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16 MASSIVE Open World Games coming in 2017 & 2018 | Upcoming Games on PS4 Xbox One PC

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Here are 16 NEW & MASSIVE Open World Games coming in 2017 & 2018 | New Upcoming Anticipated Games on Playstation 4, Xbox One & PC. Which game looks the most promising? Post in the comments! 0:00 Skull and Bones 3:19 Shadow of The Colossus 4:35 Fortnite 7:07 Survive The Nights 10:10 Shadow of War 13:06 Sea of Thieves 15:52 Assassin's Creed Origins 18:27 Monster Hunter World 21:32 Agents of Mayhem 23:37 Anthem 26:31 Beyond Good & Evil 2 28:56 Days Gone 32:06 State of Decay 2 35:23 Hunt Showdown 38:49 Spiderman PS4 42:26 Far Cry 5 Like my page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief/ SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14hihfM Gaming News: http://bit.ly/1dpZsqd My twitter: https://twitter.com/MathChief11
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Text Comments (1223)
Neville Davey (19 days ago)
this is so cool to watch but not good inof
Danjmurphy (3 months ago)
Skull and Bones just looks like a copy paste of Assassins Creed Black Flag. Typical Ubisoft.
Afnan The Baba Of Gamers (4 months ago)
Skull and bones look cool
MrMethadrine (4 months ago)
3:42 thats the gayest running ever
MrMethadrine (4 months ago)
15:14 wtf lol
The PannuKakku (4 months ago)
Fortnine should have never exist...
Alan Blanco Music&Gaming (5 months ago)
This kind of games presume to be open world and later you have only one path.....
M J (5 months ago)
Skull and bones is just slightly upgraded ac4 navel combat but without the fun bording and walking around
daersoulkeeper (5 months ago)
all garbage. hopefully by 2020 we have some decent games. 2030 anyways.
Tyler Gatzemeyer (6 months ago)
The first game looks like assassins creed black flag
Destercire Ultimatefan (6 months ago)
skull and bones looks like an AC4 rip off >:(...... and you realized later it's made by Ubisoft XD
N1GHTC0R3 1NF3RN0 (6 months ago)
State of Decay Looks fun
Ivan Harp (6 months ago)
i got to play sea of thiefs beta its awsome
Maulo (6 months ago)
at last far cry 5 on console with 30 fps xD
shandon reitzell (7 months ago)
Days gone looks insane
MR.Tube (7 months ago)
Skull and bones is obviosly a copy of assassin's creed 4
The Triple Horned Viking (7 months ago)
The Triple Horned Viking (7 months ago)
Excited for anthem and red deed redemption 2!
Shaq Mac (7 months ago)
Survive the Night, probably the game which is most anticipated on this list, however, I have this feeling that the game is trying to achieve too much, and would be full of bugs and glitches, though I might be wrong. Also everything in it makes me feel like parts of the game would be unbalanced. If this game achieves what it aims to it could be the greatest survival games of all time. But I mostly doubt it, though again, I could be wrong.
Aye Co Breeze (7 months ago)
9:25 looked so bad... hopefully that gets fixed.
Beatriz Aguilar (7 months ago)
Survive the nights looks like a better version of 7 days to die.
Dagobert Duck (7 months ago)
27:30 nice beat, love the setting too. Asian Cyberpunk
JJDBaca (7 months ago)
I wouldn't have thumb downed if the poster had made some effort to narrate, rather than just compiling a group of pre-made trailers.
CommieFinest (7 months ago)
Please come throw me a sub so I can get over this ridiculous 1K number that YouTube now requires me to have. Please help me grow. Thank You!
Shadowwalker 303 (7 months ago)
Lol #3 Fortnite... it’s fucking huge now but not for the paid campaign
Pseudonymous (7 months ago)
I was initially interested in Days Gone but after watching this it looks like itll be shit.
Runty to the Bog (7 months ago)
JoloIsHere (7 months ago)
Skull and bones looks like assassin's creed blackflag
Zogatn (7 months ago)
nothing special
Kavan Newman (7 months ago)
My favorite was anthem
Zombie Gamer (8 months ago)
What do you do with a drunken sailor early in the morning?
Luke Agius (8 months ago)
Fort nite is already out
Bvby900 (8 months ago)
Scum is going to be the best game 2018
Riccardo Gobatello (8 months ago)
Skull & Bones = AC IV: Black Flag
Sppartaan (8 months ago)
didnt know fortnite was an open world game
Bob Anderson (8 months ago)
Same old rinse and repeat games over and over again Monsters and Zombies, Monsters and Zombies. YAWN!!
Ig KJI (8 months ago)
хочеться новейшую фэнтези по типу скайрима, готики, два мира, такое чувство что схожих игр больше не будет, одно корейское ммо говнецо
Vyking (8 months ago)
Aaaaaand I’m broke
Pedestrian (8 months ago)
WOW somebody finally took the idea of pirate sailing in AC black flag and turned it into a separate game, God i knew im a genius
I like fps better
Connor Kenway (8 months ago)
the first game looks like a rip off from assassin's creed black flag.
Sarah Cline (8 months ago)
I would play the new Spider-Man game but sick and tired of games I win in 6 hours, anyone have any clue how long it might be?
Mark Deez Nutz (8 months ago)
No Dynasty Warriors 9? You guys are nuts.
Davi Castro (8 months ago)
Man, Far Cry 5 look gorgeous!
Deadwish (8 months ago)
fornite is not a massive owg
Steve Evans (8 months ago)
why r we still seeing zombies, can we just get over it already.....
TheDarkTides (8 months ago)
Spiderman is gonna suck... why ps exclusive?
redwolf (8 months ago)
0:27 isn’t that adawele from ac??
bongoboyj (8 months ago)
Love how everyone one is like "zomg Anthem" when they all hated ME:A I enjoyed ME:A
Joshdabomb 777 (8 months ago)
wtf is the point of shadow of colossus?
Just Your Everyday Pig (8 months ago)
Am I the only one who thinks Anthem looks like an Avatar video game. Can't wait to play it
dunk dunk (8 months ago)
since when fort night is a massive open world????
THE ELITE (8 months ago)
Where the fuck is Red Dead Redemption 2 at?
Rugged The Trader (8 months ago)
Im honestly really hoping.... really hoping that Anthem is a good game... Cause it looks sick in the gameplay trailer.
Matthew Clark (8 months ago)
Skull and bones is going to be just as neglected as for honor . ubisoft is lazy
turin turambar (8 months ago)
43:40 "The reaping" sounds like it describes what moderate to radical islam does.
Elias De Leone (8 months ago)
Why does shadow of colossus look the exact same when it was on PS2?
Juarez Boxing (8 months ago)
Most of these games look really bad, in movement and graphics
Braeden Tiemann (8 months ago)
soo skull and bones is assassins creed black flag 2
Natedowg 611 (8 months ago)
The first one is pretty much a remastered version of AC black flag
Eh, Do I need this? (9 months ago)
Excited for beyond good and evil 2
Sadboy Mc (9 months ago)
Unturned shadow night hahaha
Grosvenor Lester (9 months ago)
Me: I have so much money I should but something useful Game: that a lot of money who have there it would just be a massive shame if someone used it
Alfonso Lopez (9 months ago)
Do not put remakes, put new games
ac0rpbg (9 months ago)
This is sad nothing worthy in all of the games shown here. It is soo sad to see some studios still trying to milk the survival market.
Some Unknown Danish Guy (9 months ago)
The First game kinda looks like assassins creed black flag xD only one?
Aakash Manjrekar (9 months ago)
2 words : AC black flag.
Mayo sj (9 months ago)
what this game call
Mitchell Burkholder (9 months ago)
First one black flag just with a different story lmao
Sanidhya Kumar (9 months ago)
Sneaky.amxx (9 months ago)
uh.. just started the video, skull and bones is not open world you shitcunt
Michael Carr (9 months ago)
Days Gone looks cool/fun but when it was 1st announced they boasted bout very limited ammo/supplies but the zombies/walkers look like bullet sponges & technical aspect it looks to run smooth but if ammo is scarce, guess ppl wil be runnin/hiding, haven't followed the game for awhile so sliding under train, jumping thru windows & climbing may be a major mechanics of the game, LOOKIN 4WARD TO FARCRY 5!!!
RainXsun (9 months ago)
First game is identical to ac4
ferim aderg (9 months ago)
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Ladislav Bereščík (9 months ago)
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Mr Qadaffi (9 months ago)
fortnite looks like a fucking homosexual ass game
Ren Hanfuri (9 months ago)
The boat one literally had sounds from AC Black flag
Garrett Daniel (9 months ago)
What was thumbnail?
Waz Boxa (9 months ago)
Survive the nights looks awesome. Anyway if you lot like playing games check this out https://tinyurl.com/yd3d4oex
Funniest Vibes TV (9 months ago)
https://youtu.be/F_hbWvNVMDw 🤗🍒 more epic games gameplay 2018
Damian K (9 months ago)
Sea of thieves looks kinda fun so is the black flag looking ass game
assepoesje noordijk (10 months ago)
games are now so beautiful it makes me hungry for games no matter how much it costs.
Jarrett Davis (10 months ago)
Become a Video Game Tester - https://tinyurl.com/y7uf8q2f
Halloe 618 (10 months ago)
So is skull and bones just like black flag but you can leave the ship and be awesome?
Jermworm (10 months ago)
The first one is exactly like assassins creed black flag
robert henderson (10 months ago)
I feel like all of these cinematic trailers I. This video are not what the game is going to look like when it finally comes out, just like rainbow six siege and some others I can’t think of off the top of my head
Wayne Cameron (10 months ago)
Just show the ones that are all swords AND sorcerers AND dungeons AND dragons AND magical powers AND British accents.
Sofia Silva (10 months ago)
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Bojomonkiking 22 (10 months ago)
I’m actually hyped for skull and bones
Intus Facultas (10 months ago)
That Spider Man game STILL looks a hundred times worse than the old Spider Man 2 on the Game cube. WTF guys, how can you still not top games I was playing 15+ years ago?
Anxiety Ebriety (10 months ago)
spiderman looks so good
The ShadyBlackbird (10 months ago)
assassins creed black flag with most of the audio lol
Stefanut (10 months ago)
Survive the nights has that season thing, it's wonderful !
Jgroth (10 months ago)
Am I the only one bothered by the fact that Skull and Bones seems to be nothing but a rip off of Black Flag?
leftard sjw (10 months ago)
far cry 5 looks stale af..... i really liked the far cry games too... its a shame
JJ G (10 months ago)
All these games being designed better and better with time, what makes you think you're not in a simulation yourself?
Eddie Turbine (10 months ago)
just skipped through this vid watched a few seconds of each and i have to say, farcry 5, ridiculous fall height with no damage, wall hack enabling you to see enemies without line of sight just who do they make these games for? idiots?

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