sex positions ?
The Hundredth Monkey (1 month ago)
he didnt jump... he was Murdered
Larry Gall (1 month ago)
Good film. For anyone venturing into the comment section now, be warned the dregs of the earth have soiled it completely. I've been using Youtube for as many years as it's existed, and frequent political sites, but it's beyond me why a documentary about engines, of all things, attracted such idiots full of hate and stupidity.
Dan Cooper (1 month ago)
ZOG Germany is 1st to ban diesels F electric autonomous vehicles and ZOG
Dan Cooper (1 month ago)
diesel smoke makes me horny
gogogeedus (1 month ago)
Akroyd Stuart had lived in Australia like Herbert Austin who designed the first British car, all that fresh air and sunshine is great for engineers. all poms are welcome not sure about those leppricorns though, maybe if they learn to play cricket or our Aussie rules football.
Srinivasan Thankasali (1 month ago)
Valentino M (1 month ago)
good documentary. he only forgot to say that diesel engines, despite turbos, filters, catalytic converters and what not.. they still make the air un-breathable wherever they run. Ask any cyclist on a climb, if he'd rather be overtaken by a petrol or a diesel vehicle! I appreciate the diesel technology, but I can't wait till we fully adapt it to run on methane (CNG) alone.
Valentino M (1 month ago)
steam engines can be just as efficient as diesel at around 40%, but can even reach 50%
Skip Donahue (1 month ago)
SHOUT IN MICROPHONE! IDIOT! I cant watch any longer....
Duke (1 month ago)
The JP-8 that we used in the US military for trucks was quite a bit like diesel fuel, and is apparently used as an aviation fuel.
Geoff Thomson (1 month ago)
Like all corporate docs it does not talk about hemp oil Fuel which Diesel & Ford where trying to have as the Fuel for there cars. Being 100% recycle, no pollution LOOK Up Hemp for victory 73 years on
SquillyMon (1 month ago)
What drove Rudolph Diesel to "Suicide"... Try Standard Oil...they had recently invented a product called gasoline... Dont search too hard for his reasons for "suicide"
SquillyMon (1 month ago)
Uh oh, perhaps I made a mistake in that statement then... Darn, I always wanted to be the source of conspiracy! Thank you for setting the record straight. Poor Rudolph, wonder what happened and how he 'fell off' a ferry.
Rudolph would not be bothered by Statndard Oil since he had already made great wealth & Standard Oil also made something called Diesel Fuel Before making gasoline ! Can't be angry against company that made your diesel fuel !
gogogeedus (1 month ago)
and standard oil company may have had oil burning engines in their fleet of whale boats well before diesel, its very possible the whaling industry were subversively well ahead of the game, its a bit like discovering Antarctica and being to proud to be rescued by a whaling station over the next hill. what we are aware of is just part of the story.
Jack McCormick (2 months ago)
how do the submarines get air for the engine underwater? is there like a reservoir tank or oxygen rich compressed gas injection?
Duane Wente (2 months ago)
Isn't Diesel's original design based off of combustion of coal dust? As far as an engine that used diesel, I'm sure that's the first. But he had one running on coal dust before that to prove his design.
Thermoskanne555 mc fly (2 months ago)
BOC Fans rise at 22:30
Vishal Kumar (2 months ago)
Video to impress and brain wash foolish adults and 12 year olds. Leaving out so many realities and facts just to make look everything was done by British Colonists for the world. Remember that India was under capture Under Britain till 1947 and they created these to Smuggle Tons of gold and precious stones and metals to make their country.
gogogeedus (1 month ago)
Vishal Kumar  well, I am sure you are right from your point of view but I am just not interested, my interest is in other areas and this consumes all my spare time, I have spread myself too thin and have to decline the invitation to investigate what you are talking about, I don't think i will ever retire but if i do i will have some spare time to read other stuff about politics etc, sounds like you are patriotic and want liberty for India and more power to you, I will never defend Britain's politics because they are beyond defense in some respects in some social matter like stolen generations, aboriginals and their own children stolen from their homes and sent to Au, its a can of worms and I don't want to open it, I just want to stay close to the subject of the diesel engine and Britain s role in building the modern world we all take for granted, there is always control freaks that pull the strings and maybe they pushed Diesel over the side but diesel and Akaroyd Stuart were not thinking about that at the time, they were just trying to turn metal into machinery that could do work, their gole was more primal, it was to aid in the survival of humanity in the field, at the coal face and to cross new horizons.
Vishal Kumar (1 month ago)
+gogogeedus i understand why you think that way. I will try to convince you why you should study how kingdoms used to function in past. How countries were actually huge kingdoms and how Britain's kingdom colonised Already Captured by Mughals and Again at full force starting to leech the Indian Economy at that time. Britain only made these things just so they can steal all the valuable artifacts, books , knowledgeable material of Scientific and Technological use, and now the most important of all Stealing Gold and Jewels and Several Of Many Pure and expensive Raw materials like Iron and Steel from India at much cheaper costs to manufacture their weapons and arsenal. Britain did not do significant things for helping someone , only to help their purpose of Stealing Things on a larger scale. It's rather hard for people to get convinced, but as justice is said as - Justice of victim is given on time, justice delayed is justice denied.
gogogeedus (1 month ago)
the British helped India to modernity, steam engines imported to India from Britain were to help modernize their industries in exchange for material they needed, its called trade, just like steam engine were imported into Australia in exchange for wool. the wool was shawn from the backs of sheep by real men in 50degree heat in tin sheds in belting heat by hand shears, if you want to have a go you can succeed doesn't matter who you are or where your from.
Matthias Wewering (2 months ago)
Undank ist der Welten Lohn. Ein altes deutsches Sprichwort. Eine Nation, die den Menschen mehr gegeben hat, als jede andere, deren Reputation schlechter ist, als die eines Serienmörders. Undank ist der Welten Lohn.
Vade Barnett (2 months ago)
Peanut oil is the future and peanut farmers worldwide will be the new oil moguls.
Roy Miller (2 months ago)
It took the U.S. through Vietnam were the enemy blew up all gas vehicle s with the RPG.
I think he's wrong about the steam efficiency only being as high as 10%.Triple expansion stream engines could be up to 30% efficient.
acidtone (2 months ago)
And portishead
acidtone (2 months ago)
Battles? Nice
Peter Koning (2 months ago)
Diesel is designed for heavy hauling ! In road driving it is an abarration....more expensive to purchase, insure and run !!! It is for heavy duty applications and NOUGHT ELSE !!!!
ViralTaco (2 months ago)
I wish radioactivity wasn't a thing… We'd have way better engines everywhere for everything.
Mokinjinn (2 months ago)
So the world's first diesel engine ran on peanut oil ?
sean d'epagnier (3 months ago)
and most of the energy consumed is wasted CANCEL COMMENT
TheKnightda8 (3 months ago)
It wasnt really covered that those big ships really run on bunker fuel... same tech of the engine but further down on the fractionating column for the fuel... It also didnt even bring up that jet engines basically run on the same fuel. Very different tech but same fuel.
Bob Luce (3 months ago)
Who said his death was suicide? There goes the BBC again with pushing a narrative as gospel.
Matthias Wewering (2 months ago)
mikemoair (3 months ago)
zinc oxide?
Hannes Olsson (3 months ago)
And then they tell us driving an electric car will make a meaningful impact on fossil fuel consumption...
Nikolaos Peterson (3 months ago)
Dr. Christian Karl Rudolf Diesel (1858 - 1913) is laughing at you! First place his engine was NOT originally designed for fossil fuel usage, but more organic stuff like vegetable oil (you know the stuff many people cook with)! It is now OBSOLETE! Ever hear of the Accord de Paris? Climate Change? These are real and existing things! Today the answer (and I am starting up a non-profit educational and promotional org as to push for CLEAN and efficient ELECTRIC conversion (or else we as ALL life on this finite planet will DIE (and soon)! I started out on land transport especially railways and urban transport such as métros, trams, trolleybuses, ropeways, lifts, and funicular, but now have expanded to the sea and the skies! We MUST move away from fossil fuels NOW! If there is a way to run current diesel technology on hydrogen I would say go for it, give it a go! One problem, hydrogen is hugely EXPENSIVE to make! This is all fine and dandy as museum pieces, I would love to have a collection of old and newer large diesel machines -- even the world's largest of four decks high, the Wärtsilä RT-flex96C! But I would only run them on H (hydrogen) NOT diesel fuel, or any other fossil fuel whatsoever!. We must concentrate on moving away from fossil fuels NOW -- or we all (life on Earth) shall soon DIE! NO joke! Electric power (and such responsibly produced from renewable sources) for that purpose. interesting history, but make it truly HISTORY, let's move on to ELECTRICITY before it is too late (which the threshold for no return is only a couple of years away at this rate we as humans are dumping Co2s and other greenhouse gasses into our commonly shared and finite biosphere! Nikola Tesla rather than Dr. C K R Diesel is my true hero! Thank you!
Channel One (3 months ago)
Btw #BushDid911
Scott Barlow (3 months ago)
Well put and if someone can answer me because I don't know everything. . Aside from the UK tinkering around with things that someone else has invented, I'm drawing a blank on any major breakthroughs in invention that they can clearly call their own in regards to any tactical or strategic military weapons besides R.A.D.A.R. and sealing wax
Thomas Lanik (3 months ago)
Excellent- Thank you!
Rients Dijkstra (3 months ago)
Diesel engines are the PITS. They STINK, The BURN FOSSIL Fuel, and certainly through large scale shipping they are possibly the LARGEST CONTRIBUTOR TO POLLUTION AND CLIMATE CHANGE. THEY Should be erradicated as soon as possible
gammkrab (3 months ago)
14:18 BRITS :d
Madya Wijaya (3 months ago)
unfortunately, there is no subtitle

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