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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Game Movie)

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6:46 - Prologue 16:00 - White Orchard 46:13 - Vizima 1:05:12 - Velen 2:57:57 - Novigrad 5:05:05 - Skellige 6:19:34 - Kaer Morhen 7:08:27 - Ciri found 7:33:03 - Battle of Kear Morhen 8:11:57 - Preparations 10:08:45 - Final Battle 10:34:50 - Epilogue 10:44:07 - End Credits My movieversion of The Witcher 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieH6P... Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4177227 This is it. This is my official movieversion of the action RPG game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, developed by CD Project RED. This is my biggest film project yet. For those who wonder why the sound quality in the video sounds weird, it's because the file size is to big for YouTube to process. In order to decrease the size, I used a file decrypter. The sound quality became inferior, but the rest of the video remained intact (the resolution/FPS).
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Text Comments (58)
Geralt z Rivie (21 days ago)
Wow :O Thank you!
Geralt z Rivie (21 days ago)
Foxtrod (21 days ago)
Likewise! :D
thirssty (26 days ago)
Thanks to you, I can watch this until I'm able to finally play the game. Love you, Sir.
Zm_ranger (1 month ago)
2:00:20 Bunnies fucking.
Chris Nale (2 months ago)
ty sir i really appreciate this!
Jingle Poof Animation (3 months ago)
6hrs and 50mins in is the absolute best XD
Mister 47 (5 months ago)
Foxtrod You have put together a master piece, I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this video. It must of taken you a week solid to upload it. It brings back memories when i first completed it, i may even have another adventure, why not indeed. Thank you for this awesome video and for that i will stand up and applaud you. Have a hundred thumbs up, you deserve it dude. :)
Don't remember old Geralt of the books to be as judgemental. Yours seems like a priest.
andrew white (10 months ago)
Praise KEK (10 months ago)
Damn, and you had to pick up almost the shittiest ending :( I guess I'll have to play the game after all.
zlostnypopolnik (1 year ago)
I started play this game twice, I played it utmost 1 -2 hour, but I must admit, I don´t like its style, but I like its story, so I must thank you for this upload. Also it is well edited, fun to watch. THANX!
Olivia esddms (1 year ago)
Great video. Awesome. The bit with the Witchers being drunk is hillarious. Spoilers! ;_; I watched it and remembered how crummy the Witcher world is (in that time period). The first part of the Trial of the Grasses... I couldn't watch it. I read the books, and the thought of _that,_ except in the past, where countless children died in these very places... fuck. I'm happy this is the end of that wonderful practice. It's a really gritty, miserable place, overall. When you're playing, it doesn't hit you as hard- the blood is just another part of the game, pure button mashing rpg goodness. You skim over the particulars of what sorcerers do and watch the awe-inspiring magic show, love Ciri's gameplay because she's so OP, and obsess over making the correct choices to get a decent ending, and you certainly don't think about why Geralt is a hundred year old badass swordsman.
warren byrne (1 year ago)
4:35:32 that booty though.
Sebastian Marciniak (7 months ago)
warren byrne 1qw9qsrw
ewelina stępniewska (1 year ago)
Alex Slt (1 year ago)
i love you amazing work really,one thing bothers me dressing geralt with 100 different colors xD
Hausen lot (1 year ago)
5:16:22 hahahahhh
warren byrne (1 year ago)
Paul John Sopranes the guard?
Vicarious Gamer (1 year ago)
The previous comments say it all. This is very cool. Enjoyed every minute of this. Thanks so much !
warren byrne (1 year ago)
Domina Mortis (9 months ago)
I can’t stand the way they treat Yenn. They want her to kiss their ass etc. I wish we had an option to defend her she is Geralts other half. Dandelion makes me laugh "if they hurt you" (to Ciri) & me: you will run and hide? You know what's funny those people are mad about a mask and a garden but there wouldn't be a world if they don't save Ciri. (The Prophecy <<)
Jonas Feragen (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for this.
Foxtrod (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching :D
Kaushal Pandya (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for putting this video together! You did an amazing job, and the game is so in-depth and thoughtful. After playing and finishing the game, you feel so connected to the characters and their world to the point where you don't want to stop playing this game!!! Did you feel the same way?
John Russell (1 year ago)
I love the movie! Is there a place you could upload the video with the higher quality audio?
Kaushal Pandya (1 year ago)
Thank you for reading my reply. I appreciate it, and I hope you enjoyed playing the game like I did.
Domina Mortis (1 year ago)
Kaushal Pandya yes exactly :)
Kaushal Pandya (1 year ago)
You're quite welcome!!! I totally agree with you, and also wish other game developers were like CD Projekt RED! It would definitely be amazing!!! CD Projekt RED put in great time and effort to bring this wonderful and beautiful game to us players like you, me, and others out there! In playing the game for the first time, I had made good choices, empathized, and supported the characters since I would have done the same in actual life. Towards the end of the game, when I went to Master Ort for the sword, I had chosen the name of "Zirael. Swallow" in memory of Ciri because I thought I had lost her despite making good choices in the game. After getting the sword, I was heartbroken that I had lost Ciri. Then, I went to the inn thinking it would be Yennefer that wanted to meet me there. As I approached the table and sat down next to her, she took her hoodie off, and my eyes and heart were filled with so much excitement!!! I was left speechless and filled with happiness when I saw Ciri!!! Did you experience the same? By the way, I'm sorry about my long reply. I couldn't help but express my feelings and excitement about the game. Thank you again! :D
Foxtrod (1 year ago)
Thank you soo much!! Man, after the end credits and you were teleported back to Kaer Morhen, I was literally crying. Not because of the ending, but because of the fact that I no longer will play the game for the first time again. This is an absolute masterpiece of a game, as well as it's both expansions. If only more game developers would be like CD Project RED.
Bonnie Xiong (2 years ago)
one of the best gameplays I watched.
Majo gl (2 years ago)
You picked the Radovid ending? Really? Felt wrong even watching that
monkey0in0a0cage (2 years ago)
What choices were made in this movie? I want to send it to a friend and don't want them to think this is stupid because the Geralt here made stupid choices
Alex Oja (2 years ago)
Only at the 3:30 point at this time, first time seeing this good game movie transition and overlays. Very good.
F.u.c.k Allah (2 years ago)
Holy shit that sexy ass frame rate
S_Wildenberg (2 years ago)
Good transitions but what the hell is going on with the sound D: e.g. from 03:00:20
Getason Geta (2 years ago)
wonderfull, 11 hours of epicness. I'm sorry that i couldn't play this game because of my computer. But hey i wouldn't have time for it because of the university either.
warren byrne (2 years ago)
Robin Brockhusen (2 years ago)
11 hour video in 1080-60, how long did it take to upload?
JoubaMety (3 days ago)
+RMK Electric Are you kidding? There's at least good internet unlike here in Slovakia. Whatever.
RMK Electric (3 days ago)
+JoubaMety oh goodness thats..stone age internet where are you from ? America ?
JoubaMety (1 year ago)
20 hours for 2 hours @1080p60 *for me*
Olivia esddms (1 year ago)
Robin Brockhusen How long did it take to _edit..._
Young Mc Raymond (2 years ago)
i just like it
Abdou Erty (2 years ago)
not very good
Luis Pena (10 days ago)
Fuck you
warren byrne (2 years ago)
It took you almost eleven hours to realise that ?
YouTubeVoice (2 years ago)
What a game, what a story!
Soy Lanoche (2 years ago)
Garbage edition and gameplay
jannis Kininis (2 years ago)
does this have side quest or only the main
samseed666 (2 years ago)
Sound quality degraded when I skipped to Skellige.
Georgette Dee (2 years ago)
Thanks, for the great entertainment
Sean Comer (2 years ago)
That Elven Picasso painting at 8:48:04 was easily the funniest part
ahmed negm (2 years ago)
waw nice
Giff (3 years ago)
wow, that must of taken ages to upload at 1080p, well done tho
RMK Electric (3 days ago)
Oh lol 3 year's ago lol
RMK Electric (3 days ago)
Is internet slow where you are or something. ? Would take me 5 or 10 minutes
GrzeLu7 (3 years ago)
Finally 1080p

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