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Text Comments (27983)
Christian Krambeer (2 hours ago)
Is the first “sexiest” twitch thots alinity
Reiika (2 hours ago)
Can we copy strike pewdiepie!!
Novem Suoth (3 hours ago)
Omg she listened NIKI
Tyler-James Tait (3 hours ago)
0:10 lol
Syed Azri (3 hours ago)
Nice outro
Nate248 (4 hours ago)
Eyo seksi show me ur bobs and vegena
OFS Productions (4 hours ago)
*C A N W E C O P Y S T R I K E P E W D I E P I E*
Nate248 (4 hours ago)
Conrad Payne (6 hours ago)
That uhh... intro.. uh, you ok bud?
worldsk kcollide (6 hours ago)
Grunting (6 hours ago)
lmao I was watching that livestream didn't know you watched him
The Original G (7 hours ago)
Twitch Thots...BEGONE!!!
Verioth Chaos (7 hours ago)
Please do another with Marzia doing the EYETRACKING TEST!! Will be HILARIOUS !! XD
Smart Boy (9 hours ago)
RizzyYT (9 hours ago)
my boi pewds back with another ali a meme
Goldlink567 (9 hours ago)
The last one I was like, wait, theirs a Dino what else is wrong *Reads line then looks up* OHH, also saw Godzilla first then was didn't know what else there was then saw it, I've just gotten used to looking away because of anime, haven't seen DxD yet, or ever, and a couple of days ago I was watching anime with my animu nuuwbs and they pointed out every boob bounce, I only noticed half of them, not lying, also not lying that you probably won't believe me.
Sean hudson (9 hours ago)
just let brad do an entire episode by himself trying to make fun of u, like let him take over a laugh you lose please
Jakša Mapping (10 hours ago)
What was the music of the intro?
Vince (10 hours ago)
I see niki 👀
Lars Dexter Engvik (10 hours ago)
I only counted 11 passes. Is ADHD an acceptable excuse?? Lol.
WrongKindOfPot (11 hours ago)
Daniyal Kahloon (11 hours ago)
I watch your videos when I’m high
Valourian (11 hours ago)
Copystrike this prick for using Ali A intro
DannyBoy (11 hours ago)
Can we copystrike pewdiepie
the real magic cat (11 hours ago)
BEGONE Thomas the train
Saar Namir (12 hours ago)
And to think I was pissed at the guy with the gorilla suit for making it harder for me to count
fireblazz (12 hours ago)
who is the chick in the thumbnail?
Jag Äger (12 hours ago)
2 weeks too late for ali-a intro perfect time for pewdiepie
JustGold 33 (12 hours ago)
I miss the old pewds....who else does
I_Stean_I Stream (12 hours ago)
Рущкие здесь !!!!
revan dewa putra (12 hours ago)
i dont get how allinity got away with copyright striking this video because shes not even in it, the thots pewds reacted to are st peach and lilchipmunk. And st peach herself even said it was fine. Youtube needs to fix the copyright system.. Just because one thot got triggered by someone doesnt mean she can have full ownership of a video..
Ебать а PeeDiePie хорош
atom delgado (12 hours ago)
ayy pewds listens to NIKI, her music is dope
Brock cena (13 hours ago)
Bro make a tutorial on how to do that intro!
Dorian Voinea (13 hours ago)
Wach porn...
5:28 Didnt know pewds was G A Y
Excited Hydra (13 hours ago)
Ali-a, is that you?
Кто от бабла?)))
dutch doyle (14 hours ago)
I subscribed again
klr leaa (14 hours ago)
Dev Hathi (14 hours ago)
Who else tried to match their eye movement with poods?
Россия с тобой пьюди.
Golden Freddy8000 (15 hours ago)
1:10 anyone link
ArgentOrangeOK (15 hours ago)
Twitchthot du, ferlorler du!
mdkd99 (15 hours ago)
I think that technology is interesting. I also never realized how much you focus on one single spot.
Rasmus Sundström (16 hours ago)
That intro tho
Wilde Blastee (16 hours ago)
1:17 ayyy ma boi listens to niki
johnluis 76 (16 hours ago)
Intro Song ???
Axcel ctw (16 hours ago)
Did you say stupid gorilla??!! COPYSTRIKE!!!
Scroud2k18 07 (16 hours ago)
СУКА!! 8:29
Alexander Elderhorst (17 hours ago)
just gonna give you some good vocab, if you are engadged that girl is your fiancee
Zypher (17 hours ago)
M O N S T E R C A N Caffeine....
El RP (17 hours ago)
Nice editing
R-ROBLOX - (17 hours ago)
İ Love CupCake.
HopelessOtaku 101 (17 hours ago)
Gamen Met BARTishier (18 hours ago)
3:39, my dad says the same lol
Adarezz (18 hours ago)
Every video like this now
vinicius santos (20 hours ago)
Use this eyetracking again!
Samar Chaudhary Vlogs (20 hours ago)
Deepak kalal should be proud !!
Then Nyit Ha (20 hours ago)
can we cooystrike poodiepie???
Dev Lauron (21 hours ago)
i saw the dinosaur first. am i lying?
ayesha khan (21 hours ago)
Yeah its not hard to keep our eyesight away from that...! looking at stuff like these is a EYE SIN ..! And we avoid that in every situation .! :)
startswithfire (21 hours ago)
1:19 yooo ma boi just watched NIKI!!
8:29 Cyka Blyat?
AinZZ Gaming (21 hours ago)
I did another test i got everything right just didnt notice the backround color changed
So did alinity demonetize it? Anyway shes a thot. St peach actually reacted nicely
Martin Šiška (22 hours ago)
Can we copystrike PewDiePie? mhmmmm
Duck (23 hours ago)
twitch thot beee thotttingggg
Alex (23 hours ago)
I failed
Senpai Khajiit (23 hours ago)
I still don't know what eyetracker is
Reuna11 1 (23 hours ago)
I dont spik guud enklidg
Ereonos (1 day ago)
XXX Faggotacion (1 day ago)
Idubbbz need to make a content cop outta this..yes..about alinity
Paanda (1 day ago)
Intro song?
Hoa Trần (1 day ago)
interesting !!!
Mohd Afzal (1 day ago)
Neon man ka vedio dekar kaun iske vedio dekraha hai comment my like
adoudaoué.b (1 day ago)
Lmaoooo that intro ahahhahahahahahahahahah
Drasse iskold (1 day ago)
Intro song ?
Steezyy Brah (1 day ago)
I Thot she wouldn't care
Blissful (1 day ago)
Silly doctors diagnosed me with ADHD, but I counted 15 and noticed the gorilla!
AlexOf300 (1 day ago)
Jswarrior 10 (1 day ago)
*B E G O N E T W I T C H T H O T S*
ThatGuy (1 day ago)
"Not hard" hmmmm 🤔🤔
derek butler (1 day ago)
3:14 whats not hard?
Alexanders VeryOwn (1 day ago)
I’m loving these meme intros
Not a virgin yet (1 day ago)
You should make a vid of that bitch that went, "let's do a copystrike on pewds for calling me a THOT"
Rafi Adhipramana (1 day ago)
nice intro :v
Кто российский Лайк)
Elias Skog (1 day ago)
C A N W E C O P Y S T R I K E P E W D I E P I E ?
Yo shit. Did I miss something? Or does pewds look normal now.
What kind of thot experiment video is this? lol
Ashish Abhilash (1 day ago)
This is crazy!
Dead Shot (1 day ago)
Pewds love u so much bro its really killing me watching u getting old May god bless u with long lasting life bro 👊
Cat Alpha (1 day ago)
thots gonna be thots
Kaiya Kaiya (1 day ago)
Song in intro?
Fire Kat (1 day ago)
Anyone else missed when pewdiepie played amnesia
carnap1916 (1 day ago)
GGX gang gang bang bang TriHard 7
Potato Kun (1 day ago)
Twitch thot

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