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The Sovereign Needs the Ventures' Help | The Venture Bros. | Adult Swim

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Revenge scouts for Bowie, as do Hank and Sgt. Hatred, but the Sovereign actually needs Dean and Dr. Venture. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/AdultSwimSubscribe About The Venture Bros.: The Venture Bros. is Adult Swim's fan-favorite parody of the great action/adventure cartoons of yesteryear. Tune in to watch Dr. "Rusty" Venture and his twin boys, Hank and Dean, as they clash against arch-enemies, killer mutants, invading aliens and more. Joining them is a massive pantheon of incredible characters like Brock Samson, Dr. Orpheus, The Monarch, Sgt. Hatred, Henchman 21, and so many more that it would be unwise to attempt a full list. Kick danger right in the sweet meats by watching The Venture Bros. at AdultSwim.com. Watch The Venture Bros.: http://bit.ly/TheVentureBros About Adult Swim: Adult Swim is your late-night home for animation and live-action comedy. Enjoy some of your favorite shows, including Robot Chicken, Venture Bros., Tim and Eric, Aqua Teen, Childrens Hospital, Delocated, Metalocalypse, Squidbillies, and more. Watch some playlists. Fast forward, rewind, pause. It's all here. And remember to visit AdultSwim.com for all your full episode needs. We know you wouldn't forget, but it never hurts to make sure. Connect with Adult Swim Online: Visit Adult Swim WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/ASWebsite Like Adult Swim on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/ASFacebook Follow Adult Swim on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/ASTweet The Sovereign Needs the Ventures' Help | The Venture Bros. | Adult Swim http://www.youtube.com/user/adultswim
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Text Comments (56)
David Rogers (1 month ago)
Hank: Hmm probably a bag of scorpions that's been trained to take the shape of a guy Sgt. Hatred: Hank that's mental Me: Do you motherfuckers see the world you live in!!
probotboyxxx (2 months ago)
Those Playboys won't be enough to stop Hatred.
Zenpai (3 months ago)
The song playing reminds me of yugioh forbidden memories
OMalleyTheMaggot (3 months ago)
Pretty generous of The Sovereign to portray Rusty as some kind of super cool future techno wizard
eternallegacy89 (3 months ago)
If you could shapeshift who among you would kidnap a rich person and replace him while leaving him on a island with enough food and water just out of the picture :-p and take over his place or just temp replace him to write a ticket.
alex Pereira (3 months ago)
hay i found a stack of playboys. me:shit thats my weaknes
Derik NA (3 months ago)
I love how limb goes so far down the rabbit hole, on his quest for vengeance.
HASEnoncorperated (5 months ago)
Funnily enough Soverign and Doc have the same VA.
Dream Bat (1 year ago)
davit bowie god rest his soul
lawoftheeast (2 years ago)
I just realized "Future Venture" was rocking Spider Jerusalem shades.
Jon Ericson (3 months ago)
We could really use him today.
Evan W (2 years ago)
headshot does murder
SpadaccinoLuciano (2 years ago)
The Twist: The Sovereign really WAS Rusty from the future. He was disappointed with being a chump all his life so he came back in time to be something bigger.
Jacob Schnabl (3 months ago)
+American Boy the sovereign is dead, Headshot accidentally shot him in All this and Gargantua 2. If you see he accidentally shoots an eagle and the sovereign turned into an eagle when he escaped
American Boy (3 months ago)
havent seen any new episodes after Red Death was riding down new york on his flaming horse.... what happened to the show?! we all know The Sovereign is still alive i wanna know who this shape shifter really is but i cant seem to find anything new on this show
David Reynolds (3 months ago)
The Guild THINKS he's the Blue Morpho.
Toasty McFloasted (3 months ago)
A plot twist I wouldn't mind, honestly.
wshadowkingsw (3 months ago)
I thought he was the Blue Morpho.
Árni (2 years ago)
Does this mean that David Bowie was actually Sovereign?
STH151NicoleFan (5 days ago)
The Sovereign is a shapeshifter. He met David Bowie some time in his past and liked his appearance so much he decided to make it his natural look. We never saw or probably never will see what the Sovereign's true form is.
Spenser Farman (8 months ago)
Árni The sovereign isn't actually David Bowie, he's a shapeshifter who only looks like the guy. Monstroso mentions it when he gets captured and interrogated before getting killed.
Wolfencreek (2 years ago)
in his own words "I was just a guy who wanted to be anything but myself"
Karlos1234ify (2 years ago)
Rest in peace, Sovereign.
STH151NicoleFan (5 days ago)
Hey, Venture Bros. has been know to bring characters "back to life" as a parody to the comic book theme a lot. We'll probably see him again.
LlamaswithHands (2 years ago)
Bilo Boss (2 years ago)
+Karlos1234ify the spawn of the devil doesn't deserve to speak.
Karlos1234ify (2 years ago)
+Bilo Boss "It speaks… IT SPEAKS!!"
Bilo Boss (2 years ago)
"LONG LIVE THE SOVEREIGN!" and that's coming from an evil laughing coffin... you like to keep him inside you, hah? Do you still laugh, your monster? ANSWER ME!!!!
HideoKojimalol (2 years ago)
+Karlos1234ify .... is it possible that he faked it and was really an eagle the whole time
Karlos1234ify (2 years ago)
He's dead, Jim.
V Guyver (2 years ago)
Alas poor Mug, he was torn asunder by Phantom Limb in a moment of Paranoia.
Arthur Dent (2 years ago)
+V Guyver Who Wisdom? It was merely a flesh wound.
Daretobestupid (2 years ago)
+V Guyver R.I.P Wisdom
There is a characther who use the same glasses the sovereign is using when he show up as Doc from the future, but I cannot remember which charachter.
Takumf Nongivenames (3 years ago)
Academician Prokhor Zakharov from "Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri" game.
Emily Pawelski (3 years ago)
spider jerusalem?
Apidooom (5 years ago)
Angels of destruction eh? Time machine? DON'T BLINK!
Nicholas Morgan (4 months ago)
Apidooom I thought Angels of Destruction was some sort of NGE reference
TheSamusfilms (5 years ago)
The Sovereigns pank sort of sounds like Neon Genesis Evangalieon
Ben Lavine (5 years ago)
the miraculous is everwhere
Rowan Evans (5 years ago)
Hank has his priorities straight.
dag1984 (5 years ago)
In all fairness that coffee mug IS being a total jerkwad.
GZilla311 (9 months ago)
However, Namaste, Wisdom.
bigfatcarp93 (5 years ago)
Lol when I saw this episode, I totally fell for the "Venture-from-the-future" thing at first, and was suddenly perplexed at the direction the episode was taking.
Alterego912 (5 years ago)
If I were a shapeshifter, I would totally do that to people
AColonDashSix (5 years ago)
They could be trained to shoot little cocktail rifles
Ug Smash (5 years ago)
It would be so great if Doc and Jackson could actually get David Bowie to voice the Sovereign.
Padparadscha (1 year ago)
Ug Smash it would be slit more impressive now
NukeSocks (6 years ago)
I really wish David Bowie was actually in this.
hallospacegirl (6 years ago)
eternallegacy89 (3 months ago)
hallospacegirl but doesn't billy look old face wise anyways x'D?
bigfatcarp93 (6 years ago)
Best prank ever. XD
tsak99 (6 years ago)
Doc of the future wearing Spider Jerusalem glasses?
r0b0tj0n3s (6 years ago)

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