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Fusion Sentient Xbox LIVE Game for Windows Phone | Pocketnow

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Read more about Fusion Sentient here: http://bit.ly/taPoSt Fusion Sentient is now available in the Windows Phone Marketplace. We've seen this game before at New York Comic-Con and it's got some unique features. First of all it can communicate with the Xbox 360 Arcade game called Fusion Genesis which is a completely different type of game, but the Sentient robots that you build up and use during the Windows Phone game can be used as extra weapons in Fusion Genesis. There's also an auction section where you can buy and sell these Sentient robots that you may be building up in the Windows Phone game. People playing Fusion Genesis and may not even have a Windows Phone can buy your Sentient robots in order to use in the Xbox 360 game. The Fusion Sentient game itself takes a lot of learning. It's not an obvious pick-up and go type of game where all you have to do is pull the slingshot back. When you start playing it will take you through some training so you can learn how to move the robots, switch stances for more agressive attacks or defense maneuvers, learn special teleportation or healing features, etc. You'll also learn how to customize the robots for better destructive power or whatnot. Then the actual game play involves missions where you control a number of these robots and send them to do certain things. Usually the first phase of a mission involves overtaking a "heart" base station while other phases may include defending that base. The game is fully three dimensional and reminds me a lot of "The Harvest" also available on Windows Phone. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/pocketnowsub https://pocketnow.com Follow us: http://flipboard.com/@Pocketnow http://facebook.com/pocketnow http://twitter.com/pocketnow http://google.com/+pocketnow http://instagram.com/pocketnow About us: Pocketnow has been a key source of mobile technology news and reviews since its establishment in 2000. With offices on three continents, Pocketnow offers round-the-clock coverage of the mobile technology landscape, from smartphones to tablets to wearables. We aim to be your number-one source for mobile tech news, reviews, comparisons, and commentary. If you love mobile as much as we do, be sure to subscribe! Fusion Sentient Xbox LIVE Game for Windows Phone | Pocketnow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVMVED8TQ8k PocketNow https://www.youtube.com/pocketnow
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Text Comments (11)
Blank Name (5 months ago)
Wait is THIS how you gain legendary sentients???
Faris (6 years ago)
@adamz1977 ahaa .. but you seemed to be hesitating about what the options did :)
tidalkingv (7 years ago)
@adamz1977 Smooth and relaxing is for Yoga instructions or maybe reviewing pot. You are talking about a game. a game with robots. a game with robots shooting stuff! All I ask is a little excitement. Maybe you really like the game or maybe not, I just couldn't tell.
Faris (7 years ago)
you should try the game BEFORE being on camera not WHILE .
tidalkingv (7 years ago)
by god, his voice is just make everything exciting thing boring.
weesals (7 years ago)
@leflore1886 Wasnt the first xbox live game a fighting game? I didnt download it, but its called Twin Blades.
bigsteamfan (7 years ago)
Title says "Fusion Sentient" description says "Fusion Sentinel"... WHICH ONE, DAMMIT... I know it's the first one, so correct the description...
James J (7 years ago)
I want to see how well you can play fighting games like street fighters.
LoLenzis (7 years ago)
@Seeeeeoooo nO he's ma brO I love he's vid's =]
CHUPACABRA (7 years ago)
@LoLenzis hes not ur bro, he's just an older man loving tech.
LoLenzis (7 years ago)
nice clothes ther bro

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