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[WoW WoD] Patch 6.1 Heirlooms collection tab: Where to buy and upgrade Heirlooms.

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This videos shows the new heirlooms collection tab and the place where you can buy the new neck piece heirloom as well as upgrades to level 90 heirlooms in patch 6.1 (ptr). Thanks for watching! Leave a rating and check out the channel for more videos! Tweets: https://twitter.com/xxJsnowxx Livestreams: http://www.twitch.tv/xjsnowx Tumblr: http://jsnowgaming.tumblr.com/ Looking for cheaper games? Use this link below! https://www.g2a.com/r/jsnow I also get a percentage of the purchase to help with channel expenses.
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Text Comments (81)
Rigon Sierra (9 months ago)
He's an alliance player, what do you expect.
Daniel Camper (10 months ago)
Air.... AIRloom.... silent "H" buddy 😣 I have a headache now lol. But thanks for the Info!
Aztec Arts (1 year ago)
What can i do to upgrade my weapons (I'm at lvl 92) ??
Carsten Hansen (2 years ago)
Thx for the video mate. Really helped. :)
GUZON FX (2 years ago)
it's like "airloom" not Hairloom.
mirandad (2 years ago)
You sound so stupid saying "Hair-looms". just stop
307 Fishing (2 years ago)
WTF is a Hairloom
Judas Iscariot (2 years ago)
Fucking, "hairlooms." Are you kidding me?
mirandad (2 years ago)
BitzTurn Byte (2 years ago)
Hairlooms lol
Im Shooketh (2 years ago)
You can also buy it with heirlooms (Upgrade thingy)
steeleguy69 (2 years ago)
its not hairlooms dude
i'mapilotwhale (2 years ago)
holy, couldn't watch the video lol. it's pronounced airlooms bro
Sesacis (2 years ago)
why dosent he sell helmets
RapiDEraZeR (2 years ago)
guild vendor.also you have to have a certain reputation for certain items.for example you have to be honored with your guild for the pants
recca01982 (2 years ago)
If I remember right the leggings, capes and helmets are part of the guild achievements. The guild your in has to do certain achievements in order to be able to buy them from a certain vendor. It's been a while since I've played WoW, but this is how it was when I played.
RPDundas (2 years ago)
Hair Looms
Kelvin Cruz (2 years ago)
you didnt even show where this was jesus u are a fucking retard learn to make a guide
Jsnowgaming (2 years ago)
+Kelvin Cruz you clearly didnt watch the video
WolvoJay (2 years ago)
Can't wait to get my new hair-looms!
「★apoc」 (2 years ago)
Don't know about you guys and girls but I only seem to be able to find heirlooms haven't found a single hairloom they must be quite rare
nonsens (2 years ago)
What level do you have to be to buy heirlooms?
Robertson Thirdly (2 years ago)
the H is silent ffs
MrDre10day (2 years ago)
+Robertson Thirdly lmao had me dying with that shit
jjrokentrust TM (2 years ago)
where do you find the pants heirloom?
RapiDEraZeR (2 years ago)
guild vendor and you have to be honored with your guild
recca01982 (2 years ago)
If I remember right the leggings, capes and helmets are part of the guild achievements. The guild your in has to do certain achievements in order to be able to buy them from a certain vendor. It's been a while since I've played WoW, but this is how it was when I played.
M9 Uniq (2 years ago)
TwistinFool (2 years ago)
Have you figured out how to upgrade to the second level?
Jsnowgaming (2 years ago)
+TwistinFool buy the more expensive upgrade item
pedro baaijens (2 years ago)
where is this?
pedro baaijens (2 years ago)
ok thx
Jsnowgaming (2 years ago)
+pedro baaijens hall of explorers ironforge i think
R (2 years ago)
Great video! Big thanks!
nick livingston (2 years ago)
Learn how to pronounce words before you say them pls
Shaka Zulu (3 years ago)
Not to be rude, but "Hairlooms" is not Heirlooms, silent H other than that thanks for vid:)
SlimSam Man (3 years ago)
Can you trade them or give to another player?
Kip Kiesow (2 years ago)
They are account bound
Mike M (3 years ago)
Brendan Gilmore (3 years ago)
the way he says it is driving me crazy
Thomas (3 years ago)
You have always been able to trade heirlooms to characters from other servers if you just wrote their (name)-(server) in the mail box
ZenedarTv (3 years ago)
Thanks man! You helped me alot with that!:) New sub!
Yuki Pyro (3 years ago)
For anyone who is wondering, on how many boa peices u need for mount. its 35. an the mount can be used at level one. one of my fav addons to the game as i hated traveling from 1-20 level range.
Johnnie Williams (3 years ago)
Where's the leather gear though
Driven Reign (3 years ago)
Hair looms ? Idk what that is in know heirlooms but no hair looms
Kæsir (3 years ago)
all the "hairlooms" lol
Edward J Smith (3 years ago)
dangit give the man his hair-looms!
Matthew .Vest (3 years ago)
Aymate (3 years ago)
For the alliance. and great video subbed
Justin Wilson (3 years ago)
It's pronounced "heirlooms". Said incorrectly so many times I almost went crazy but nice video.
James Anderton (3 years ago)
Demir Ozada (3 years ago)
Praise the lord, went through 20 minutes of wasting my time before i found this... thank u ;D
FuninDysfunctional (3 years ago)
How dose one upgrade thier cheast and legs? XP
Yuki Pyro (3 years ago)
+Funindysfunctinoal depending, you can upgrade boa gear with honor points up to 90. as thats what i do to save up on gold, sadly i think u have to spend gold on the 90-100 upgrade an i think its 2500-5k gold could be wrong on price if i am my bad lol
Alexei Stukov (3 years ago)
A hair loom would be weird
RyanSmithHD (3 years ago)
I cant find Heirloom Legs anywhere can you help me?
RyanSmithHD (3 years ago)
Thanks i wasnt aware that you had to be in a guild
Jsnowgaming (3 years ago)
+RyanSmithHD guild vendor
ralph (3 years ago)
Correct me if im wrong , but i can't find head or leg or cape heriolooms ?
Johnjp2561 (3 years ago)
+xJsnowgamingx Thx dude. I was looking for those too.
ralph (3 years ago)
+xJsnowgamingx Haha , thanks :) , great video , lots of help , i subbed
Jsnowgaming (3 years ago)
guild vendor has those
Mads Emil Holvad (3 years ago)
500 gold? SHIT, that's cheap nigg
glitch (3 years ago)
This video helped alot thanks i needed to know how to upgrade my heirlooms thanks man
Jsnowgaming (3 years ago)
MAFFHUE Antoni (3 years ago)
wtf is a hair-loom?
2EZ4SMU (3 years ago)
Havent heirlooms been server wide since mop?
Jakob Højgaard (3 years ago)
They've been account bound since MoP, with all of the cross realm stuff. But they've always been server wide, only difference now is that they are all stored in a single tab, just like your toys, mounts and pets.
hisinternet (3 years ago)
hello jsnow i've been watching for a year or two, but i got a question... have you ever tried the game World of Tanks?
Jsnowgaming (3 years ago)
nope, but heard of it.
MermelMadness (3 years ago)
The H is silent in heirlooms.  "AIR-looms"
thequantumvacuum (1 year ago)
Hairlooms make things like blankets and rugs from back hair.
Tom McNamee (3 years ago)
+MermelMadness all i heard was hairlooms lol
DJRage86 (3 years ago)
This was annoying -- that silent 'H' though -- but I appreciate the wisdom.
MermelMadness (3 years ago)
It does, thank you very much.
Jsnowgaming (3 years ago)
Most hierlooms are for gold. there are some old ones that cost honor. Garrosh is SoO (if it still drops idk) and upgrades are bought with gold. Hope that answers most of your question.

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