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7 Days to Die: Meaty's Survival Story #24

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Playing Minecraft, Assassin's Creed, Battlefield 4, Fallout New Vegas Thank You for watching, look around my channel for a good variety of games. Enjoy! Scuf Controller: http://scufgaming.com Coupon Code "MEATY" (caps) 5% off Ratings and comments are greatly appreciated meatwagon22 Meatius Meaty Chris x https://twitter.com/#!/meatwagon22 http://www.facebook.com/meatwagon22 Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/meatwagon22 Crazy fun Co-Op Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/YouAlwaysWin
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Text Comments (69)
Donald Grant (3 years ago)
I'm just saying
Donald Grant (3 years ago)
I think you should of stayed with the stuff you had and the new places
Jhune Lauayan (3 years ago)
Where's gunns4hire
magic (3 years ago)
Wish you could replant tree seeds in games like this.
Ali Zalzala (3 years ago)
mondipimpzu (3 years ago)
NoooOoOO. Now we gatta start from scratch :( you were doing so good on the other one lol ps it looks like the same. Map lol
noaht454 (3 years ago)
that video length tho
legitpancakes67 (3 years ago)
The links of this video is 22 22
e (3 years ago)
2:30 in you should have already crafted a barbed club.  12:18 is infected, STILL HAS YET TO OPEN A SINGLE MEDICINE CABINET EVER IN THE SERIES EVER.
Kickingbutt63 (3 years ago)
also on the top floors of red hotels there a lot of JACKPOT! Usually on the 8th floor in one of the rooms. In the broken down place were the movie theaters are. Try to build some reinforced concrete. 
Kickingbutt63 (3 years ago)
you know those cracked mirrors you keep destroying. You can open them, there medicen cabnits. I believe or there just cabnits. Try to open one of them on the next episode.
wsiegel (3 years ago)
Nice series..I like the Navezgane map for more encounters. Tip: don't smash the broken mirror above the sink as it is the medicine cabinet and can be searched and contains the medical supplies you need like antibiotics, bandages, etc...
james russell (3 years ago)
do multi player
Cipher Niteshade (3 years ago)
Nicely done >:3 Carne well done
ladytanaka (3 years ago)
Search (don't break!) the medicine cabinets (the broken mirror things) for medical supplies like antibiotics.
ProfeZZor Toxik (3 years ago)
22:22 XD
Josh Nunnery (3 years ago)
Lol video is 22:22
KeaveoZ (3 years ago)
Seth Stroeber (3 years ago)
you can fill glass jars.
Coby Zhong (3 years ago)
#22:22 long
T0urmy (3 years ago)
They're trying fix it but since Alpha8 7DtD has a huge memory leak. It's very annoying that I have to restart my client (game) every 45min-1h, because after that delay my 8GB ram are full but the game is still trying to get/steal more memory spaces so everything is starting to lag badly.
John Bagwell (3 years ago)
22:22 minutes lets freeking GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
andrew enos (3 years ago)
Volkon (3 years ago)
shows 22:23 for me
Chris Curry (3 years ago)
Play dayz
Ninja-float (3 years ago)
Do more of this world
Frankie Knuckles (3 years ago)
8-Bit (3 years ago)
22:22 😝 yaaaaaaaa
herp derp (3 years ago)
What so special about 22
multihacker 3695 (3 years ago)
K just making sure of that. You don't have to comment again to say "K." because it will just pop up on Google and interrupt me, thanks.
CSGOAscension (3 years ago)
+multihacker 3695 I know that
multihacker 3695 (3 years ago)
+Gaming To How To Wrong, its Meatys favorite number, that's why its special.
CSGOAscension (3 years ago)
+e The FUck? No one cares about that, Its special cause meat wagon 22 the 22 in his youtube username!
e (3 years ago)
22 is 11&11  11's have to do with the expansion of consciousness.
Stelios Sofocleous (3 years ago)
my battery it's 22
Austin Poonia (3 years ago)
Btw you lose whatever's on your hotbar
Chris Barrios (3 years ago)
Austin Poonia (3 years ago)
Am-unitions chests
Ryan Kennedy-Gossen (3 years ago)
you know that u can cook lake water in the fireplace
Lythicology (3 years ago)
@meaty my kitten wont sleep unless your videos are playing because she believes your voice is safety
Skyler Shipman (3 years ago)
i like the face cam meaty
Bryan vanasselt (3 years ago)
search the mirrorthings at the bathroom. that are medic cabinets
Uncle-Gamer Martinx (3 years ago)
The video ended at 22:22 mins cool...
celena Lucky suarez (3 years ago)
i'm happy to see you changed it up it looks awesome and i thought for a split second you was a goner when the dog attacked you. i like this a lot :D
Fenil Dedhia (3 years ago)
Meaty is like (15:19) - We gotta be quiet here. (soft voice).. The next moment  - THIS IS AWESOME. THIS IS LIKE .... (Loud Voice) LOL xD
Raheem Nelson (3 years ago)
I love the new place, to bad it was so short, you should make them 45 mins. long meaty.
Austin (3 years ago)
22:22 nice meaty
Alexis Perez (3 years ago)
This game is so cool, were do you get it
jefferson limen (3 years ago)
Yes 7 min ago
Connor McIntyre (3 years ago)
Meaty you should look into the game "Life is Feudal". It might make for an interesting series.
BubbleTae (3 years ago)
22 22 22i love 22 screw 23
freckles2437 (3 years ago)
Love this!
Brie Leary (3 years ago)
Find a survivor
Charles McMuffin (3 years ago)
22:22 !!!!!!!!!!!1111111oneoneoneone
Wayne Gee (3 years ago)
The lucky 22:22 Episode
P2 Dylkovich. (3 years ago)
+Priscilla Shuster nope 22:22 are you blind
Priscilla Shuster (3 years ago)
It's 22:23
No longer available (3 years ago)
New update on this game
Damion Thorne (3 years ago)
are there I have it and check the dev blog when did it update?
Dustin Robblee (3 years ago)
in the other map
Dustin Robblee (3 years ago)
meaty you left a few safes in the hotels just to let you know :)
hcaes (3 years ago)
mrten minutevids (3 years ago)
Daniel Dixon (3 years ago)
episodes time 22:22!
exposition (3 years ago)
Javan Olin (3 years ago)
Lil Mechanic (3 years ago)
crazyz (3 years ago)

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