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Game Theory: How DEADLY Is Mario's Blue Shell? (Mario Kart 8)

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How DEADLY Is Mario's Bob-Omb? ►► https://bit.ly/2GnkRLK How Deadly is Super Mario's Bullet Bill? ► https://bit.ly/2IfmVm2 Subscribe to never miss a theory! ►► http://bit.ly/1qV8fd6 Mario's bad guys are some of the most iconic in gaming - and I've covered MANY. From how deadly is Bob-Omb and Bullet Bill to whether or not Luigi is Mario's GREATEST enemy. Today, we are revisiting the most DANGEROUS game in the Mario franchise - Mario Kart. There is nothing scarier than being in 1st place and knowing that the Blue Shell is coming for you. How much damage would that REALLY do? Join me today as we find out! SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! ► http://bit.ly/1qV8fd6 Hang out with us on GTLive! ►► http://bit.ly/1LkSBnz More THEORIES: Super Mario BETRAYED?! ►► http://bit.ly/2zCM6v4 Mario's LUNAR APOCALYPSE!! ►► https://bit.ly/2FRgd4Y Why Mario Kart 8 is Mario's DEADLIEST Game! ►► https://bit.ly/2wyeell What is a Kirby? The SCIENTIFIC PROOF! ► https://bit.ly/2GnPP6t Super Mario Maker, BIGGER than the UNIVERSE! ►►► https://bit.ly/2pTOPvO Luigi - Secret MILLIONAIRE?? ► https://bit.ly/2CEkk15 Check out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory ►► http://bit.ly/1zz3t7E Culture Shock ►► http://bit.ly/1sw7aZ8 The SCIENCE! ►► https://goo.gl/GFK9EV
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Text Comments (14319)
Michael Galvin (15 minutes ago)
That is the exact kart combination I use
Extravagnat Drake (2 hours ago)
8:03 Wait I thought the cart and slick wheels where 2 units not 3 wouldn’t that change the weight by 2 units
Ain’t Cool (5 hours ago)
My sisters and brother took their drivers test in Ohio. They hated it so much.
will G (6 hours ago)
Dan Welch (14 hours ago)
No, not Ganon, Gamblgork
JCDokiDoki Lit Club (19 hours ago)
MatPat: “This may be a surprise to you, but I’m fairly weak.” Me: “No, it’s not really a surprise to me.” Git rekt son
Caden Mansker (20 hours ago)
The music in this sounds like the incredibles
fawful94 (23 hours ago)
"The TSA won't let me bring hand cream on the flights but Mario and friends are able to bring the equivalent of 4kg of TNT into Sunshine Airport without raising any red flags!?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Death Wish (1 day ago)
Rip Ugandan knuckles
Kayla Schuh (1 day ago)
That DKC Necky reference doe
Emmanuella (1 day ago)
I wonder if he ever thought that he wouldn't need math when he was older
Steven does (1 day ago)
Dude I also live in Ohio.
kohlissac02 (1 day ago)
Why did I go to science class, All I had to do was watch 3 episodes from this channel a day, and I would be a science pro, screw you sciencd teacher, youtube is helpful!!!
am i pretty grul (1 day ago)
Who ever threw that shell your mom is a cold blooded
Griffinkid129 (1 day ago)
no, all players a just immortal
The Slashing Scizor (1 day ago)
The weight is wrong with the 15kg per unit because of the glider not being on a real go-kart.
Rayzan (1 day ago)
Now calculate how powerful the mega horn would need to be to destroy the blue shell
Andy Mations (1 day ago)
6:53 yes that is good and all but i don't see karts in real life having a glider too.
*hErE LieS tOAd SCraPed OfF tHE roAd*
the true RedEgg (1 day ago)
U forgot to put the I card XD
Miki's GamePlay (1 day ago)
Can we get MatPat in schools.
Evan Conrad (2 days ago)
In one of the games you can have the blue shell on you
Abe Tietge (2 days ago)
I like the intro.
boi uallyalan56 (2 days ago)
you can dogde it
fastfoxblox (1 day ago)
Noah Orton (2 days ago)
what would be the power of the super horn to stop the blue shell?
dragon beast (2 days ago)
And guess what the explosion will shoot shards of shells witch will kill as well
Lyndell Luster (2 days ago)
Wait we can use horns to block the harm of the Blue Shell so how much force would that be?
43,607N???!!!! WT
AJ Rose (2 days ago)
I'm in first place I'm going to win blue shell "Are you sure bout that"
Lindsey Lewis (2 days ago)
Blue shells are basically high powered mortars lol.
Eoghan Roe (2 days ago)
It's called Jules
Garrett E (2 days ago)
The how does the Super Horn Detsroy It?
Connie Rigdon (2 days ago)
Do bullet bills in MARIO kart because they travel really fast
Sofia Perez (2 days ago)
J for jesus
Unmljkmgtgt Ferrara (2 days ago)
How do you know that one unit = 15 kg????
The Grumpy Muppet (2 days ago)
Waluigi will always be the best
Super Mario (2 days ago)
The first part is messed up
Galixyghostgirl (3 days ago)
Dan Rus (3 days ago)
I was most feared it would a SIENCE! episode
Jay Ferguson (3 days ago)
I hate Blue Shells. They make it more fair, but people worked hard to get first place! 🥇
asskickazz 124 (3 days ago)
That's super dead
Cole Dunwoodie (3 days ago)
You need to make a video about how it is possible for kirby to fly. I know kirby takes in air and keeps breathing i mlm but if that happens shouldnt he be dead in a couple minutes. Technically he would be dead or could just not fly. He ways to much for it to work he would need to weigh about 0.1 or less because he needs to be light for him to start flying. And what about him taking other peoples power. Calculate everything to see how there is nothing about kirby that is real.
John Groves (3 days ago)
8 players smash for people who want to lose 7 friends in a day
John Groves (3 days ago)
12 player Mario kart great for people who want to lose 11 friends in a day
SimpleBanana612 (3 days ago)
I know that MatPat’s probably not going to read this, but that lesson on impulse and momentum really helped me with my science test, so, thank you!
nathanwantstosleep (3 days ago)
wait you call it impulse??? we call it inertia
Jack Tackett (3 days ago)
Most of the vid is about speed
aelores (3 days ago)
0:03 DEJA VU
Alexis Delgado (3 days ago)
If i were metal Mário would i survive?
Luigi Kim (3 days ago)
Hi I’m not here for much except to point out something that Matpat has mentioned. I goddamn hate AP Physics
Redstone Active (3 days ago)
Hit Da Breaks!
joshua ledgister (3 days ago)
It would take less kg of cookies than TNT to reach that energy, however, the cookies would take a lot longer time to turn into energy. 2723 J per gram of TNT 21 kJ per gram of chocolate chip cookie Basically, it would take .54kg of cookies to do the same thing if the energy was released at the same rate. Cool, right?
A Leaf (3 days ago)
4:35 Lier!!!
Erin Saltura (3 days ago)
What about the power of the horn? That thing can easily stop an oncoming blue shell.
Braelynn P Hart (4 days ago)
*****Momentum isn't "P" It's "rho" which looks like a lowercase "p"
Some Guy (4 days ago)
Just use a mushroom to get out before it hits you lol
EeveeBaby Chloe (4 days ago)
Mom: You cant learn ANYTHING over games!!! Y/n: Oh really😒😂
Christian Eulinberg (4 days ago)
CastleCrasher40 (4 days ago)
Is everyone forgetting the *actual* reason these characters can still play the game? They have extra lifes.
CastleCrasher40 (4 days ago)
I wonder what turtle *goes in* the blue shell.
daniel smith (4 days ago)
Haha that was funny at 13:51 also that the show from Bob burgers anyone else watch that show?
James Hallbom (4 days ago)
The Ugandan Knuckles joke makes me want to kill you.
DARK the noble (4 days ago)
in south dakota its 14
AnimeLover666 (4 days ago)
Hey matpat, don't feel bad about the driving thing, I am 17 and I am no where near learning how to drive, cause at the moment... cause I have no need to.
W Productions (4 days ago)
6:53 knowd.
SPAC3 (4 days ago)
Bryan Chaves (4 days ago)
Wow man, you should’ve been very good at school 😮
Liddell (4 days ago)
I failed my driver's test 6 times before I got my license
Yan Desmarais (4 days ago)
But if the shell hits with a 60 degree angle, the force it applies on the driver has a vertical component, which increases the normal force on the ground and increases the friction between the kart and the ground, which would help stop the kart's momentum. Did you take that into account?
Jordan Hill (4 days ago)
from ohio too and ironically take my drivers test tomorrow lmao
Ceròn E (4 days ago)
When I see a blue shell, i let the person skip me
Thomas Kenny (4 days ago)
Momentum does not equal speed x time. Momentum equals velocity x time. Momentum is a vector and so is velocity unlike speed which is a scalar. Also, for the change in momentum equation it would be final minus initial. Just took a Physics course this year and I bet my teacher would be mad if I didn’t speak out.
•π• (4 days ago)
So... It's a small tactical nuke?
pizzapunt55 (4 days ago)
Wait... Go back there... If you want to use the weight of a real life go kart and compare that to an ingame kart either only use the units of the kart or add a glider to the real life counterpart will you
Anthony Green (4 days ago)
Shots fired what I think Uganda knuckles is more popular when everybody thinks he's dead because everybody talks about how he's dead
Giga Man (4 days ago)
What was that music at the end?
Trifacta101 Gamer (4 days ago)
Thanks. Now I can skip physics class and ace all of the tests
Bloodshot Gamer (4 days ago)
This can only mean one thing... These characters are super humans! Or just invincible!
TheHolyGiraffe (5 days ago)
They legit fall off a station in rainbow road...and babies are in it
Roxy Pandanna (5 days ago)
Watching a whole bunch of Mario kart 8 theories while actually playing it messes with your mind
Steel Wolf (5 days ago)
Sunny Sexy (5 days ago)
F*K you childhood busters!
Sunny Sexy (5 days ago)
Luckily you doesn't do the sounds of Mario Kart series!
Itzchaos hi (5 days ago)
You can defeat a blue shell by throwing a banana or shell behind you at the perfect time.
proscottgames (5 days ago)
i dont understand numbers
TWINKLESHINE2 (5 days ago)
And most of the p1 players NEVER GET THE BLUE SHELL! I mean, the COM almost always get the good items, but when the player gets a item, it’s a green shell, a red shell, banana peels, and sometimes a bomb but NEVER a blue shell...OR the Mario kart 8 symbol.......what a rip off
TWINKLESHINE2 (5 days ago)
Is matpat growing a beard?!(look closely at the close up of mats face 🧔)
SometimesImaPenguin (5 days ago)
How deadly is Mario's blue shell? Depends on the nearest thing to me that I can use as a weapon.
midas nightmare (5 days ago)
you do know when the blue shell comes if u hit 2 place person when it about to hit u it hits them instead? its a glich thats been pacthed
Dragon Huntress (5 days ago)
The infinity gauntlet of blue shells
Larenzo Jones (5 days ago)
Aubrey Lane (5 days ago)
Matpat said, "Pressure= Force divided by Area". But the screen said "Pressure= Force × Area". Just pointing it out.
Connor David (5 days ago)
you know what would be *REALLY* deadly? The koopa the blue shell comes from. . . . (With the shell, obviously)
The Yellow Hokage (5 days ago)
Don't worry man I threw the ball in two lanes away from me three times in a row
Giovanni Iannarone (6 days ago)
*Baby Mario in first place* *Blue Shell about to hit him* "Nothing personal, Kid'
ShadowLucario7 (6 days ago)
But MatPat... the Blue shell doesn't stop the cart instantly... It sends the cart into the air (with some epic flips) what does this mean for your theory? How much force would the Blue shell need to send the cart in the air and then stop?
Lisa Williams (6 days ago)
Mr.mMan is fat. Ms.Woman is fat.
Blueberry Delight (6 days ago)
I love this intro
Kaja 3 (6 days ago)
* intro plays * headbangs to the music
Sara Love (6 days ago)
I’m getting more and more confused by the math in these videos

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