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Top 6 A-10 Warthog Deadly Strikes...

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If you’ve ever called in an A-10 strike, it’s impossible to forget the crackle of rounds exploding on the ground and the buzz as it flies by. Subscribe the YouTube Channel for the Latest Videos... https://www.youtube.com/c/militarystuffvideos Visit Our Website... https://militarystuffvideo.wixsite.com/blog Follow us on Facebook... https://www.facebook.com/MilitaryStuffVideos Peace...
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Text Comments (92)
Carl the Cuck (2 days ago)
Literally sounds like a monster!
Patrick Groom (3 days ago)
Love the A10 that sure is the hand of God
jose rubious (5 days ago)
this things a beast
Joel Penhallegon (6 days ago)
In one little BRRRRRRRRRT, more money has been spent on ammo than I will make in the next 5 years.
stateniland (7 days ago)
Wonderful! U.S. taxpayers funding another lost war.
The Wraith (8 days ago)
The A 10 simply does not fuck around.
Brave Heart (9 days ago)
It sounds like farting...fucking shit bullets
EnigmA (11 days ago)
I got goosebumps from this... The brrrrrrttt sound, accompanied by the howl, that’s just a masterpiece
BLUEDEMON S10 (11 days ago)
The business end of that beast has got to be horrifying
Godzilla better run for real
luis Post (13 days ago)
In addition Ignorance is bliss Uninformed individuals.
luis Post (13 days ago)
Okay show some proof that Obama wanted this plane gone. mycrazyhorse is an idiot.
richter75 (16 days ago)
That sound on my 7.1 with subwoofer gave me goosebumps in my fukking sofa in front of the screen. I can only imagine the orgasm for the people on ground that got saved by the thunder GOd A10!
kevin Simala (17 days ago)
If we only had the A 10 in Vietnam!!
the real og (7 days ago)
kevin Simala We would have won that shit
1keykneedeep (17 days ago)
I could only hit like 1 time - so I gotta hit 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🆒
A-10, F-16 and Humvee are respected even in Russia.
Wile DeKiote (17 days ago)
See the lighting of His terrible swift sword. Then hear His thunder.
Jerry Jenkins (18 days ago)
don't sub to robot narrators
PSL54 C (18 days ago)
That is the most badass gun ever built
Zade (18 days ago)
Mike Smithey (18 days ago)
Allah Akbar Allah Akbar
Semper Fi (18 days ago)
The brass and elites tried to get rid of the A-10......thank God they kept it. You will always need two things no matter how much technology you have.....and that's boots on the ground and Close Air Support. The A-10 is damn near the perfect weapons platform for just that. And it is damn near indestructible. Can be shot to hell and still fight/land. Our Marine helo units and Army's are in that category as well. But do NOT ever get rid of the A-10. One of the enemies worst nightmares on the battlefield. Ask them.....we did. If your the enemy, and you hear that ungodly 'moan'.....your chit is over. To we Marines, it's the sound of heaven. Yea.
harrygatto (5 days ago)
"elites"? Who are these elites? Names please.
The Perspective (18 days ago)
Delivering freedom pills at 3,900 per minute....
sam mass (19 days ago)
The best close air support platform in history bar none.
Michael Sarkins (20 days ago)
that is great automation it works very well I like the velocity kinetic energy and the kill ratio how good we are such a human being as we are but it is badass
You ask for help by means of depleted uranium shells, and after that you breath it's dust. Morons.
TheAlkoneS (1 month ago)
Gzzz USA Military Mafia you kill the tree with A 10, Nature is scared Now...
Derek Null (1 month ago)
That buzz sound from the A10 to the enemy is the modern day equivalent of the the fear that was struck into our guys from the MG42 in WW2 from the Germans. Iconic.
Fred Pohl (1 month ago)
You great guys bring the max on them
David (1 month ago)
Are the guns fired while facing the target or are they computer controlled and locked on to fire from any direction?
Ian Dehavem (21 days ago)
David they are aimed manually like a dive bomber. The gun is part of the main airframe so it doesn’t move...the plane is basically built around the gun.
KekLordGrey (1 month ago)
WE'VE GOTTA HULK.... well damn... we have A 10's... Nuff Said.
Zucc Nuttallectual (2 months ago)
At first it’s just some dudes talking then it’s fucking Satan raping my eardrums.
TheSovietWolf (2 months ago)
1 isnt a a-10
Meister Kaos (2 months ago)
That last one sounded like the hand-to-mouth farts I used to rip in 1st grade.
jamescreys (2 months ago)
American soldiers are like kids. I mean, what the fuck...
PoisonDWARFnz (2 months ago)
the A10 can rearrange the landscape, just so AWESOME. why would any force try to beat the A10 ?
videosongsable (8 days ago)
Cause they dont know, what the hand of god is capable. Until they get that "OH SHIIII" dead moment when it opens fire on them
PoisonDWARFnz (2 months ago)
Why would Obama want this warmachine gone ? it is just sooo BRILLANT... respect to all (except the enemy, ofcourse) don't shoot, let em burn...
J.J Games (1 month ago)
nice saving private ryan reference
deathmourne1 (2 months ago)
What makes you buy that? Fox news and Alex jones?
Shooter McGavin (2 months ago)
he doesn't want to kill something that he created
vtc220 (2 months ago)
because hes a terrorist.
Gropiaf (2 months ago)
Mount Rushmore was sculpted by an A-10
Gropiaf (2 months ago)
A-10 FTW
Ken Albertsen (2 months ago)
That is one awesome weapon. I hope the bad guys don't get them.
bader opale123 (2 months ago)
These pilots are lucky because the ISIS they have not stinger or igla missiles in these battl
vtc220 (2 months ago)
fuck Isis. The only reason why they have stinger missiles is because they stole it from the USA. Them brain dead sand-niggers don't have the intelligence to come up with stuff advanced like that on their own. They'll be all wiped out soon enough though.
John Armesto (2 months ago)
Reminds me of Trump's blistering tweets.
Marine 4 Life (20 days ago)
OH NO, MORE LIBERALS, we can't let liberals go on, they're the real reason people are mentally disabled
John Armesto (2 months ago)
They could use this plane in Gaza.
deathmourne1 (2 months ago)
Looks like john triggered a couple of losers. Cry some more for me.
farlap jones (2 months ago)
You shut the fuck up libtard pussy.
vtc220 (2 months ago)
Shut the fuck up Faggot.
Miguel Namias (2 months ago)
Mozzies hate it, plus Obama, Hillary and Bernie.
WatDaMattaForYou (2 months ago)
They should come out with a new version of it and call it the Fart Hog.
Z (2 months ago)
who farted?
william dohn (2 months ago)
We need to start sneaking word to the "bad guys" that ten A-10's are headed their way. Make them not even go out and start shit.
Dennis D'Andrea (2 months ago)
Just like it's predecessor the P-47. It is rugged and can deliver a lethal spray of death to those who want to fuck with the USA. Long live the Warthog.
Jeremy Wingo (2 months ago)
Fuck yeah sounds of freedom
Dawson Neddo (2 months ago)
Hal Heywood (3 months ago)
during prayer time perfect
Sean Halloran (3 months ago)
I love the sound of BBBBRRRRRRTT in the morning! Sounds like freedom! The A10 Warthog KICKS ASS. No other plane could ever replace it.
george trompoukis (5 days ago)
Where have you been all this time, c.o. Kilgor?
Marco Acosta (16 days ago)
LongArrow1234 (22 days ago)
I’ll bet civilians think it’s God coming down to murder them when they hear the FREEDOM FART.
Bailey Selko (26 days ago)
Freedom boners for everyone
Gropiaf (2 months ago)
2 warthogs :D
CHECHEN-TUBE (3 months ago)
южноамериканские убийцы террористы с рождением с первого денька!
vtc220 (2 months ago)
Россия - мусор. Америка велика. Мы не террористы. Люди, которые ведут самолеты в строения и убивают тыщи невинных людей. Вот отчего мы бомбим их. Ты кретин. Надеюсь, вы поймете, что Россия не этак близка к таковой умопомрачительной, будто наши южноамериканские военные.
rhodium69 (4 months ago)
Long live the A-10 , best ground support aircraft ever built and it will be in service for years to come.
Apocyl Doomer (4 months ago)
I love that sick sound from the Gatlin gun , so awesome! Bury that swine in pigs blood, that scares the shit out of that scum..no Virgins for them, haha
MWcrazyhorse (4 months ago)
It is understandable that Obama wanted this plane gone from the military. It's just too good.
Wile DeKiote (1 day ago)
The AF wanted to get rid of the A10 Thunderbolt. Guess it wasn't pretty 'nough. The Marines N Army said they would take it and train the pilots as well.
Greeneyez2475 (12 days ago)
I prefer Trump over Obama but I don't get all the hate man. He was a good president in certain aspects. Trump isn't perfect...
luis Post (13 days ago)
In the south
Craig Chaney (18 days ago)
Obama is a dumb ass. Great gun platform. This plane is built like a tank. I do not understand why they stopped manufacturing these planes. Avionics and other stuff gets old but the plane is a great and solid design.

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