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Far Cry 5 Frontier Gaming Series

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Benchmarking Far Cry 5 with a Vega Frontier Edition Card, including 8K results. Yes, I read one of the results wrong . . . . All of the charts on screen are correct however. If you want to see another game with the Vega Frontier let me know. 8K results are crazy to get.
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Val Kukatov (2 months ago)
Do you have RX Vega 64 to compare? This was a good video and would be curious for the 64 and 56.
feekes (2 months ago)
Soviet Allies I wish I did! Anyone out there wanna loan me one?
randombytes (3 months ago)
If people are only going to game, them they may be better off with the rx vega 64, which is pretty much the same card as the vega frontier edition but with different components and supposedly "optimized" for gaming. If you use vega for a mix of both gaming and professional use, then the card can work just fine. I use the card mainly for gaming, but also for some general computing with opencl (and no not mining, i dont have time for that xD). I also do development work, which usually is making use of opengl and/or vulkan. People have gotten upset because I sold my 1080 ti to switch to AMD, but imo, vega has came along way and despite the difference in performance, I see something in vega. That is innovation. Performance can and will still improve (because in some cases, the vega card can compare with the 1080 and possibly even perform better than it in some areas), but I am just tired of nvidia crap.
feekes (3 months ago)
I can totally get behind this statement. What lead me down the FE route initially was the price (at the time it was much less than a 64), 16Gb of HBM2, and the ability to carve out space on it for virtual machines. Pro cards do have their advantages in other areas too, like long term driver releases and 10 bit color. It is a great all around card that is wonderful for the multi-interest compute user. Pro Apps, Gaming, Mining, Dev work with VMs, it all runs great. Maybe not the fastest at any of them(aside from Monero mining) but definitely a top contender in them all.
thedillestpickle (4 months ago)
I've read endless reddit posts about how unstable and difficult to use this card is. Is this still the case in April 2018? Have drivers been fixed? I want to use this card for both gaming and productivity(CAD and engineering software). I'm just worried I will never be able to get it working stable and will constantly be dealing system crashes. This seems like a great value for productivity, but I'm not sure I can rely on this card. Should I buy?
feekes (4 months ago)
AMD has a history with that. Hence we end up with terms like "AMD Fine Wine" to describe them fixing drivers to actually work.
thedillestpickle (4 months ago)
Ok that's good to hear. The trouble with me reading through internet posts on the FE is that they are all from last year when it was released and drivers were messed up bad. It sounds like it doesn't have these problems anymore and is truly becoming the value it was promised when launched. I've got one in my cart at newegg right now and I think I better click buy before the miners get the last one. That was very helpful, thank you. I don't expect it should give me any issues because I won't be able to get it running too hot with the limited workload I'll be throwing at it, and I at least know that I'll want to underclock for more stability. Thanks for the help!
feekes (4 months ago)
thedillestpickle to be honest I have had no instability with my Vega FE. The only professional apps I use with it are the Adobe suite. It has been Rock solid there and having fantastic opencl performance had been nice. The biggest thing that can cause instability is heat and bad memory. The memory of the FE is high quality Samsung HBM and conservatively clocked out if box. The memory on my card will run at 1100mhz all day without issue, but for stability and great reasons I keep it and the GPU clocks lower. Wattman on the gaming drivers let's you customized to your hearts content and I have many profiles for differing tasks. Long winded but I personally have not experienced and instability except when I was crossfiring 2 FE's. I really do love mine.
thedillestpickle (4 months ago)
Just to follow up to my first response: As far as value it sounds like you can expect the same level of performance from an FE as a Radeon WX 9100 for a far lower price. That was what got me interested in FE in the first place was that it offers a huge value over nvidia Quadro cards. That being said I don't think I truly need a workstation level card. If I didn't have this monitor already it would be a much easier decision to just go with GTX 1080 Ti. Vega 64 sounds like a more reliable card, however it's price is super inflated right now and not really good value. So I'm sort of stuck needing to make a compromise one way or another. Due to the mining craze there isn't really a highly capable gaming specific card available from AMD that isn't over-priced. BTW I'm using SolidWorks. I'm an engineering student and also have access to many other high end workstation applications. I could limp by with a bare bones system but more as a hobby I want to have a strong system that I can throw hard workstation tasks at. It's not for business which is why I'm not concerned with ecc vram or certification. I just want whatever I buy to run consistently without crashing my system. I also want to be able to run some high end games on a 4k display. The options I'm considering are: option 1: Vega FE plus spend some time researching how to tweak the settings to underclock and undervolt for reiability option 2: Sell this 4K monitor and buy a 4K Gsync monitor and GTX 1080 Ti option 3: buy a Radeon Pro WX 7100, and run at lower resolution when gaming. I'm willing to spend time initially getting the FE set up. But once it's set up I'd be wanting it to run without a hitch. That's just what I'm not sure of, if it can ever run without a hitch or if you have to constantly deal with issues with the card. The other two I'm quite certain will run flawlessly and never crash my system, but the FE offers a sweet spot where I don't have to compromise gaming or workstation performance.
thedillestpickle (4 months ago)
feekes thanks for the thoughtful reply. I'm not concerned with the certifications. I'll be using it with non ecc ram on a gaming motherboard anyways. What I'm interested in with this card is pro drivers that optimize for workstation tasks. I also already have an expensive freesync monitor, so that's a factor for what I want to do gaming. What my concern is, is that I've been given the impression that this card basically just stops working altogether if the settings aren't tweaked just right and people not even being able to run their system at all. I'm not worried about it underperforming for my tasks because I'm sure it will run just fine as long as it will actually run at all.
james lanier (4 months ago)
Nvidia all the way lol
feekes (4 months ago)
james lanier we will have to work it out this week. Thanks for the offer, don't exactly have spare gpus laying around to test.
james lanier (4 months ago)
feekes man i haven't even tried 4k yet but absolutely just let me know when
feekes (4 months ago)
james lanier need to borrow a 1080ti from you to test 8k on it.
feekes (4 months ago)
I read the results on low power mode for 1080p incorrectly. DOH! At least i have the right results on screen, sorry everyone.

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