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After Effects Tutorial: Particles Logo & Text Animation in After Effects

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After Effects Tutorial in this tutorial I'll show you how to make simple particle logo / text effects for beginners using Adobe After Effects and i'm using trapcode particular plugin ★ SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL - https://goo.gl/YQ1sAB ★ My System Specification - Download - Download Free Trail version (Trapcode Particular) - http://www.redgiant.com/products/trapcode-particular/ if you enjoy this video then please hit the SUBSCRIBE button and also LIKE this video it's FREE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PROJECT_FILE DOWNLOAD LINK - https://goo.gl/WpxWjR ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Create intro for you channel / blog/web site just one click please check my profile ! Link - https://goo.gl/GaU8Sp follow me on - instagram --- https://www.instagram.com/wasiful007/ facebook ---- https://www.facebook.com/flimlionvisualfx ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- check my other Awesome After Effects tutorials - • Modern Slideshow [Transition] - https://youtu.be/JWlUlJskLIs • Particles intro in After effects - https://youtu.be/qczTDw-rXtc • Create Cool elegant Intro In After Effects - https://youtu.be/c3zfkAjO5cw • How To create Simple Liquid Logo Animation -https://youtu.be/vdIaiR4e3DU • How to make Gaming intro in After Effects https://youtu.be/ptkX1UkWQo0 • Audio Spectrum Effect in After Effects - https://youtu.be/esP3HWXwKm4 • How to Make Cinematic Film Intro - https://youtu.be/6z0YlebhTyw • Spark Particles Logo & Text Animation in After Effects - https://youtu.be/lMBTwp7TkzQ • Writing Text Effects - Text Animation in After Effects - https://youtu.be/LSmDzScPsTY • Text to Sand Particles Logo & Text Animation - https://youtu.be/yKoHkCJUSnc • (Farcry 4 logo effects) Particles Logo & Text Animation - https://youtu.be/58Z3sYBFrXc • Cinematic Titles Raees trailer effect - https://youtu.be/TeXQS2RbPPU • Google logo with Particles Logo & Text Animation - https://youtu.be/vOzwCbLl89Q • Gold Text and Gold Particles Text Effects - https://youtu.be/wuP0-PQduwc • Cool Element 3D V2 Tutorial in After Effects - https://youtu.be/x2NgwaUlXek • Cinematic Text Animation in After Effects - https://youtu.be/emdV3v0vOIc • Shiny Gold Text and Particles Effects - https://youtu.be/fqGMGBrdUcU • Real Fire Text effect in After Effects - https://youtu.be/XPRB1dZFOCw • Simple fold Logo Animation in After Effects - https://youtu.be/3YYFOjbTrPE Thank you for watching ! :)
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FLIMLION VisualFX (1 year ago)
If You Like This Video then Hit the Like Button ! and Share This Video. and Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE My Channel !!! :) :) also like my FB Page - https://www.facebook.com/flimlionvisualfx/
Praying Fish (4 months ago)
The Night King (8 months ago)
http://bit.ly/2AJH0hr hi this my motion graphic a made it with after effect with using adobe ilustrator click to see it i want your opinion about it is he a good or a bad work and thank you
Mohammad Ali (8 months ago)
Font name please Great job man ur awsom
Karan M (10 months ago)
another danger
Abiram venkadesh (1 year ago)
Iron Stars thank u
Kaaka Top (1 day ago)
I do not have this effect particle. What do I do you can help me plzzz ?
Ksv Tech (10 days ago)
Shruti Kamma (16 days ago)
hey can u please help me making a title like this, i am doing my major project in digital media i need to do "Pride Of South India" with white background Indian flag colours plz help me by this week i need it very badly
doctor mako (16 days ago)
First of all amazing video. I absolutely enjoyed trying this effect. But sadly I am getting a Red Cross sign when I am rendering. Anyways to get it removed somehow? Is it because I am using the trial version ?
Hello. Thank you for your tutorials. It really helped for my project. I changed the effect to "fading out" like tutorial with FarCry2 text and that logo, i combine it. XD
Gagan Agrawal (30 days ago)
Front name plaz
FLIMLION VisualFX (30 days ago)
another Danger
Brotherhood Official (1 month ago)
Sir i just made same template by following your tutorial can i use that as my video intro..?
Brotherhood Official (1 month ago)
Thank u so much sir..❤❤
FLIMLION VisualFX (1 month ago)
yes you can
TECHNICAL SWORD (1 month ago)
Vai pata nehi ku mujhe lagta hai tum indian ho sahi na? 🇮🇳You are a indian?
TECHNICAL SWORD (1 month ago)
Plz reply
Mario Ojeda (1 month ago)
Koen388 (1 month ago)
Hey i have a question, do you know how to do it the other way around? That it dissolves at the end and then flys away instead of at the start? :D
Nour Zakor (1 month ago)
thanks for this great tutorial, how can i make the movement of the particulars faster?
Davids Levalds (1 month ago)
Impressive! Thank you!
Mend Soft (1 month ago)
hi what screen recording software r u using ??? its working really good , i tried with many obs, ice cream ,i spring , but the quality is not like this ...
Radical Dreamer (1 month ago)
Hi, thank you for the tutorial. I have a little problem here. Particles are not dissapearing like in your video, it just continiously flyes, how can i solve this?
Oni V (1 month ago)
Is this work with 3D logo? Im stuck with your part with trapcode particle. I try with a fixed 3D logo
huyked (1 month ago)
Damn, that's beautiful. Thank you for the tutorial!
android depth (1 month ago)
I am not find emitter please help me
23 Empire23 (2 months ago)
Thank You very much. im new at this but your tutorial has taught me lot . especially how you show piece by piece on how you set everything up. thank you for downloads . this is very helpful. i didnt forget to subscribed
Fahim618 (2 months ago)
show us how you made your intro
Suresh kumar (2 months ago)
i want that matte video clips, how can i download that clips
Alakesh Das (2 months ago)
Hi, Thank you for the tutorial. Could you please add the tutorials of how you make "Dust Smoke", "Matte" and the "Particles" files. Without these, this tutorial is not complete. Please make it and give the links bellow. Thanks.
WarGameSakha (2 months ago)
ISHTIAQ AHMED (3 months ago)
Thank you Sooo Much
NAPPY X (3 months ago)
I have followed this beginning to end twice, and my logo never stops with the particles like yours does at 9 seconds. not sure what the problem is.
Motion View Studio (3 months ago)
hi bro, nice logo intro & tutorial, i want after effect project of this logo intro, if possible please give me the link.
Play Jay (3 months ago)
I am the beginner i have 16 gb ram but then also when i render the video it get crashes then how to repair it plz help
鄧世傑 (3 months ago)
DS6 Prophet (3 months ago)
*Good work,however I believe the Emitter comp is missing from the pack you offer for download,Unless I missed something.*
DS6 Prophet (3 months ago)
Found it!I accidentally missed it,because I was watching the video & trying to work on it on my AE at the same time lol xD!!
Javier Chacon (3 months ago)
The emitter comp you create it within after effects, just like he shows in the beginning. Is not something you can download.
El Orimar (4 months ago)
you are profesional..! thaks a lot.
Danyal Naseem Albert (4 months ago)
What’s F9 and key S in Mac
WINDAR MEDIA (4 months ago)
TIP: Before start duplicating the particle solids, and if you have a videocard that supports Cuda, in the first solid change the acceleration to GPU in the rendering settings to get a faster render for preview and final comp
WINDAR MEDIA (4 months ago)
Thanks for this!! it worked really well. cheers!
James Aldrin Vytiaco (4 months ago)
Hi, please help. why is it when I import the AE file to my Premiere Pro it is so small to the point I can even see what I did in AE? Thank you
Lyrics Songs (4 months ago)
How is the logo uesed in #After Effect software??
GAMERFLAMER (4 months ago)
Any chance we could get the files in 4K?
Horse down Visual fx (4 months ago)
Make tutorial on form of trapcode And tell me the font and music is used But this is also very nice
Praying Fish (4 months ago)
aux system , continuously , After that, particle emission simply can't stop???
ÀSÁR PØPZ (4 months ago)
Can u give me your After Effects plz..
The Whiteart (4 months ago)
bro there is no trapcode in my adobe pr cc 18.......what should i do ??
NBOYD (4 months ago)
The Whiteart Ltd buy its.. It's $400usd
Vinay Kumar (5 months ago)
you are just awesome bro
VC TechniX (5 months ago)
I am facing issue .. when i input your matte video in my after effects timeline its only of 1 second and i cannot stretch it in after effects but.. when i play in VLC its normal of 10-15 seconds.. [Note: my composition settings 15 seconds of timeline and 29.97 fps] Tried everthing and cannot stretch the video😭😭😭
Woozyword (5 months ago)
Where can I find the font you used?
Mr. DROЖШЬ (4 months ago)
Please, help me to do this text
Jelsey Sanchez (5 months ago)
That's amazing! What typeface did you use?
Sing Along Karaoke (5 months ago)
I Can't Download the project file (it says virus ) Any alternative ? please answer.
Thandi (5 months ago)
Amazing tutorial, thank you!
Supremacy (5 months ago)
Can some one do this for me will mean a lot. I'm a csgo player looking to make videos
raditya adi (5 months ago)
font for the logo please..
Manny Hernandez (5 months ago)
Love your tutorials my man. Keep up the good work
Pao Durmiendo Films (5 months ago)
if I gonna save it and i want to use it on my other project its possible that I can just change only the text for another title name?
Nastya Casper (5 months ago)
Great job! But do not know how to make a logo with a stone effect :(
Technical Auto (5 months ago)
*Supper 🔥🔥🔥* *bro Can you make my channel into*
nur syauqina (5 months ago)
i dont have that particular effect. do you have any solution?
Troy Pinchbeck (5 months ago)
Amazing tutorial! just wandering, what part of this do i change to make it so the text disappears as opposed to reveals, i want the first part to be a reveal, and then for it to 'blow away' after a few seconds. thank you
Krzysztof Borkowicz (6 months ago)
Great job!! Can you tell how reverse this effect. I would like to logo disappear but direction of movement of particles stay the same
MACRO. (6 months ago)
thank you mah bruddah
LostPlace Dynasty (6 months ago)
sooooo awesome works perfectly thanks a lot
Kayvan (6 months ago)
I have one question! I cant find trapcode in the effects tab :(
Ариград (6 months ago)
You do sand credits are beautiful!!! Very sad that the titles are not full screen. This is very bad. We'll have to look for other lessons.
Lechu YT (6 months ago)
4 hours to render and i cant preview its that normal ? xd
OneDarkEnigma (6 months ago)
Venkata Raghavan (6 months ago)
Bro..can i use image instead of text..
Venkata Raghavan (6 months ago)
Bro...give me an online class...you'll be saving more people..
Hmoob Hawj (6 months ago)
ah đăng ký cho chú riu đó
Hager Horastie (6 months ago)
i'm getting particale overflow error please help :(
Just Umair Sheikh (6 months ago)
What you use in this video after effect cc or cs6...?
Lego Gamer (6 months ago)
how i can get the emiter comp
Lefty (6 months ago)
How did you get the emitter?
Amoris (6 months ago)
Man please!) make tutorial how to make this logo! i need this to much! =) thx
Akrawong S. (6 months ago)
Thank you for comprehensive tutorial! I have been watching back and forth so many times until I can adapt my way of creating similar effect with zero background knowledge. Keep it up!
Hari Ks (6 months ago)
Excellent one ..
Exclusive Dubbed Movies (7 months ago)
can u mention ur font style name???
Koplok Sekali (7 months ago)
kodairoadkannan (7 months ago)
how to use this particular effect in video please give video
Jess taem (7 months ago)
INSANE UNIT (7 months ago)
hi, I have a problem I cant download particular I think because of the serial number If anyone would help that will mean a lot. thank you.
I downloaded the free trial and installed it, but how do I import it in to adobe after effects cause when I try to access it in the effects tab and look for trapcode. I don't see trap code in the effects tab.
continue production (7 months ago)
which text u r using logo plz
Montell Gordon (7 months ago)
Sharwan Kumar (7 months ago)
thankx dear
HawkZ (8 months ago)
how did you make that logo/get that font
QWB JR (8 months ago)
nice bro
Harsha achar (8 months ago)
i which configuration used in your computer it mean which version cs or cc
Mạnh Hiếu (8 months ago)
Can you please give us the logo font name?
Mạnh Hiếu (8 months ago)
I am suffering from aux system when choosing continously
FLIMLION VisualFX (8 months ago)
+Mạnh Hiếu font name Another Denger
Nonuvyobusines (8 months ago)
when i put the logo in the composition the white background doesnt disappear how do i fix this?? pls reply asap :((
Basavaraj Hanamar (8 months ago)
I like it #sir#
you are pro! thank you very much! You do everything from complicated to straightforward <3 , <3, <3
Beyond The Dark (8 months ago)
Thanks for the video, like)))
thomas s (8 months ago)
Hello my Friend, your Videos are really good and well made. But i have some issues with making this intro for myself with my logo - would it be possible to let it be made by you? I got my own logo which i could send to you, so you would just need to change the logo? i would really appreciate the help if you could do this for me.. much love and best regards, your thomas!
FLIMLION VisualFX (8 months ago)
+thomas s hello Thomas please mail me !
Parative (8 months ago)
How do I get the logo for this video
Roamin' Emperor (8 months ago)
Awesome mate, thank you.
Roldan Rañeses (8 months ago)
i dont have trapcode under effects button in my software
Zoe (8 months ago)
What font did you used for the FLIOMLION?
Panwow112 (8 months ago)
Font name - Another Danger !
WhyPhobiaZee (9 months ago)
Hey great video, I’m just a bit confused with trapcode because when I download it I can’t find it when trying to import to after effects?
Official TMM (9 months ago)
What font are you using?
Official TMM (9 months ago)
Holy shit you reply fast! and thanks :)
FLIMLION VisualFX (9 months ago)
Font name - Another Danger !
DigitalDash Productions (9 months ago)
What's the emitter comp? Wasn't in the download?? ...
Thomas Hamelin (9 months ago)
what is the font use for the logo ? Thanks
Ageenko Jacob (9 months ago)
What font did you use in your logo?

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