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The Big E3 2018 Preview - Game Scoop! 487

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This week we're making E3 predictions about Xbox, Kingdom Hearts, Fallout, and more. Subscribe to Game Scoop! https://www.youtube.com/c/gamescoop ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (235)
Paul JC (2 days ago)
The new Game Scoop should focus on answering all the questions in this one. It would be pretty interesting to hear the Scoops thoughts to their questions
CasualLad1690 (12 days ago)
Check your history Sam Alexandria is in Assassins creed origins. You know the city named after Alexander the great the most famous ancient Greek. Another clue was the Romans being in Origins who conquered Europe and Eurasia after the Greeks taking much of it from them.
Hangout With Dylan (13 days ago)
Elder Scrolls is not happening for a couple of years let them do something new
Andrew Quinn (13 days ago)
Ghosts of Tsushima arriving in November of this year would be awesome, but not likely :(
Justin Quarles (14 days ago)
i’m actually in love with casey it hurts ouch
Just Grow (14 days ago)
If anything Cyberpunk 2077 would be in the AMD PC gaming show but I guess big triple A game needs a big stage...
donoroko (14 days ago)
That girl is a real gamer. Playing since very little, anecdotes about videogames related stuff like buying an ocarina from an ad, knows her taste in videogames really well, doesn't brag and doesn't pretend to know everything, she just really enjoys gaming and period. End of discussion. I salute you
Shin's Hangout (14 days ago)
Best Scoop squad.
ZWICK 6 (14 days ago)
There’s a kitty in Daemon’s pocket
Edge's Dragon (15 days ago)
I know I'm being technical and pedantic but the 25th E3 in 2019 will mark its 24th anniversary, not its 25th. It will be 24 years old, not 25. It irritated the crap out of me when E3 in 2004 was advertised and presented as its 10th anniversary. The 10th E3 in 2004 was its 9th anniversary. The 11th E3 in 2005 was its true 10th anniversary. Someone in marketing back then jumped the gun on celebrating anniversaries. If the 2nd E3 in 1996 was the 1st anniversary of the 1st E3 in 1995 and you work it forward, you find that the 26th E3 in 2020 will be the 25th anniversary. I hope whoever's in charge of this gets it right this time.
fancy pants (15 days ago)
I feel like 85% of games that come out each year are middle of the road or crap games. lets say 400 console games come out each year. I say 300 are India and arcade games. 50 are almost triple A 50 are AAA. out of that 400 I say only 50 are worth looking at and 10 to 15 are worth buying day one.
Bully Hunter1000 (1 day ago)
fancy pants nothing is worth buying day one. I always wait for reviews
Dark Aspect (15 days ago)
Guys, obviously Odyssey is set before Origins, Ancient Greece (or the canon that's associated with Ancient Greece) was over by the time the Romans ruled Egypt. Ancient Egypt's peak > Ancient Greece > Ancient Rome, yes Origins is set in Egypt but it"s set during the time of Ancient Rome (which is one of the reasons Origins was so boring)
Nonchalant1996 (15 days ago)
Tbh I’m happy Bethesda is taking their sweet time w ES6. Gaming is a luxury, not a necessity and we need to stop acting like entitled children demanding that they release ES6 NOW. The longer they take, the more advanced technology they’d have at their disposal, and the better off ES6 would be because of it
Bully Hunter1000 (1 day ago)
Nonchalant1996 all depends on whether they make a new engine, if they benefits from "new technology" for es6. Using that old ass engine they've been relying on is just being shite.
Mike B (15 days ago)
Jimmy Fallen folks, not Jimmy Kimmel.
Johnny Athey (15 days ago)
Big shoutout to Casey for bringing up Project M!!
Nicholas Barreto (15 days ago)
I think it fair to say that Microsofts conference is probably the wild card here and the one that can potentially be the biggest surprise since nobody knows what they will be showing. Can't wait to see what they reveal. I feel this could be the turning point where Xbox redeems themselves and shows how dedicated they are to pleasing their fan base and true gamers everywhere
Aiden Alias (15 days ago)
Shadows die twice was at the video game awards not psx I'm pretty sure.
Aiden Alias (15 days ago)
Also shout out to the Samba De Amigo transition
ToastyOs (15 days ago)
I feel like they're all getting a bit nutty in anticipation for e3 times.
MultiPlexity (15 days ago)
so funny thing about AC : odyssey is that in Origins when you get your hidden blade, your wife tells you that the blade was said to have been used to kill the persian king xerxes. some foreboding right there.
Gregory Thye (15 days ago)
Really wish people would pronounce "ocarina" properly
Devon Archer (15 days ago)
Forgot Octopath Traveller for SE as well....well they got around to it eventually. And Sam: The Greek civilization was around hundreds of years before the Ptolemi Egypt shown in Origins. Origins exists when Greece had already fallen to Rome. Severely disappointed you don't know basic Western history.
Blake Mason (15 days ago)
Bring on the Hot Alien Sex!
brightgamer (15 days ago)
I think a MOBA Avengers/Marvel game would be awesome. They have so many heroes to pull from to make an awesome MOBA roster
Pasquale DeGregorio (15 days ago)
BF2 just isn’t fun. Yeah, the loot box stuff and unfinished campaign was stupid, but it just is not fun in any way really
C.C Fellton (15 days ago)
This is the grandfather podcast of IGN. I just love their subtle hype....it's so calm and collected. Lol.
Marcus Augustinus (15 days ago)
What the heck? Batman absolutely takes place in America. Gotham/Metropolis is an exaggerated version of New Jersey / New York and the comics even reference real world locations in America. If you are saying that it is not in America because it has fictional characters and uses a different name for the main city and therefore is in an alternate reality of America, i.e. not REAL America, you could say that about every story that takes place in america with fictional elements (Die Hard, Fight Club, etc. - i.e. they didn't really happen in real America). That's like saying westerns do not take place in America unless they are factually true. Or is it because New York City is not called that and also that Gotham is not a "real" place and therefore not actually in America? If so then what about Westerns like High Noon, which takes place in the fictional New Mexico town of Hadleyville. If I was playing 20Q and asked if this unknown movie (speaking of High Noon) takes place in America and you said no, I think that's pretty crappy. LOL. Regardless, love the show guys!!!
Damon crawley (15 days ago)
Thank you Mr. Hatfield for that comment about what makes anthem a bioware game. I had forgotten why I was interested in that game in the first place. You brought my excitement back!
John weber (15 days ago)
I tried battlefront 2. Its rough being new, because not only is everyone already better than you. Their cards and weapons are FAR better than yours. Ends up being an escalation because good players with good guns and cards get vehicles and heroes first and noobs just get farmed.
Lalobuki (15 days ago)
Maybe the reason why they each company lets the others have their time is because they want to know what the competition is doing.
Jeremiah Roark (15 days ago)
How could they forget we MIGHT see a new fable game?!
Jun Daherp (15 days ago)
casey such a good addition to the Scoop.
Devon Grant (15 days ago)
I was thinking how crazy and cool it would be if they ended the Super Smash reveal trailer at e3 with a Ka-me-ha-me-ha from Goku blue. I know people say it won't happen but what if? :-)
James Crandall (15 days ago)
Don't worry Justin, we know that Gotham is in the United States. As someone previously mentioned in the comments, Superman is from Kansas, which is by Metropolis and Metropolis and Gotham exist in the same universe.
KujiKiri (15 days ago)
Crackdown 3 looks like shit. It'll be like Agents of Mayhem without the character swapping. That's what I see.
killerdude35 (15 days ago)
No matter how old Justin gets, he still looks like hes 12 years old to me LOL.
Daniel Gagnon (15 days ago)
Jimmy Fallon mot Kimmel
Daniel Gagnon (15 days ago)
Not not Mot
NintendoNXViewer (15 days ago)
the 2020 E3 is the 25th Anniversary, 1995 to 2020!
Rob Wright (15 days ago)
Bethesda has trademarked Starfield... so it's not accurate to say it isn't a term Bethesda has used.
jonas petersen (15 days ago)
Watching a video of "Mohawk and Headphone Jack" is really worth the time, the way the screen rotates around in that game is really unique, i havnt seen a snes game like it, it gets psychedelic at times when it goes fast. I can recommend TheSuperSNES run here on youtube.
OwlHonda (15 days ago)
Really want a new Punch-Out!!, along with the Fortnite Switch leak was supposedly Punch-Out: Become the Champion from Next Level games, really hope that's real. Also, what's the music in the short break before video game 20 questions? Sounds so familiar
OwlHonda (15 days ago)
Finally remembered it was Samba de Amigo. Great game!
Vooyasheck (15 days ago)
My favourite ECO MAG OPS lineup! By the way, the beginning of this conversation sparked an idea - if you can follow this in the comfort of your phone - COMFONE :-D
HR Shovin-Stuff (15 days ago)
Someone mark the time when Justin said Microsoft are gonna punt coz they have nothing. When Microsoft show gears, halo, forza and fable we can be like "Arrrrgh in your face!". If he's right we just whistle innocently and back out of the room
nhöö (15 days ago)
I'm as equally exited to see the new weekly Game Scoop Podcast as I am for the yearly e3 madness!
McSweetalot (15 days ago)
Is it just my speakers or was Justin's mic sending out a high pitch tone? I only heard it when Justin was talking.
TJ Fiso (14 days ago)
Not just you. I've noticed that noise on other episodes. Don't know if it's always Justin's mic though.
Sammy (15 days ago)
School scoop
Never Serious (15 days ago)
When you're listening to another channel on your headphones while you work and then it ends and autoplays into an IGN vid and your eardrums get fucking blasted because they have the loudest audio on Youtube......... so much fun, thanks guys, hearing is overrated anyway.
Kobe Robinov (15 days ago)
such a good cast...all of you <3
Nirav Makadia (15 days ago)
none of you guys dont know about starfield? WTF lol
Nirav Makadia (15 days ago)
thnx for pointing out
The Fuzz (15 days ago)
Double negative sentence
Darkseid (16 days ago)
New dragon age game announcement from EA would be nice
André Santos (16 days ago)
bethesda will make dooms day device! a sonic batle royal! Gotta go fast
Larry Larrys (16 days ago)
Lol come on Justin. Don’t be trendy and say “take the L”.
fabienzaca (10 days ago)
Larry Larrys when does he say that I wanna know. Justin can be pretty funny sometimes
André Santos (16 days ago)
hi co op mages!
24 Frames (16 days ago)
0:00 E3 Discussion - EA 6:00 Microsoft 9:35 Bethesda 15:42 Square Enix 20:55 Ubisoft 25:00 Sony 28:24 Nintendo 36:10 Odds and ends 42:45 A listener sent in his old Nintendo Powers. 52:32 What's the deal with the art style change from Megaman 8 to Megaman 9? - Matt from Baltimore 54:11 Video Game 20 questions - Also from Matt from Baltimore.
Deadmansc1ick (15 days ago)
24 Frames thank you. So helpful. I think scoop should put up there itinerary themselves instead of hoping for nice people like yourself to do it.
Paladin Jaius (16 days ago)
'Shadows die twice.' Was teased at the Game Awards, not PSX 2017.
Matt Fish (16 days ago)
BTW you should stop asking about decades during 20 questions--it really screws you up when trying to figure out the system or generation. 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
DrJ ! (16 days ago)
Failed twice, dragon hopper is scale bound.
ReapsVsTheWorld1 (16 days ago)
Casey said boyfriend and my heart exploded :( lol. Awesome show, omega cops!
Howard Malone (16 days ago)
hope sony can fix sound for their whole show this year
Adac Moncada (16 days ago)
Game scoop makes me happy
Ariana Mediana (16 days ago)
The Shadow Dies Twice teaser was from the Game Awards! Good episode 😜
Joey F (16 days ago)
At 37:07 someone either farts or their stomach makes a noise or some shit. I've watched it like 5 times and for some reason it makes me laugh because of everyone's awkward response and the camera cut to Casey. IDK it's prob nothing but...
Scallywag Express (16 days ago)
My 3 favorite scame goop guests!!
Red Beard Reality (16 days ago)
Darkness was badass
Mario Q (16 days ago)
In Batman Arkham Knight there is a mention of a murder victim found in Albuquerque, NM so that implies Gothom is a US city.
squiddly007 (16 days ago)
I thought Square Enix said that FF7 remake was out on PS4 "first" so that could mean X1/PC and Switch later no?
squiddly007 (15 days ago)
Benjamin Wothe (15 days ago)
You would, unless it just kind of came up randomly and not a planned talking point.
squiddly007 (15 days ago)
You would think they would research the thing they need to talk about. They are getting paid for it.
Benjamin Wothe (15 days ago)
Because the announcement was 3 years ago and they have forgotten? The cover a lot of game news and can't really be expected to remember it all. But, who knows?
squiddly007 (15 days ago)
I thought so. So why do IGN and other sites say PS4 exclusive.
flooderdooden (16 days ago)
When is Devolver Digital's conference? Last year's showing from them was something to see.
Mark Hernandez (16 days ago)
Damon’s faces during 20 questions are classic.
DrJ ! (16 days ago)
Bethesda needs the time splitters license!
Nathan (16 days ago)
Why would talking about a next gen Xbox be good for anyone? The X hasn’t even been out for a year yet
Fabian Lorenzo (14 days ago)
Nathan I agree. I didn't get how that'd b good.
Zain Darvesh (16 days ago)
The from software game is tenchu
Richard Hannay (16 days ago)
Wait, Justin only jumped to Nintendo with the N64, yet his favourite game of all time is Super Metroid?... He bought a SNES during the N64 years?...
IonSquared (16 days ago)
Richard Hannay IIRC, he actually played it a while later still. Like he might have first played it on the Wii Virtual Console.
Melinda Montgomery (16 days ago)
Another awesome show! Thanks so much!
Aaron Quinn (16 days ago)
OMG!! Can I get some of those issues? My storage unit got broken into years ago and they stole certain issues so my collection is not complete. I am missing like 20 miscellaneous ones.
Mr_Bisiro (16 days ago)
I have a rotary analog telephone. What are my options? 😎
Al Aboot (16 days ago)
Solstheim & Soul Cairn .....also WE WILL SEE A NEW GAME OF THRONES IP !!! ❤💖❤💖❤💖🦄
Icepick614 (16 days ago)
I was thinking doom 3 the whole time
ratchet2505 (16 days ago)
Game info: kingdom hearts 3 comes out on both ps4 and xbox one
Richard Hannay (16 days ago)
Sam looked smexy with the 3D Glasses...
brad corbet (16 days ago)
Skeletor Five (16 days ago)
I'm excited for cd project red, and Bethesda. As ash from army of darkness would say EA can go "blow"
Luke Steichen (16 days ago)
Did they completely forget about bayonetta 3? And also they'll probably talk more about that new Ubisoft avatar game.. remember that? And Bethesda I hope reveals Id is also making Doom 2
Skeletor Five (16 days ago)
Excited for anthem? Really? People leaving, and getting fired, sounds like scenario for andromeda and its EA. I'll wait for reviews. And battlefront 2 good with good campaign? I normally agree with you guys but not on these 2 topics.
Andrew Shevchuk (16 days ago)
Daemon, as a gamer that started in the 16-bit era, I love that you take us on these nostalgia trips with old magazines!
Zain Darvesh (16 days ago)
I thing Xbox is going to surprise everyone because they HAVE to knock it out of the park.
usedfuzzbox (16 days ago)
OMG I actually got this weeks game!!!!! Squeeeeee
uziel1979 (16 days ago)
Just a heads up Daemon, but mark and execute in Splinter Cell was introduced in the previous game Conviction and evolved into Killing in Motion with Blacklist. I like many missed Michael Ironside, but I still enjoyed this game greatly and hope it resurfaces this E3
Matt Fish (16 days ago)
Wonderful wonderful show. Must watch, every week! Thanks to all.
John Bussiere (16 days ago)
Gotham IS in America. Superman was from Kansas (originally Iowa) and they exist in the same universe and presumably are close by. They don't mention any kind of visa issues for non-supers as well.
C-Core (16 days ago)
John Bussiere yeah, DC’s version of America consists of all the states/cities plus a dozen of imaginary like Metropolis, Gotham, Fawcett, Central City, Opal City, etc. They don’t replace the existing ones, so it’s definitely America
Cody Stokes (16 days ago)
Daemon should grow a mutton-stache and wear a leather jacket. Sam should be dressed as an astronaut-cowboy. Casey should be dressed as a magician w/top hat, cape, and wand. And Justin should be inside a sensory deprivation tank. Make it happen Scoop Bois!
Josh Rogers (16 days ago)
As much as I would LOVE to see a Skyrim 2 I doubt will ever get it. Could you imagine Skyrim 2 ever living up to the Skyrim? Agian, would love to see it but Mass Effect Andromeda kinda, though not a terrible game just a bad ME game, spoiled my positive thoughts on big name sequels.
LemoByte (13 days ago)
Josh Rogers do me elder scrolls 6 or another elder scrolls set in Skyrim.
Wabbi (16 days ago)
Yay! K C The Fritos!
Jamie Mckie (16 days ago)
The best team.....scoop
Glock Lock (16 days ago)
Sam I can't believe u said Max Payne 3 was a big single player game!!!! IT HAD ONE OF THE BEST ONLINE MODES EVER!!! 🤣😂🤣 Great video guy's 😉👍
Stephen Ellement (16 days ago)
Yes, finally got a 20 questions right before them.
James Draper (16 days ago)
The "rumours" about Bethesda Game Studios splitting into two teams comes from a recent interview with Todd Howard, but he actually kinda said the opposite of that. He said after since Morrowind their policy has been to never split the team apart because they did it prior to Morrowind and it was very bad for morale. He explained that they currently have one AAA game which is close to being finished (ie: Fallout 76) and another in preproduction which would enter full production when 76 was finished. So based on that, mobile games aside, it sounds like their current plans for the next few years are: - Release Fallout 76 (presumably this year) - Finish the other AAA game and release that (maybe in 3 years from now) - Then make The Elder Scrolls VI. I assume that's at least 6 years away. They didn't announce their last 2 games until less than 12 months away from release (5 months in the case of Fallout 4) and that worked very well for them, so I can't see them saying anything about any future games this year aside from Fallout 76 and probably a mobile game. Finally, the thing about Starfield comes from a trademark listing by their parent company, which means it presumably wasn't a codename, but there's also nothing to link it directly to BGS. It could easily be from Id, MachineGames, Tango or Arcane. Starfield being related to Prey would make a lot of sense. Maybe we'll find out about that this year.
Elliottallen (16 days ago)
No Dreams talk?
Bill Billiams (13 days ago)
Elliottallen it was all a dream
X82BIGBLUE82X (16 days ago)
Casey’s wrong, Crackdown 3 was at Xbox’s press conference last year.
Fabian Lorenzo (14 days ago)
I thot it was there also!
Zenayru (16 days ago)
My bad, I could have sworn I saw it promoted at their booth in 2016. I must have mixed my years up :/
Juggaloceasarthedunmer (16 days ago)
That's what I thought too
kcsupersonic1 (16 days ago)
I want my Fire Emblem Switch and I bet Peer agrees with me!!!
MMD (16 days ago)
Justin asked if it is first person, and then they immediately start wondering if it is Max Payne or Spec Ops: The Line... What?
Curia (16 days ago)
I like to think that CD Projekt and Bethesda have a gentleman's agreement not to split their fans by releasing the same year.

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