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CS 1.6 BEST LOW RECOIL CFG Tested working 100%

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CFG BEST WORK IN ORIGINAL COUNTER STRIKE GAME SETUP SO BETTER TRY IT IN BELOW GIVE LINK SETUP FILE AFTER INSTALLATION FOR BETTER RESULTS . COUNTER STRIKE 1.6 ORIGINAL SETUP Link - https://www.file-upload.com/q1iazgkrnzcu CFG FILES LINK - https://sub2unlock.com/rnOajR https://www.file-upload.com/nozzrp6qq7jy watch World best players match (Markeloff Vs Alternate in U.S CHAMPIONSHIP 2018) visit below link :-👇 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ziAsmygqBU&app=desktop if anyone wants to know how to install or add cfg file in counter strike 1.6 game then follow this video step by step guide link below 👇 https://youtu.be/0bKQcoY7qDE Subscribe for more :)) Made by ReLaX**
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Text Comments (98)
zohaan dx (3 months ago)
How to do settings
zohaan dx (3 months ago)
ReLaX ** (3 months ago)
if you want to know how to add cfg in cs 1.6 follow below link 👇 https://youtu.be/0bKQcoY7qDE
ReLaX ** (3 months ago)
if anyone have questions ask me
ReLaX ** (3 months ago)
zohaan dx bro watch my this video and follow step by step process https://youtu.be/0bKQcoY7qDE
zohaan dx (3 months ago)
ReLaX ** how to set all this Tell me the steps pls :/
Zain Ali (4 months ago)
what cfg plz name teel me
Zain Ali (3 months ago)
name of the cfg there is many
Zain Ali (3 months ago)
wtf i say what cfg did u use in these
ReLaX ** (3 months ago)
Zain Ali check link
LearningToPlayDota (6 months ago)
after downloading, which one should i paste in my cstrike folder there are many rar files too, please help
BIG SMOKE order (6 months ago)
All weapons working?
Hugo 70 (7 months ago)
how to change name in cfg
R3M1X (4 months ago)
name "name"
RAJA CS (7 months ago)
what cfg do you use in video? so many cfg listed there
Boi Bou (8 months ago)
Clienttrace all bullets go on enemy lol😂
zohaan dx (3 months ago)
Boi Bou how?
CME TV (10 months ago)
Where that files need put in,in who follder?
TheMangust1337 TV (11 months ago)
He is from Russia =) будто дела
hasan hasan (1 year ago)
can you send me your weapon v_mdl files ?
Luks (1 year ago)
models ?
Heyy !!! Vinod (1 year ago)
Why r u sharing dis fkin HACKS...think about clean players....MKC BC
Mohand Raiz (6 months ago)
ツVuki I don't use any kind of script which eases gameplay I don't even use cfg lol
Noraway (7 months ago)
I am always against hacks, but did you ever play cs 1.6? the recoil is fucking awfull
SyncTV CS:GO & More! (8 months ago)
most pro players of cs 1.6 used these :p no kidding
Noizy VEVO (8 months ago)
Vinod is Here these are not HACKS these are config-s for cs 1.6
That dude metro (10 months ago)
Vinod is Here i rarely see clean players anymore :(
TedoEdits (1 year ago)
can you give me link of your skins in video? thx i will subbed for you :)
Easy Production (1 year ago)
where is cfg?
ThË Ëtérnãl (1 year ago)
There are like tones of CFG in that file, which one did you currently use ?
Hamza Saleem (3 months ago)
contine strike 1.6.1 (1 year ago)
güzel oynuyorsun
hem cfg kullanıyo gerçek oynayışı bu değil
YouNG CreW (9 months ago)
knk adam türk deil :D
grozniy. yar (1 year ago)
TakeVt (1 year ago)
sub to me and comment 160 on my recent vid , i will sub back
SioUmiii (1 year ago)
work on steam ?
JeoLoRdCa Ben (1 year ago)
thnx but i hate cheater
JeoLoRdCa Ben (1 year ago)
Mitko Kabakchiev (1 year ago)
thanks :=)
STANDOFF (1 year ago)
How do I do it?
Bojanic 94 (1 year ago)
same shit like every cfg
moinak paul (1 year ago)
is it for steam?
The cfg is not the same where HE USED IN THE videos becuase the rar files containing all the Default cfg NOte: only leis CAN MAKE that KIND OF FRAGS cfgs IS only FOR MAKING settings Best !!!!
evır Evres (1 year ago)
Nika Xornauli (1 year ago)
Nika Xornauli (1 year ago)
Goddd Exelentt Godd
AlmiNNN (1 year ago)
watch my cfg on channrl
Dragan Jocin (1 year ago)
fUCK YOU,cfg is crap
Ace Gorgiev (1 year ago)
which one is no recoil ??? there are many folders here pls help
TimothyGamingMC (1 year ago)
what cgf to use theres too many :(
Imanuel Malaj (1 year ago)
Jean Maldonado (1 year ago)
Cuales Son Esos Models
NorbertTM (1 year ago)
New link???
The Spacjalista (1 year ago)
zimek daj ip do tego serva only awp bo grałem a zgubiłem ip
PandaBOY_HD (1 year ago)
100% not working omg rly hahahaha!!!!!
Eric Mumo (2 years ago)
which cfg did u use in this movie...there many cfg inside:
Eric Mumo (9 months ago)
Naman Bist (1 year ago)
Beat pewdiepie without videos bro teach me :4
gamer life (1 year ago)
+KanOnXoX steam can work..?
約翰里斯 (1 year ago)
dude your ign changed its in every cfg liike that but u will see that u are better at shottin if ur new at cs 1.6 i can teach u some tricks(doubleduck, bhop, better recoil:)
gamer life (2 years ago)
ya bro ..im new...but y its now workimg?...suddenly my ign changed..please bro help me...
Counter Strike (2 years ago)
y cual de todo los archibos rar es xD
juampa78 (2 years ago)
Aringas Aringas (2 years ago)
ITs aim cfg?
Ramavtar Jangid (2 years ago)
which cfg should I use ? there are many
Ramavtar Jangid (2 years ago)
which cfg should I use ? there are many
федя рзаев (2 years ago)
tell me the name of this song 0:03
BITHER (2 years ago)
Que clase de CFG es Este :'v
Bhavik Raut (2 years ago)
show me step for where i copy pest these files
Іван Козак (2 years ago)
бля боти
Mysterious Stranger (2 years ago)
What CFG it's good? it's more here
Jessag.10 (2 years ago)
Dipanjan Das (2 years ago)
guyz whch cfg. will wrk less recoil for m4a1????reply fst
Kristijan Lazarev (2 years ago)
Does it work?If it works i will subscribe you and like this video :)
Akshay Manekari (2 years ago)
Wow it worked !!!
Wenri Elic de Guzman (2 years ago)
what will i do to activate it?
SlainforcePlays (1 year ago)
Its on the file
MixooKun (2 years ago)
where could i find the name of cfg?!!
albert budai (2 years ago)
exec (name of cfg) example:exec n0thing.cfg
Santa Fe Mixer (2 years ago)
This has got antiscreen? (Sorry, my english is bad)
Unknown (2 years ago)
What cfg i should use i see tons of there
albert budai (2 years ago)
+NAZI卍 it doesnt matter dude it works perfectly :)
albert budai (2 years ago)
+NAZI卍 yes i dont know either :(((
ante2307 (2 years ago)
Can I get ban for this ?
Artheix (2 years ago)
You can't get any sort of VAC BAN In valve games when using "Confic.CFG" Files. It's 1000000000000% ban proof. I've played cs since childhood. you don't have to worry about anything
Mrs. Karina (2 years ago)
+ante2307 No, you will don't get ban or VAC BAN
ante2307 (2 years ago)
+Mr.Casca I mean vac ban ?
Mrs. Karina (2 years ago)
+ante2307 NO
Crowd Controlz (2 years ago)
Does it work on cs 1.6 steam...
ante2307 (2 years ago)
+Abang Rafiq yes
BulletMonkey Doriftoo (2 years ago)
works only bots or in a server too?
Mrs. Karina (2 years ago)
+BulletMonkey Doriftoo In server too
Astry (2 years ago)
Perfect man just prefect
Diego Fernandez (2 years ago)
skins models , downlaod ??
pranav jain (3 years ago)
Thanks relax its work like a charm :))

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