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Text Comments (74452)
Potato Boy (4 hours ago)
Im glad i dont watch logan paul, cuz it seems cancer inducing.
Get involved Gaming (11 hours ago)
I'd it just me or does the audio sound weird I'm not hating I'm just saying the audio sounds a little weird in the vid
SIR Churchill (15 hours ago)
Loylo Chicken (17 hours ago)
When I went to the fish market, everybody was serious and did their business. It’s really sad how Logan Paul disrupts other people doing their jobs and working hard.
ally. (1 day ago)
I understand comedy is this guys job, but there’s a line and he shouldn’t cross it. Being disrespectful, let alone to another country and disrespecting a culture, is insanity.
Gassmask S.I (1 day ago)
Pewdiepie.exe has stopped working
Tanner Ohm (1 day ago)
logan paul sucks
Lil Uzi Bob (1 day ago)
lol i just realized u just roasted logan but even if he tries to reply he's nothing compared to u, listen to this so 15M people hating on one person is big, but 66M is just beyond big. so 66M people will battle 16M people including logan paul, so chances are logan aint go' do *shit*
rakuen:Callisto! (1 day ago)
This is so aggravating. All I want to do is go to Japan and experience their culture. This idiot.
Jordan Rauschkolb (1 day ago)
When the crange is to much
Haroon Rancak (1 day ago)
nice Pewds you are like an anti biotic against this filthy bacteria, I hope with many of your video, it can cure the "edgy" epidemic. He try that in my place surely he get lynch, we are not as polite as the Japanese.
Dev27 Bhalla (1 day ago)
Why Loganpoul
God Israel (2 days ago)
Of course you have illuminati symoblism. They always get the ones with potential.Smh
Big Shaq (2 days ago)
I mean he’s not lying about making mistakes watch his first video
cheese whiz (2 days ago)
The sacred Cow (2 days ago)
How do you feel about if he kept his subscriber rate the same, he would have more subs than you in 7 years, and who knows, he may still do that
ROBLOX OOF (2 days ago)
Why am I here Oh wait Logan Paul *ANYONE?! HELP!!* *I SHOULDN’T BE HERE!!*
Nino Flaming (2 days ago)
Pewdie is a bearded wise man
Nino Flaming (2 days ago)
Subcribe to It's Nino
Awww dudeeeee it's so sad that your mom died.... *BUT YOU CAN BUY A NEW MOM AT loganpaul/**shop.com**!*
Deven Das (2 days ago)
now were just waiting for logan to say the n word
Random Stuff and ye (2 days ago)
Look at da beard
Winston (2 days ago)
The Paul bothers should suffer and die then suffer in hell
Nick Clark (2 days ago)
Imagine if one of those people were secretly high influential yakuza members *sips tea*
3 3 (2 days ago)
Ji Sueyon (2 days ago)
He has mental problem
Jeremy Guerra (3 days ago)
Le bigg giey iz dah woggam pool
BeYouniqueBySarah (3 days ago)
Who else looks through the comments to find the little kids tryna stand up for Logan.
Mad Joo (3 days ago)
logan paul is shit
Aiden Moss (3 days ago)
But Japan bombed perl harbor
Dan Stargate (3 days ago)
*PEWDIEPIE CAN FINALLY END LOGAN PAUL! THIS LATEST NEWS IS THE END OF LOGAN!* Police in Japan have just said the suicide was "a staged prank"! The dead body wasn't real and Logan faked the whole thing! Tell Gloria so he can take down Logan for good off YouTube! (and yes I put my sources into a youtube playlist for those that asked for proof, i put the police statements in there too!) Tell Poppy!!!
Parkour Vids (3 days ago)
Lmao next time he goes to Japan the yakusa clan is waiting for them with katanas
Dante k-po monzani (3 days ago)
Sai Amaru (3 days ago)
I know its been so long, but Im still waiting for ScarePewdiepie2.
CritzpyBacon4 (3 days ago)
MicroD2G_ YT (3 days ago)
Fckin Thumbnail😂
Thomas Takacs (3 days ago)
I hate Logan Paul
Cardi B (4 days ago)
*PEWDIEPIE THE LATEST NEWS ABOUT LOGAN PAUL WILL END HIS CAREER FOR GOOD!* Remember when he filmed a dead body.. well.. turns out it was *FAKE* . He faked the entire suicide with actors the police have just revealed this in the final report. (I linked to the police reports and evidence into a youtube playlist if you need to research more) You can use this news to *DESTROY LOGAN'S CAREER*
pewdiewe are u ok
Ryuzaki Lawyiet (4 days ago)
He and his brother are just a piece of shit that we in this world doesn’t really need.
Doopie Wolfie (4 days ago)
Why do you always say it’s a Cristian Chanel
Comicnerd190 (4 days ago)
Everyone in japan “I hate log poul”
Catching Inspiration (5 days ago)
Please tell me that was NOT a fan of Logan just a país actor. WTF MAN, if that WAS o e of ur fans, did u real y needed to do that racist and unpolite shit?!
DanCrowther (5 days ago)
It pisses me off that the middle red statue in the background isn’t equally in the centre 😖😖😖😖 btw I’m not ocd
Sparsh Dikshit (5 days ago)
I like how pewds edited , The part where the game was malfunctioning Classic
Alex Mahr (5 days ago)
I’m glad he got beaten up by KSI
Elena Roy (5 days ago)
Logan makes me feel bad to be human honestly 😆
justin page (5 days ago)
logan paul is an dom ass
dj cheesecake (5 days ago)
God bless that I didn't grow up watching Logan Paul geEZ
El Chirpo (5 days ago)
The worst part about this is the millions of kids who think this is ok
sadie sanders (5 days ago)
jake: *omg i’m the most hated youtuber* logan: *hold my beer*
Nicole Washburn (5 days ago)
Why would he do that to that GameBoy?! That's my childhood 😭
hoodi hoodi (5 days ago)
I wanna be a Japan their so cool and Jake Paul just IMMA STAB HIM SO HARD
Denis Ngara (5 days ago)
Logan is hilarious 😂
MTバスケ (6 days ago)
I would say as one of the people from Japan that I’ve never seen such a disrespectful tourist.
Sidhu Saihejdeep (6 days ago)
This is why people don’t like tourists
Catryn De Rossel (6 days ago)
in japan when it's winter it's almost mandatory in most schools to wear masks even if your not sick
D1A2N3I Howes (6 days ago)
I feel so bad for that man on the bike.
Dustin Johnson (6 days ago)
Logan's trip to Japan gives me an understanding of why people from other countries think bad about Americans.
Leena Hayes (6 days ago)
Bella says goodbye (7 days ago)
Logan just pisses me off in general.
Emil Shaheen (7 days ago)
fcking cringe paul, fcking cringe
syakirah zalil (7 days ago)
dislike because of lp
tho mas (7 days ago)
c414 best mic !
shadowcrow (8 days ago)
Lil Recipe (8 days ago)
He should visit Russia and be even more disrespectful then he was in the previous videos :D
Andrew Schmitt (8 days ago)
6:50 Best part of the whole video.
Labid mortoza (8 days ago)
the japanese people are very polite but also strict how the heck did he get away doing these things
Leena Hayes (6 days ago)
Labid mortoza they wud probably have sent some samurais after him lol for this digression
DarkSideOfTheNoon (9 days ago)
I just time travelled here from 1970, seen enough , heading back now.
Veronica Charles (9 days ago)
Bring back scare pewdiepie season 2
sevanty (9 days ago)
I mean I feel like some of these are kinda nit-picky.
Jane Cigarran (9 days ago)
2:50 Cristian channel??
Jake B. (9 days ago)
Now.....I feel if I ever went to Japan, I wouldn’t be able to do anything without having a mild panic attack. I don’t want to look like him if I am there, and my anxiety will just make me feel like everything I am doing is ten times worse. It seems like a fun place to go, but it would just make me incredibly stressed out. This isn’t even taking into account the rest of my family, and especially my brother, who might as well be a mini Logan Paul. Though I would try hardest to keep in in line........while I’m not panicking of course.
ALOTONTO X3 (9 days ago)
plase logan pol come india
Eman Muhammed (9 days ago)
I really respect your opinion and you too 👍💯
Amanda Gray (9 days ago)
i have never been a fan of the pauls the fact that they have followers at all should show how society as a global whole has fallen. how people have become dummer their expectations get lower thus the simpler the content needed they r entitled children who have never needed a thing never faught for a thing in their lives their behavior is a direct response showing this
Mantra Nati (10 days ago)
that moment logan knew he fucked up , life ending career
QWEENS ONLY (11 days ago)
he should give North Korea a vist.
iWill EatYourLiver (11 days ago)
should watch filthy frank visitting japan video
Michelle Cassandra (11 days ago)
he is so annoying my god
Queen_StarHorn (11 days ago)
This makes me happy that Logan has been taken down a peg
Mahanvi Dangi (11 days ago)
Thumbnail 😂😂😂
ASMR Obsessed (12 days ago)
Did you mean “Slogan”or “Slow-gan” 🤔🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Elly Ayres (12 days ago)
I hate Logan paul
Diego Velazquez (12 days ago)
Play dead by daylight
y y (12 days ago)
*Stop ruining anime*
D_simic (12 days ago)
Logan is he on drugs
RoNiCs (12 days ago)
Mabel Kroger (12 days ago)
NR3 Jokes (13 days ago)
Logan is reTARDED!
NR3 Jokes (13 days ago)
This is why he got fired at Disney
Obtuse Rubber Goose (13 days ago)
why they chasing em like zombies
Atheist Man (13 days ago)
I pity these poor Japanese people.
haley wright (13 days ago)
2018 late night pewds binge fest anyone??
bad lettuce (14 days ago)
SuperBidooferKevin (14 days ago)
derp :V
Michelle Rose (14 days ago)
The Logans are awful human beings. No respect. Cringy. Ugh
DEATH CRIES (14 days ago)
MY EARSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS they will be miss 12:25 if you want to feel my pain FYI be sure to max volume.
your a hero so i dare you to rec and say a bad word to marzia -pls dont ban me
front112 (14 days ago)
He has mental problems?
Mihkel Rein Nellis (14 days ago)
Isn’t that allready clear
invalidcookie (15 days ago)
I Know Felix is making jokes but you can tell this really annoyed him

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