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Jodie's Bizarre Adventure [Super Best Friends Play]

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I shouldn't have put this much effort into something related to such a bad game. e: forgot to put this in the video. Thanks to Kit Nathaniels at SDB for ripping those sprites. Probably must've been a pain in the ass to do
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Blasian Domo (3 months ago)
4 years later, it’s still one of the greatest fan animations I’ve seen
Just Monika (3 months ago)
I love how they can make Jojo's bizarre adventure so funny even though I've never seen it.
Armando Eleslam (4 months ago)
this was pretty cringy in retrospective
Benett Malcolm (5 months ago)
Why is there not a JJBA game that is completely unrelated to the Joestar Bloodline? I want stand users duking it out in Detroit or London or some shit, I want a game where you play as a completely new stand user. Obviously it can't be customizable because stands are so esoteric that you need a set power for the game to make sense, but still, it's be fuckin cool as shit.
you're not funny (6 months ago)
Kelly C. (6 months ago)
For a second, I thought Forever was supposed to be Kenny.
agsiar (8 months ago)
metalmugen (9 months ago)
FACKing BULLsheet
Harvy666 (9 months ago)
And now to relive it again with Paige
Jack McCann (9 months ago)
I need a link to the original video this animation was made from
DemonicRemption (11 months ago)
I live in a world where this exist... Why do I live in a world where this exist?
KidoKat / きどかっと (11 months ago)
Jodie Joestar
Diego Medina (11 months ago)
Ahhh the birth of [The Wool] Stando
Gorse Aurn (1 year ago)
If all it was was fighting fucking stand users, beyond could've actually been rad
ES21007 (1 year ago)
And yet, Beyond Two Souls would have been SIGNIFICANTLY better if it was actually about fighting fellow otherworld wielders like you.
Bryan Merrill (1 year ago)
Looks like someone achieved Heaven.
The 8th Wonderer (1 year ago)
That Road Roller part was amazing
Oh god, I don't know how many times I've watched this, but I just noticed William Dafoe is wearing Kira's suit, with Green Goblin skulls
Dakuu75 (1 year ago)
00:55 "WOOLIE BE THE INSTRUMENT OF MY REVENGE!" man there's just something about that line, i really love, lol.
"See here's what happened: there actually was no robbery as that wallet was a gift, constable." - Jodie Joestar "JoJo" Holmes
Valenorn (1 year ago)
Could I get a link to the actual video please?
Garrett Carter (1 year ago)
The french love Jojo. This makes perfect sense.
Bat (1 year ago)
I've probably asked this 3 years ago, but whats the music at 0:57?
Flipperdee Fluflopps (1 year ago)
7/10 would be 10/10 with more "WRRRRYYYY"
Sleepy Grouch (1 year ago)
What's the music at the part when wollie becomes Jodie's insturement of death
Bryan Cubero (1 year ago)
Stand User: Jodie Joestar Stand Name: Aiden Stand Power: Ethereal Manipulation (Ghost Powers)
Sir. Mannington (1 year ago)
jibbykun (1 year ago)
Azzabackam (1 year ago)
I *absolutely* love it when Pat and Woolie simultaneously nut SUPER HARD over cool stuff.
Magnus Josephsson (1 year ago)
God I am thankful for Jojo and the Zaibatsu and for this animation
Courtney Vasco (1 year ago)
what game is this
L. Modesto (1 year ago)
Courtney Vasco beyond two souls
freddytheshadowninja (1 year ago)
This could've only been better if Heaven's Door came out from behind Jodie in that first clip.
AllyOJustice (1 year ago)
Jeremias Astorga (1 year ago)
STAND NAME: Aiden STAND MASTER: Jodie Joestar.
Colt Webb (1 year ago)
I love the hamburger phone super spark
BLACKIESBOY (1 year ago)
ゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴ MONSTARS
Codrian Drasil (1 year ago)
You forgot WRRRRYYYYYYYY. I am disappoint.
Wat the fuck XD This is increadible in so many right and wrong ways its rediculous XD NICE!
SotheX (1 year ago)
Awesome animation. I also liked that 8-bit version of roundabout you used. Fun sidenote: I just got done finishing the episode you used at the end for Pat's chomp-chomp rage.
Kelly C. (1 year ago)
I watched a bit of Jojo and I now get the jokes in this. Well done.
Matthew Mitchell (1 year ago)
I just realised, Jodie is a jo name. Jodie joestar. Jojo. hmm
Wolfangel23 (1 year ago)
British Matt: Stand Name: Gotta go Fast/Casting A Dream
Briar Williams (1 year ago)
what game is this
Chaotic Note (1 year ago)
Well... now I have a reason to watch that series now.
Briar Williams (1 year ago)
i know jojo but ive never actually seen it
Briar Williams (1 year ago)
thanks bro
L. Modesto (1 year ago)
Beyond: Two Souls
The Reaper Of Crows (1 year ago)
I wish Beyond Two Souls was just some story about a girl with a stand. It would've been way fucking better! (That and better controls, story and characters...)
Goosegoose (1 year ago)
I've never heard of these youtubers before but based on this I'm going to give them a try
trevormcdermal (1 year ago)
Chaoz (1 year ago)
Not gonna lie, this is one of the things that help'd me get into JoJo
Korick Armstrong (1 year ago)
Oh my god! I understand SO MUCH MORE NOW!
Wolfangel23 (1 year ago)
Stand Name: G.Goblin
Seth Harper (1 year ago)
its funny that the iron shiek would use hamon against vampire undertaker
Irish Cream (1 year ago)
cherries are my favorite
Snake Plissken (2 years ago)
Don't think I don't know that the ending is an 8bit remix of roundabout
Danger Beans (2 years ago)
"Stop trying o make this cool!" XD
Nate C (2 years ago)
this video was the first time I was exposed to jojo and years later I still love it.
Ismael (2 years ago)
The Penniless Gamer (2 years ago)
"other stand users wanna hurt her" me: IS THAT THE FUCKIN MONKEY WITH THE BOAT
God of Vore (2 years ago)
no one gana tell me what game?
Arvack (2 years ago)
In What video said it
wantnotwant (2 years ago)
8-bit Yes! - Roundabout is still sick as fuck
PlatinumSamurai (2 years ago)
All these jokes now make sense after I watch JoJo bazaar adventure
Cy Johnson (2 years ago)
id be on board for a jojo game where youre a custom jojo with your own stand, who's up for that customizable stands and a make your own jojo type game? like DBZ xenoverse
Letter Robo (1 year ago)
The 7th Stand User is basically that. You take a personality test given by Abdul that determines which one of 18 unique different stands you receive, which even have uses outside of battle that can determine stuff like what sidequests you can complete. It's a fan made JRPG. Though in the game you're in Part 3 as an extra Stardust Crusader. The story gets more complicated than just being a retread of Part 3, though, as it goes on.
『B E T I M』 (1 year ago)
Maria We have 7th Stand User, also good
Cy Johnson (1 year ago)
Kalnafein (1 year ago)
Cy Johnson (2 years ago)
but better
Noire Blackheart (2 years ago)
You thought this was a funny comment but, It was I dio!
Mac Russell (2 years ago)
1:14 She should have thrown hamburger phones.
The Skipper (2 years ago)
so according to TBFP JJBA Eyes of heaven theres The Woold and Star Patinum, so what is Woolie/Star Platinum called?
dracocrusher (1 year ago)
It's Patjo and Woolie's World, lol
Squid Parts (2 years ago)
Man, I had no idea what jojo was when I first watched this
Elementdash (2 years ago)
8 Tea (2 years ago)
Paulo ViníciusXx (2 years ago)
kono dio da
Annabelle Petit (1 year ago)
Weavile Meinfep (2 years ago)
Can you tell us what are the songs you used?
MEME INTENSIFIES (2 years ago)
wait eyes of heAven is bad?
Taylor Fiocca (2 years ago)
thats a opinion I think
U.N. Owen (2 years ago)
0:29 0:40 Why are the ゴs backwards?
Slim Jhm (2 years ago)
0:18 missed opportunity for using joseph
Lord Blue Balls (2 years ago)
It started airing in 2014 and ended in 2015
John Smith (2 years ago)
I dont remember when SC first aired but I dont think it was 2013 although I may be wrong
Bathman (2 years ago)
why is willem dafoe in a video game
4rcanum: Requiem (2 years ago)
"Can you... draw him for me?" HEABINSU DOA!
BBawesome 1 (2 years ago)
Someone PLEASE give me the link to the video
MegaloVox (2 years ago)
How can one video be so fucking powerful? THIS MUST BE THE WORK OF AN ENEMY STAND
dayneplaylogic (1 year ago)
That could be any number of things!
Kalnafein (1 year ago)
My stand turns alcohol into regrets.
Necromorph_801 (1 year ago)
Truly we are all JoJo's.
Irk (2 years ago)
Maybe the video-stand works like Strenght
Anthony Gutierrez (2 years ago)
So if we can all see it does that mean we all have terrible Stands?
PlayDoh Face (2 years ago)
fuckin THE WORLD! rip ears
ThePerrperr (2 years ago)
who was woolie in the final card there? joseph?
ThePerrperr (2 years ago)
+L. Modesto thanks
L. Modesto (2 years ago)
FoxOwne (2 years ago)
Really should have included the bit where Pat says "Now nobody will be able to defeat THE WORLD!"
Mr. Creazil (2 years ago)
There's a sequel in the works, right? Imagine if they just made it be a Jojo game in all but name.
Holly Cloutier (2 years ago)
I still don't understand a single part of this. But I love it
lewis clark (2 years ago)
Your "Go"s are backwards btw.
lewis clark (2 years ago)
popo237 (2 years ago)
+lewis clark They are not Gos, they are Ogs.
lewis clark (2 years ago)
+lewis clark (ゴ) These
NightClubSamurai (2 years ago)
I come back to watch this every couple months
AtticWarrior1994 (2 years ago)
I got super mega PUMPED at Undertaker with the mask.
Auditor248 (2 years ago)
I hope we would look at the paper, and it was dickbutt.
Megaman Leo (2 years ago)
0:44 my reaction for Dark Souls 2...and 3.....and the first one
Apollo (2 years ago)
wtf this shit
Scarlet Mask Marx (2 years ago)
The idea of a Dreamcast Stand is fucking awesome
Christian Hansen (2 years ago)
You're doing the Lord's work. Carry on.
Christian Hansen (2 years ago)
You're doing the Lord's work. Carry on.
Dio Brando (2 years ago)
joshi (1 year ago)
Taylor Fiocca (2 years ago)
//공백 (2 years ago)
이게 뭐시여
Grim Reminder (2 years ago)
"Be the instrument of my fuckin' revenge!" Oh, how I love that line xD
Mordor's Morlord (2 years ago)
-Be the instrument of my fucking revenge!-FUCKING ZA WARUDO!
dracocrusher (1 year ago)
+Aiden Estanislao Beyond Two Souls, the third installment in the "David Cage Sadness Trilogy" that comes after Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy. But, just to be 100% clear, it doesn't have anything to do with the other games other than just being made by David Cage, but that's really all you need to know about this, lol!
Mordor's Morlord What game were they playing?
dracocrusher (1 year ago)
I would totally watch the fuck out of an anime of JUST THIS, lol! Too bad the game's such a piece of shit that doesn't understand what kind of potential it actually had.
God of Vore (2 years ago)
what vid is this?!
Poodleinacan (2 years ago)
I never realised that about that game. ... I'll keep that in mind, the next time I play.
Neanderthal (2 years ago)
Is that a hick or a dude?
Eli Rick (2 years ago)
What songs are playing in the video?
David R (2 years ago)
Man, if Beyond Two Souls was more like this... If only...

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