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Vampyr Final Boss Pacifist Good Ending

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Vampyr Final Boss Pacifist Good Ending The Final boss and ending to Vampyr. This run was done in pacifist mode, meaning I didn't gain EXP from civilians. The Red Queen and the Disaster are the final bosses of this game, and actually pretty easy to defeat. Other bosses give me issues, but not this one. Sub here (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ http://yt.vu/c/UCPH28MUR1-Ko5tRQuJf3zmw ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Find the discord server here (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ https://discord.gg/gZWsb9f ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any comments? Just drop them! I reply pretty quick. (。◠‿◠。) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music that may have been used in this production is provided by Kevin Macleod of incompetech.com
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Text Comments (149)
Super Milkbox (4 months ago)
For those wondering, I managed to get my hands on a broken street date version. Since I'm not under any embargo, I'm uploading content. This content won't contain thumbnails or titles that will ruin the game for Anyone.
Old man Esteban (2 months ago)
5:01 when your friends dare you to drink that donkey piss...
AnnoLP (4 months ago)
in the real game, you can make three seperate games.
Dragon Fang7 (4 months ago)
Super Milkbox yea thatd be cool and thank you for the video and replying lol
Super Milkbox (4 months ago)
I don't see a new game plus sadly, but I'd love if they added it.
Super Milkbox (4 months ago)
Yeah, I didn't take one civilian life. It makes the game harder, a lot harder.
bricktambli (2 months ago)
Pacifist run? Wot
Costas En Garde (3 months ago)
What a beautiful ending. By this point in my playthrough, Jonathan looked like a rabid dog on steroids, with red eyes and veins. Sweet Elisabeth jumped into the fire and I'd turned every district to hostile cause I murdered everyone. OVERLORD will rule the world.
Andmonke Opx (3 months ago)
red eyes mean bad ending uhh
thepayne78 (3 months ago)
The game had it's problems and some bugs and glitches but i thoroughly enjoyed it and hope we see more of Dr. Johnathon Reid. Thought the music in the game was fantastic.
The Warchief Zeke Jaeger (3 months ago)
-Killed the bad NPCs or at least the ones which needed to be killed (4 in total) -Killed two pillars, the nurse and "killed" that old rich guy by making him chose a peacefull death(donated his money which decreased the deaths in London) -Helped everyone -All of my districts where in either a good situation or in a "ok" one -Was a "good guy" all the time *Got the lesser bad ending* Got me good there game, I knew being so powerful would come with a cost, I didn't expected. I hope we get a sequel for this, with Johnny boy as the protagonist, but I curious about what solution they would find for this, maybe pre WWII set in France or America. But what about Elisabeth? They need to find a middle point for the endings, maybe Elisabeth could be killed which would make Jonathan exile himself in a deprevation of blood(solution to the "OP" situation in some cases) and then he would be woken by Myrddir to fight something new, something worse. It could work for all endings, Jonathan would lose Elisabeth and he would be exiled duo to her death.
Jason Voorhessgamingx (3 months ago)
i have a question what happen if u go back chapters do u still have your weapons?
Jason Voorhessgamingx (3 months ago)
Super Milkbox so if u go back chapters weapons will be gone?
Super Milkbox (3 months ago)
You can't - as of now - go back. :(
nik Bahtin (3 months ago)
damn so many questions like if killing Harriet ends the plague isn't killing marshal ends Elizabeth taint and is it really that hard to get a cure for marshal just take some blood from any WW1 veteran that survived tanks, machine gun fire and constant shelling the blood of any of the overthrown kings of Europe like the one from Germany or Austria and grab some more Insulin from any hospital and that's it no need chop any heads like good old Henry the 8th
nik Bahtin (3 months ago)
21:35 sneeky Vampire Marshal he just cant resist can he
nik Bahtin (3 months ago)
...the blood of the Sith
nik Bahtin (3 months ago)
if combat hard just get the best weapon in game from the Usher by doing his not opening his mail and solve the puzzle then you will unlock a sword that stronger then any 2 handed weapon you will find
Mr Niater (3 months ago)
This vid is broken it doesnt let me skip
increditoaster (3 months ago)
i bit one fucker and i got the ending where they stay in the castle
Alpha Host (4 months ago)
after seeing this i fucking hate myself. Why diden't i think of biting the small ones? i relied on normal attack on the queen to get blood and i was heavely spected into biting. I did manage it by my first try tho still.... fml
Downhollowfication (4 months ago)
i got different ending to this not bad ending where she goes into the fire but where they stayed in the castle together
Mr Niater (4 months ago)
Anybody who needs help ask me bc i will answer
Pavle Grebenarević (4 months ago)
The game is called Vampyr, nobody should achieve good ending, don't be such wankers
Pavle Grebenarević (4 months ago)
Nah, I meant for the people who're saying how can you kill a kid, lol It's a game :D
Super Milkbox (4 months ago)
I did it for the trophy :p
LastFatmanStanding (4 months ago)
dude... i want vampyr 2 în present time with the same characters .. i hope they will make it
LastFatmanStanding (3 months ago)
i still prefer reid but mccullum will also be great
Miguel Santiago (4 months ago)
LastFatmanStanding yes either Reid or McCollum will be the next guy to play with.
Gidi (4 months ago)
Fuck this. I killed no one in this game and to be safe i turned all the important characters into vampires but i had to kill dorothy craine as she was a skal after i seduced her. Still got the good ending but what pisses me off the most is the fact that i did not get the trophy for not killing anyone although i did not drink her to death.. i mean i had no choice!
Gidi (4 months ago)
Edit: i got a good ending but a different one. I think that had to do with my choice to make that rich grandpa a vampire which made elisabeth decide not to go back to london but to stay in scotland instead.
pyziroki (4 months ago)
So John fell in love with a 400 hundred year old momma. Lol
Mr Niater (4 months ago)
But what do i need to do to doctor swansea to get this ending
DaClems (4 months ago)
I did it. I actually did it. It was painful and difficult to resist the temptation of so much blood and experience. But in the end, I remained true to my ethics and my sweet Elizabeth. I cherish the journey I endured at the hands of these clever developers and mourn it as well, for I will never experience it the same way again. I may play a second and a third time, but I will always remember the true ending, when I rode off into the night with my beloved, leaving behind the mistakes of her father, and the unquenchable thirst of our Red Mother. I salute you, young Ekons, who made the same choice as I. Go in peace, my brothers and sisters. Enjoy the sweet victory that true love can bestow. - Dr. Jonathan Reid, Level 29 at the time of this journal entry
DaClems (3 months ago)
It was far more satisfying to resist the Beast than in my 2nd playthrough, where I'm playing fast and loose. Something about the moral struggle for a newly embraced vampire that I find compelling. A violent sociopath just doesn't have the same depth of character for me. Also, I'm really glad Elizabeth didn't throw her life away in that finale scene. I was growing far too attached and that would have ripped my cold, dead heart out.
Ruins Imaginary (3 months ago)
Congrats, my fellow Ekon. My Johnathan benefitted from the XP glitch and so there was no need for him to drink blood, but for the sake of ethics and perfectionism I also killed no one. So glad Dontnod added a line "I vowed to kill no one and I succeeded" to show that all the hard work meant something in the end.
Frank Jones (4 months ago)
terribly awful game
Tokoo (4 months ago)
I agree I thought this boss was the easiest in the game. Doesn't bother me though, really enjoyed this game, first time since the Witcher 3.
Dukie Blade (4 months ago)
Not a bad story but fucking shit as fuck combat and map system. Every street corner looks same as fuck that running around curing people is a fucking hassle. And who the fuck cures fatigue with medicine? Tell those shitters to go to bed and not wander the streets at 2a.m
Josh DiBacco (4 months ago)
I tried to get this ending but instead she jumped in the fire .___.
Spade Joker (1 month ago)
White Heart Thank you for the advice miss. It really helps me in this game.
White Heart (2 months ago)
The key to getting the best ending to the game is to not feed from humans, to never give in to the vampiric thirst, for the more you drink, the stronger the blood of hatred becomes. It is an inevitable side effect of the vampiric affliction. Turning others is fine, though, since it's feeding, not turning, that strengthens the blood of hatred. As for the rich asshole, if you convince him to not fear death, he has a change of heart and distributes his riches among the poor before dying, and the district does not fall into chaos. I have to say, this game really is something: It plays the vampire curse and the temptation of the thirst really well. Dontnod really worked that feature well by tempting the player, showing you how much EXP you could gain from taking a nibble from that human next to you, and by proxy making you feel just like Johnathan must feel, constantly tempted to drink... Genius.
Doc Holliday (3 months ago)
thepayne78 Yeah I figured I just think they should have put more thought on what exactly gives you an evil ending because it did not describe how I was playing at all. Showing my dude covered in blood drinking blood out of a wine glass while going on a killing spree across the globe lol.
thepayne78 (3 months ago)
Yeah it is stupid. That being said the correct option is to hypnotize him to where he does not fear death.
Doc Holliday (3 months ago)
I killed him since he was literally planning to kill everyone who wasnt rich. If that's the only reason I got the bad ending lol... still stupid.
stickydude (4 months ago)
Lol... so basically the only difference is the very last cutscene about whether she kills herself or becomes your queen... tada I played through this game, spent 28 hours on it and I regret around 20 hours of my life I've put into it. It was very fun in the beginning, but then it quickly showed that it's as deep as a puddle..
Mr Niater (4 months ago)
Is it normal that i killed two civilians and the health status dropped 1%
Beast Mode 2.0 (4 months ago)
Welcome to England
Vici (4 months ago)
I got the bad ending :/
Likos Likos (4 months ago)
did u use charm on the blackmailing nurse and can you still get the good ending if you do?
127jesjam (3 months ago)
Yea once she changes over it's not a civilian kill anymore.
Gidi (4 months ago)
You actually can. I killed no one besides nurse craine after she turned into a zombie and got the good ending
Mr Niater (4 months ago)
Likos Likos no you cant
Sean Denny (4 months ago)
hated this game, very dialogue driven but none of it explained any background or lore, just random information about civs that have nothing to do with our vampyrism or the overall plot. The meaningful info was all dumped at the very end and felt like an exposition, had mixed feelings of trying to end this game/ trying to understand what the hell the story was in the longest "ending" possible. One of the few games i just wanted to end
Super Milkbox (5 days ago)
I don't really remember much about the story, but I don't think I was very interested in the world to begin with. I somewhat enjoy playing the game in many ways, though.
Hellraiser988 (5 days ago)
+Super Milkbox if you actually read notes journals and talked to people you would actually understand more
Doc Holliday (3 months ago)
You must be retarded because literally everything is explained if you bother to talk to people and read journals.
Dave K (3 months ago)
The only time we got some deep insight in lore was the ending dialogue ;_;
Super Milkbox (4 months ago)
That is the way I felt. I didn't really like the story or enjoy it. :(
Mr Niater (4 months ago)
Where did you earn your xp then
enpoping (4 months ago)
even clay cox, DUDE, i kill him after unlock all his hint, fuck him.
Super Milkbox (4 months ago)
All the EXP here is just from quests. I never killed a civilian in this play through
Miley Ashlyn (4 months ago)
That was a doctor who reference to any of you whovians out there
Miley Ashlyn (4 months ago)
A game where the prime minister is the main villian
SigmarTheCaveman (4 months ago)
Such Inno-THWUMP
SigmarTheCaveman (4 months ago)
JOY! :)
Dylan Gaeta (4 months ago)
argh the ending is so good, but being a pacifist in this game is soooooo boring!!!
Doc Holliday (3 months ago)
Yeah they honestly should have put more thought into how to get the good ending. Not a single district collapsed under my watch, I healed everyone and fed only on serial killers and regular murderers. I saved every single district leader except for the douche who wanted to build a wall around rich people and let all the poor die.... and I still got the bad ending.
Dylan Gaeta (4 months ago)
Sean Denny I disagree. I found the game to be quite entertaining.
Sean Denny (4 months ago)
being violent was also boring, game was just boring
The Skyrim Assasin (4 months ago)
Is there no post gameplay?? I just finished the game is there no post quests or anything ?!
Milan Vlach (2 months ago)
But there will be a sequel, so stay strong! :)
Super Milkbox (4 months ago)
Sadly not :(
Blaxtopolition (4 months ago)
Is this a ps1 game?
Corey Hart (4 months ago)
Harriet Jones? Prime minister? yes we know who she is (bonus points to anyone who knows where its from)
vendetta543 (4 months ago)
Can you still get the good ending even if you kill only a few civilians or is it all or nothing? Cause some like Clay are really asking for it.
Dukie Blade (4 months ago)
all or nothing. Remember your promise as a character to Mary. You vowed to not kill anyone. Also you are not a god to decide who is to die or live. I would suggest you get the Best Weapon in the game after Chapter 5.
Super Milkbox (4 months ago)
I'm not sure. I didn't kill anyone. :p
Plastic Shitlord (4 months ago)
Someone has finally out-mychild'ed Toriel
Kevin Curry (4 months ago)
There were so many moments in this game that I just found to be lost opportunities to make it brilliant, like how Doctor Swansea, when diagnosing himself after his torture talks plainly instead of his voice reflecting his injuries. How the annoying sickness minigame is nothing really more than something to gain a bit of exp and keep shop prices decent (I'd love to have seen characters who were cured of some long standing illness have a massive change to their personality), the shitty results from the quests - the one about Johnathon's father comes to mind especially, of course it's interesting to learn the backstory but at the end of it all you gain is a shitty watch to sell or use for parts, the game has clothing options available since they included them in the pre-order bonus, I was thinking some cool jacket with some nice stats would have been great, but nah, 12 shilling watch.Also the point in the story after you're giving the order to change the old guy, if you decide not to do it you meet with Sir. Redgrave at the doorway and if you're given two options, "He didn't deserve it" or "I tried but he didn't survive it" and even though you're shown in quests that not surviving the transformation is a legitimate thing in the lore of the world, if you say that to him he says "OH I GAVE YOU A SIMPLE TASK, YOU'RE OUT" such complete bullshit to hide them not wanting to explore more options. It irks me because this could have been a brilliant game but it feels gutted with all the lack of character, characters options, rewards and tacked on, mostly useless minigame. Major +1 for Vampire The Masquerade by the way, played that back in the day and it was awesome. Did a few play throughs, Malkavian was probably the most fun, might reinstall.
Plastic Shitlord (4 months ago)
you really had to get serious in a joke post?
Dracolich (4 months ago)
No that crown still belongs to Toriel as she is remembered and adored by tens of thousands of people. The "you tried" sticker belongs to this obnoxious blood blob following Reid everywhere. People will forget Vampyr within a year, maybe less, and everyone else will link the ever-repeated words "my child" with Toriel. He tried, I'll give him that, but the rest of the game has a lot to be desired so it will be buried like everything else! If you want a good vampire RPG, go with Vampire The Masquerade. It's an oldie but a goodie. Undertale is a modern classic already and it hasn't even hit 5 years old yet. It won't be buried 6 feet under anytime soon. I can't say the same for Vampyr. Popularity wins in the end, unfortunately.
Grumpy ol' Asian (4 months ago)
Can you play after the ending?
Ruins Imaginary (3 months ago)
The game may not be like Dark Souls or Nioh or CoD or Battlefield where you can spent hundreds of hours, but I didn't regret buying and playing Vampyr.
Sean Denny (4 months ago)
sadly no?.. when i finished i was so glad it was over, and so sad i wasted my money
Grumpy ol' Asian (4 months ago)
Thank you. I'm so glad I didn't buy this game.
Mad Gamer (4 months ago)
Grumpy ol' Asian no sadly
xXSilentAgent47Xx (4 months ago)
Reminds me to The Witcher. Well, i hope the developers progress from cheap to better sequels. Where they'll include armors, weapons, bigger world and customizations. It'll be shame if they don't progress better like CDPR did with The Witcher. Wouldn't compare Gothic because it's different story to talk about it because The Witcher didn't have more than 2 outfits.
Hellraiser988 (5 days ago)
+MoonMoon it's not a cash grab though
xXSilentAgent47Xx (4 months ago)
+MoonMoon Your comment makes no sense.
MoonMoon (4 months ago)
even before they evolve like witcher 3 it's already cost than witcher 3, i'm not supporting this greedy cash grab.
Philminator (4 months ago)
Maybe I'm a cheap ass but I don't see this being worth 92$ Canadian. Looks fun, but not sure it looks 92$ fun. I'll get this game for sure, but likely on sale by the end of the summer.
Philminator (4 months ago)
I'll admit, when I'm unsure I pirate to test out the game, if I think it's worth it, I buy it, if not I delete the game. Too many times I've been shafted by a game I thought I'd like, and then I'm stuck with it...especially if it's a digital game on console. Thankfully Steam is pretty good with refunds.
Gkolias Giannis (4 months ago)
personally when i pirate a game it is because i dont have the cash at that moment to buy the game and i buy it later when i get the chance, unless its truly awful, i dont agree though with pirating games without paying the devs for their effort
Kuben Chung (4 months ago)
not saying they shouldnt be supported but if he doesn't think its going to be worth the $92 hes paying then no point regretting spending that amount on it especially when there isnt a anything different from a pirated copy
Gkolias Giannis (4 months ago)
Kuben Chung so what? If the game is good then the developers should be supported
Kuben Chung (4 months ago)
pirate it, its a single player game
IchbinX (4 months ago)
Haha, this game is garbage.
Frank Jones (4 months ago)
agreed. i want my life back
Beast Mode 2.0 (4 months ago)
I don't get why you hate mirrors so much.
Lil Block (4 months ago)
IchbinX ok
ricardo martinez (4 months ago)
How long is that game
ricardo martinez (4 months ago)
Super Milkbox the game have spanish subtitles?
Super Milkbox (4 months ago)
Without doing any sidequests, it took about 10 hours for me.
Bratislav Metulski (4 months ago)
GTA5 trifft Mafia3, Dead Rising und The Evil Within2 . . . xD
Jon Con (4 months ago)
This game will be on sale in a month lol.
Jon Con (3 months ago)
Federico Machado It sucks though. Had a ton of potential.
Federico Machado (3 months ago)
It has ben a month since your comment and it's not on sale ;) Retard.
Super Milkbox (4 months ago)
Yeah probably. Although I was surprised by it and enjoyed it because of that.
Azrael Wolfsblood (4 months ago)
On a scale of one to ten how would you rate your experience with the game so far
Ray Macz (3 months ago)
A veteran player here since Baldur's Gate, pacman, karateka & seawulf haha but I rate this excellent game 9/10 👍
Frank Jones (4 months ago)
Super Milkbox (4 months ago)
That feels more or less right, my dude. It was alright and a good weekend, but it wasn't anything groundbreaking in any areas. I went into it not knowing anything, which probably avoided disappointment.
Sean Denny (4 months ago)
a generous 5/10
Azrael Wolfsblood (4 months ago)
Super Milkbox well thanks for your input I was going back and forth on whether to buy it or not but you helped me make a decision
WALTWINS (4 months ago)
Great work as always. Smashed the like button!😄😄🤙🤙

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