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10 Secrets Hidden Inside Famous Logos

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See more at www.brilliantnews.com Branding nowadays is absolutely everywhere you look. We are constantly bombarded with so many icons and logos that we rarely stop to look further into them, but there are some very interesting and bizarre secrets hiding within these 10 famous logos! 1. Hyundai Bet you think the H logo is just the first letter of the South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai? Of course you do! But it actually represents two figures: the happy client shaking hands with the Hyundai salesman, cleverly projecting the subliminal message of a successful car purchase. 2. Apple It was Rob Janoff who was tasked with creating the apple logo back in 1977. Janoff bought a bag of apples and spent the week sketching them, trying to represent the perfect angle where the fruit couldn´t be mistaken for a cherry. This was when he added a bite mark and stumbled across the similarity between Bite and Byte. This was definitely a selling point for Steve Jobs. 3. Vaio The first two letters in the computer company's name symbolize a digital waveform and the io is designed to look like a 1 and a 0, representing binary and the mix of analog and digital. Also the melody that sounds on startup actually derives from the dialtone sounds on a telephone keypad on typing V-A-I-O 4. Amazon Always aiming to please, Amazon designed their logo to represent a smile, projecting a sense of satifaction in their brand. Not only that, but the arrow also starts at ´a´ and finishes at 'z' implying that the company stocks every product you could possibly desire. 5. Toyota T-o-y-o-t-a. All the letters of the companies name can be found within the logo. But what does it represent? You're thinking A big strong buffalo's head or a cowboy with a hat, right? Wrong! It actually represents a needle and thread! This Japanese car manufacturer actually began making weaving machines and keeps its logo to this day! 6. Continental Sometimes overlooked, the continental logo is simple and clever. The first two letters are designed to symbolize a car wheel. 7. Toblerone This awkward-to-eat chocolate treat doesn't just have a simple mountain in its logo. Toblerone is made in Bern, Switzerland, so it´s no surprise to see one of the Swiss alps in its logo. But it also hides a secret bear hidden in the mountain, as Bern is known as the city of bears and the bear symbol is heavily decorated throughout the city. 8. BMW The German motor company started out making airplanes in 1916 and many think that the checker pattern in its logo represents the spinning propellers of an airplane. But it is actually just the design of the Bavarian flag, the part of Germany where the company originated. 9. Domino's Pizza In 1960 College dropout Tom Monaghan borrowed $900 to by a tiny pizza placed called Dominic's. 5 years later he bought 2 more locations. The former owner refused Tom the permission to use his name in the franchise so Tom turned it into Domino's. The dice in the logo represent the first restaurant that he bought, followed by the next two, and he had planned on adding numbers on every new opening. That was before he realized how big the franchise would become. 10. Unilever Who is Unilever, right? It's actually a huge corporation which owns over 400 famous brands. You've only got to look on the back of any of these popular products to find their logo hiding there. (Axe, Lipton, Ben and Jerry's, Dove, Heartbrand, Hellman's) But that's not all, the actual unilever logo is made up of 25 smaller logos, each with a rich meaning. A strand of hair or an icecream representing various brands, to more obscure references, like this bee... Which of these logos surprised you the most? Comment Below!
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Stevie Wonder (7 months ago)
Pin me and I will eat my sub button and like button I’m deprate
Kaybug2007lol (10 hours ago)
Stevie Wonder ss
Zander Nordlyng (1 day ago)
Stevie Wonder s
mystic minty (6 days ago)
Stevie Wonder your comment is unoriginal
Double L To The J (7 days ago)
Stevie Wonder ¥£-qq
Michael Epstein (7 days ago)
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Hamish Newman (2 hours ago)
No FedEx
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Yalonda Colbert (11 hours ago)
The last one surprised me
BinnerGD (12 hours ago)
I’m surprised about the unilever
jakub rosinski (15 hours ago)
Its hondai (pronounced)
Bossmannrm 29 (15 hours ago)
Kings Confetti (16 hours ago)
I mean mBR
Kings Confetti (16 hours ago)
Goggle = mBB
Kings Confetti (16 hours ago)
But i saw a secret of goggle
Cool 223 (19 hours ago)
ILavanya Kaavi (1 day ago)
v.kavitha vijay (1 day ago)
Unilever amazed me
Jessynicole Negron (1 day ago)
Domino’s pizza is my favorite pizza
M Surya (1 day ago)
n connor (1 day ago)
Unilever or tobeleron
Fanny Herstig Tut (1 day ago)
🍎 is so proud
TOLGA KORA (1 day ago)
Hyundai surprised me
Guthrie Fullagar (1 day ago)
I knew apples one already
Dominos is now in cherryvile
jeetu bashyal (1 day ago)
uniliver was awesome
umar tauqeer (1 day ago)
Lilly Hadleigh (1 day ago)
Isn't hyundi pronunced hi un die
dan tdm (1 day ago)
Sub to me
cheese dan (2 days ago)
Steve Jobs died on my birthday
Jasmine PHAN (2 days ago)
the bear hidden was amazing i thought it was a mountain
Yash Raj (2 days ago)
For me Most suprisely is 'Hyundai'..pin me comments plz
yugioh master 3:16 (2 days ago)
thumbnail: wow guys the apple loge has a bite in it every dumb person: this man is god
Jalwa Omar (2 days ago)
I’m Nobody (2 days ago)
The bear dis
Andrew Skuller (2 days ago)
No fed ex???
Vani Gupta (2 days ago)
ツVeikko (3 days ago)
Sipra Sunay (3 days ago)
Eljie Gubaton (3 days ago)
The unilever
Gaurav Singh (3 days ago)
Vaio most interesting
Vishnu Prasad (3 days ago)
Toyota and apple suprised me
Harina Kohli Grover (3 days ago)
All suprised me
Mokksh Shah (3 days ago)
Lg and toblerone
Fat Catt (3 days ago)
my name *IS* dominic
Jarif Jaseena (3 days ago)
BMW How I never see it? Despicable me
irfan Jamal (3 days ago)
I mean unilever
irfan Jamal (3 days ago)
I surprised for uniliver
Ketan Gupta (3 days ago)
Asif Siddiq (3 days ago)
The Unilever log surprised me a lot with its 25 small logos.
Darshavaradan Ramesh (4 days ago)
My most suprising logo is unilever
Sumit Khandelwal (4 days ago)
Pip Squek (4 days ago)
Never thought toblerone has a bear sign on it
sashi kumar (4 days ago)
Rachel Bennett (4 days ago)
thebeast man (4 days ago)
the last
Junior tech (4 days ago)
A to z
Sally Scroggs (4 days ago)
i think the hundai logo surprised me the most
Amit kumar (4 days ago)
Deepak Dey (4 days ago)
Ananya Verma (4 days ago)
The amazon one
Manjari Luies (4 days ago)
The last one
dilip sharma (5 days ago)
Roberto C. Lopez (5 days ago)
The H
Darko Kostic (5 days ago)
Darko Kostic (5 days ago)
Nate Roons (5 days ago)
I swear it’s pronounced High- Un- Dai
claire loney (5 days ago)
You forgot wendys
emsi1122 (5 days ago)
CJ Pellazar Raymaro (6 days ago)
Oyyyyyyy i have iphone
LEONG KUM FATT (6 days ago)
11.Samsung. The "A" is soupposed to look like a up arrow like if u argree
Phil 990 (6 days ago)
Kylie plays roblox (6 days ago)
The frount cover of Apple....every one can see it
ryan friend (6 days ago)
https://youtu.be/knKgLw6VjC0. The real story behind the creation of the apple logo.
fadile bicaku (6 days ago)
HayaKhan Products (6 days ago)
Tatiana T (6 days ago)
You are more better then *bright side* cause bright side just knows how to ruin stuff for me :(
daksh arora (6 days ago)
learn all things (6 days ago)
My cp is lg
narahari rout (6 days ago)
Amazon and toyota
way of sufism (6 days ago)
Tealy toyota amaze me
pucha ramana (6 days ago)
Fight On The Road https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fighton.theroad
Bala Gohan (7 days ago)
Toyota logo surprised me😃😃😲
kamepalli jahnavi (7 days ago)
uniliver was amazing
Esmeralda Solorio (7 days ago)
Uhhhhh none
Dhiovana Sabino (7 days ago)
Apple Inc.
Urijah Livingston (7 days ago)
it's Honda idiot😒
Sri Krishna (7 days ago)
Noor Singh (7 days ago)
I was most surprised about tonlerones logo
p r (7 days ago)
Aziza Ghouri (7 days ago)
By seeing Toyota logo I was surprised
abcd efgh (7 days ago)
Venkat Rao (8 days ago)
Jeralyn Tanaquin (8 days ago)
Uni fckin lever! ❤️🔥
the most interesting is tobleron
the most interesting is tobleron
Big K’eh 1867 (8 days ago)
I think Hyundai and Toyota surprised me
Spider Man (8 days ago)
You should watch count on me
Spider Man (8 days ago)
Your right you should
Spider Man (8 days ago)
You should
Shyam Sundar (8 days ago)
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