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Nokia 2630 review (old ringtones, themes & wallpapers)

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Watch my other videos ;) Subscribe! More about the phone: http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_2630-1973.php
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Text Comments (39)
It's a nice looking phone
ElseWhere 47 (4 months ago)
Ha! You got my drowned phone in toilet review! Still remembered i used to drown this in the toilet becausr it was slippy lol. The other year i had no phone so i used my secondary phone (and had eventually became my primary phone since the drownage lol) Nokia 3120 Classic which i consider it was quite an upgrade from the 1000series and 2000series which i used to own lol.
Kristina K-ė (7 months ago)
This was my second phone, I miss it. I had it 5 years.
Vũ Trần (8 months ago)
why i look theme is S40v3 but boot animation of S40v2 , next is ringtone , S40 support aac fomat , why this phone using midi and mp3 ?
Homer Simpson (11 months ago)
O Nokia 2630 é bonito por causa do teclado 😉😉😉😉
The startup tone is originally used NOKIA 6021
Slavka Piskunov (1 year ago)
6:35 my like ringtone
+Slavka Piskunov hope you enjoyed it ;) regards
mtr A303304 (1 year ago)
my childhood
Podrias pasarme el "Festival.mid"
Aquí lo tienes compañero ;) http://gallery.mobile9.com/f/4234268/ Suscribete para más contenidos similares si te gustó, un gran saludo!!
SayNoToErrors! (1 year ago)
Where is the Yotaphone review?
Sorry my mate, that I'm busy with my studies, but don't worry, stay tuned, it will be uploaded ;)
Mateo (1 year ago)
jaja q recuerdos , ese fue mi primer celular
SayNoToErrors! (1 year ago)
4:31 Do you like Espionage?
PC Collector YT (6 months ago)
Yes I like it
Homer Simpson (11 months ago)
BreadFan Show i like this Song 😉😉😉😉😉
SayNoToErrors! (1 year ago)
I like it too!
yeah, why not? haha but is very repetitive for me, many people had it as ringtone.
Marko Križman (1 year ago)
Razvy 25 (1 year ago)
i destroy a same phone
El Chico Gamer (1 year ago)
aun recuerdo ese celular :') lo tenia mi tío cuando tenia 9 años, siempre jugaba al Phantom Spider. xD que gracioso lo del minuto 13:59
Felipe Ortiz (1 year ago)
Oye Adrián, podrías pasarme el Movistar.midi, yo ya tengo el Movistar en mp3. Gracias y buen vídeo LIKE!
Felipe Ortiz (1 year ago)
Adrián Alcón Żurawka 😲Nokia hijo de fruta
lo siento compi, ese .midi muchos me lo piden, pero nunca puedo sacarlo de los telefonos, esta protegido :( gracias por tus comentarios y likes, me agrada que te guste mi contenido
Felipe Ortiz (1 year ago)
Jaja, además puedo imitar la voz del ringtone "Waiting" Jajaja!
daniyal haider (2 years ago)
I had chipper in my grandpas nkkia 3120c-1
Huseyn Memmedov (2 years ago)
I still have this phone but i need to change it's battery
pushpa g (10 months ago)
Can u please telling me the games in this moblie..plzzzz
Huseyn Memmedov (2 years ago)
+Adrián Alcón Żurawka She aren't using it i will throw the battery away And the Note 7 is a bad history
+Huseyn Memmedov caution with swollen batteries, you should throw them as soon as possible, for not to have an accident my friend. There are a lot of different batteries bad made, and get swollen of explode like in note7.
Huseyn Memmedov (11 months ago)
+Adrián Alcón Żurawka mine are swollen too It is my girl cousin's phone
me too, i have three units of it, and the two batteries i have, now are swollen (can explode)
Elizabeth Luna Gamboa (2 years ago)
Podrias pasarme el '' Movistar.mid''
Buenas, en mid no puedo conseguirle, pero aqui te lo subí en mp3: http://www.mediafire.com/download/cgkp5z6u56cmdj9/movistar.mp3 Un gran saludo
ZmeyKolbasnik (3 years ago)
Do you have Nokia 8800, or Nokia 1680 classic and Nokia 7280 or 7380
Ok, wait some days and i'll upload that phone for you ;)
ZmeyKolbasnik (3 years ago)
Please make Nokia 1680 review (ringtones, wallpapers, themes, camera, and games)
Only the 1680

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