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GTA Online Buying Vehicle Warehouse & 1. Source Vehicle Mission Import/Export Update

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GTA Online Import Export Dlc Buying Vehicle Warehouse and first Source Vehicle Stealing Mission GTA 5 Online Import Export DLC
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Text Comments (43)
Kody Gray (14 days ago)
Can u make a 1mill in one day doing this?
LopMuSiC1 (13 days ago)
if you play the whole day yes.
Xxxtentacion fan (18 days ago)
Clorax Bleach (30 days ago)
How did you get so much money?
LopMuSiC1 (29 days ago)
by drinking bleach
austin boyer (1 month ago)
Do i have to have the dlc to buy a vehicle warehouse?
LopMuSiC1 (1 month ago)
no, but its only on ps4, xbox one and pc. its not on ps3 and x360.
Alton Doss (1 month ago)
What consul are you all please respond to my comment
LopMuSiC1 (1 month ago)
Alton Doss (1 month ago)
Thank u
bikemtn (3 months ago)
I got about the gray door over there
Joseph Stalin IV (5 months ago)
I like your profile picture, it's from saints row right? I forgot the name, it's apart of the "super ethical reality climax" shin dig.
LopMuSiC1 (5 months ago)
yes its from saints row, its professor genki :)
Blake Vines (6 months ago)
Thank u subscriber
RafaSabe 1703 (7 months ago)
Timadores de dinero los de rockstar
JLudlow (8 months ago)
good video, much better than people ranting on for 5 minutes.
JLudlow (8 months ago)
no problem!
LopMuSiC1 (8 months ago)
Cameron Karbinas (8 months ago)
Mr. Biggs5150 (8 months ago)
10 standard 10 mid range 12 top and every time you source it's top range!
david tesla (9 months ago)
This is the what I am looking for
Sal Lin (10 months ago)
Still have no idea how to get one
Sal Lin (9 months ago)
Chief Quief OH shit I thought you said "in your Xbox one" that's why I put caps lol
Sal Lin (9 months ago)
Chief Quief LOL I have ps4 but I figured it out
Ghanology (9 months ago)
Sal Lin are you Xbox one
Anfieldkopite8Gaming (10 months ago)
Nazih Moussawel (10 months ago)
Hey good ved. But you can do better 👍👍👍
Lame_riley (1 year ago)
I already have one but they are so overpriced
simo simo (1 year ago)
ľ bave 9999999999999999999 mony
Michael Krisnadi (7 months ago)
and it's also "have"
Bradley8u (11 months ago)
simo simo sure and its "money" kid...
suckadelic (1 year ago)
so you would get $40,000 for selling the vehicle? , well exporting or whatever ? or the actual price the vehicle is worth? 40,000 sure wouldnt be worth it after spending millions
Vice clan (10 months ago)
suckadelic it actually is compared to the other money method of grab you can habe a million in a day with not to much work
Alejandro Amaro (1 year ago)
suckadelic I have made 6 million in 3 weeks its worth if you have friends and time.
LopMuSiC1 (1 year ago)
+Xburner 07 no problem :)
Xburner 04 (1 year ago)
LopMuSiC1 thanks for the tutorial, it'll help out a lot
suckadelic (1 year ago)
LopMuSiC1 because its away from the city. i think thats better though so idk. its easy to get to and quiet
rex gallo (1 year ago)
MOP (1 year ago)
thank youu

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