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Text Comments (74009)
Jakob D. (3 hours ago)
God I want to kill him
Samuel Martin (6 hours ago)
Read Orbiting Jupiter
BubbleBlink (6 hours ago)
I miss his beard so much
Leaky _ (7 hours ago)
Omg i feel so bad for the guy who wanted a signature he was so excited!!!
Cpt. Shmitt (8 hours ago)
No respect for anyone but himself.
Princess Ruby (10 hours ago)
bring back scare pewds :C
Warden eternal (17 hours ago)
What about the Droid attack on the Wookies?
Dark Alucard (18 hours ago)
#scarediepie for season 2!!! please!!!!!! 😄
Beave_R (21 hours ago)
Cancer is de paul bros
Clemosphere (21 hours ago)
I can't even imagine what will happend if Logan Paul goes to Indonesia, probably will make it into the headlines
Deepak Karandhar (22 hours ago)
Can you believe Paul mocked The Rock about his baldness twice ?
saint laika (1 day ago)
it's almost like pewds' accidental slip up is more reflective of the recent history of western civilization than of pewds as an individual, or something. as someone who thinks thinking bout our cultures and societies and the different experiences based on race, class, sex, all of that, ppl would be aware of this. i just can't believe this new culture - ppl do things accidentally and in poor taste every day. the vast majority of them are good hearted open minded ppl who are down for reasonable criticism and conversation. anyway, v accurate and thoughtful vid pewds.
Oliver Mayes (1 day ago)
Mk Vlogs (1 day ago)
You are making things very bad pewdiepie I hate you and stop bullying every YouTuber they are are humans
Mk Vlogs not really. Logan's hardly suffered (save for PR b/c he has no self-awareness), and is still doing great according to his SocialBlade stats. Also, Pewds never said Logan wasn't human, and even admitted that he doesn't think Logan deserves to be banned from YouTube.
Ivan Andreev (1 day ago)
Japanese People are so polite, Logan, please visit Russia...
MR GAMER (2 days ago)
Before the Japan incident I was quite big fan of Logan Paul but now I hate him he act like kid so immature and pewdiepie I'm a big fan of urs since I was 14 now I'm 19
Umme Salma Tahir (2 days ago)
I'm British and we are pretty zen and laid back... but this Logan Fella would be shat down pretty quickly. I would certainly scream if he came in a 5 metre radius of me. So utterly annoying, I wouldn't hesitate to clap (hit) him one. My skin would be crawling in irritation.
JR Games (2 days ago)
DaGamerMegan Chown (2 days ago)
Ow I had my headphones on full at the end ;-; u make me deaf
dignifiedapple (2 days ago)
The Gameboy why
dignifiedapple indeed, why
Lord Balake (2 days ago)
What's worse than Jake and Logan Paul
Lord Balake (2 days ago)
Oh I no Greg paul
Rik S (2 days ago)
Can the Paul brothers just die already. Imagine going to Japan and carrying on like these spastics.
DrakeGamingHD (2 days ago)
i agree withdya felix logan has becoming more and more annoying
Jkangie Amjk (3 days ago)
‘Oh, hi Logan! What can I get you today? A latte and aaaaa....*shot of stupidity?* oh, wait no; *idiocy?* what? You don’t need a latte? Well, that’s ok! I’ll just take you to India; you’ll get the sh*t beaten out of you there!’
Joybear 123 (3 days ago)
Jake is like him pewdiepie😂😂😂😂😂👌🏻
Joybear 123 (3 days ago)
Pewdiepie be like "how old is he?"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm dead
Ruby Gupta (3 days ago)
I used to think pewds was just like all the other youtubers(the cringy content and over confidence), but after watching a few videos, i feel that he is really a great person and moreover if he makes a mistake, he has the guts to accept it. He is respectful and considerate.
omid sadeghi (3 days ago)
داداش عالللي عالييي از اين خز و خيل نكش بيرون
army bts (4 days ago)
i feel so embarrass for Logan paul. my uncle living in japan and u always been there. Logan's action is actually too much and very rude. i just feel so cringe OMG
Duro de Funcho (4 days ago)
Might Canon (4 days ago)
If Logan tries this bullshit in Pakistan (where I live by the way), people here would not tolerate this kind of behaviour and beat his ass upside down. By the way he was going to come to Pakistan. Glad this asshole Logan didn't came here.
Might Canon (4 days ago)
Lorenzo Playz (4 days ago)
Nice Thumbnail
Anyone who knows abt Japanese culture or just have some idea can't survive paul one bit.
L u n e t t e (5 days ago)
We need to make sure Logan doesn't reproduce
Sourish Saha (5 days ago)
Sourish Saha (5 days ago)
Logan Paul is a joke shit bull shit..all hail the king of youtube Pewd
EnderDragonWayz 15 (6 days ago)
Love pewdipie
Sara Steckel (6 days ago)
I love when you react to Logan Paul. Then I can know what’s going on without giving him my views lol
Bald Eagle (6 days ago)
THis actually might be the cringiest thing on the internet.
A Apple Pie (6 days ago)
Pewdiepie:I'm not religious Me:My whole life has been a lie
Morgan Rolland (6 days ago)
Qui est français
timelord 123 (6 days ago)
Logan it huuuuuuurts why are you like this
Amir Ben El Hadef (6 days ago)
Jesus christ he's so annoying I wanna cry
LeAn Regn0 (7 days ago)
Felix: How old is he?🤔
Trumeal Watsons (7 days ago)
Now, why is Logan on Youtube rewind 2017 and not Pewds?
japs should've made him into sushi...
Mateo Espinoza (7 days ago)
Go to 1:18 and put captions on in English
Chromosaure Manga (7 days ago)
logan is 12 I swear
Futurama pop (7 days ago)
The people in Japan are trying to be nice to Logan but in there head there thinking (who's this retarded man)
Taylor Esposito (7 days ago)
He got Chloe Bennet while acting like this. How is this possible? Do girls really have a subconscious love for guys like this?
Mac N (7 days ago)
I'm so surprised that pewdiepie knows so many small things about japan like mask thing.
Mac N Not a problem. TBH I hadn't truly heard of him until the controversy about him supposedly being anti-semetic. Being Jewish, my first instinct was to go along with all that nonsense, but upon further inspection, and even seeing YouTubers like PhillyD, Markiplier, and H3H3 (who's also Jewish) defend him from such a label, I realized I'd been too quick to judge.
Mac N (1 day ago)
Your comment changed my image of him. i thought that he just loves that side of japanese culture such as anime. now i see him as a person with great attitude and true respect, not a person who loves anime and doesn't care about anything but that. Thank you!
Mac N From what I can recall, he and Marzia have been to Japan at least 6 times (I think more but I'm not sure how many). Most recently, before they went to Okinawa, he and Marzia took some time to hang out with a small group of AniTubers, including Joey the Anime Man and Akidearest. Obviously he does enjoy anime/otaku culture, but even beyond that, he's pretty knowledgeable about other aspects, such as its geography, literature, and religion. In addition, as you just pointed out, Felix is also pretty knowledgeable about Japanese etiquette. For example, the part about sneezing is correct: given that he was able to talk and be understood before, I doubt Logan needed to cough/sneeze that loudly. He could've done it into his arm, thereby making much less of a scene.
kartik nambiar (8 days ago)
he still has more views than you.. I get it.. you watch him.. your subbd
kartik nambiar I mean, I could be wrong, but that's just my opinion...
kartik nambiar (7 days ago)
+OverHYPEdVegeta 9000!! lmfao
kartik nambiar I don't think that Felix actually cares about views...
nandkishor basutkar (8 days ago)
5:27 main thing
I'm A Glowstick (8 days ago)
It makes me really upset that Felix (a genuinely good-natured person who tries his best and always attempts to make up for his mistakes) is given so much more shit for so much less than Logan and Jake Paul have been. The Paul brothers did fucking nothing to gain their fame and wealth- they were mildly well-known Vine stars who happened to get noticed by some big name people, and then they just stirred up attention via controversy and being offensive and their popularity exploded due to that. Felix was (and still sort of is) one of the most influential YouTubers out there, he pretty much shaped the entirety of the gaming community through his content, and I'm very confident that YouTube wouldn't be the same without him. He earned his place as the most subscribed to person on YouTube and continues to prove that he deserves it. But because he has such a huge reach over the community, it means that people will take any little thing he says and either misconstrue it, dramatize it, or twist it so that they can use it as leverage to stomp Felix into the ground. And that makes me very angry, because Felix is a very humble and appreciative person, whilst the Paul brothers are egotistical assholes who can't even begin to fathom the fact that they would be no where close to where they are now without the support of the people who (for some fucking reason) look up to them.
Hanz Anabieza (6 days ago)
give this man this man a brofist
Payson Cox (8 days ago)
This made me cringe and facepalm so much thst I had to stop watching. Logan Paul, along with his brother, are complete dickwads who need to rethink their lives.
Eduardo (8 days ago)
Respect from Japan
Cynthia X (8 days ago)
The thumbnail killed me
BattleAxe Art (8 days ago)
Id love to see a website called pewdiepie.com, with all ytbers. But pewds would ban the paul bros
jzb 93 (8 days ago)
I love how while consoling his friend over the death of his dog, he is not only pluggin his merch, but it seemes like he made a point to hold his own dog in his hands like "mines fine, too bad about yours". What a dick
carrotdeul ; (8 days ago)
i never wished for anyone's death but damn i hope he really dies
Mặt dày 3 lớp (9 days ago)
It's really pissed me off when I watch Logan's Japan vlog. He's so immature and annoying :/ (sorry for my bad English)
Canaldochin12 Chinny (9 days ago)
go to the philippines logan the people there are knid and nice if you do something they dont like they will beat you up..no joke they dont care if they kill u
Hanz Anabieza (6 days ago)
oh and naice to see there's a pinoy bro
Hanz Anabieza (6 days ago)
i was just thinking the same thing
CodenameTurtle (9 days ago)
Logan is so cringe I had to skim through what the hell, I'm embarrassed on behalf of all foreigners :<< I don't see how it's funny or edgy, just stupid
Wandy Suikoden (9 days ago)
Pewds you are the best youtuber ever!
Sara Darella (9 days ago)
The funny thing though is that a few years ago Felix was to me a more behaved version of Logan Paul - annoying, unfunny, a screeching shallow idiot. I couldn't stand Felix at all and I did not understand why his playthroughs were so popular. Then I realized his audience was composed of the screeching tweens he was mimicking. It's nice to see that he has grown up though, and became the epitome of a cynic - which is reflected not only on what he says but also on his behavior, or what least the one he shows in his videos. And I say this as a compliment, because someone who makes money off calling people on their bullshit can afford to be a nihilist.
Thomas Oanes (10 days ago)
Logan is so stupid and he thinks he funny but he is not.He is a grown man messing around and getting in trouble.
Busa Wahaj (10 days ago)
you are pewdiepie if you like this comment like if you hate this comment this like please
Kiera Woolhouse (10 days ago)
The Paul bro's are not funny, they're just annoying. I know people say "they deserve to die" and similar things, but no. They just don't deserve to be famous. I would love if it was possible for them to just be globally ignored..just..uugghhh! -__-
Lorenzo Cube (10 days ago)
Hes like a ten year old
Vicious (10 days ago)
how long are the fucking headphones
Slurm Into Me (11 days ago)
IM PaRt Of The LoGanG and yall haterz gone hate but just jus look at dis vlog yo. pewds hella boring then it goes to logans and its lit N ya you might say that logan disrapactfell but thats how we are we mavericks we do it differntelly. The dead guy in the suiside forast he shoulnt of made that choice and he should feel luckie that hes in logans vlog its the best thing thats ever happened to him. we the most lit family on youtube. LOgAnG 4 LIFe
Slurm Into Me Thanks I guess. That doesn't really fill me with confidence, considering that there's no way to verify whether the kid meant it or not, and even if he didn't, it's been uploaded to YouTube at least 5 times...
Slurm Into Me (8 days ago)
OverHYPEdVegeta 9000!! You're the only one that knew the source material lol
Slurm Into Me Are you parodying that one video from Keemstar's twitter, with the so-called "Japanese Maverick" or are you completely serious?
崔萱霏 (11 days ago)
When he ran through the streets screaming... Oh god, hell no. He is a disgrace to America
崔萱霏 For a time, I kept trying to figure out which place in Japan he was the worst, whether it was Asakusa, Shibuya, Tsukiji, etc... And then I realized I was subconsciously trying to lessen how bad he was being... And I felt like an idiot for that...
dhruv rathod (11 days ago)
The Paulers are handicaped hater squad were you at
Malishka Velani (11 days ago)
I can literally murder Logan Paul and be proud of it
i wish i could drown lp and jp but theyre not worth the water
NeRdY gEeK (11 days ago)
15k Paul 🐑 disliked this video
NeRdY gEeK (11 days ago)
Be like nice guy PewDiePie: He is swedish He has an Italian girlfriend He speaks English like a native Therefore promoting world Peace A N D He respekt the fam He respekt waman But more importantly HE RESPEKT J A P A N
NeRdY gEeK Respekts the wahmen and the nihon-jin
zahrasister _ (12 days ago)
I like how the fans tells PewDiePie to stop saying bad words. But Jake Paul says bad words too. Lmao.
Movie Cat (12 days ago)
Logan Paul is a bully.
Movie Cat (12 days ago)
Thank you Flix for making this video, we don't want fools like Logan Paul in this world.
Deni B. (12 days ago)
You're better then both of them combined 😂😂
Lymeng Loeu (12 days ago)
I’m Logan fan😂
Lymeng Loeu OK. What are your thoughts about this video?
LiewPlays (12 days ago)
Lymeng Loeu rip
Pewdiepie... You have opened my eyes
Amel (13 days ago)
i lost 8 years of my life just by watching his clips
LPS MøønFilmsTM (13 days ago)
soon loganpaul will disrespect the whole universe
GHM Gaming (13 days ago)
Logan was dumb
Angel Striker (13 days ago)
I watch this and I am so utterly amazed at the patience Japanese people have; because if he did those same things in my country? (Which is India if y'all are wondering), then uh, all I can say is maybe try and indulge in slipper armor or something, cause you ain't getting out of there unscathed d(^_^o)
Laplace 12 (13 days ago)
Moshi moshi Keisatsu desuka. I will say it if i meet the people like this. He just moron who didn't know about morality Just like a brat when found a jackpot in kinder j*y (his face and reaction)
Marcus Cimino (13 days ago)
Felix should have spent freshman year of college in the US. He would have still dropped out and done YouTube, he'd just be doing it with a way better understanding of dudes like Logan Paul (P.S. his brother's ex is hot 10:47 ...).
Nerpy Biscuit (14 days ago)
oh my gosh logan is so fucking immature.. more immature than a 3 yr old. I feel so sorry for the Japanese people...
Mango Purin (14 days ago)
Pewdiepie is an amazing role model
Mango Purin Well, better than the Paul Bros, anyway. Don't get me wrong, I love Felix's videos, I just don't think he's a role model for, say pre-teens and young pre-adolescent teenagers... But, I could be wrong
Fahmi Alfian (14 days ago)
JAPAN needs to ban this man for life, including not able to import/buy anything from JAPAN. he deserves the worst. he does.
Mohamad Homayonifar (14 days ago)
oh my god kill me now
Alyssa Baker (15 days ago)
Whoa👁👁 👄
Noor Zz (15 days ago)
#bringbackscarepewdiepieseason2 #bringbackscarepewdiepie #wtfyoutube
Renzo Orpiada (15 days ago)
And if you think I'm nitpicking Don't worry, it gets worse
shanmugapriya kumar (15 days ago)
Can u stop talking about his mistake U have no experience on what a maverick does👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
shanmugapriya kumar I'm not a Logan Paul hater (a critic, yes, hater, no). I'm willing to listen to what it means to be a maverick.
ぽっぽちゃん (15 days ago)

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