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Far Cry 3 - Jason's Brothers and Friends (All cutscenes)

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Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4177227 This is a collection of cutscenes and gameplay-segments involving Jason Brody's brothers and friends, split in different clips in order to show one character at a time, to view his/her role in the story of Far Cry 3. 00:57 - Grant Brody 05:00 - Daisy Lee 12:30 - Liza Snow 23:57 - Oliver Carswell 27:53 - Keith Ramsay 30:53 - Riley Brody 35:01 - All of them together
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Antonio Centeno (7 days ago)
One thing to aprecciate of Far Cry 3 is the charachter development of Jason´s friends so when the game give you the final choice is very very very not easy. Jason´s friends or half of them and Jason itself were a lot of spoiled white trash rich dudes and girls, Grant was cool i guess he died before further development but nothing that bad came from some scenes afterwards, Vincent is arguably dead, Doug was the fucker that set them up for Vaas, Now Daisy was good and legit bad ass but she also questions Jason and therefore the player for all the killing and "knives don´t bring people from death, they kill them" wich she was in the right but at the same time is all you donde in the game so you get piss at her, Ollie was good but "to my father black card and my Black Card" is the type of thing that make you want to shoot him so you got some ambiguity, Riley was fine and the only charachter that don´t piss you or questions you, BUT Keith was a wicked little piece of shit and a hot head that got you into trouble in a disco, played the "i´m untouchable" thing and then broke worse than the other characthers (wich is fair anyway) and then lied about Riley´s fate just so he could get back to his rich life, and then Liza, fuck Liza Snow, always questioning you, trying to back you, and there´s hints about her charachter all over the place in the game, so at the end they give you a knife to the throath to her and is very hard to not choose the other way around. That´s the beauty of the game, the Far Cry series are bitter sweet, you can´t complete any of the games witout feeling it broke something in you.
XxTeamwolfRulesxX (28 days ago)
Audio glitche's out sometimes,
Nika Gamer (2 months ago)
jason stayed island ?
Robert Woschnik (2 months ago)
Jason Whoever did this, whoever killed Grant, deserves to die.... I have to admit that is one of the most powerful scenes in this game
Woofy (6 months ago)
The opening scene just sounds weird without music
Joey (6 months ago)
I knew jason got crazy but neer understood how crazy until 15-25ish minutes. That nigga wet batshit
Dick Penisman (6 months ago)
Ugh. Ive always hated jasons friends. They just come off as spoiled brats. Expecialy jasons bitch gf lisa who after everything that happend is only worried about her acting career. I liked jasons brother grant but he got shot dead in the beginning. Even jason seems out of place for the whole story. Lisa! Lisa where are you!? Lisa!. It's like bro stfu, all she cares about is getting back to hollywood. Far cry 3 was a great game but the friends just ruin the story for me. Just seems like the whole plot could have been written better. And don't even get me started on the useless Rakyat 'worriers'. They do the equivalent of absolutely nothing and then show up saying stuff like "this is all me" "whos the man? Me!" lol
Matonv (7 months ago)
"It feels like winning." DUDE WAS FUCKING NUTS.
Yash (8 months ago)
I don’t want to be mean, but your frame rate is shit at some points.
Haha no (1 year ago)
😂😂😂 Riley shut the fuck up and go get me a beer
Who was the guy with glasses
anonymous46673 let's do it
vedant mishra (1 year ago)
these are not cutscenes
Foxtrod (1 year ago)
vedant mishra Yes they are
Captain Cleve Sparrow (1 year ago)
Jiggle the key! DEPRESSED the pedal!
HECCLER__ (1 year ago)
Captain Cleve Sparrow WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN
mrsniper12333 (1 year ago)
so um all of you know when Citra said the words Berhenti in bm that means stop by the way i forgot to put fun fact
Michael Martinez (1 year ago)
if a farcry movie were to be made it should be this game.
En And (2 years ago)
jag älskar den här videon
The Sharpest Pointsmen (2 years ago)
May Pagans Light, Shine upon you all...
Alien Eyes (6 months ago)
If grant alive then in the ending grant would kill liza because of citra
Noah Park (6 months ago)
The Sharpest Pointsmen *Liberates radio tower*
emma87654 (1 year ago)
The Sharpest Pointsmen SHUT UP!
Damian Martinez (2 years ago)
is this guy germen ?
Thanasishim (1 year ago)
BiGMiKe9821 Fuck yourself
Damian Martinez (2 years ago)
and i was only asking
Damian Martinez (2 years ago)
maricon ?
Damian Martinez (2 years ago)
CodyTGrawwks64 (2 years ago)
I'd say Pagen Min in far cry 4 is more insane then Vaas and Hoyt together
Ca7_Videos (9 months ago)
Then vaas and Hoyt traducción
I disagree
Bhavya Kohli (1 year ago)
Cody Hicks please do elaborate sir ...,
Luke Van Wyk (1 year ago)
Cody Hicks nah
Pat Rick (2 years ago)
If you use slow speed at 37:03, you'll see the screen flicker briefly to the cutscene of Brody having the knife on Liza's throat at the end of the game.
Antonio Centeno (7 days ago)
Dude! 10/10
Pat Rick (8 months ago)
I thought I already responded so I apologize for the late response, but at normal speed you (or at the very least I) can see the normal flicker of the TV and, as opposed to usual static flicker with just whites and blacks, you can see the image briefly before it goes away. It really doesn't take much effort to go slow from that part thanks to the playback and many games have used this kind of TV screen flicker, like Half Life 2.
A Stupid Llama (2 years ago)
+Pat4ever How the hell did you notice that?
Green Warrior18 (3 years ago)
Vaas is trully a psychopath, I mean both Vaas and Hoyt are evil at the same level.
lela marevci (3 years ago)
Why would ubisoft put bad words in far cry 4 they put the word penis and the word God damn why? ?:()():0
Dim183 (3 years ago)
+lela marevci God damn.
p00ner1sm (3 years ago)
+lela marevci The game is rated M. If you're squeemish about cursing then you're too young and/or immature to be playing these types of games.
I Sneeze Meth (3 years ago)
Ohmygod when you were shooting with the music in the helicopter was adorable.
.this is a great video
MUSTAFA GÜNER (4 years ago)
what is the song at 40:05
MUSTAFA GÜNER (3 years ago)
thank you
davewah3 (3 years ago)
+MUSTAFA GÜNER watch?v=8Uee_mcxvrw
MUSTAFA GÜNER (3 years ago)
i cant find it on google can you give its youtube link?
davewah3 (3 years ago)
Its die antwoord shes a giant camel toe havin' broad from south africa
Live Mods (4 years ago)
how the hell did he get his tattoo on the right arm
Cole Phelps (2 years ago)
Pre order
MLGKUBA (4 years ago)
hfghgfhfh ggggggggggggggg
Zac Hanscom (4 years ago)
the ridiculous plot of this game is for retards
Viktor (1 year ago)
this game is more just combat
poetic rapper (3 years ago)
its a fun story who cares
Andrew W (4 years ago)
It is a little weird I agree
Jiggle Billy (4 years ago)
Can you do Dennis's scenes too? He's got a lot of good quotes.  Good work on all the other characters too
Damian Martinez (2 years ago)
i think ther is a part were he drunk
Esdras Dusty (4 years ago)
what is the music of the beginning?
Kai Howard (4 years ago)
M.I.A. paper planes
Engr Abaday (4 years ago)
@John Forrester The Guy IN An White Suit? Ahh Its Willis
Engr Abaday (4 years ago)
i knew i should read the wiki of it D:<
Engr Abaday (4 years ago)
Christian John (4 years ago)
What tatoo has jason on his right hand? He doesn't have it while playing.
Foxtrod (2 years ago)
En And (2 years ago)
can no one Swedish this man is from sveden the mans channel
Adam Murad (2 years ago)
+Damian Martinez did u pre order it
Damian Martinez (2 years ago)
i have all tatoos in the game. I dont think there is a tatoo on your right arm.
DPR (4 years ago)
that are the tatao's you get them in the game with xp
Rednie (4 years ago)
Who is that guy in the beginning in glasses and with white hat on him?
MasterMedicHQ (6 months ago)
This is a cut character. Previously he was supposed to be shot accidentally by Jason but was cut from the game
Ya like J A Z Z (1 year ago)
Sparky lol
Paper Cheese (3 years ago)
who said Doug was his friend? the people were asking about the guy with the glasses and hat. Doug was the DJ with the red tank top on.
Paper Cheese (3 years ago)
+Rui Silva Doug was actually working undercover for Vaas. he informed them about the island knowing it was full of pirates. it was a set up.
Savage _Tv (3 years ago)
+DOUDO K Ubisoft hasn't confirmed he's dad. His status is unknown
Chu-Raya (5 years ago)
Vincent Salas, he's also a friend of jason but he died. remember at the start of the game when vaas said something like ''do you want me to slice you open like i did your friend?'', he was talking about vincent there :)
Ya like J A Z Z (1 year ago)
Chu-Raya lol
Daily #FAX (5 years ago)
Jason's such a dick to Liza.
EJdrummerboy1 (5 years ago)
These cutscenes are out of order
Thriftshop178 (5 years ago)
Why did he leave her she is hot and a lot less crazy than citra
Eyeless Jack (5 months ago)
Thriftshop178 its Jason that went crazy
forrester jb (5 years ago)
Whos the guy with the glasses on
Ben P (5 years ago)
who's the friend with the head wrap on?
JankyGorilla (5 years ago)
How did you get the second arm with tattoos?
kurzor0007 (5 years ago)
"What's happening back there?!" "Traffic control!" hahaha Wish I could actually do that in traffic
LUCAS NYKVIST (5 years ago)
du gillar fc3 märker jag (:
Foxtrod (5 years ago)
Manny Ramirez (5 years ago)
Like your vids

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