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Minecraft Minigames: Hide and Seek w/ Sly & Michael | 2 | The Beautiful Chocolate Man

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We hide. We Seek. We shoot. We Splegg. We die. Welcome, to Minecraft Minigames. Fuck. Sly: http://www.youtube.com/user/xXSlyFoxHoundXx Michael: http://www.youtube.com/user/MichaelBahhh Loverly Thumbnail art by Aino (Silppuri), @silisboo on twitter, http://silppuri.deviantart.com/ // https://twitter.com/silisboo // http://silisboo.tumblr.com/ Server IP: HiveMC.eu Series Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?feature=addto&list=PLoDG9vFEGQhNhdYp30lyGeHlc7Pl-ykLh ------------------------------ Follow me on twitter! https://twitter.com/GoldenBlackHawk Check out my stream page! http://www.twitch.tv/goldenblackhawk
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Text Comments (68)
TrashKnight (4 years ago)
lol i was suposed to be a cat xD
Alex Cowie (4 years ago)
Is it dog
Alex Cowie (4 years ago)
Go I. The water to hide
Alex Cowie (4 years ago)
Michael's skin looks like an avatar from the blockheads for iOS on I phone and I pad
Lake (4 years ago)
lets not use the word faggot here...
Toxic Blade (4 years ago)
No, he needs a snickers.
FruitySkirt (4 years ago)
I love ur videos :)
Kuldeep Gupta (4 years ago)
@rucrnle yeah i agree def a top 10 also! dude check this game is really damn addictive --> snipurl.com\27ozk3r
Keshav Khadka (4 years ago)
@swgceci yeah i totally agree! BUT! this game is tight been playing all day => goo.gl\bXQfQs
RyRat1315 (4 years ago)
Jake Breton (4 years ago)
Hey Kevin u can stay under water with out taking any damage!! :)
TheKielArin (4 years ago)
Lol Sly is so hyped. xD Did he have like bowls of sugar?
maxyman122 (4 years ago)
I found waldo @1:13
Steve Harvey (4 years ago)
you can hide underwater and not drown
Jessica Chu (4 years ago)
Blocks can't drown either so there's no need to frequently swim up for air bubbles.
Jessica Chu (4 years ago)
Kevin, stop moving your head. They updated it so that when you move your screen then it'll count as moving and won't turn you into a block.
Sanjay (4 years ago)
i'll think about it... NO!!
izabel dun (4 years ago)
Who those who dont know slys name is spelt eddie
Ridiculous Mischief (4 years ago)
Minecraft Minigames is one of my favorite series now :D
Toaster Oven (4 years ago)
zanexzxz (4 years ago)
stay still kevin XD
XxmicrospartanxX (4 years ago)
if you really wish to be a good commentator dont go begging for subs if it is meant to be and you are good they wiill come to you...
TheLimnexs (4 years ago)
If Just one person reads this would be a miracle for me Im a boy just trying to make it in the gaming industry I play minecraft and will do other games I do my own commentaries w/ friends They've earned me 1700 subs Maybe I'm just a dreamer but Im not? the only one Please just give me 1 chance to prove myself to you? I know these things are annoying as hell so sorry about that But Ill do anything to get people to watch my commentaries Please just click my name or give this comment a thumbs up
Jacob Espinoza (4 years ago)
Post your view of Storm Chasers plz
belac192 (4 years ago)
these maps are not fair why put wood slabs on the bookshelves
Destiny Freshour (4 years ago)
Its his golden laugh/giggle >:/!!
Destiny Freshour (4 years ago)
You can breathe underwater, and also, don't move when your turning to a solid block, thats why it keeps going back up to 5. After your solid, then you can move your head :P
Swifty Shock (4 years ago)
I bet that you're not the real smorgan since u made your account 1 week ago and sly's hide-n-seek video was 1 week ago..
Damian Merino (4 years ago)
Sky's name is Eddie tht is pretty Neat
TrashKnight (4 years ago)
omg im smorgan 49 :D
josie cano (4 years ago)
no it was done 2 days ago
Kyle Case (4 years ago)
By the way Kevin when you're a prop you don't drown, but seekers do.
Kyle Case (4 years ago)
I like how both Kevin and michaels usernames are normal people names, and aren't theirs
your mom (4 years ago)
Kevin you can breath under water!
Elegardo Serrano (4 years ago)
Kevin for Creature 2014
Tiffany Abbott (4 years ago)
then u went in side
Tiffany Abbott (4 years ago)
kevin had the best spot
Tiffany Abbott (4 years ago)
mr prez i respect that ur a fake wanna be prez so shut the fuck up sly is amazing
GamersPhilosophy (4 years ago)
Mr president you need to shut the fuck up.
Drunk Hobo (4 years ago)
can i have a cookie to?
Raider_Peculier (4 years ago)
IAmZedward (4 years ago)
Kevin, I want to fuck your brains out.
Bottle of lube (4 years ago)
no they haven't steven said in his video that everything was all ready and sly just didn't want to record so where's the hard work?
J (4 years ago)
Ladies and Gentlemen. I present to you: 2 assholes
ThePurpleGengar (4 years ago)
How creepy would it be if you licked a chocolate bar and it licked you back...
worthlessProtoplasm (4 years ago)
That's his name. :I
Vancouversubscriber (4 years ago)
because thats his name
Caitlin Harvey (4 years ago)
Why do they call Sly 'Eddie?'
Olivia a a (4 years ago)
Victor is Thicctor (4 years ago)
Stay still
cookiesaur (4 years ago)
Would you like one?
Mon (4 years ago)
Here, give him this, (>'.')>o <('.'<)
Boxen (4 years ago)
its funny cus your not second
TheDerpingTree (4 years ago)
Does the faggot want a cookie?
TheDerpingTree (4 years ago)
Have a medal
avataraang 27 (4 years ago)
when you play hide and seek, you can't drown when u try to get solid underwater.
TheDerpingTree (4 years ago)
KzR (4 years ago)
I was the 5th viewer but im only commenting now..
©coolninja360™ (4 years ago)
thumbs up if you want to see MC daily episode 300 :D
Liam Gledhill (4 years ago)
"That fart really made my butt hurt" oh sly... I worry sometimes.
William Liang (4 years ago)
I am waiting for MineCraft Daily ep 300 it has to be Epicly amazing awsome ;) you guys are working hard
William Liang (4 years ago)
7th person!!!!
Breaking Josh (4 years ago)
These videos are good,but the game is truly balance towards the seekers.. You could just keep swinging everywhere until you hit someone. Again,awesome videos. :D
WolfGirlGamess (4 years ago)
kevin what do you use to record?
BossNaut (4 years ago)
Ethan Lawry (4 years ago)
Azuxe (4 years ago)
AnalFiddler (4 years ago)
No no

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