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this video is 100% demonetized

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Text Comments (34965)
꼬믹 (2 minutes ago)
한글자막 해주세요
James Boulgouris (22 minutes ago)
wtf has the world become
Lance Icy (32 minutes ago)
Why hentai doesn't get demonetize on YouTube
DΣLTΔ (33 minutes ago)
Why the hell are you playing this
Dani Stevens (1 hour ago)
i actually got aids..... i mean ADS
Utkarsh Aryan (1 hour ago)
Pewds should do a 1000 part series.
Erich Wood (2 hours ago)
Man, as soon as I started watching this video my gf started sexting me... I was very conflicted...
ROHAN CHOUDHARY (2 hours ago)
Watch monster musume (anime)
Anime is Trash (2 hours ago)
REDDRAKON (3 hours ago)
you guys needs this in your lives to learn how to respekt wamen.
Debabrata Sarkar (3 hours ago)
Brad #1 and #2 had a hell of a time editing this
RedBolt Stryder (3 hours ago)
Love it
dragon wing (3 hours ago)
Cringe and funny at the same time XD
The super Doge (4 hours ago)
Why I get this notification again ?
Harry Larry (4 hours ago)
Sponsor eagle Is that you?
Martin Flims (4 hours ago)
Wait. I got an add tho
Duke (5 hours ago)
My claymore is pleased.
dweebz gaming (5 hours ago)
Can we get an uncensored version? ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ
Ha1o Crazy (5 hours ago)
Knew this game wouldn’t get monitized, still tried desperately to put in mid rolls.
Muzaki Ramadhan (5 hours ago)
I love how pewds only plays hentai video games now
Oh no I’m not 18, guess I’ll just click away...
Goat Face (6 hours ago)
we need a crotch cam for this
Cory Lowe (6 hours ago)
Anime thought or twitch thought?
dragon wing (6 hours ago)
Jhbgtu official (7 hours ago)
It sit haves ads XD
Hugh-Mungus (7 hours ago)
Pewds :This game is 18+. Thousands of kids are probably grounded because they got caught.
Airsoft Tips (7 hours ago)
Was it worth the money pewds
Nevaeh Durham (7 hours ago)
how to be uncomforable 101 XD
Arashi Inaho (7 hours ago)
An actual PewDiePie video, sponsored by a hentai developer..... Desperate times Felix, I feel you.
captainturbo87 (8 hours ago)
All he needed was a copyright scandal and now porn is monetized. This is a beautiful day in the saga of Pewdiepie.
yasinsong (8 hours ago)
Im 14. Please no
عشاق ONE PIESE (8 hours ago)
this vedo over 18+
Erin Brady (9 hours ago)
Goddamn you can you please not use the cartman voice for every female character when you play a game!!! I want to watch this and i literally cant because its so piercing and awful. Pewds. I love you. Plz stop.
William Pretre (9 hours ago)
10 mins of this crap
Infinity Gaming101 (9 hours ago)
4:45 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
SexCannonMusic (10 hours ago)
Wait did they actually say wamen : O i think i like these developers
Mythical Creature (10 hours ago)
I’m 17 but I’m a whamen
Joe Martin (10 hours ago)
watch Eric Dubays video 200 proofs earth is not a spinning ball!!
forced meme (10 hours ago)
See kids? The only way to get ads and money is through respecting wahmen.
Josh (11 hours ago)
It wasn't demontised
TheUnder F1ip (11 hours ago)
You have problems
A SPOOPY SKELETON (11 hours ago)
Austin Hurt (11 hours ago)
Been playing this game since launch way worth it 👌 the scenes aren't forced upon (you can skip them and always watch in harem later) Outside of story its actually sfw.
Kenadi Rundquist (11 hours ago)
Angela Schluter (12 hours ago)
(ಡ艸ಡ) omg... I heard this and walked back to my computer with a "nandayo..."... Was not disappointed... I laughed so hard about Felix his face... big like for you guys for making my stay-up-and-monitor/nurse-sick-bunny night at least a little fun.
Kaitlintk98 (12 hours ago)
9:29 checking for marzia hmmmm
Roast Beef Is My Stew (12 hours ago)
9:28 😏
khalid farah (12 hours ago)
Hmmm.......oh...... I don't know what to say.... Is that pewdiepie is a lucky guy for making sweet love to 2D Japanese waman
Deadpool Games (12 hours ago)
Deadpool Games (12 hours ago)
Mr snoodle and The M.O.D (12 hours ago)
Pewds what da faq! Already three mins in it gets blurry
Deadpool Games (12 hours ago)
which emulator u using????
Manas Chaudhary (13 hours ago)
9:29 pewds checking if marzia's around
Nightmare0435 (13 hours ago)
this reminds me of your boku no pico reaction. very nice
Big King Glass (13 hours ago)
king eddy (13 hours ago)
kenzo guillaume (14 hours ago)
Adventure satisfy thereby promise comprehensive researcher belong finance import.
Kanaki -.- (14 hours ago)
I seriously cannot the cringe >_<
Ouma Shu (14 hours ago)
Toxic toxic toxic lul this is too funny
Kanaki -.- (14 hours ago)
MY PG-13 EARS!!!!!! 💀💀What the shiiitt
l lraqi
EL Sensual (14 hours ago)
It's normal to look at hentai in 9 years?
GV Nitro (14 hours ago)
Just how, why, what and who the fuckkk?? 😂
blue pul (14 hours ago)
are you joking this is not clickbait?!
5punkt5 (14 hours ago)
Should've used the eyetracker for this! ;D
GV Nitro (14 hours ago)
Oooff, i had to lower my sound a bit there... 😂
spongeysponge (14 hours ago)
Or else I'm gonna be super duper angry... rrr
Powerate (14 hours ago)
Well, i got ads on this video
The Jon (16 hours ago)
It's amazing - Pewdz can make any game fun as hell :-) A game I would never play but holy shit he makes it entertaining as hell :-) If a game has to resort to sex as it's selling point then it isn't really a game IMO. But my bro Felix made it actually fun! Rock on Pewdz!
Anil (16 hours ago)
had to pause and leave the video within like 30 seconds before i died of cringe death
abhi techno (16 hours ago)
I still don't know why your video is demonetized..... please someone describe me😂😂
jslover761 (17 hours ago)
Mfw I'm getting ads on this video
iWG PW (17 hours ago)
i installed it oh boy
La FredyOpera24 (17 hours ago)
Cureil (18 hours ago)
what t f am i watching .............
Toni Khoury (18 hours ago)
Don't tell marzia!!!
Corgi MC Fluff (18 hours ago)
Kids today are going to be so spoiled, 'member when pron games where flash and max 2MB in size, oh i 'member
RAUUUL GILLETTE (18 hours ago)
Next time uncensored please HmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMM........
Akari Kyoku (18 hours ago)
The echoing words killed me and i'm supposed to be a grown ass woman
Tùng Tôm (18 hours ago)
Full HD 4'15
SmileyFlash (19 hours ago)
I entered my moms bathroom and went to 4:19 and put the volume high my mom obviously hers the noises and asked me what’s happing I told her I love those noises I exited the bathroom and looked at her awkwardly and started laughing I meant it I just like how she was so confused 😁
Carry Me Anego (19 hours ago)
I just downloaded the game. OMG
samuel rodrigues (20 hours ago)
algum Br ae?
Biulu (20 hours ago)
okay but why is this game animated like a Mii game
hi_im_cai _k_bai (20 hours ago)
'Parently not
Regilio Bouma (20 hours ago)
da fuk is this game :) lol
King Gaming (21 hours ago)
So many subs and views
Eline Verhoeven (21 hours ago)
Did I actually just watch this
King Gaming (21 hours ago)
ShadowSheet234 (21 hours ago)
Mystery Milk1739 (22 hours ago)
I heard game im like AYYYY but then I see the actual game 😑
potato fries (22 hours ago)
1:38 2:15 LOL XD 2:21 da f@3k
Julia Richter (22 hours ago)
This video is 100% clickbait
Queen Ruby (23 hours ago)
i put my pizza down so i could clap for him getting a sponsor finally
fallenariel blue (23 hours ago)
StarKnightZ (23 hours ago)
Play this game with Marzia

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